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  1. Wow. I know I am late to this party...what a doubleheader next Monday night...as if watching the Titans wasn't enough of a treat for the national viewing audience, the Giants are also in action. Lol What a Monday night treat!
  2. This is usually the type of thing most of us say before the Titans go beat a team they have no business beating.
  3. Absolutely need a deep threat who can take the top off. That and better pass pro will go a long way for him.
  4. I will give you that he seems very streaky. Thought he could have stepped up a couple times today. Gotta keep the deep ball in the field of play. Overall, I have hope for him, but like most rooks, there are things to clean up.
  5. The draft is so inexact, I dont think in terms of high picks. I look forward to seeing progress from Levis and hopefully more Spears as well. I have said for a couple weeks now, these don't sting. Nothing better for a message board than a good coaching search. Lol
  6. Probably after a first down sack or incompletion
  7. We have maxed out our allotment of points on offense. Blew our wad early.
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