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  1. Wasn’t trying to come off rudely. I didn’t see their Saints game. But I think they just sell out to stop the run, which any team could probably do if they devote enough guys to it.
  2. They “shut” McCafrey down twice but the first time he was chip blocking all game because Cam couldn’t get rid of the ball. The second time they played McCafrey wrecked them in the first half and they committed the whole defense to stop him while getting torched by the rest of Carolinas team
  3. Yeah what the hell is whiskey row?
  4. Great game and a really fun (stressful) ending. But you have to come away think Vrabel is going to cost us some games going forward with his late game decision making.
  5. I think the general thought is that JRob pushed Mularkey out on the pretense of Mularkey wasting Mariota’s potential. So I’m sure he wanted it to be painfully obvious before they benched him.
  6. In the post game he said that challenging would’ve been futile. He said that ball spots almost never get changed when challenged. It’s too subjective. I kind of buy his reasoning but at such a critical juncture you might want to roll the dice on that. I was more pissed off that he prevented a 10 second run off at the end by calling a timeout. The very next play there was another 10 second run off and we could’ve basically had them on their last play. He got bailed out by Casey and woodyard. But there’s no way we march down and score a touchdown with 15 seconds left. You go all out for a goal line stand there.
  7. If we can get Jayon and Adoree back next week this defense is going to be even fucking better. Simmons and Landry are monsters and Casey is an all-pro.
  8. I thought you couldn’t challenge on turnovers? Aren’t they suppose to automatically review them? I’ve seen where a coach challenges a turnover (interception or fumble) and then gets charges a timeout and they don’t review the play at all. I could be wrong but I assume that was the issue here
  9. He shouldn’t be assigned to block in that situation unless it’s a quick 3 step pop.
  10. Tannehill’s gotta feel that guy coming and step up there. He’s looked Mariota bad this half. He looked great in the first.
  11. Can’t hold onto it that long in the end zone. JONNU