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  1. If this is it as far as big signings, our defense will be considerably worse next year. I’m a bit confused what Robinson’s plan was. Sure we got younger but did we actually get more athletic? So far we’ve just replaced Casey, Johnson, and Ryan with scrubs. We’re going to need to hit a home run in the draft and sign at least one more quality defensive linemen to get back to where we need to be.
  2. I heard Vic Beasley was top 10 in win pass rush win rate last season despite his low sack rate. I think we signed him off the analytics and think he could have a big impact doing what Cam Wake did last year. I think we will sign Clowney. I just think it’s suspicious that we have a Clowney sized cap space right now and seem to be going all in at the moment. Clowney, Simmons, Beasley, and Landry will be pretty remarkable as a group.
  3. For sure. My point was he was probably average or slightly below average at drafting defensive guys. He was a complete disaster at drafting anything on offense. His free agent acquisitions were mostly giant laughable mistakes but he did bring us Delanie. Still top 5 worst GM’s of the last 20 years. No one will ever top Matt Mullen unless Bill O’Brien gets rid of Watson.
  4. I’ll admit I was enamored with him at one point. Especially when we thought he’d be a third or fourth round pick. Now that he’s being mentioned as a top 15 pick and we have a franchise qb, it’s a pretty silly idea to entertain. He’s probably going to be drafted by a bad team/organization and be thrust into a starting role he’s not ready for.
  5. I don't think Webster was a good GM, but I think he was probably an average talent evaluator on the defensive side. He was bad at offense because he drafted freak athletic guys who were dumber than a box of rocks (DGB, Hunter) or guys who just weren't athletic enough (Sankey). On the other hand, very few owners would've done well with Tommy Smith as the controlling owner. Edit: and yeah I read an article about McGrath. Don't really remember what happened to him but remember he has a pretty humble working class life style now. Maybe a high school coach?
  6. I think McCarthey had injury problems for like 2 years straight. I actually think Webster drafted some really good linebackers that just didn’t work out. Gerald McGrath, Zach Brown, McCarthey, and Akeem Ayers were all super promising. I think the coaching staffs couldn’t develop guys for the life of them and guys like Brown and McGrath weren’t disciplined or humble enough to elevate their game.
  7. Anybody think Eddie’s big pep talk with Henry was just Eddie giving Henry a better brand of PEDs
  8. Like when you “sarcastically” became a niners fan after we lost one game?
  9. Henry has single handedly won us 3 playoff games. Wtf are you talking about?
  10. I mean I don’t know how anyone could blame him for this draft. He drafted 3 pro bowlers. Losing Conklin has nothing to do with the quality of this draft class. No one expected a 31 year old qb to end up needing to be paid 30 million a year and eat up a huge chunk of our cap. I think JRob fully expected to be taking a QB in the first this year.
  11. Well then. If the draft stays as scheduled this could work out really well for our comp situation. Getting a few extra picks next year would be huge.
  12. Honestly, he made some nice catches for us down the stretch this year. But most of that was because Davis and Humphries were on and off the injury list. If those two stay healthy, Tajae doesn't make any of those nice back of the end zone grabs. He's a solid guy and will probably do well in Minnesota but he's replaceable in the draft or in a later wave of free agent signings.
  13. Does anybody know when the comp pick formula calculation ends? Like for example, if JRob were to wait two months to sign any players would that still enter the calculation for comp picks? Or is there a cut off date? If there is a cutoff date I could see us going after stop gap guys later on in the offseason to maintain our comp picks.
  14. So is the draft going to just be a conference call?

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