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  1. Can’t remember which podcast but someone from the ringer said, “Imagine if the 49ers somehow got Herbert.” And I winced because they’d go 17-0. That team is completely stacked and we’re all lucky that they made the Trey Lance trade.
  2. Deebo Kittle and McCaffrey are insane. If Purdy can be an average qb they should make the Conference Championship and probably the Super Bowl.
  3. Espn has just steadily supplied worse and worse reporters to cover this team.
  4. So Alan Williams is the new Sandusky? They need to investigate what football camps this fucker has attended the last 20 years.
  5. It’d certainly be in the bears interest not to confirm that there was child porn in their facility.
  6. Im amazed this doesn’t happen more often. Im gonna assume these dudes can get laid any night of the week if they want to, Which means they only have to bust raw once a week to have 52 women pregnant in a single year. Travis Henry is 44 years old. Let’s say he’s been blowing loads since he was 14. That’s 30 x 52 = 1562. Let’s say 50% of those didn’t take or were miscarriages. That still should leave Henry with 781 babies out there. Something ain’t adding up here
  7. Yeah. He made some mistakes but he also made TJ Watt look like a cornerback a few times with how he swallowed him up. I wish we had been able to get him instead of Duncan, but of course we didn’t have a ton of picks.
  8. I actually thought the second face mask penalty was kind of smart. It gave him another shot at 3rd down rather than just going straight to fourth down with a sack.
  9. Possibly, but I don’t recall me, or Tgo, or big, or anyone else advocating for those price tags. edit: the conflation of stupid posters asking to trade for super stars with posters who wanted to find a long term replacement for Tannehill is a nice slight of hand.
  10. If you’re gonna say be patient with Tannehill after week 1, you need to be consistent with this. I guarantee, in a vacuum and without rape allegations, every GM in the league would take Watson over Tannehill, despite his Rocky play.
  11. The Russell Wilson and Watson trades look absolutely atrocious right now. Did Watson just forget how to throw the ball?
  12. Maybe Radunz quickly surmised he was a blowhard. Radunz is a good NFL offensive linemen and Carter refused to play him. Amazing.
  13. The backup OT for the browns looked decent again Watt. There were a couple times he stonewalled Watt and made him look like a kid. Watson was a much bigger issue than their O-line play.
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