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  1. Even in the pregame interview they asked him this was a revenge game for him. He said no and kind of mumbled about people focusing and holding onto the ball. As if that was the reason they lost.
  2. Can someone fill me in here? I listened to the game on the radio since I was driving most of Sunday afternoon. Did Saffold not play? Who filled in when Ben Jones got hurt? I assumed he filled in at center but that doesn’t appear to be the case.
  3. I don’t want to full on criticize Lamar’s intelligence since I don’t know the guy, but he throws a good ball and is the most athletic qb in the league but somehow has been garbage this year. The fact that he’s played this bad this year is pretty damning to his ability to read nfl defenses.
  4. I just wanted to say: Yards after catch and yards after contact really won us this game. AJ had the big touchdown and another long sideline run, both after shedding tackles. Corey Davis got tons of YAC. And of course Henry’s big run was the cherry on top. Our guys leaned on the Ravens the whole second half and they finally broke on that play. JRob went out and got 3 or 4 guys who can shed tackles at elite levels (AJ, Jonnu, and Henry might be #1 at all of their respective positions) and it really made the difference in a game where our center cost us two touchdowns (8 points off the board after accounting for the field goals). Those big mistakes by the center show how those extra yards after contact are so crucial. Nothing is promised and if you can break some tackles and take a short pass for a touchdown or, in Henry’s case, take a 10 yard run to the house you give yourself such an edge.
  5. Shwartz wanted all the smoke and Harbough vanished.
  6. Lewan & Jayon done for the year. Maybe Kern? D. Evans, Adoree, and Wilson have essentially been out all year. Jonnu, AJ, Clowney, Vaccaro, Cory Davis, Saffold etc. have all missed games due to injury. It's not the worst ever but it's pretty bad.
  7. Didn’t his loser brother talk some shit and then run away from an angry Jim Schwartz back in the day.
  8. What a freak injury. If he just doesn’t put his arm out to brace he’s totally fine. Poor guy. That looked really painful.
  9. Anybody know what Malcolm Butler was saying pre game? I love that dude.
  10. Beasley has to go down as the worst signing since Hutchinson right? Not only was he total garbage but he was at a position where we really could’ve used depth. Also why the hell did we not play Correa more? We could really use him right now.
  11. For all you know it could be song lyrics. He could be saying this in a “no apologies kinda way”. You don’t know what the fuck he’s talking about or if it means anything at all. Lol you guys need to read a real book and stop trying to find hidden meanings in silly IG posts
  12. Evans has game breaker speed. It’d be great if he took to the route trees quickly and could act as a faster dion Lewis
  13. Yeah I really have had to tamper my expectations. I think Tannehill played out of his mind last year and really masked some of our deficiencies. Top to bottom we’ve got personnel and roster issues. Our Oline can run block but I don’t know that they’ve really been much better than league average at pass blocking the last two years. This was my opinion before Lewan got hurt. Henry is a great pure running back who can’t seem to pass protect or do anything in the passing game making the offense more one dimensional when he’s out there. Our secondary is in shambles and it’s been 375 days since our top two corners have played together. This combined with underwhelming Clowney and Landry performance (and invisible beasley cameo) has allowed qbs to murder us and dink and dunk for 30 points a game. Our only ace on special teams got hurt because our long snapper couldn’t do his fucking job. And 2 of our 3 coordinators shit their pants on a weekly basis (Auckerman and Bowen). I think we’re good enough to make the playoffs and we could even get hot at the right time and win some games in January. But I’m just not seeing it. Our roster didn’t have enough depth to withstand the injuries and covid related issues (Wilson) we’ve dealt with so far and now it just feels like a train sliding off the rails a little bit. Especially heading into a really rough stretch on the schedule.
  14. I think this is a great point. I remember questioning his value at the contract we gave him since his production hasn’t been super special. But the attention he draws on third downs is what makes Jonnu and Firkser viable targets on 3rd and 5. Firkser has sure hands but not if he’s getting doubled or keyed in on by good coverage guys. Humphries getting hurt has really increased his value to the team.

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