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    24 TDs in the early 2000s was still pretty impressive. I agree he’s been overrated here as a passer but he was really dangerous in the pocket avoiding and running through potential sacks. He also didn’t really have a great season statistically until his 4th or 5th year and look what year Mariota is in. There’s just far less patience nowadays.
  2. Thrill


    The Corey Davis pass looked fine since there was a defender who could’ve picked it had he hit him in stride. But the Dion Lewis pass was an unnecessarily difficult catch, the attempted back shoulder to AB could’ve been picked, and one of the pass to Walker was bad. MM8 played decently but he left some yards on the table.
  3. McDaniels is a good coach but that Denver team quit on him. It takes a really shitty person for guys to risk millions to not play under you. That Denver squad absolutely hated him and he tried to trade their three best players at the time. Reporters said he literally tried to seize every bit of front office authority he could from the minute he got there. He’s Belichick with no people skills
  4. When Joe Flacco became the highest paid QB in the league the whole market went to shit. Every QB said, "Look another team will pay me this much, I'll walk if you don't."
  5. I’ve stopped expecting to see Mariota pop. It’s fucked up that his mechanics are so bad because his short and intermediate passes were by far his most accurate early in his career. Dude is way too in his own head. On the other hand I think our roster is really good so if MM8 can’t get it done, Tannehill has a good shot at doing well.
  6. Adjusted to inflation a lot of people were making way more money back then, especially if you include benefits.
  7. I agree. It seems like every year a 2nd or 3rd round running backs puts up a 1000 yards. The Panthers took McCafrey too 10 in the same draft that Alvin Kamara went 2nd round. It’s truly crazy. The giants took Barkley #2 and he’s going to have to play like the best back in the league to even live up to his rookie contract.
  8. RPO isn’t bad. There really aren’t many good pods on the Titans tbh. I would say Oman and Jamal could be one of the best if they ever got the sound figured out.
  9. I feel like we got off cheap. 14 mil a year for an all-pro before he even enters his prime? I’ll bet Ramsey is going to ask for 17-18 mil next year.
  10. Lewan is basically Mark Schlereth reincarnate. A big dumb goon who thinks he clever. Luckily they’re both pretty funny. All these guys are on HGH or some scary level creatine. Guys like Fluellen gaining 15 pounds of muscle in 3 months is crazy. Like it would take non supplemented workout warriors a year to do that without adding on any fat. All these guys are juiced and the teams are involved with it. Lewan probably forgot to take some precaution that would make his piss clean.
  11. I want to see us whip out the oilers unis against the Texans every time we play. The red makes no sense with our New Jersey’s that basically phased out all the red
  12. I'm sure in the second half of the year we had them beat. We abandoned the run quite a bit early in the season.
  13. What’s the going rate for a Kidney these days? I wouldn’t give him one for free but I’d probably do it for 80-100k. Something tells me he’s good for it
  14. I’m pretty sure the guy who does the madden ratings is really awful every year. I think they gave Lewan an 88 at the start of last season and Conklin was like a 91? Byard despite being all pro was like an 89. People call the ratings guy out on this shit every year and he doesn’t care. Meanwhile the Cowboys are overrated every year. I’ve bought one madden game in the last 5 years and that was because I got it for like 15 or 20 bucks. They hadn’t made any improvements (that I could tell) from the game I had played two years prior.
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