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  1. They weren't just booing him because he was playing like shit. They were booing him because he's annoying as hell and is always putting up this larger than life personality. It rubs people the wrong way when you do that and then play like shit. Him saying he won't forget the fans booing is some soft shit.
  2. I though we played them together a lot yesterday but Jayon only played 10 snaps or 16%. But all of those snaps were with David Long at ILB.
  3. Fulton and Autrey have been fantastic. I think David Long has mostly been really good too and I’m happy we finally have started going with Jayon plus Long at ILBs
  4. I though we should’ve tried to make room to keep Clowney but I totally get why we let him go. I think Vrabel didn’t like his attitude and buy in more than anything performance related. He’ll also probably get hurt at some point as well.
  5. Was Julio mad? Why is this even a story. It was very clearly load management or an injury. The diva angle seems silly
  6. All our defenders had career years under Dean Peas. I’d say Byard was just able to play center field in that defense and was able to rack up interceptions. Now that he’s asked to do way more his weaknesses show through.
  7. I found it hilarious that they acted like us leading the league in Time of Possession was a good thing. Peyton Manning used to kick our ass in games where we had 38 minutes of possession. Time means nothing if you don't score.
  8. Fuck this stupid fucking coaching staff. Every goddamn week we start the same way getting Tannehill killed after ineffective run plays.
  9. You're a dumbass then. There were 3 kick off returns for touchdowns in that 9 minute video. It was not the same guy who finished his career here and with the giants.
  10. lol you’ve got a gold fish memory then. He absolutely was explosive his last year in NE and the beginning of his year with us. The guy had multiple kick off returns for touchdowns
  11. Two really weird things happened that season. First, Dion looked amazing the first half of the season and I’d even argue that he picked up the new playbook and scheme way faster than Henry did. He was also better pass blocking and catching. But he was explosive in general while Henry wasn’t breaking tackles and constantly trying to get outside or flip the field. This was when we really missed Russ grim and Mularkey’s offensive line. The weird shift was when Dion lost all his explosiveness almost overnight. It was never reported but I imagine he just played through a meniscus injury
  12. LOL at Oman being epically wrong. This is an all time bad prediction hahaha
  13. Idk why the mods don’t just merge shit like this. There’s literally another hall of fame/ Derrick Henry thread from two days ago
  14. Seems like Taylor Lewan probably didn't re-tear his ACL or anything at this point? Probably swelling or a sprain.
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