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  1. I have way more respect for Ray Lewis. At least he backed up the talk
  2. God I’ve never hated a player more than I hate him. This is the same guy who tried to get the whole team to wear Texans letterman jackets because he’s still a high school douchebag.
  3. Correa got 6 sacks in the last 8 games. I think he’s earned himself an ok deal. Not sure if we’re willing to give him that, especially if we sign Clowney or Judon. I tend to agree on Conklin but I’m hesistant to create new holes to fill. Would rather pay him then draft a bust.
  4. I'd agree. I think a 4 year 100-110 million dollar deal is the number. Nick Foles really only got about 27 million guaranteed in his deal out of a possible 87. With Rodgers, his first 3 years of his deal came out to around 70 million and the guarantees were 46 million. This doesn't include the massive spike his cap goes to in year four because years 4,5, and 6 aren't guaranteed. But I think the 46/70 guaranteed is a good number to work with. That's about 65% guaranteed. So for a 100 million dollar deal that'd be 65 million guaranteed. Tannehill is a step down from Rodgers so 60 million guaranteed sounds about right. The thing is with the way dead money works it's hard for teams to really get out of these massive contracts scot free. So if we do a 4 year deal with Tannehill, even if the guarantees are only 30-50%, he can assume that, barring a total implosion, he'll see most of the money on the contract. In one way or another, at least.
  5. I thought it was pretty good but he’s definitely underestimating how much Ryan, Henry, and Tannehill are going to get. His “conservative” estimates are probably way closer to reality. No way Logan Ryan accepts 8 million a year. 10 will be the minimum he accepts. I expect we lose Ryan, Correa, Kelly, Sharpe, Johnson (Tolar incoming) and maybe Pruit.
  6. Yeah makes you wonder if the Pats make the Super Bowl with an extra weeks rest. The chiefs would’ve had to go through Baltimore had they beaten us in the divisional round.
  7. No why? Keeping fresh ideas rotating in and out of our coaching staff is never a bad idea.
  8. Id like for us to promote in house but maybe bring in a bright college mind to help with game planning similar to what LSU did with Joe Brady. I’d like for our new DC and Art Smith to have exciting college coaches to understudy them. It seems like we’ll be losing our coaches to other teams for years to come so we need to get a farm system up and running before it’s too late.
  9. People here think everyone sucks. A lot of people still think Adoree sucks because he got burned by TY Hilton like 2 years ago. Same with Butler, he had like 3 or 4 bad games and then played like a pro bowler for 1.5 seasons but all people remember are the bad games. Coombs was one of our best position coaches and we better hire a good replacement.
  10. I was thinking last night what we could do with the 12 million if we didn’t pay Henry. We could easily get Clowney for that money. I also think we could plug a second round running back in and he’d get 1200 yards with this offense. But on the other hand what if Henry goes to Jacksonville and stiff arms us to death twice a year? I want him back but I’d understand if JRob didn’t bring him back.
  11. Getting Kenyan Drake in free agency or drafting a solid 3rd down back will totally revamp our offense and really help us. 3 and 5 looks a lot different if our RB can actually pick up 5 yards or actually do something with a screen pass. Also we’re in the Super Bowl if we played the packers instead of the chiefs. SF basically ran our offense this week.
  12. Chiefs got away with a ton of holding. But we still couldn’t get to Mahomes even when we had pressure. He was like Michael Jordan today. They literally punted once in the first 3 quarters. Even if we had a perfect game in the second half we still couldn’t have scored enough to win without a turnover or onside kick.
  13. Thrill


    He is the same position as Landry, I believe. But when I lived in Denver they talked about Kubiak moving Vance Joseph playing him on both sides and at mlb at times. So I think he can do either side.
  14. The one thing that makes me less down about this game is I think even if Vrabel called a perfect game, we still probably lose. The Chiefs were just better offensively and their defense had one of the best halfs of football they’ve had all year.
  15. I think the biggest thing that hurt our offense was subbing out Dion Lewis. Teams just don’t respect him as a runner. Imagine if we traded for Kenyan Drake this season and had a viable running threat as our pass blocking RB. It opens up a whole new world of play calling. We absolutely need to draft a good running back in the draft or sign a guy with some juice. As far as Vrabel being conservative, the only thing this game that really pissed me off was going away from Brown and Jonnu too early. Don’t know if that was the chiefs defense or what but Brown was eating the chiefs lunch the first few times we threw to him. Also think Vrabel should’ve challenged the PI with 4 minutes left. The game was over either way so why not take a chance?

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