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  1. Glad Pruitt is at least getting paid. Awful timing for his injury
  2. Yeah. People acted like N.W.I. was probably learning so much from those two but he's probably learning way more right now with Robert Woods actually practicing.
  3. I think you might be right. They're all represented by the same guy right? This could easily have helped show that Deebo was serious about his trade demand.
  4. Bill Simmons and House lost a bunch of money betting against the titans last year and then lost money again betting on us to beat the Bengals. It's hilarious that they're taking their poor bets in the past into account when it comes to the team they've underrated for like 5 years in a row.
  5. It helps us with them not having a pick, but if I'm the Dolphins I'd fight this any way possible. The Browns tanked for like 4 years straight at one point and announced it as part of their strategy to accumulate high draft picks. This just doesn't seem like a proper punishment for a pretty standard practice in sports.
  6. Lol the league punishing a team for tanking more severely than they punished a guy for raping people. Half the teams in the league have tanked and I'm sure they're not the first to offer the coaches incentives to do so.
  7. Yeah I mean ultimately we would've been paying that much for a guy who barely cracks 1000 yards every year and plays about 4 games fully healthy. I just don't understand why fans keep reiterating that it's AJ's fault for cutting off communication. We weren't going to pay him.
  8. I know AJ is an idiot and whatever but I think we have to accept that the titans just didn’t want to pay the kid. Deebo demanded a trade too and the niners played hard ball before re-signing him.
  9. Terry Godwin had an impressive year last year for the Jags catching three of six targets for 32 yards in three games.
  10. The browns offered way more money and capital to watson and the texans on top of being a dysfunctional franchise. The Titans win often and are in the Texans division. The Browns are a much better bet to collapse and give the Texans a good pick. Similarly, we didn't have any young players to send to Seattle and they likely didn't want to take back Tannehill's contract. And Brady likely chose the Bucs because they paid him more and he could walk into Godwin and Evans as his WRs.
  11. Totally true. Every word. But Tannehill can also be replaceable and considerably better than Kirk Cousins at the same time. The two things aren't mutually exclusive.
  12. I said in another post that the tier isn't my gripe with these GM's it's the fact that he's below Jimmy G who has now been benched and Cousins who blows every lead he's ever had. Not to mention some of the 2nd tier qbs who in my mind are nominally better than Tannehill or possibly worse.
  13. Cards are a joke. He had two years left on his contract.
  14. Bummer. I'm really hoping we trade for Tyler Lockett but I think we'll have to wait for the Seahawks to look like a dumpster fire before we can get him cheaply.
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