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  1. Agents also have sort of text book responses to low ball offers. They’ve done this before and aren’t going to burn a bridge from a bad offer. They’re also there to talk sense into the player when it appears they’ve got the best offer possible. It seems like Lamar has taken all of this personally and is set on this arbitrary 200 million guaranteed number.
  2. Maybe they’ll convert him to TE?
  3. JSN seems to be a guy who can come in and be a number one receiver day one but maybe never be a Justin Jefferson type. Johnston seems like to have a higher boom/bust potential coming from the big 12 and a more gimmicky offense but way more athletically gifted.
  4. Perhaps it was a successful strategy when we had Russ Grim: bring in run blockers and let Grimm coach them up in pass protection. Then JRob never adjusted to Carter/Vrabel's scheme change and personnel preferences?
  5. Maybe Keith Carter and Jrob were the issue with regards to bringing in guys who could only run block. Or maybe (just maybe), Vrabel is actually learning.
  6. Not much info in this blurb but Jones has been coaching at UT Martin the last few years and their coach Jason Simpson now has almost 20 former coaches in the NFL or Power 5 schools. So apparently there's a bit of a farm system going on there. Jones also coached at Tulane, Villanova, Texas Southern, and Eastern Illinois. https://footballscoop.com/news/tennessee-titans-adding-respected-college-assistant-to-work-with-offensive-line
  7. Or we trade him and his bum hammies. Vrabel despises weak hamstrings.
  8. I feel like the third is going to be the sweet spot for good value at WR. 2nd round looks like the spot for OLine, Edge, TE
  9. Pass Rushers and Cornerbacks are still making boatloads of money. I think there’s going to be some positional value changes happening on the defensive side, though. Similar to how running backs are devalued, I think inside linebackers, run stoppers, and safeties will all be devalued and get screwed in contract negotiations.
  10. Yeah. I've listened to most of what Carthon's said as GM and he's never indicated Tannehill had "decisions to make."
  11. If I were to put myself in Tanny's shoes, I'd be pretty annoyed if I had to move again. It seems like he's pretty settled down in Florida and has a good little home base in West Nash. He doesn't seem like someone who wants to uproot his family again or leave his family and stay in a hotel/airbnb for a year like Jay Cutler did. With that being said, I'd be shocked if he retired. But it would be the most hilarious outcome of this offseason.
  12. It’s not particularly realistic. We’d have to get a team to trade down with us in the first and hope one of the good tackles or WRs is still there.
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