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  1. Didn’t they draft a speedy WR early last year?
  2. Didn’t they draft a speedy WR early last year?
  3. Did they draft a speedy WR early last year?
  4. I think he’ll do pretty well. They’ll reconstruct the offense to be more downfield passing and try and get that running game going. If I’m then I go after Freeman. Tom Brady really limited what they could do last season. He was throwing behind the LOS or 5 yards all game long (though this may have been because their speedy WR got hurt and Antonio Brown got cut). Cam won’t be able to help the Oline and coaching staff as much as Brady but I think he offers more in the running game and potentially passing if his shoulder is close to 100%.
  5. Ahh. I just assumed when he got promoted to VP he was getting more job responsibilities but ultimately probably just a pay raise. This definitely seems like a step down for Birch, but maybe a better move to be near home.
  6. Wonder if Birch will help JRob to focus more on scouting instead of boring team Vice President stuff. I imagine JRob would rather spend most of his time working with player and coaching personnel rather than the duties of a CEO like figure.
  7. I think the NBA is going to be such a disaster that the NFL might totally bail on it. I think they could get away with just not doing the season and then not paying anybody for a year. Probably cheaper than a failed tv contract and no fans in the stadium.
  8. Lebron social distances himself out of Cleveland when he kept getting his ass kicked by the Celtics and took his talents to south beach. Then he social distanced his way out of the paint and got his ass kicked by hyper athletic Dirk Nowitzki.
  9. From a purely football based perspective. He’d be way better than Mariota (not saying much). He could operate a little in the pocket and operate an RPO based game plan with some deep shots. But I mean if we’re gonna go full crazy we should go after Johnny football just for the comedy that would ensue. Or maybe Terrell Pryor would be interested in returning to play QB instead of WR.
  10. Yes. I went to the infamous Crumpler fumble game against the ravens when I was 16. Since then, when have we been competitive with the Steelers or Ravens? We blew up the team and didn’t make the playoffs for nearly 10 years after that game. For something to be a rivalry it has to be competitive. At least with KC it’s been competitive. Our division rivals are pretty legit though.
  11. I don’t think the Steelers or ravens are anymore. During the fisher era it always felt like any ravens or Steelers game was serious business. It’s been so uncompetitive for nearly a decade that this recent ratbird beat down just kind of felt like any other random team. At least with the chiefs we seem to face them nearly every year it seems whether in the regular season or the playoffs. We’re not schedule to face them this year but if we see them in the playoffs again and kick their ass it will become a grudge match.
  12. How’s Terry McCormick doing these days?
  13. If drew brees is going to both sides this shit he should just do what JJ Watt did and give the cops like half a million dollars lol. These guys are somehow more brainwashed (or maybe calculated) than even their fanboys. To think his voice needs to be heard, much less his both sides, played out perspective, is just so tone deaf I can’t help but revel in his misery.
  14. What a dumb shit. As dumb as Trevor Lawrence is, I couldn’t imagine him saying racist shit like this. The best part is Fromm isn’t good and might not get any more chances professionally.

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