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  1. While that may be true, I routinely saw Clowney, Simmons, and Landry looking totally gassed on long drives. It’s just unacceptable to play those guys as much as we did regardless of what scheme we’re playing. I’d bet Landry and Simmons were top of the league in snap percentage (probably Clowney as well on a per game basis).
  2. Heard on 104.5 Blaine and Mickey said we got 8 million in roll over money. Has this been accounted for in our salary cap predications?
  3. I guess I more so meant last year. He’s due quite a bit more this year I believe.
  4. Kelly is serviceable and a decent guy. He’ll never be a Taylor Lewan but having a guy who can play well against 75% of LE’s is pretty valuable. He’s definitely worth the money we’re paying him.
  5. I mean I thought this was obvious back when Washburn had his units leading the league in sacks every year. Even guys like Travis Laboy and Ford and Babin looked like studs when they were able to just go all out for 20 snaps a game. It’s amazing that coaching staffs are still operating like it’s the Stone Age.
  6. Mike Herndon was saying he heard Isaigh in an interview (maybe bussin with the boys) say he turned down Alabama because Nick Saban didn't give him a hug and he turned down Michigan because Harbough didn't take off his turf cleats on his moms hardwood floor. That combined with his laziness issues should've been some major red flags. But I agree. I bet some teams with good sources at Georgia found out about stuff that didn't get leaked to the media.
  7. I thought you were crazy when you said we will re-sign him. But I think we probably will get him back unless he just gets offered a multi year 15 million average per year deal.
  8. That doesn’t mean trying to get him at or close to the vet minimum is a bad move. The guy got hurt in the 2nd week of the season. He still has some decent years left in him IMO.
  9. Did we really change our scheme that much when pees left? It seems like we run the same scheme with just less creative blitzes?
  10. Man come on. Davis is top 10 on all of the advanced metrics for his position. He knows the system. He still had a great year last year despite missing time due to covid protocols and dealing with the loss of his brother. If anything we’d be buying a bit low on him.
  11. Ehh people come back to the teams that trade them all the time. He trailed off, yeah, but he was great in the playoffs and then tore his ACL. He’ll come cheap and I think that’s a reasonable low cost high reward situation.
  12. Easterbee, put in the call. There’s at least 2 or 3 stupid GMs left in the league. Hopefully one of them bites.
  13. The issue with these guys in the NBA demanding trades rather than waiting for free agency is it totally destroys the future of the teams that have to pony up for the superstar. The clippers, bucks, lakers, and nets basically have no young developmental guys and have no draft picks going forward. In the nfl that isn’t such a problem since there are so many picks and free agency is a bit easier on teams in the NFL. Losing your first 2 picks for three years doesn’t necessarily ruin your chances of developing depth and future stars, it just makes it harder. Giving the farm for Wat
  14. Bring him home on a cheap deal. We need some leadership on that defense especially if we lose Butler this offseason. Watt Casey Simmons and Clowney plus a rookie edge rusher and Landry. Oooof
  15. He’s not going anywhere. I’ll say this though, I listened to a podcast interview of Russell Wilson and I’ve never heard someone who is so sure their shit doesn’t stink. I think he literally thinks he’s a gift from the heavens to bless people. He compared losing to being a homeless guy in a wheelchair or some shit. He’s probably incredibly annoying to be around. With that being said, you don’t trade him when all you need to do is get him some weapons. Their front office sucks and hasn’t given him a good running back since Lynch, his OLine is average to below average, and other than
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