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  1. He didn’t play in 2015?
  2. He’s entering his fourth season. He had his rookie year where he played well and then the IR year and last year.
  3. I think we should offer a first for him. Worst comes to worst we let him walk in free agency and get a 2nd round comp pick. Basically trading back into the late 2nd round for a one year rental of the best corner in the league.
  4. Lefleur did have some issues with Vrabel and wasn’t able to steal any of our staff. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith had issues with him changing the blocking schemes and things like that just because that’s “Lefleur’s brand.” Smith has also worked under tons of other coordinators. It could’ve been Michael, Loggins, LeFleur, Whisenhunt, or any of the other coaches before he was a Titan. Smith seems very flexible. He’s going to keep most of the language and terminology, while also keeping a lot of the blocking schemes they ran last year. I think he will bend his scheme to fit his personnel which was any good coordinator should do.
  5. I feel like soccer and basketball both require a heavy degree of explosiveness yet you never see guys pulling hammys with this kind of frequency. These guys need to build more running endurance rather than just pure explosion
  6. I thought it was more like, “played at a heavier weight wont stop my leg from snapping again.”
  7. He has to survive another 17 or 18 years to get that pension. What’s the over/under on that?
  8. No way. If he has a great season he gets the franchise tag. It’d be flagrantly irresponsible of JRob to give mariota a long term deal. He has to prove he’s consistent year to year
  9. Yeah even if he tears it up next year I don’t really see us doing much. Maybe a franchise tag. But even that seems unlikely. It doesn’t really feel like there is bad blood but just kind of a “not gonna work out” feel. I could see New England or the Eagles picking him up depending on their qb situations.
  10. On one hand I agree with you about the ravens game. He should’ve trusted his guys to make a play and if he throws 4 picks so what? That’s what manning would’ve done. The issue is that we were down 2 touchdowns. If he threw a bunch of picks it’s a 3 or 4 possession game. I think the offense was bad all around that game. Henry was running like trash and dion can only do so much with quick dump offs. That’s the kind of game where you need a pro style qb who can throw guys open and he wasn’t willing to attempt that. Whether because of his arm or because of the smothering defense or lack of trust in the wideouts. Either way we shouldn’t have given up 50 sacks that game. Personally, I don’t think mariota is long for this team. I honestly think he’ll retire early with all the injuries he’s had. He’ll probably try to make a go of it elsewhere after this season but he’s looked genuinely depressed on the sideline the last 2 years. I think he’ll probably take one more contract after this year and be done. That being said, I think we could get really lucky and with a decent playoff schedule mariota could have a nick foles like post-season.
  11. Well that’s probably the best rookie season of any defensive player ever. He had like 10 forced fumbles that year. Fisher had a fucking squad in 99. Simmons could have a pretty solid impact next year though.
  12. I think the home Dark Columbia is the most intimidating uniform we’ve had ever.
  13. I think the O-Line started clicking a bit more and that gave everyone more confidence (particularly Mariota and Henry). Unfortunately, Dion was clearly nursing some injuries at that point so we were never able to get a full steam 2 headed attack from the backfield.
  14. As @woolfolksunclesuncle knows, size matters.
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