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  1. Wentz was an animal his first two years. Wonder why he’s fallen so hard? The running game and receivers aren’t what they used to be and I think he may have taken one too many hits back there. Losing Defillipo and Reich certainly haven’t helped him either.
  2. Id give my left but to get Landry and Clowney some help right about now.
  3. Idk if it’s just me but Clowney looks a lot thinner than he did when playing for the Texans. When he was at his peak they’d move him all around the Dline and even play him on the center sometimes. It looks like Clowney slimmed down to be exclusively a 3-4 OLB/4-3 DE and get his sack numbers up.
  4. I actually think the DLine was fine early in the game. Minshew was just getting the ball out within 2 or 3 seconds every play. Mostly because he’s actually a good QB but we made it pretty easy for him to do it too. When you play your dbacks 10 yards off the receiver and never go to a zone, its pretty easy to dink and dunk all game.
  5. The old Bruce Smith lining up in the neutral zone trick.
  6. This a thousand times over ^^^. Having the talent isn’t enough most of the time. You need coaches who are willing to take a risk to put the game away. I think a big reason why Andy Reid was finally able to get a championship last year (apart from Mahomes) was that he had learned from losing so many playoff games in the past that you can’t ever let off the gas. You have to take risks when the games are close or even when you have the lead. Payton, Harbough, Carroll, Belichick, and maybe Reid are the only coaches that I think have struck the perfect balance with regards to this.
  7. We may win this game but this was indefensible clock management and play calling by Vrabel. This is the shit that holds teams back from winning super bowls.
  8. They have to resign their motto of MMCNB. Our secondary is garbage right now
  9. I wonder how much of the defensive troubles is caused by us sticking with the man coverage even with our top corner out. Playing zone or press coverage would help our dline get some serious pressure
  10. “I haven’t played defense since high school, but I never had to tackle anyone that big.”
  11. I think Henry’s leaving a lot of yards on the field. The oline is making some big holes for him to run through and he’s not really getting many extra effort yards.
  12. Why is Henry running like a bitch? He should’ve thrown that pipsqueak to the ground
  13. This kind of goes without saying but they need to figure out a way to have AJ, Humph, and CD out there at the same time. Whether that's with a TE and a RB or with a RB and an H back. But it needs to be a formation we roll out like 15-20 times a game.
  14. If we can't get some deep shots on play action I'll be pretty disappointed. I expect the run game to be pretty effective.
  15. I think AJ is more valuable since Humphries doesn’t typically even get targeted 1st or 2nd down and he can turn a 15 yard pass into a 60 yarder. But yes I think having a safety valve like Humphries is worth every penny. Our offense is pretty much constructed of huge YAC guys in Jonnu, CD, and Brown and then guys who will grind out 5 yards for your in Humph and Henry. Pretty great roster building if you ask me.

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