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  1. Looking at past highlights, I'm worried they messed with his mechanics too much. The ball ripped out of his hands the first few seasons and this last year it looked pretty flimsy at times. Sure that could be the injury, but I remember it in the preseason and miami game as well.
  2. This makes total sense. I firmly believe we are really close to a championship or at least AFC title game. If our first round pick is a day 1 starter/potential pro bowler, we could easily be the 1st or 2nd best team in the AFC. You spend big on a backup QB in case mariota misses significant time and you need someone to help us win games. I think we make the playoffs this year with Keemun or Taylor at backup QB. It’s clear to me that Jon Robinson thinks we have a short window and that we can get pretty far with mediocre qb play. But someone like gabbert as our starter is almost a guaranteed loss at this point.
  3. They will most likely cut him. No one would pay him that unless the broncos give them a pick which doesn't make sense for the Broncos when they can cut him at almost no dead weight.
  4. We should offer a 2nd and like a 3rd next year but offer to pay some of that dead weight they’re on the hook for. Especially if they don’t plan on extending mariota.
  5. The nba is a far better product. People just don’t like it as much. Same with British premier league soccer
  6. I think Matt worked really hard when he was trying to make the team. Once he got the starting job I think he just got super lazy. It’s a shame too. If he had steadily improved he could’ve been an average starter.
  7. He was pretty decent his rookie year but I think he gave up once he started banging Whisenhunt's daughter. Pretty crazy. He seemed like he'd be a great backup to have and then was out of the league within a year.
  8. I don't think we have a strong chance but we've seen stranger things happen. If the Oline really comes together and our receivers/TEs can improve a bit more we have as good of a chance as any. If Mariota gets hot for 4 games that's all it could take.
  9. Ehh it seems like our success rates with 1st rounders has improved drastically since jrob took over. Also he’s been pulling diamonds out of his ass in later rounds. If he keeps it up we’re going to be so stacked it won’t matter who our qb is. And btw that’s in 3 years. You can’t say we’ve been rebuilding for 5. Management changed 3 years ago
  10. Did you guys hear that the Pats had been running (I think) man coverage all year and then switched to zone for the SB. That and the changing alignments on defense were too much for the rams. Imagine being McVay and having two weeks of game planning thrown out the window on the first drive. edit: after reading the whole thread I forgot what thread I was even commenting on lol
  11. I didn’t realize until Jim nance said it but Brady wasn’t top 10 in any major qb category this year. I think in most categories he was like 11-14. Which basically says he’s becoming closer to average in his old age. But belichick is amazing and able to work with it using tons of quick screens and rb dumpoffs.
  12. Ehhh. I don’t like seeing them win but they play beautiful basketball so I can admire it. It seems like the patriots are the kings of winning with less talent.
  13. What the hell was with McVay keeping Gurley on the sideline
  14. Bill must have figured out how to determine Goff’s first option. I’ve noticed most of Goff’s big plays are when his first read are wide open. Belichick must have learned the whole McVay offense in two weeks lol
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