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  1. Though Sharpe lacks explosiveness I always could trust on him to find the sticks and make the catch. We desperately missed him last year with simple catch situations ala Jennings and Nick William's drops.
  2. Jrob kinda guy when he was on hard knocks
  3. What's everyone's thoughts on Batson? He seemed to make some solid plays when given the opportunity last year. Believe he was seeing the field over Taylor and Sharpe on a few occasions.
  4. When is he projected to return? ESPN said mid season with PUP? Anyone else hear anything further.
  5. I honestly thought about how to fit this in. 😂
  6. Looks like a Marshall uniform.
  7. Rename this to "Madden Offseason Phase 2 and 3"
  8. You don't settle for Mettenberger. Mettenberger settles for you. Mettenberger dont take no SHIT!
  9. What's the cap implications of releasing Gabbert?
  10. How I see this with the current roster. Levin and Pamphile could compete for the spot and the loser is swing on the inside line. They could easily add a cheaper FA to compete as well or draft a replacement. Not a major deal at all.
  11. I wouldn't say that. I remember alot were hesitant on Cyprien, Sly Williams, and even Butler last year.
  12. Idk. The depth is there with Pamphile, Levin, and Kelly. I think they draft if they are confident the rookie is going to replace Jones or Kline. Perhaps they have hope Levin will replace Kline this year? We shall see.
  13. Nice to have a vet to coach the young bucks. Looking at his stats and he has put up solid numbers despite his age.
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