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  1. Honestly of that list I view them of this importance: Jayon: Must be retained. Should command a solid contract. Jonnu: Showef flashes and would like to retain but at this current pace he is replaceable. Love me some Firk. Corey Davis: Has all the potential in the world but AJ is our #1. Bring him back at a moderate deal or let him walk. Replaceable. Adoree: Must be retained. Harold Landry: Must be retained.
  2. Sad that Philly or Dallas is gonna be in the playoffs. Needs to change.
  3. Not in the NFL but he has plenty of college experience. Know it's not the same but I would trust him carrying the rock more than many other FBs. By comparison I trust him more than our past FBs such as Hall or Fowler.
  4. I dont see them bringing up Dawkins unless there is a legitimate chance Henry cant go. So far it's just limiting him. If we are up Lewis is in and Blas as well. Not like Blas hasn't toted the rock before in a pinch.
  5. Preach. People act like we are keeping Succop hoping he comes around while leaving Adam Vinatieri in his prime unemployed.
  6. Who knows if we make the playoffs but I'm sure every team in the AFC would rather play a team like Buffalo, Pitt, or even a Houston or NE than Tennessee. One of the hottest teams right now. Far cry from moaning about what we are gonna do at QB this offseason.
  7. I stated multiple times I am all for bringing Parkey back and agree that we should bring him back. Until we do though expect Vrabel to pump confidence into the kicker on the roster. Not gonna change. Dont expect it to.
  8. Kicker is a position unlike any other. One can have all the talent in the world and hit cold spells and confidence is huge. I'm glad Vrabs is pumping confidence into him. In the same breath if they made a change I would be all for it. Problem is its week 15 and good kickers arent just waiting for a contract out there. I personally wouldn't be opposed to bringing Parkey back but what do I know.
  9. Exactly. What's he going to say, "Yeah, Ryan has been really shitty, we are looking to bring someone else in if he doesnt pick it up". Succop knows that. Jrob and Vrabs are internally discussing their options. Until something happens though they will try to pump their confidence into Succop as much as possible.
  10. I would let the season play out as there arent many better options out there at this current time. If he continues this poor stretch I bring back Parkey to end the season out. I'm all for giving Succup the opportunity to win the job but hes shit the bed this season. Injury or not he and the Titans both know the team will address the position in the offseason. If succop is hit and miss the rest of the stretch and hits a 30 or 40 yarder to send us to the playoffs or beyond I will not forget the misses all season long. Nor will the team.
  11. Wishful thinking but you cant bank on that. Definitely bring in competition in the offseason and see how things pan out. At this point that's the bear minimum you can do. Chalking it up to a down year due to an injury is bonehead and asking for continued issues next year if he doesnt sink us this year. For all we know this could legitimately cost us the playoffs in a tight game.
  12. You cant ignore this fact either: Imagine what Henry's stats would be if Tannehill would have been the starter since day 1. We would likely be locked in the playoffs and he would be up there with McCaffrey in yardage or more. You just simply cant let this talent walk out the door. This isnt a head case either like Bell or an injury prone back.
  13. Yeah from what I recall Hollister had one catch and was solid in preseason. Raymond's obviously taking advantage of his opportunities.
  14. Obviously I hope Hump and AJ play but it pays having depth on this team. Sharpe is great coming off the bench.