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  1. Losing Conklin is big but I trust Jrob and Vrabs. Perhaps they have their eye on a player in the draft that they feel can replace Conklin. Or give Kelly the opportunity. We shall see.
  2. Forgot about that. My bad. Still plenty of losses. Sims just got signed too and guys like Ryan, Correa, and Austin Johnson out there yet.
  3. Hope he got a nice hefty deal. This really is the offseason of compensatory picks for Jrob. With only signing Beasley thus far we have lost plenty in Conklin, Mariota, Sharpe, Lewis. In Jrob we trust.
  4. 332 snaps for 8 tackles. Not knocking this signing as I have no clue about this dude but could you imagine this job. Get to be an NFL player with a beautiful paycheck for 8 tackles a year and hustle. Damn
  5. Dont know a ton about him honestly. For those that dislike the signing, what's the reason?
  6. Thanks for all the details. Can I even get a first name. Never mind. Fml. Go titans.
  7. We are not ignoring that possibility. I am considering his surrounding cast last year as a cause for his numbers. You may be ignoring that fact that Tanny may fall off a cliff this year or get injured. I personally don't think his play will fall off but it is a possibility.
  8. I'm with Reo, it's not a bad outcome either way. I think Brady and Tanny are above average QBs. Pros and cons to each side of things. I think alot depends on the price tag. If you can get Brady for around 20 a year and Tanny wants 30 a year I say roll with Brady. If the price tag is both 20 I'm really torn. I would say go with Tanny for the same price tag as you have a greater chance of continued success. Another thing to consider is how long Brady really wants to play. Doubt he would only come for a single year?
  9. Heard this same line of thinking on one of the talk shows the other day. If the Titans can get Brady for less money than Tannehill you would think they would jump on it. Props to Tanny for last season but it's a small sample size and his injury history is a concern. With Brady you can point at his down year last year but you have to consider who he was playing with. If you can sign Brady for cheaper than you do it and draft a developmental QB.
  10. Fine. Turns out all these dumb rednecks were right. It was a Bernie Sanders jersey. #trump2020
  11. Newsflash. Regardless of political affiliation, the country if full of complete idiots. Hate when either side tries to take a small sample or single instance and try to cast it to the whole group. Millions of people who are Democrats are idiots. Millions of people who are Republicans are idiots.

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