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  1. Incorrect. Tannehill clearly had the first down which likely ends the game. Vrabel lost this game. Clear first down.
  2. 🙄.....Smith blatantly whiffed on the block. Not on Tannehill
  3. Just comical that we are joking like Denver is a team we should beat because they have 1 win. We have 2 and are a dumpster fire.
  4. Oh the pockets collapsing. Let's step up right into that!
  5. I honestly feel bad for the D. Give them props for not losing composure. Pitching a great game again and they have to sit on the sideline and watch this shit.
  6. This is what happens when there is no faith to throw the ball down the field in any way shape or form.
  7. Defense doing it's part as usual. MM flopping the O.
  8. Guys Mariota isnt bad, its just the high altitude. Its effecting his perfect passes.
  9. We literally scored 0 points last week in the second half.
  10. If the pass blocking is so putrid why not run Henry more? 5 carries so far. Fuck.
  11. I like the "must win" talk. Must win for what? You actually think this team is actually going to go anywhere this season. I'm more focused on the young players progressing till we get a legitimate QB.