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  1. Honestly I could see WRs avoiding Baltimore if money is comparable somewhere else. Go to a team with a legitimate QB who can actually throw the damn ball.
  2. I think everyone here acknowledges the Titans got stomped Sunday and the Bills played well. The Bills are playing great right now. Allen is playing great right now. I think you come into a very non homer board expecting us to bitch and whine and thats not the reaction you got. Allen is a great QB this season but to say he's one of the most athletic QBs ever is very homer of you. He's a good QB who's athletic. To say he's one of the most athletic ever is honestly comical.
  3. I dont mind the standing on the logo after the INT. Its a throwback to what we did. They won the game and its a rivalry. I think them sprinting into the locker room after the win was a bit childish. Won fair and square but Lamar, your now 1-2 against the Titans and in playoff games. Temper your ego just a big. Great player but its round 1. PS.....Lamar sounds like a crackhead and I always cringe listening to him attempt to speak.
  4. Of all the times to pound Henry. 3rd and 2. If he can't get 2 yards in two plays fuck us.
  5. Everyone bashed Mariani but I loved his, field run till contact, nothing special. Ill take that.
  6. We all knew this would happen. O has to put up 30 every game to compete with this putrid D.
  7. I voted DK over AJ without looking at the stats. With all the media buzz around DK I just figured he was putting up bigger numbers. Upon scrolling down and actually seeing the numbers my jaw dropped.
  8. Tannehill played poorly in Green Bay. One of thr few times this entire season he shit the bed. Just happened to be snowing in Lambeau. Are we really critiquing his "underthrown" 52 yard bomb that set up the game winning FG? When diving into the rest of his game you forgot the dropped passes by Davis and rushing TDs he tacked on. No shit we ran the ball alot and didn't rely heavily on Tanny. We have a cyborg at RB that Houston had no answers for. Sometimes members of this board expect Tannehill to put up Rodgers numbers and greatly forget the days where w
  9. Hearing Brewer reminds me of that "holding" call where he cremed a defender on a perfect block and they flagged him. Announcers were all over it as a horrid call.
  10. I work 7am-5pm next weekend 😪. Was hoping for a night game.
  11. ESPN just reported the Bills want the 2 seed and will play starters including Diggs and Allen. 👍
  12. On ESPN right now they are reporting the Bills want the #2 seed and will be playing Diggs and Allen. Good news for us.
  13. Just what we need. Our putrid D to lose even more players.
  14. Honest question, who would sit though? I wonder even moving into next season. Currently Butler is having the best season at CB. King was brought in and I can't remember him being smoked on the regular. Adoree got smoked vs GB but he has the most upside at the position and should theoretically be improving each week. With Fulton being out such an extended period I could see him as the #4 CB getting some reps in dime? Looking to next season you have to figure Fulton will either replace Butler or King.
  15. Exactly. After almost every single loss you can count on Vrabel reading the same damn script. "We need to coach better. We need to play better". I dont even watch post game pressers anymore because its like listening to politicians speak. Its all bullshit for the media.
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