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  1. How can he not. Worst 3rd down defense in NFL history so far. I do think Adoree will help but he's right its not going to be night and day.
  2. If anything is going to hold us back this season its the defense. In jrobs defense he went our and signed two pass rushers. They just haven't had the impact we had all hoped. Jackson went down with an injury which severely hampered things. We can just hope Jackson coming back changes things drastically. I just can't see us competing with high power offenses in the playoffs week after week with this defense. Your relying on your O to put up huge points just to keep in the game.
  3. I'm not bashing Sambrailo in the least. Hes played great. Just pointing out that play where he dropped the ball. I also agree its lunacy to think Lewan is going anywhere. Would love to hang on to Sam though. Wonder how he would hold up on the right side.
  4. Sambrillo played well today but we shouldn't forget his first play in last week he got smoked by Watt for a sack fumble. Im happy to have him as a backup but crowning him as our future LT is premature as all hell.
  5. Hes been fucking awful but its not like there are a list of reliable kickers just sitting out there waiting for a call.
  6. I'm pretty sure I meant the post to be sarcastic as I fucking wrote the post. . But please continue to tell me what I'm thinking when I'm writing a post. This board sometimes. Just wow.
  7. I just watched the presser. He said the play was to AJ but he was tied up and covered. Davis was cutting in and RT said he threw it over his head. Thought it was in his general direction. Split second play. I'm sure he would want it back. Tough loss.
  8. Its rare a QB goes an entire game without making ANY dumb plays. The grounding was a quick play and its hard to judge without knowing the background. If he thought someone was outbreaks its no grounding. This loss is in no way on Tannehill. He was under heat all day and threw some dimes.
  9. Obviously sarcasm is something foreign to you. Consider looking it up. Its actually pretty fun. 👍
  10. No I'm just fuckin with ya. Call me crazy but Jrob and Vrabel rolled the dice on Gostkowski returning to form which was a clutch kicker and playoff ace for years. Clearly its not working out. If we drafted a kicker there is just as good a chance he bombs out as Gostkowski. Kicker is a fuckin crazy position. Guys are so hot and cold. Succop was money for years and then an injury absolutely thrashed him.
  11. Yeah thats a sure fire way to land a solid kicker. Roberto Aguayo worked out great for Tampa a couple years back!
  12. He is the main culprit in this loss. Look at this board. Seems like your the only one coming to this chumps defense. Remember also this isn't the first time this issue has been brought up.
  13. Yea all year. Other than Minnesota he has been ass. The stats reflect that. He's kicking poorly. You can point to 20 other plays all you want. Those 20 other plays consist of a combination of players who had up and down games. Those players led to Gostkowski doing his job which he failed to do. He was 50% on the day. Last time I checked thats shit. I have not said that other players aren't to blame at all. 23 and 33 played poorly. In their defense their #4 and #5 CBs pushed into the starting lineup due to injuries. They are playing as we honestly expect. Gostkowski is signed to be a reliable kicker. Compared to anyone else on the field in relationships to what we expect from them he is playing horrid. Take his dick out of your mouth and hold players accountable. Smith, Kelly, and Joseph sucked. In the totality Kelly is going against and all pro and Smith and Joseph are nothing but depth as I stated. Gostkowski fucked up his job. His only job. Get that through your head.

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