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  1. Hear ya. Its sad. Don't know who's impressing. Even though much of it is fluff its something to follow. I know the preseason gets alot of hate but it's better than nothing and I love seeing the newbies. Would of loved to see the McDonald slinging it. See how the backup qbs looked. So many things that got you excited and ready for the season.
  2. I got a snapchat flashback to last year preseason vs the Eagles. Sad what this year is like. No training camp reports. No preseason. Those are fun times.
  3. You mean like the Ravens adjusted after seeing what Henry did to New England. Casey is a good interior lineman but hes no Chris Jones. Add in the facts that all of our interior lineman have practiced against him for years helps as well. Casey doesnt scare me. We dumped him for a 7 for a reason.
  4. That would be very case specific and I hardly ever hear of that being used. Mainly because if its drug related the probability of all evidence being destroyed is guaranteed. Secondly if the police knock and you refused to come out on a warrant the department is going to pay multiple officers OT out the ass to surround a house for what could be days. Not going to happen. I have seen solid results with police conducting surveillance on a suspect. When they leave conduct a stop and then execute the warrant knowing he is not inside to use violence or destroy anything. This would mainly be for drug warrants.
  5. My opinion of no knock warrants is simple. 99% of the time you should not have no knock warrants. In the rare circumstances you should have them is when their is an almost certain risk you will be met with violent resistance. Even then its debatable and there are other avenues that can be discussed. I dont know what went into the decision to grant the no knock warrant but that is on the judge and he should be held accountable for his decision. To say that it had something to do with racism is a major stretch with no supporting evidence. If you show how this had something to do with race I'm open to admitting it was race related but at this point there is no evidence of that. I'll say it again. No officer went into that situation hoping that the no knock warrant went wrong and they received gunfire. No officer went into that warrant hoping to gun down some innocent women. It was a tragedy all around.
  6. Are you referring to Stills or the officer/officers who shot Taylor?
  7. No doubt it's a complete tragedy and I dont blame her family for being outraged. No knock warrants should be restricted to extreme circumstances. To put the blame on the police is just ludicrous though. Officers were executing a valid search warrant. Upon entering the residence they received gunfire. They returned gunfire. An innocent person was killed. It's a tragedy but had nothing to do with racism or police brutality.
  8. Look. Another baseless claim. 😄
  9. Ah yes, make false statements to make your point sound better. The police were issued a no knock warrant for the residence. They weren't the primary target but the subjects being investigated visited the home therefore the judge issues a warrant for that residence. If your mad at anything be mad at the judge or the existence of no knock warrants.
  10. Welcome to 2020 ladies and gents. The year of victim mentality. This years slogan, "that offends me"
  11. I was too busy posting about rape. Rape>Assault
  12. You guys are usually on top of the breaking news. Seen it on roto and figured it would give us something to discuss. Dont post often but read every day.
  13. Just making the point that 2020 has been a dumpster fire so far. This fits right into that. Rape accusation from an apparent consensual relationship years down the road.
  14. Of course this comes out four years down the road. Welcome to 2020 folks.

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