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  1. Thats right. My drinking had kicked up a notch by that point because of the turnovers.
  2. Not Kern! Anyone but the MVP. I don't even recall him being hurt.
  3. Lol I couldn't watch the whole thing. ill have to watch later and check for "move trailer boobies" - it would rank right up there with the times I saw some in a future shop promo video while in the store and when the censor guy missed on a degeneration x promo during Monday night raw. What I do know is that Costner was riding high after this and Waterworld to 10 year old me.
  4. This was was supposed to be expected right? Julio is always nursing a nagging injury is a narrative falcon fans said we should get used to. As he gets older he's probably going to need more maintenance days. Just make sure he's right for January.
  5. I seem to remember him being a very hot coaching commodity before he got his shot with the disastrous Raiders squad. After that the league seemed to cool off on him big time. I think its very likely we see them improve as everyone settles in with his terminology and scheme.
  6. Oh...hey there friends...just wanted to remind you all: FUCK THE COLTS!!! Big Jeff leading the charge vs the incredible bulk that it is Quentin Nelson...I can't wait!
  7. Does the mention of Wentz on a scooter keep making anyone else laugh every time they see it? I just can't help be feel it's a bit of a dig at him...but I have no idea why lol
  8. https://reddit.com/r/Colts/comments/prk8qj/i_felt_a_lot_better_about_the_colts_02_start_when/
  9. This defensive scheme is so fucking ugly. I've seen ILB's and safety's manned up on mismatched slot receivers way to many times already thos year. 5 quarters in lol. Hilariously bad.
  10. A few episodes might help ease the pain from yesterday!
  11. Frig off Mr. Money Badger...its Money Randy time
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