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  1. And thank you Dolphins for Tannehill!!! I love it when it goes both ways. @woolfolksunclesuncle
  2. Oh I totally forgot about him. I was thinking that Bengals receiver that had his 15 minutes.
  3. Pretty nice accomplishment. As @IrishTitansFan said, in today's NFL its got to be even more rare then in years past. Am I crazy(or to drunk)? To think it's definitely in the realm of possibility he has a shot at another 2K season next year? The guys a truly generational talent and absolute specimen. When I go to sleep at night I'm not sure I have ever dreamed myself into being half the type of beast the King is in real life LOL
  4. It always felt like a year or two to early for the Arthur Smith to be bumped up to HC for me. Stranger things have happened in the NFL of course but still, if guys like Eric Bieniemy are still waiting for a shot it would be weird for someone like Smith to leapfrog them.
  5. At this point Clowney has to realize he fucked up not taking the multi year deals offered from Seattle or Cleveland. I doubt anyone offers anything substantial this offseason. I could get on board with JC coming back on an incentive laden deal. It could be as simple as sacks and % of snaps played. Some thing that at least offers the team a little protection. @tgo you know stuff...how much of a contract can be done up like this? Either way, with our pick likely coming in the mid to late 20's and overall need at the OLB spot I agree that this could be a roll of the dice that JRob makes.
  6. Did you see what Steve Smith said afterwards? Hopefully more analysts keep closer to his mind set.
  7. Pretty badass. Hopefully him and the Oline can keep rolling Sunday night.
  8. Maybe we'll get a 'rona bye week!
  9. Man that was the cherry on top for me. Only wish I we could've seen what he was saying. So tasty.
  10. Sounds like he was a prime target for extortion. Are we trying to win this season or not? This is a move a team like KC or NE (when they're competitive) would absolutely make IMO.
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