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  1. This is who I would've kicked the tires on. They got a guy who they see as a reliable vet for the year and a hopefully a player that an develope and become the pong term solution for the position
  2. Is this guy just a skinny version of Fat Randy? Fuckin Scrawny Nick over here
  3. If he's a capable blocker that still offers upside as a receiver then it could make sense why they waived odukoya?
  4. Probably the best choice for where the team is right now.
  5. Huh....dude fucked up his reputation for 100K in those sweet sweet Canadian green(and blue and pink annnd like this weird brown color)backs? I thought maybe he was Canadian and I missed that tidbit while he was here but no, he was born in states. Weird. Maybe he was thinking he could be come a Canadian mob boss or something!
  6. I have no idea what that sled said or did to Key to deserve that abuse but I can't wait to see it vs live opponents on GameDays this year!
  7. Following the stuff his agent has been posting has been wild. I saw on reddit that he's a big time MMA agent first. The contrast between his and uhhh every other football agent that has ever existed style has been really fun to watch! Trading taylor probably makes them a lot worse this year but he might bring back decent draft capital to help going forward.
  8. I'm expecting the Titans defense to be so nasty this year. Restoring our Honor, Adding Key, and Weaver taking another step should make our pass rush should be relentless. You gotta love it! Haven't heard Azeez Al-Shaair or Monty Rice's names but I guess without pads on linebackers can't really show off too much. Really hoping they can rack up some stats and big plays behind this monster of a line.
  9. Anyone actually planning on grabbing a jersey? If so is it going to be a current player or a throwback? Tempted to go for a Matthews or Munchak if I do grab one lol
  10. Lets get a crossover of sorts! Titans and current uniforms with classic oiler colors.
  11. He looks great running between the tackles on his college tape and still has that slick stutter step to kick it back outside if the middle closes up. Doesn't take long to realize why a team that likes to run the ball took a player like him even when they have other needs. i would definitely be lying if i said that it didnt make me raise my eyebrows a bit when they made the pick but after about 2 minutes of his film it made a lot of sense.
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