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  1. I loved LenDale at USC. He was probably my favorite college player when I was a kid. Good speed with fast feet and nice power. My kind of running back lol. I remember wanting the team to take him in the 1st but understanding they wanted a QB. I also still remember thinking we were at the start of a dynasty when we took VY and LenDale. Oof...
  2. I agree. Seems pretty fair. It feels like most professional analysts seem pretty split on Tannehill and how the Titans handled it. Some see Tannehill falling flat on his face next season, while others think he'll keep playing at a high level (this seems like the smallest of the groups) and then some that think he'll regress to something more average. Going back and watching some of his highlight and game cut up videos you can see he makes some unebelieavably accurate throws that were just so impressive regardless of scheme or the derrick henry effect that made me feel pretty good going into next season. There were definitely a few throws that seemed like bad decisions and times where you can see why some knock his pocket awareness but the positives definitely outweigh the negative plays considerably. It's interesting to me when it comes to the "hes gonna suck balls" and regression back to "old Tannehill " crowds. The guy seemed to get better each year in Miami and even put together two 4000 yard seasons in which he had pretty solid QB ratings, TD:INT ratios, and completion percentage. Aside from the injuries is there something im missing? Even if his numbers and efficiency regress next season to what he was while in Miami he still has the potential to be the most productive QB we have had since McNair.
  3. Ehhhh...not bad as far as the message went but the delivery needs work!
  4. He predicts 8-8. I can't remember exact specifics but I do recall it involved a 1-3 or 1-4 start to the season.
  5. https://www.nfl.com/videos/adam-rank-s-2020-record-prediction-for-titans Adam Ranks' opinion on your schedule/win-loss record. Edit* remember to take this as personally as possible and let the rage fly accordingly.
  6. It really feels like the OROY award has basically become the rookie QB of the year award. I thought AJ deserved it but always realized it was a long shot. Kyler Murray is a great young player but there were games where AJ Brown completely took over, dominated, and looked like a seasoned vet as opposed to a rookie. Edit - I gotta say to be fair, I just looked at KM's numbers on the year and they are actually a lot better then o remember. Still can't really say if he crushed anyone like AJB did as I dont watch many cards games. Just thought it deserved to be added haha
  7. This without a doubt the biggest question mark in regards to how this team will do next season. I'm really worried that defensively we see a significant drop in quality. The defensive adjustments this team has been able to make at halftime during games has been one of the most entertaining aspects of the team for me during Vrabels time so far. Really worried we lose a lot of that with DP gone. 🤞
  8. A lot of DB's get burned by guys with Fullers speed. I'd be lying if I said I paid close enough attention to how many times one of our cb gets beat specifically and by whom...but I like how hes come along so far and fell that overall the people who were shitting themselves over that play and the pick in general were wrong.
  9. Remember that when Adoree was drafted people disliked it because of one play where I think john Ross burned him for like a 70 yard TD or something? It doesn't take much for some people.
  10. The ravens GM looks like.hes drafting out of my 6 year old nieces room. What a creep.
  11. He certainly didnt look happy there. I dont like that they potentially stole a Jrob favorite from us but anytime I see BoB angry its enjoyable.
  12. I've been wondering if Adoree could kick inside when we go nickel. His physicality has been a pleasant surprise since hes gotten here. Hes just coming along so nicely as a outside corner I'm not sure that they would want to risk derailing his growth there
  13. His nipples are probably massive too....but yeah, I agree. Theres good reasons to have erect nipples in KC these days!

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