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  1. It definitely seemes to be the case -Henry and our Oline. Its amazing how often the Oline is just blowing the Dline /front 7 up during these last few games. I expected them to get better as a unit as the season went on but this is borderline ridiculous. At one point during the game Ian Eagle was listing the Ravens starting Dline weight and combined the 3 of them were damn near 1000 pounds, if not over and one some of those runs they didn't even stand a chance. It was absolutely glorious. I was air punching and leg kicking and screaming all over my living room like I were Dwight Schrute.
  2. Awesome man. Some of your best work lol
  3. This is probably the only way to recover the situation in the fans eyes and thats probably only if we make the post season. Either way the ones like @BudAdams are going to fry them over this regardless--Which ill enjoy reading lol
  4. Ochocinco around? Hes probably better at kicking FGs then Succop at this point. Succop should have never come off IR...not sure wtf happened with the team doctors but someone obviously missed something or underestimated how badly it would affect him. Im worried about what ill do if this team misses another FG haha
  5. Or friggin bo scaife. I love me some fisher but maaaan... those two players give me PTSD from thinking back to those ugly times.
  6. Any chance they liked the air he can put under it and still get it to the around the 1 and they were trying some new kinda technique? I was thinking back and i seem to remember every kick going that way until the Texans got a decent return - the next kick off was a touch back, and it looked pretty easy for him. Hopefully they do something to try and shore things up soon. Ill stroke out on my living room floor if we miss anymore easy points.
  7. Ohh... @PhinFan1968 had already kept going on his own! Good shit! Tannehill has definitely forced the Titans hand/check book on this one. I didn't even bother reading the whole article just because I cant see how this isn't a risk the team jumps head first into at this point. I was skeptical the first couple games like everyone else im sure...but like my best friend @tgo stated its starting to seem more and more like the Titans and Tannehill are a perfect match as far has the players skill set and our offensive system/philosophy. Now I'm just going to enjoy the ride...no matter how long, or short it is!
  8. Hey @nine...thanks for doing these broskie. Just wanted to let you know that...

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