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  1. These games will be valuable in knocking the rust off so he can come out full speed next season. Hell with as many games as we have left this year we may even have time to get to see him dip into that potential towards tje end of the season.
  2. "The what?" "Haha..oh...seriously?" "I totally forgot they were even a team!" "Why!?" Some of the more common responses. I get a lot more confused looks and then something like "oh...cooool". It wasnt so bad before Seattle got decent and won a bowl...but now i get it from all sides. I cant watch a game on delay because people seem to enjoy the fact my team sucks and then actually telling me that they suck while its happening.
  3. Keeping us in it big time. Crazy how good this dude is.
  4. Rich > Everything we're winning!!!
  5. His leadership has definitely been an important quality since getting to Tennessee. Hell you could probably even call it umderrated. Doesnt ever seem to be ratttled and just about always comes through when called upon. Resign the man now!
  6. I can tell Kern woke up today feeling dangerous. Mods can we just go ahead and pin this thread for the season? MVP! MVP! MVP!
  7. This sucks. Succoup has to have been one of the most reliable kickers these past few seasons for us. Not the biggest boot but good enough with great accuracy. Hopefully santos can regain his preinjury form and bail us out a bit.
  8. Well...i guess dont let the door hit your ass on the way out, Gabbert. Interesting.
  9. I was on board for Z smith because of all of Dean Pees talk about how complicated this defense is on the OLB's. Wasnt overly invested into the idea but it made sense. Im stoked we got Wake though. Ive had a total bromance with him since i watched him literally destroy the entire CFL during his time here - was bummed when i heard we were one of the teams initially interested in signing him from the CFL and missed out. Like i said previously though...better late then never. Lol