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  1. Well...i guess dont let the door hit your ass on the way out, Gabbert. Interesting.
  2. I was on board for Z smith because of all of Dean Pees talk about how complicated this defense is on the OLB's. Wasnt overly invested into the idea but it made sense. Im stoked we got Wake though. Ive had a total bromance with him since i watched him literally destroy the entire CFL during his time here - was bummed when i heard we were one of the teams initially interested in signing him from the CFL and missed out. Like i said previously though...better late then never. Lol
  3. YEESSSS! Dream come true....Ill take it even though its about 10 years late. Think he'll be great in a heavy rotation at OLB. I like how the Ravens limited suggs snaps last year and kept him fresh all season long-hopefully the titans take a similat approach with Wake.
  4. Would suck if hock ended up a jag. Hes who im hoping we get-just trying to not get my hopes up this far away from draft time. Isit true that the other top TE is also from Iowa? I was reading that its hock and this noah fant kid as the 1 and 2 options at the position.
  5. Id assume they will be after similar OC candidates as us too. Hopefully we had some kind of contingancy plan.
  6. The asshole personality deep down inside of me wants him to get a 2nd head coaching gig, fizzle out, and come back to us as the Oline coach. Seeing him on the Steelers sidelines during their games hurts me hurt... bad, way more then it should probably...lol
  7. Im really hoping that Dean Pees having the medical emergency had a lot to do with our performance during the first game in Indy. If the defence can buckle down and Henry keeps running like he has for the past three weeks then we have a better chance then people are giving us IMO.
  8. I was banned by friends from yelling "What is your major malfunction, numbnuts!?" pretty quickly by friends while watching the first season. Hes honestly one of the best parts of the series though and I think you will be able to move past his "Full Metal Jacket" roots. lol
  9. Definitely concerning with our lack of depth at OLB. Its not like I zoned in on him all game but it seemed like Correa played well when on the field, definitely not a pass rushing demon but seems good enough for me to be comfortable with him getting play time. I wonder if Finches injury is bad enough we will have to try and sign someone. Logan Ryan getting hurt is really disappointing. Hes been playing lights out all year. Leshaun Sims will finally get a shot. He has seemed a little up and down with his play this year so far... but his play time has also been pretty limited so its tough to truly gauge what to expect.
  10. What do you mean? Other then Tyreek Hill what had the team done? I must be missing something. I saw someone (possibly you) reference Jovan Belcher earlier...Im not sure how that has anything to do with the team considering it was basically just the dude snapping -- shot his wife/GF, then blew his brains out in the parking lot. They even moved on from Jared Allen way back when he was picking up DUI's faster then sacks and he got the boot. Again, Im just not sure where the idea that KC is on the same level of Cincy comes from. Are there any instances I'm just not remembering?
  11. Part of me believes this is possible...part of me believes the wheels are going to fall off and we could just as easily lose out...and part of me thinks we could do this 1 win for 1 loss type of 8-8 season. It really feels like any could happen with this team and Its leaving me with this weird deflated type of feeling. Didnt think I was exposed enough to feel that way with how low I kept my expectations coming into the year! Lol
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