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  1. Rest in peace buddy. Wish he was able to see and enjoy this run! 😰
  2. He signed off a couple player/coach contracts here and there, but never invested in the infrastructure. This was evident because one of the first things Amy did was renovate HQ.
  3. I do think she played a role in that but not nearly as much as Bud would've done.
  4. Amy seems to be the anti-Bud so far. Spends without meddling. Bud was the complete opposite. Meddled without spending. Facilities rotting from the core...
  5. My brother, do yourself a favor and listen to Derrick Henry's Heisman award speech.
  6. The only rigging is via gambling black market. And its been that way for decades. Watch this...
  7. Coming into his own? He's a vet at this defense stuff. Not a prepubescent teenager!
  8. Dont get caught up in stats & minutiae. You'll run your blood pressure through the roof. 2 more rivers to cross. Enjoy the ride and BUCKLE UP
  9. Football is a 4 quarter operation, son. There's no such thing as being "buried" before halftime. We're containing their most dangerous weapon. Halftime adjustments incoming.
  10. If they're dumb enough to let him walk, I hope he ends up a Colt LOL. Make him the highest paid RB. If he has 3 more games like that this year, give him ownership share!

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