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  1. Couple things here. It's well known that Vrabel is a Trumper. He may not be a flaming bigot but he's damn sure in alignment with the party of flaming bigotry. Kraft doesn't have to be the direct source. Vrabel can get his true feelings out to Boston media fairly easily while holding his cards to Nashville media. I always felt Vrabel wanted GM level roster control after JRob was fired. And since he's shown he can be a pissy queen at times, it's totally realistic to believe he's spewing this flaming bigotry against RC out of spite.
  2. Most likely. Wil take time to investigate and build a case
  3. They're not conspiracies if they're true. And we're supposed to believe the 2021-2023 inflationary spikes were all organic LOL
  4. Argentina will either be a cartoon like the UK during Brexit or a total collapse.
  5. No, he wants to be one of Trump's top oligarchs
  6. Only the front office can save Vrabel from himself in that regard, and there's probably nothing logical even they could do LOL
  7. Craziest thing about the Levis performance... the Falcons pass defense has been pretty strong, statistically.
  8. Remaining the Titans while re-adopting the Oilers logo would be hilarious
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