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  1. For all you "Dems should just message better" folks.....
  2. I'm old enough to remember when I got called crazy for even thinking that was the goal...
  3. I think this country has some deep seeded mental problems that won't allow satisfaction under ANYONE. We are a society that just can't be satisfied.
  4. What does this God forsaken country WANT in a president?
  5. And SpaceX has government contracts with DoD and NASA. The government should sever all ties with this shithead's company and sink Tesla while they're at it.
  6. This 2021 story seems notable. It's time for serious journalists to blow the door off how chock full of anti-American extremists the FBI has become. Man charged in Capitol riot worked for FBI, lawyer says https://www.politico.com/news/2021/02/09/man-charged-capitol-riot-worked-for-fbi-467857 The defense said Caldwell, who has denied being part of the Oath Keepers, has held a top-secret security clearance since 1979, which required multiple special background investigations, according to Plofchan. Caldwell also ran a consulting firm that did classified work for the U.S. government, the lawyer said. “He has been vetted and found numerous times as a person worthy of the trust and confidence of the United States government, as indicated by granting him Top Secret clearances,” Plofchan wrote. Most section chiefs within the FBI rise through the ranks of the bureau and it is unclear whether Caldwell would’ve been directly hired for that position or whether he held any other positions with the bureau. The FBI did not immediately comment Monday evening and Caldwell’s lawyer didn’t immediately answer questions about his client’s work.
  7. Any follow-up on this? There's no way these were targets and no outcomes changed...
  8. What's supposed to be on this fucking goddamned laptop???!!!
  9. Joe Biden should've fired Christopher Wray on January 21st, 2021.
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