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  1. Hillary lost the Rust Belt to Vince McMahon's buddy. I'd stay away from a female VP
  2. After thinking this over, I'm not so sure a woman VP candidate is a good idea. Women have a bad batting average in general elections, going all the way back to Shirley Chisholm in the 70s. Palin brought down any chance for McCain in 2008, and Hillary wasn't liked by hardly anybody. Right, wrong or indifferent, there's a major risk of a 77 year old Joe Biden selecting ANY of the popular women Dems (Harris, etc). Voters will essentially go to the polls knowing there's a real chance the VP could be the next POTUS by circumstance.
  3. Im late to the party, but yes, I was an Oiler fan. Some say I hide it well on the board. 😎
  4. The fear is solely on old moderate, borderline GOP Dems. They're afraid of the youthful left gaining momentum within the party. If Pelosi/etc cave to Trump and pass up this opportunity, the old guard's ass is grass.
  5. Whatever you do, check out carcomplaints.com and do a check of the year/make/model of whichever one you go with. In general, the Camry may be more reliable, but every year is different for each model. Im a Honda/Acura guy myself. Had a 2007 Accord. Loved it. Last year of that design so there were literally no real issues that year. 2008 was a redesign year and Honda had transmission issues that year. Just do your research and take care of the car
  6. Although its early, Biden is leading major polls so far. If he wins the Dem nomination, who would he likely pick as a running mate? I could see him going with Warren to smooth things over with #MeToo
  7. Players come back at full strength from ACLs ALL THE TIME. Stop being dense.
  8. Id rather just trade down since the top defensive guys are gone. I like Greedy but his shy tackling scares me
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