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  1. luvyablue256

    New Biden Ads

    Yes, that's right! Pander to me baby!
  2. One day those barbiturates are gonna knock him on his ass on live TV.
  3. luvyablue256

    Biden VP Thread

    Experience. Wisdom. That almost sounds like Rice or Warren
  4. luvyablue256

    Biden VP Thread

    Like Kyle with draft predictions LOL
  5. By the way, keep an eye on the polls now that Trump's tweeted in favor of a college football season...
  6. The young people who protested will do a combination of writing in Bernie, writing in Kanye and voting for Jo Jorgenson. Maybe a handful will vote for Biden. They will view the 1994 Crime Bill and not supporting dismantling police as him being no different than Trump.
  7. Media is once again running fullback for this criminal fuck.
  8. Keep thinking someone with a Nuclear code clearance would leave a digital trail of evidence they broke the law. LOL
  9. Good piece on what can help Biden win or lose. https://www.politico.com/amp/news/magazine/2020/08/08/opinion-biden-win-lose-392611
  10. Yep. Because the Dems are NOT LOUD ENOUGH selling their plan. Weekend tweets won't cut it.
  11. They won't do shit but tweet and keep bending over. Just like the USPS stuff. This is why the Democrats need a stronger Southern base. Southerners are more passionate than the coastal, Ivy league elite Dems.
  12. There is no such "liberal" media anymore. The Axios interview exposed the lack of credibility of every media organization that keeps covering this administration with kid gloves. The same ones are running roughshod with rumors and leaks about the VP drama but all of Trump's MAJOR bullshit gets soft headlines or buried like nothing happened. They'll take the bait and chase after his carnival barking but as soon as he does something truly harmful, they go silent.

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