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  1. Its the front office's fault for settling on Mularkey in the first damn place.
  2. Case in point. I already said he got marginally better when they took his hand out of the ground.
  3. Bullshit. How is a player defenseless and he has the damn ball? Whats a defender supposed to do, wait until the ballcarrier is 20 yards upfield?
  4. Free NE yards/momentum change #1 Lets play a drinking game!
  5. The fan delusion over Morgan has always been excessive
  6. Even more interesting from state to state. Freemasonry in the United States has no national governing body, which can cause a lot of interesting variance from state to state. I'm in Huntsville and some things done in Nashville are waaaaaay different than here. More similarities than differences.
  7. Well now I can't antagonize you on the boards anymore brother!
  8. I am currently Senior Steward of my lodge. Also in Scottish Rite, Shrine and Eastern Star (wife is a member). It's more of a brotherhood than anything else. In a good lodge, the members all look out for each other and their families. It's not a cult or wierd devil worship, but there is a lot of very interesting and helpful historical and philosophical information to be learned that most people have no clue about or overlook. If serious about finding out more, check out this subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/freemasonry/ And this podcast/youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MasonicRoundtable/videos?flow=grid&view=0&sort=da
  9. He didn't have that much burst at GT. He was just good at using his hands and body leverage.
  10. Morgan never had the burst to do anything on the outside. He was a classic Fisher misevaluation. Good enough to keep a spot, not good enough to really make an impact. He got marginally better when moved to OLB from DE.
  11. Thats what the House, Senate and Supreme Court are for. You should familiarize yourself with the other two branches of government and their purposes.
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