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  1. If Barack Hussein Obama could win 270 electoral votes (just 7 years after 9/11 and the height of the Middle Eastern hysteria).....
  2. Why can't Democrats overlook stuff just to get in power like the Rethuglicans?
  3. I really hope the rest of the country doesn't use his sexual preference against him. I sure as hell won't.
  4. The Oilers were just as mediocre as the Titans. What are you hurling about?
  5. Tannehill is essentially protection against a 2-14 throwaway season if Mariota crashes and burns
  6. The days of coddling "the starter" are finally over. Imagine if Webster had the stones to create a stopgap between Locker and the next starter instead of setting for Mettenberger and frickin Charlie Whitehurst.
  7. It is, but it was filmed in the UK so it's UGLE-centric
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