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  1. This guy was JESUS to these people. My God.
  2. That, and you need a sane, viable opposition party with legitimate, workable ideas. The conservative ideals are needed in the national discourse if for nothing else but for balance... but they don't have any ideas anymore. Just "own the libs"
  3. When the truth is seen as a lie, and a lie is seen as the truth...the country has no foundation and will eventually descend into chaos and ruin. We are finished.
  4. This is why the Never Trump folks needs to switch to Dems. It would make a Trump-infected GOP a minority party until further notice. All of them. The party operatives, the Lincoln Project guys... all of them. Switch parties and force the GOP to exorcise Trumpism.
  5. When he gutted the CDC staff in China before the outbreak and nobody held him accountable for it, I knew then that this guy wouldn't face any serious consequences. The so-called "liberal media" AND the Democrats(!) avoided the shit out of that... in an election year! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-china-cdc-exclusiv-idUSKBN21C3N5
  6. I know, thats why I said I wish. Im referring to just his role as the trial judge, not his VT seat.
  7. Still not a good sign. I wish Leahy could just appoint someone else. He's 80 for God's sake
  8. They wont but its fodder at least. Like Brady & Manning coming to Tennessee 🤣
  9. The only hope here is through corporate donors. Now, I have my doubts about how much of this gets turned into dark money. https://www.cnn.com/interactive/2021/01/business/corporate-pac-suspensions/
  10. That won't happen in every case. Even if 1 switches, you're in better shape than with none. Let's dig into it. Romney-Utah: Not likely, but could be convinced. Re-election in 2024 Sasse-Nebraska: Not likely, but could be convinced. Re-election in 2026 Collins-Maine: 2nd most likely of the 5. Re-election in 2026 Murkowski-Alaska: Most likely of the 5. Re-election in 2022 Toomey-Pennsylvania: Not running for re-election (at least not as an R, LOL) Of those three, Collins and Sasse have the most time until re-election. Murkowski has consistently bucked the G
  11. Sounds to me like Dems have 5 GOP senators they need to target to switch parties...
  12. Wall Street tells federal government to stop worrying about the debt. Adding extra leverage on stimulus relief. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/26/wall-street-national-debt-462453
  13. "But he's a corporate neoliberal!!"
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