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  1. Tony Pollard better than Elliot?
  2. Have you ever noticed they do not play Monday Night Football ever in the Thursday games?
  3. @Downtown I had this before. I tastes exactly (not close, exactly) like IPA beer. The roaster has a new batch. Its worth getting just to experience it. https://www.vibrantcoffeeroasters.com/collections/coffee/products/edwin-norena-gold-washed-anaerobic-pink-bourbon-limited-roast
  4. If a cold-call investment adviser called you to say, "I have the best investment ever" adding, "it has less intrinsic value than a pet rock and less cute, and it is outlawed in China" would you be polite letting the adviser finish or would you hang up before that?
  5. @OILERMAN “China’s central bank said all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal, reinforcing the country’s tough stance against digital rivals to government-issued money,” the Wall Street Journal reports. "If China catches you using bitcoin, you get sentenced to two years on the blockchain gang."
  6. I do not drive nor own a car nor live in Tennessee.
  7. I finished series last night. It was one of the overall best TV shows ever. It is advertised as being centered around a slightly autistic person but it is more centered around the whole family and the sister, who is a track star, seems more the central character. It is one show where I was interested in all the characters. All were believable, flawed, with struggles and triumphs. All episodes were good, except toward end of season 4, you could tell the story lines were being rushed - I assume the series was cut short and the writers had to cut off the stories abruptly. The fir
  8. Yep, I looked it up. Midway through the 1980 season Casper was traded to the Houston Oilers for their first and second-round draft picks. He was reunited with his former Raider quarterback, Ken Stabler, when he was traded to the Oilers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dave_Casper Note: before ~1990 or so, there was not much free agency in the NFL - good players rarely, if ever, left a team. So draft picks were worth much more then than they are now as it was the only way to improve your team. So a 1st and 2nd second pick in 1980 would be like three 1st round picks
  9. Didn't he trade a 1st round pick for a past his prime TE thinking it would be the missing puzzle piece?
  10. You draw faces on toilet paper? The ink could get into your blood stream.
  11. If he stole anything he would sell it for bitcoin since that is the currency of criminal activity.
  12. The writing is on the wall - cyrptocurrency is a farce. It did the opposite of being a sound financial instrument. Over the last week, the world financial community has been concerned about the Evergrande's 100 billion US dollar default risk. Many hedges, for example gold and silver, increased in value but bitcoin fell over 12% with no recovery. For comparison, overall US Stock market fell by less than 3% and has recovered much of that. If cyrptocurrency takes a big hit during a possible financial market problem, it is certainly not a hedge of any kind. it has no value f
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