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  1. I am confused, how did he play in a closet? He took onto the field?
  2. Bilishment, fidings, bain bh.
  3. Yes, the object of musical chairs is not to be the one left standing per research into it. So if the game was still occuring, one's chance would be roughly the same as all others, so yes, I would still play musical chairs. Also, checking on the human behavior aspect of party games, one will find that is social viewed that one should be involved in those games regardless of perceived game outcome, otherwise one might call you party popper, not to be confused with illegal drug use.
  4. In case anyone replies to me earlier posts: I will play this sound when I join. Make sure you are nearby so you hear the notification!
  5. My chihuahua's results came back 87% wolf hound. You think kit is bogus?
  6. This might be a little off topic, but I am wondering what the best pet DNA test kit is? What is your opinion on pet DNA tests kits: https://www.thesprucepets.com/best-dog-dna-tests-4176499
  7. Do you think teams will use him to calibrate gaydars?
  8. Bitcoin looks to be crossing $30 and when it does, it might be free falling next.
  9. No idea what it means to invest in bitcoin. Is it a currency? Then if it were my functional currency, which I cannot conceive it would ever be, then I would hold it just as I hold any US dollars, which is my functional currency. If it is not my functional currency, then I see no reason to hold it.
  10. Looking at MicroStartegy's 12-31-2020 and 3-31-21 balance sheet, MicroStrategy has added almost 1.2 billion in long term debt in those three months. "Other Investment" which are likely bitcoin holdings grew by almost the same amount. So MicroStrategy issued over $1 billion in debt in the first 3 months of 2021 to buy bitcoin. In the second quarter, based on news reports, it has doubled that. So, the company now has over $3 billion in bitcoin and possibly close to $3 billion in additional debt in Less than half a year. This is an increase from less than $500 million in total long term debt
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