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  1. 9 Nines

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Just trying to help league. Damien Williams will be #2 or #3 in half-PPR behind Barkley at #1. Kareem Hunt (Bears) will be top 5 production after week 6. So I would only use Chris Warren (projected 12-15) for first 6 games. Thought it would help other teams.
  2. 9 Nines

    2018 Titans Report Dynasty League

    Looking for trade. 1st or early 2nd round pick gets you a top 15 RB: Oakland Raiders: Chris Warren can make an impact in 2019 by Pete Hernandez III1 week ago Follow @PeteThreee Looking ahead to the 2019 season, Chris Warren is among those that have a shot of being an impact player for the Oakland Raiders.
  3. We will know by the end of the next week how this will go. Democrats are getting almost no blame so far. President Trump's move Saturday could move sentiment. If it does, then we are in a new chapter. If the polls do not change or get worse for him, then either the Shut Down continues, which is bad for him in that scenario, or he gives into Democrats either signing a clean bill or giving permanent status to DACA etc., in which case, either will cause him to lose significant base support as the Right goes into revolt. Democrats, to keep from losing any of the high ground they currently control, need to spend the next several days explaining that what was offered Saturday is the status quo - in other words, nothing was offered.
  4. The right got mad about temporary status. This morning, President Trump said he would be open to permanent status. So if the right got mad about temporary, they will revolt on permanent. Yet that is basically what Trump will have to offer since he stated he was open to it and VP Pence stated that they are open to negotiating what was offered yesterday. There is good chance that the House, Senate and White House reach some deal, that includes permanent status, then the Right goes bonkers, and President Trump backs-off. If that happened, does McConnell get mad enough to go ahead and try for veto override?
  5. Supposedly McConnell told President Trump in the latter part of the week, that there was no give with the House, and that Trump better come up with a solution. So he makes that offer yesterday without consulting what Democrats want. Now he is in panic. Even the timing was bad. He made the public offer (that was really nothing but for most people, who do not pay attention, it might have seemed reasonable), on a Saturday, the day that people pay the least attention to news, then on Sunday, when people start paying attention to news, has a tantrum on Twitter and it is likely to get worse on Monday, when people fully start paying attention to news again.
  6. President Trump is all mouth, no ears nor brain. Key to important negotiations is listening not talking. You listen for things the other sides wants that might not cost you much, therefore you can offer them, expanding the pie, so that all pieces are bigger.
  7. 9 Nines

    Chiefs Release Kareem Hunt

    Hunt has not yet spoken with NFL investigators, as that would be the final piece of the investigation. At this point, based on the fact that several teams have been keeping tabs on Hunt, touching base and doing homework on him, the likelihood is that Hunt is back in the NFL in 2019. But the belief remains that any six-plus game suspension keeps him on the sidelines to begin next season. We know the Bears. What other teams? Titans?
  8. 9 Nines

    Trump: Border Announcement Coming (Deal OfferExpected)

    Some think he will offer citizenship to DACA people and protective status for refugees for wall funding. Would right-wing people turn against him on that?
  9. One of the first comments was: is that one of the prayer rugs on his head?
  10. 9 Nines

    President Trump is threatening government shut-down

    National Emergency would also divert talk of his crime of suborned perjury to backset on the Sunday news shows.
  11. 9 Nines

    President Trump is threatening government shut-down

    A knowledgeable poster on Political Wire wrote, "If they don't reopen the government on Monday or Tuesday finance won't be able to process back-pay before the end of the month."
  12. 9 Nines

    President Trump is threatening government shut-down

    It was reported he was trying to get them to pass a bill giving 5.7 billion but it would need 60 votes.
  13. 9 Nines

    President Trump is threatening government shut-down

    It would have already been documented it was not an emergency before that. He had been talking about it for weeks/months/years.
  14. 9 Nines

    President Trump is threatening government shut-down

    My guess would be National Emergency.