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  1. I think Warren might be a good VP now. Trump is losing ground on every issue but he is at least treading water on the economy. Low information voters still tend to to think he was a successful businessperson and so some seem to be willing to buy his new message that he is the one who can fix the economy. With Warren's background in banking regulations and her understanding of the working-man, I think she would be one of the best prospects to entertain that message non-stop in the election.
  2. 9 Nines

    Virus in US

    I did not even think he was this sick:
  3. For your information, I eat Neapolitan icecream and I am voting for Biden.
  4. What reports state that support is lower than Clinton in 2016?
  5. It qualified the position by stating "young" African Americans and Latinos, especially "men." Those groups are likely not going to vote no matter what. I do not know how you take that group, young minority men who do not normally vote, to soundly project that African American women, who are base voters and who do vote most every election, are not going to vote for Biden. And to do so right after those voters are the very ones who won his nomination. It makes no sense.
  6. So something dramatically happened in last 2 months between Biden and African Americans to account for difference in this: Black voters once again showed up big for Biden Black voters across eight states with sizable African American populations captured in exit polls voted for Biden — once again providing decisive wins for Barack Obama’s former vice president. Entering Super Tuesday, it was unclear whether Mike Bloomberg’s expensive advertising spree in those states would keep Biden from racking up the margins he hit with black voters in his important South Carolina win. Exit polls there measured Biden at about 61 percent of the black vote, bolstering his electability argument centered on his connection with African Americans — the most loyal constituency in the Democratic Party. But Biden neared or exceeded that mark in the South on Tuesday, in Texas (58 percent), Virginia (60 percent), North Carolina (62 percent) and Alabama (72 percent). The results in Texas and North Carolina were especially notable given the prevalence of early voting in those states, where hundreds of thousands of ballots were cast before Biden’s South Carolina surge. Biden still won a plurality of the black vote in California, 33 percent, though it was not the dominant showing he turned in elsewhere. But Biden’s strength among African Americans elsewhere could buoy his campaign heading into big primary battlegrounds like Michigan and Ohio in the coming weeks. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/04/black-voters-biden-sanders-latinos-120952
  7. Please cite polls showing this. Perhaps it is true but I questioned it because as I recall Biden's large wins on Super Tuesday were fueled by African American voters. It is what it is - so if it is what you are stating, plus show the reports.
  8. Biden is doing great. In the last few weeks the following trends have emerged - many polls have confirmed them. 1) Trump campaign and republican internal polls are showing declines for Trump at the margin with evangelicals, Catholics and voters age 65+ in general. On the religious votes lost, it is a trend that would be hard to reverse because the lost votes have been by fairly equal numbers on polar reasoning - some are mad because they blame him for church closures (President gets blame even though not at fought by low information voters) while an around equal number are mad that he is not doing enough to shut things down to protect them. He cannot satisfy both those groups. 2) Trump's approval is starting to fall to lowest level of presidency - likely because of 1) 3) Biden is breaking into a lead with voters 65+ age - a demographic that Hillary Clinton lost by 12+ points and is the most reliable voting block.
  9. If an African American votes for Trump, about as close as you can get to being a klansmans, or does not vote for Trump's opponent then that person aint black. No duh!
  10. 9 Nines

    Virus in US

    Two reports, one from a Pennsylvania university , and another from UK show Texas is likely the next epicenter. Its rate of infection is just under 2, so it will grow rapidly. This could be very very bad for not only Texans but Republicans. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/study-estimates-24-states-still-have-uncontrolled-coronavirus-spread/2020/05/22/d3032470-9c43-11ea-ac72-3841fcc9b35f_story.html https://www.imperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/mrc-gida/2020-05-21-COVID19-Report-23.pdf
  11. Trump Considers Panel to Review Online Bias May 23, 2020 “President Trump is considering establishing a panel to review complaints of anticonservative bias on social media, in a move that would likely draw pushback from technology companies and others,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “The plans are still under discussion but could include the establishment of a White House-created commission that would examine allegations of online bias and censorship… The administration could also encourage similar reviews by federal regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Election Commission.”

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