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  1. It is being reported that the hospital had no advanced warning as it would have had had this been a prearranged routine visit of a President.
  2. They are just a little different. Tannehill is a normal NFL QB. Mariota is a side of the road - cantaloupe type of QB.
  3. I read that it might be one of the best movies of all time, with surprise plot twist after another. Anyone see it?
  4. If he invested that much into the race, he will probably turn on the guy calling him a loser etc. to escape any blame for the defeat.
  5. This is how most Trump supporters are defending Trump these days: "Here is how i am making $56 per hour... After been without work for 6 months, i started following steps I found on this website and now i couldn't be happier. After 3 months of doing this, my monthly income is around $7k per month... Check it out for yourself >HERE →→ ­­­­­­­­­w­­w­­w­­.­­G­­o­­P­­r­­o­­2­­0­­.­­c­­o­­mⒶ Don't include this ☞ Ⓐ☜ in web link THANKS"
  6. Poor reporting so far because I can not find if there were conflicting rulings. I doubt there are because I think there is no related case, so it would have only gone through one court system I think. If no conflict, then you would need 4 or more Justices to see some major error in law in the lower court ruling to accept it because I doubt the Supreme Court wants anything to do with this. It would be a clear no-win situation for it. Over-turn the lower court ruling, and article after article about how the Supreme Court is biased for Trump set-up to rubber stamp stuff for him. Affirm the ruling, and there is no idea what kind of crazy stuff Trump would start saying about the Supreme Court. No reason to get into that crazy fray unless there is some pressing legal reason to enter it - absent that need, they will likely punt I would think. I guess if the Supreme Court denies the case, then Trump's accounting firm will have to decide if it wants its principal arrested and law enforcement raiding its offices to take the returns.
  7. Hopefully the Supreme Court does not take up the case. I do think there is any opposite court rulings. (Or are there? I just researched it and cannot find if any appeal court ruled in his favor.) If no disagreement in appeals court there is no reason for the Supreme Court to take it up if it does not want to do so, which would mean the ruling stood. That would be much faster and force the returns of break the law.
  8. The Republican use the excuse that blaming Trump for anything means people are biased against him and making it up - the more complaints the more evidence of bias and making it up according to them. So republicans and Trump have create a perverse free crime bubble where the more crimes he commits the more it reflects on the accusers, not him.
  9. Tannehill is probably the best QB to play for Tenessee with last name starting with T.
  10. https://people.com/human-interest/8-year-old-mexican-girl-higher-iq-than-einstein/ I am stretching it some, Trump's IQ is probably closer to 90.
  11. 50/50 he commits suicide before February.
  12. A US ambassador told President Donald Trump that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky "loves your ass"
  13. This is probably 15 years ago and 20K+ Big Macs earlier: