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  1. Is this league where you automatically win the whole league if your team ever scores 200 points in a week? Asking when less than 16 points from 200.
  2. Will Titans find someone to roschon their johnson or will Spears be the future back?
  3. Chimps throwing doody at the local zoo.
  4. Taking over in Chicago, the 2nd best back of 2023
  5. I have no knowledge nor understanding on how the court will rule, but I think legislation could easily tax it. Just set a threshold of borrowing activity that triggers the law and then require those underlying assets to be to marked-to-market at year end, quarterly if you really want to stop it, and requires taxes on any gains from the assets being re-valued to market.
  6. There are people who are both Vikings and Bears fans.
  7. If the owner really forced Bryce Young on the team, it is going to be the worst team in the league for 4 or 5 years because no one of caliber would be willing to take the coaching in that situation I would think.
  8. I am not sure how the team thought Bryce Young would have a high chance of playing in the NFL. When he walks around between plays he looks like an elementary student that is walking around a high school campus - all the other players are stand-out bigger than him.
  9. Tank Dell is bigger than Bryce Young.
  10. How do you contact the Titans owner to her about the deal?
  11. I guess fans and owners are the only ones hurt - coaches will just get fired and leave the mess.
  12. That makes sense but all the guides indicated it was irreversible once you accept unity or whatever it is.
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