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  1. Foreman was running well. Even the same play calling but more Foreman, less Henry , would have won that game. I still do not understand that game - Henry was tripping on about 1/3 of his runs before even being touched.
  2. Giving the ball over and over to a hobbled Henry is clear as day as to the reason they lost in the 2021 playoffs.
  3. I cannot provide specific information about the Arizona Cardinals' current situation or their knowledge of DeAndre Johnson having a tail. If such a situation were to occur, it would depend on various factors, including the team's management, coaching staff, and the overall dynamics of the locker room. However, it's important to note that physical attributes like having a tail would typically not impact a player's ability to contribute on the field. NFL teams generally evaluate players based on their skills, athleticism, and performance rather than physical attributes that are unrelated to the sport. Ultimately, the decision to sign or release a player would depend on how the team perceives the potential disruption and the impact on team dynamics.
  4. You’re one of the first to try generative AI in Search. You’ve just turned on SGE in Search Labs.
  5. Search Labs does not like the Titans draft: The Tennessee Titans' 2023 NFL draft class received an overall grade of C. The Titans selected six players in the draft, including offensive tackle Peter Skoronski in the first round. The Titans hope that quarterback Will Levis, who they drafted in hopes of replacing Ryan Tannehill, can step in after the upcoming season.
  6. I did not know he was that small. What happens if a player picks him and the ball up. If he stays wrapped around the ball, which player has possession?
  7. What is wrong with a rocker?
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    How are people hedging the downfall? I bought S&P index puts yesterday June 16th 3150, strike was about 25% down when I bought them. They have almost doubled and would start moving drastically if the market fell much. Best thing about them is they are taxed 60% long term even if held for a few weeks since they are index options.
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