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  1. Either President Trump will back-out now or risk looking like even more foolish than normal. This was foreshadowed the previous two Sundays. A week ago yesterday, Eric Trump was on a Sunday news show where he was muted many times. You could see his mouth moving but hear nothing. Question after question, he would stray to continue to talking as the host did but would be muted. Yesterday, his wife had the same experience where she kept talking over the host but was muted, so you just saw her mouth moving sans her voice. Both looked childish with the audience unable to hear but see their mouths moving. Imagine if Trump still participates and does the same. Plus if he realize it is happening, he might throw a fit on live television.
  2. Debate canceled = Debate Commission Adopts Rule to Mute Microphones October 19, 2020 The Commission on Presidential Debates adopted new rules to mute microphones to allow Donald Trump and Joe Biden two minutes of uninterrupted time per segment, the AP reports. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/debate-commission-adopts-new-rules-to-mute-mics
  3. This really burns and even with low weights, I have to pause a few times to complete it. I also tried same concept for biceps, where I do various curls with low weights:
  4. Are these good training exercises to do one arm pushups:
  5. How to tell if a police officer is a Trump supporter.
  6. Anyone see Eric Trump on one of the Sunday news shows? He was speaking almost as fast as an auctioneer. He would keep talking when the host moved to another question. After many attempts, by the host, to get Eric Trump to stop talking, you would no longer hear Eric Trump, but you would still see his mouth moving indicating he was talking as the host went to next question. That no longer hear him but see mouth moving would continue question after question.
  7. Anyone following politics knows who this guy is: Ed Rollins Says ‘the Race Is Over’ October 10, 2020 Republican campaign strategist Ed Rollins, who is the chair of the pro-Donald Trump Great America PAC, told John Avlon: “I’m afraid the race is over.” Said Rollins: “What happened after the first presidential debate is every Senate race saw a 3- to 4-point drop for Republican candidates across the board. So campaigns are panicking and it’s the first time in a long while that they are being outraised. The potential is there to lose not only the presidency but the Senate as well…and to see the kind of wipeout we haven’t an experienced since the post-Watergate year of 1974.” Watergate Babies: Democrats picking up offices for first time in 1974. Democrats won 49 new house seats in that election: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watergate_Babies
  8. People posting this. as Jon Cooper is, hurt not help in my opinion.
  9. The actors are probably people without jobs or underemployed who are angry at others for their situation, therefore in a personal situation that is easy to mold toward extremism.
  10. Two interesting articles: Trump Collapsing In Internal GOP Polls October 9, 2020 New York Times: “New polls show Mr. Trump’s support is collapsing nationally, as he alienates women, seniors and suburbanites. He is trailing not just in must-win battlegrounds but according to private G.O.P. surveys, he is repelling independents to the point where Mr. Biden has drawn closer in solidly red states, including Montana, Kansas and Missouri, people briefed on the data said.” The Wish for Normalcy October 9, 2020 Peggy Noonan: “It’s not only the past week’s events, not just the polls and their consistency, their upward tick from a lead of 6 or 7 to a lead in some polls of double digits; it’s the data about women and voters over 65.” “No one will talk about it in public because they’re not idiots. Journalists don’t want to be embarrassed if they’ve got it wrong; Democrats don’t want to encourage complacency; Republicans don’t want to demoralize the troops; and the networks have to keep everyone hopped up on the horse race…” “But if what a growing number of people are seeing as a real possibility happens, if we are in blowout territory, I think part of the reason won’t be political in any classic sense, or ideological, or having to do with some stupid question about which candidate you want to have a beer with. If Joe Biden wins big, part of the reason, maybe a big part, will be simply that he is normal.”
  11. This stuff might well get worse under Biden - these type will be easier to stoke, especially when the nation is entertaining regulations to handle the virus properly. I think the US needs to do two things, but I am not sure the new Administration will want to do things so bold. 1) We need to take Putin out. 2) Strong regulations on social media.

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