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  1. Biden. He is a 100% win against Trump because he would take about 1 out of 40 people who would have voted for Trump (e.g. the Obama voters who voted for Trump) plus almost all Democrats and a majority of Independents. Sanders second because Bernie Sanders would probably take those same Obama-Trump voters too. Sanders would not so as well with independents but still probably a wash to a majority of them.
  2. This is the situation: A vote for Elizabeth Warren in the Democrat primary is two votes for President Trump in the general election.
  3. Rotoworld take: Throw out the box score. Anyone watching the game saw a bench-worthy performance. Showing truly zero play-making ability, Mariota was passing up chances at big plays and botching easy ones in equal measure. A horrendous offensive line performance — nine sacks — didn't help, but Mariota made things easy and predictable for the defense. His pocket awareness was nonexistent. He looked like a player who has lost all confidence, resembling a rookie on the Titans' final drive where he pointlessly milked clock and did a terrible job getting the offense lined up and ready to go. The fifth-year pro seems shellshocked.
  4. Mariota is 3 of 9. Perhaps his photographic memory is on the fritz.
  5. If a county fairs had booths where you could pay to beat someone with a bat, who would you want the victim to be.
  6. I just staactly the same. I bougoils. Loofference. Therw the coffee.
  7. I heard that local rural areas will get reboots of Trump favorites such as " Friday Night Lynchings."
  8. It has a 90 day free trial. I was already in a trial for Amazon Music Unlimited, and it added to it, with regular pricing starting after my current trial that goes through November. If you are in a paid plan, you should be able to get it added for free for whole 90 days then your price would go up $5 if you keep it. If you want to try, try this link: https://www.amazon.com/music/unlimited/hd If it does not offer the 90 day trial, do the call me contact with Amazon and ask for an Amazon Music rep to see if you can get it.
  9. Amazon Music Lossless started today. Lossless music at affordable prices. Free 90-day trial and just $5 more a month over Amazon music regular price after trial. Much less than Tidal and other lossless streaming ($20+ per month.) Just searching a few minutes, I found some songs at 24-bit 192 kHz (for reference: CD quality is 16-bit at 44.1 kHz.) Order a Amazon Fire TV Stick, so hopefully it will deliver it digitally to my receiver so its DAC can decode instead of my phone's and my phone is limited to 24-bit 48 kHz anyway.)
  10. The defense might be really good but team's with bad offenses usually have "statistically" good defenses. Likely when a team game plans against a team with a bad offense, they go conservative on their offense - they do not need to score a lot to beat a bad offense team whereas a turn-over could be the spark to give the bad team momentum. Therefore, a bad offense teams get an inflated metrics on defense.