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  1. Why do so many people here write that El Guapo incorrectly prescribes medication to his patients?
  2. Since Fisher won around .500 every season, hiring him as a co-coach with Vrabel coaching half the games in a season and Fisher the other half might be a great combo.
  3. No more cryptocurrency thread, so I had to make one to write, "bitcoin, what a joke."
  4. If the NFL moves into virtual games run on servers, equipment managers would be IT support.
  5. That camera angle or zoom is wild. He looks like he is 6-10 or something based on how much of the doorway he takes up and the people around him.
  6. Could the Titans beat the best Arena team?
  7. I just did my end of month investment accounting, and mine is around that. I did not realize January was up so much since I do not pay attention to it.
  8. Whichever team scores the most points is probably going to win.
  9. Looking into it further, I found that a Core2Duo chip can handle up to 4 cameras. I am wondering if I should go that cheap or get an i3. I guess an older I3 would cost about same.
  10. I am thinking about installing a surveillance system. Anyone familiar with the open source, ZoneMinder? Also, if I went with ZoneMinder, I would need a processor unit and storage device that would work with Linux/other open source O/Ss since ZoneMinder only works with them, and I would want dedicated units. What are some processor units and storage devices to run open source O/Ss that ZoneMinder requires?
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