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  1. Are people guessing - how do you know she is the pick?
  2. Being In Shape-Lives Matter! If she were fit, perhaps as Biden who is twice her age is, that lady could have likely been 14 seconds faster: Kanye West Missed Wisconsin Deadline By 14 Seconds August 11, 2020 at 9:43 am EDT Kanye West’s campaign “is arguing he belongs on the presidential ballot in Wisconsin even if his campaign turned in his nomination signatures 14 seconds after the 5 p.m. deadline Aug. 4,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. “The 23-page document, filed Monday, says a state Elections Commission staffer told a West campaign aide that [his lawyer] turned in the nomination papers 14 seconds after the deadline. State law says the papers had to have been filed by “not later” than 5 p.m.”
  3. 9 Nines

    Biden VP Thread

    I wrote on Qanon page that it is Ivanka Trump and I got kicked out of the group before I could hit return.
  4. You can just replace resin and worn parts and be good to go, no?
  5. I have a Culligan system that is about 15 years old. Last few months water has been hard for a few days. Both times, I forced two regenerations, but the water remained hard a day or two. I assume the resin needs to be replaced. I have watched videos on resin replacements and it seems easy to change the resin, but knowing how much and how to clean out the old old resin without removing rocks if any, checking screens and checking for possibly other worn parts seems something I might mess up since no check list or anything. Anyone have experience with them - tips? I would like for a specialist to do it, but concerned about work on water system at this time with the virus.
  6. I was thinking about this yesterday - we are likely mentally sound people, so we have no idea how he views the world. He is flawed and likely so self absorbed that this request makes perfect sense to him and he possibly believes it would be granted just as one would expect a host to give a glass of water if requested.
  7. I am not sure if it will be done. I think @ctm, or maybe it was someone on another site, pointed out that employers are likely still on the hook for employees' half of the the payroll tax and therefore risk being out that money if they let employees have it now. So many will probably still withhold it, so employees will not get it, especially since it is the law.
  8. I thought of that last night. He probably directed his team of yes-people to find a way. They found a "way" but probably not a feasible one. He is incompetent in every aspect of what he is doing. This announcement will either fall on deaf ears, which means it amounted to nothing, or people will listen and those people are likely going to be his base. Then what happens when the ones in his base, who are collecting unemployment, do not get it? Many will overlook it, but it is going to cause some to split from him - he cannot afford to lose even one.
  9. I searched for how many in Texas are receiving unemployment benefits. Per this article, https://www.reformaustin.org/coronavirus/texas-unemployment-claims-near-3-million/ , in late July, almost 3 million people were. That means per this executive order Texas would have to spend almost $300 million per week additional benefits for those people to get the extra $400 a week. That would be over $1 billion a month unless unemployed came down. I doubt Texas can, or will, pay that. Other states are likely in the same situation. Unless I am missing something, this executive order does not seem workable. So it implies that the White House seeked no guidance from states on how this stunt would work. I suspect this is going to blow up in his face.
  10. It might work both ways on this: Many will probably not understand how a previous $600 bonus-increase, that went to $0, is a new now $400 increase. Instead many will probably think it was a $200 cut and then be confused by Trump saying that he gave them $400 - where is my $400 some of them might ask.
  11. Why? I suspect some libertarian groups will but Democrats should stay silent.
  12. Hopefully no democrat led states take the bait but I could see Texas doing that.
  13. From a report I just read: The way the unemployment bonus is arranged, under the subject executive order, it is tied to disaster relief and states are forced to pay 25% of it or get none of it per the underlying law - its a matching program. I suspect more red states, which tend to be more poor and/or governed under right wing politics means they will be in pickle to add the 25% which means no $400.

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