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  1. 9 Nines

    Virus in China

    VP Pence just hired someone to help deal with the virus:
  2. 9 Nines

    Virus in China

    I noticed that also. Why do his supporters think he is a manly man. The guy literally paints his face with a chemical, the same pigment in a carrot - seriously, that dyes the outer dead layer of skin an orangish color that is close to the color of the Umpa Lumpas in Willie Wonka. Manly man??? Trump supporters are dumb as dirt. P.S. the hair styles are a toss up
  3. 9 Nines

    Virus in China

    Watching President Trump give his update as I write this: if one watching the talk does not come away thinking Trump is a pretty dumb human being then the only explanation is that person is even more clueless than Trump.
  4. 9 Nines

    Virus in China

    I tricked a Trump supporter today. He picked up some Corona beer and put it into his grocery cart. I started coughing real loud to get his attention, then between coughs, I said "Corona beer bad idea - how do you think people are getting the coronavirus cough, cough, cough." He said, "oh my I was not thinking right" and turned to go put the beer back.
  5. 9 Nines

    Virus in China

    Republican anything businesses want policies make the virus more a risk for the US. The bigger risk in this virus is that for most people, you are not very sick - mild to severe cold. So you go out in public around people. But some people can and do die from it. Usually when a virus is fatal it is a severe virus for everyone. People either die from it or so sick they stay home. Take that situation and put it in the US where workers get few sick days and few vacation says, and companies frown on people taking even the few days they do get amd as a result, where people routinely go to work sick, and you have a bad situation.
  6. Also, unless it changes from prior years, my vote will be amplified because I will go to the precinct convention the night of actual election day. If no one shows up in my precinct, which is how it has happened before, I can handle all my precinct vote how I want. I will cast all of them, no matter how the people voted, for that same candidate. I did not go in 2016, but it changed after 2015: Controversies The Texas Democratic Party abandoned the former caucus-based "Texas Two-step" primary system in 2015.[2] The Democratic County (Senate District) Conventions in late March 2008 produced a great deal of confusion. Both Clinton and Obama supporters had complaints about how these conventions were conducted. The most common complaint had to do with the fact that delegates were not being apportioned based on Precinct Convention results. For instance, in Kleberg County, 9 delegates were elected to attend the State Convention, with only one Obama supporter among them. Obama won about one third of the votes in the Precinct Caucuses/Conventions in Kleberg County.
  7. Ill vote early tomorrow in Texas. Not sure for whom to vote. Biden, Bloomberg or Buttigieg. I was thinking Buttigieg since he is 2nd behind Sanders but he has declined since Iowa, whereas Biden has gained and will probably gain in South Carolina. So leaning Biden. Advice?
  8. I really think the Titans should put more candy/gum machines in the stadium to improve fans' experiences:
  9. 9 Nines

    Virus in China

    Trump is handling this crisis the same as the mechanic who last serviced this plane:
  10. 9 Nines

    Virus in China

    Instead of planning against the virus outbreak, here is what President Trump tweeted today:
  11. 9 Nines

    Virus in China

    President Trump just said we are okay in the US against the virus. A photojournalist took a picture of the report Trump was reading:
  12. 9 Nines

    Virus in China

    US equity markets close almost at lows of day.
  13. 9 Nines

    Virus in China

    I wonder if I would be allowed to board plane with mine:

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