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  1. He should have tried by Pierce drags people 2 to 3 yards after contact often, and at one point in that game Pierce flung a defender around to release him in the air after a reception to gain 5 to 7 yards more, so maybe the defender did not even want to try.
  2. With Dameon Pierce averaging 10 yards a carry, what if Texans gave him the ball 50 times a game?
  3. Imagine the motivation of all the players if Brian Robinson Jr plays: A month ago to now playing
  4. People who play Eden Ring, would you compare it to soccer or football more?
  5. Chrome will remove a part that allows adblock extension to see all traffic: https://www.theverge.com/2022/6/10/23131029/mozilla-ad-blocking-firefox-google-chrome-privacy-manifest-v3-web-request Perhaps they can work by others means. Mine still work, and it seems that all traffic vision part is already gone, which if it is gone, that is a situation meaning the adblock extensions can still work, no?
  6. There are a few sites, like weather and some news oriented sites, that will not work with ad blockers. When I go to any, it is like a slideshow for first 10 seconds, with page content oscillating up and down as various ads are placed on the page. I assume the rest of the internet would be that way if not using adblockers. I do not go to those sites often, so it is not a large problem. Is there a way to tame them without adblockers. Also, if people do not use adblockers, how do they deal with that stuff. The delivery of pages, interrupted by the ad placing, is more disrupting than past slow internet access.
  7. AthleanX recently had a video about shoulder exercises, where you do an exercise with weights that you can do ~12 reps max. You do those 12 then rest for 15 seconds, and do the exercise again to failure, rest 15 seconds in however many sets take you to get to 20 after the initial 12, for 32+ reps total. I have been doing this with all my weight training the last week. It seems very effective and total time is less as I am not resting as much overall - total exercise time might be 50 tp 60% of what I normally did before. Doing 20 in rest-pause fashion after 12 did not sound like many reps before I did it, but I found if the proper amount of weight to max out around 12 is chosen, then doing 12, resting 15 seconds then doing sets to failure to hit 20 is fairly challenging. It usually goes 12-6-4-2/3 for enough sets to hit 20. I can tell by how I feel afterwards and by the muscle aches the day or two after that it is working muscles more than my past routines.
  8. Witcher 3 is like Khalil Herbert good.
  9. Winston could be a superstar if he played that well.
  10. Its okay but does not really look like a face and with so much cut out it will probably break if you move it too much.
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