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  1. Titans loss because easily winnable game had they just not played Henry as much.
  2. Mistake only covering him with one person but overall that was great performance by the defense.
  3. I agree but he had to know he was only 80% or whatever condition he was. It still on the coaches and it makes no sense, he was literally tripping numerous times. I really wonder if his nerves in his foot were hampered.
  4. Henry had to know he was not 100%. After the first half, if he was well below normal condition, he should have taken himself out for the team. All he had to do was say his injured foot was getting numb or something. The way he was tripping, I think there is a strong chance it was numb or nerves impaired to some degree.
  5. Henry showed he was not in condition to play or his injury was bothering him. The majority of running backs in the NFL, including Foreman, would have allowed the Titans to win had Henry been benched after about 10 carries.
  6. Henry tripped before any contact many times. That lag/misstep was more than enough for holes to close. He is also seemed hesitant and slow for many carries. Had Foreman had ten more carries and Henry ten less, the Titans win that game.
  7. All the criticism of George holding back the offense is double for Henry in this game. No big plays - what was his longest run 9 yards?? Fell down with arm tackles. Even if no other running back on the team, he probably should not have been out there but instead Foreman looked very shifty and fast with good balance - he was hard to tackle the few plays he ran. This is a serious negative mark for the coaches. I even think Henry, knowing he was limited, should have faked an injury to help the team - just say his injured foot felt numb (it actually might have - that would explain the tripping.)
  8. Eddie George was just on Titans radio laughing about Henry and his 3.1 yards per carry.
  9. Henry averaged 3.1 yards per carry in that game. Foreman would have averaged over a yard more and likely broke off more long runs. That would have made the difference, and made the play calling make sense.
  10. It makes no sense. He has been out of the game for months, looked well below average for any player at his position. Foreman looked shifty and hard to wrap up but coaches stayed with a player who literally tripped with no one near him several times.
  11. Henry was slow, no balance, tripped on several carries to immediately get tackled, fell over from light slaps. Foreman would have averaged 2 yards more per carries. That was the loss.
  12. That loss is 100% on coaches keeping Henry in that game. After his first 10 carries or so he should have been on the bench. He was either not healthy or lacked conditioning to play that much after being off for months.
  13. No excuse for Henry's last 10 carries. He should have been out of the game before them.
  14. Simmons should sack Vrabel Tannehill and Henry to get the team's 10th.
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