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  1. Read the article or read this paraphrase: if you do not sell everything your own and take out as much debt as you can to pay expenses you must pay, so that you can free up all your money for bitcoin, you do not understand bitcoin. While it might seem I am joking, that is basically what that article advocates.
  2. Reporters: who drafted you? Player: Football team Reporters: but which one?
  3. Looned wciety. Harry Potter, Hungary Games, Maze Runner, to name some. Thes. Listeeir paents. This gcognized. They "thihrowing thway. I gueeep their shoe laces tied.
  4. I do not recall the last time I had a DHL delivery. I ordered something from Norway Monday evening and got it today. DHL tracking stays up to date with all movements, whereas Fedex and UPS and USPS tracking seems all over the place. Package was in Ohio around 6:30 this morning, and arrived in Houston around 9:30. Out for delivery at 10:30. Delivered by 4:30. I do not think any of the other three could receive a package at a distribution hub, load it on a local truck and out for delivery in an hour, and not very often do they deliver within 6 hours after loading a truck.
  5. I suspect this bitcoin-mania is being fueled by many parts with the Qanon types being one of those parts, they are parts are people down on their luck who think the system is to blame. I think all parts have something in common, they believe inflation is completely a monetary event - I am close to the opposite, I think inflation occurs from real things, supply shocks in production variables with monetary variables having little to no affect on inflation. Another things I think they have in common, which if explored makes their argument silly, is that they think the governments, central
  6. On second thought, I think it is real and a juvenile one. Seems similar to this video and this guy was not hurt other than potential rabbis. Also, what is wrong with this guy - watch the video. He was just driving by the incident and jumped out of his vehicle to pull the bobcat off the German Shepperd who belong to a stranger.
  7. Looks real but I suspect that guys arms would have been torn to threads if that was a bobcat. Also, it looked the size of a house cat. Bobcats are the size of a medium dog.
  8. Is this going to end with bitcoiners taking pictures of golf clubs and themsleves not wearing shirts?
  9. I think I know what happened to @titanrussand @Supdawg They saw this video several months ago and thought it was real:
  10. I just want the first sentence, highlighted above, explained.
  11. You must being shopping at Jacked-up Price R Us or something, because while there might be an item here or there, I can think of nothing that is priced noticeably higher than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Some stuff such as gasoline is lower. I have spent the same on grocery for probably three straight decades. Gasoline, interest rates are historically low. We are in deflation. That is the problem and it is due to less being demanded than we have the capacity to produce, and if bitcoiners got their way, which thankfully they will not, it would be worse.
  12. "Customs status updated - CINCINNATI HUB,UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Further Details - Shipment has been given a release by Customs. Next Steps - Unless there is an adhoc exam or a stop by another regulatory authority the shipment will proceed to delivery"
  13. I have never seen anyone kick a can down the road, and there is no valid analogy that "we", assuming you mean society, is.
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