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  1. It is a very good strategy and very cutting edge. All NFL teams will not be doing it in the future.
  2. I suspect all modern societies already have criminal code against bombs.
  3. I went to get some donuts yesterday. I went to Five Daughters Bakery to try the 100 layer donut but the lady said they were out because someone just bought all of them. She pointed to a table. It was Mariota and he had a pile of them in front of him. These donuts take 3 days to prepare and are in limited number and each one is almost a 1000 calories. Many people share one but he cleaned the store out for himself. How rude.
  4. Physics questions please. As Mariota tenure lengthens, and he loses arm strength, will his passes go backwards?
  5. Mariota was eating donuts when he read the article in this thread.
  6. The Kansas City Star reports Tyreek Hill's three-year-old son was "recently removed from the custody of Hill and the boy’s mother." Per the Star, it "isn’t clear when the boy was removed, or who he is staying with now." The Star reports Hill and his fiancee, Crystal Espinal, have been "working through a family court process called a 'child in need of care' case." Two separate investigations into child abuse at Hill's home were opened across nine days in March. The second incident involved the alleged breaking of Hill's son's arm. Hill reported for the start of Chiefs voluntary workouts this week, but this is looking like a situation that will involve a lengthy suspension, outright release or both.
  7. It is actually the opposite problem of most HOAs. This one won't enforce restrictions and is ignoring its own rules in how it manages itself and the Board is pursuing goals that benefit them not the community as a whole.
  8. @abenjami Also, am I legally exposing myself in commissioning such a report, and if I disclose the findings to people in my neighborhood? It would not be gossip. If he has past civil litigation concerns, I would tell them in an effort to convince people to vote him off the subdivision Board for fear of him steering the subdivision into litigation based on his current actions.
  9. See link below for information on the PIs. Holly said for $125 she would find all criminal and civil matter on the person since the person was an adult not matter the places the person has lived. Her background seems very credible but I am skeptical that she could do all that for $125 flat rate. Thoughts? https://onestarinvestigations.com/private-investigator-houston-texas-about-us/
  10. I agree and I found it is not expensive $125 or so for background check.
  11. I just saw that the PS4 already has some 3d audio, as per game feature, for headphones. I assume it is that. DTS's Neural X and Dolby's Surround does a good job of directing height sound to height and overhead speakers so I guess there is no need anyway.
  12. I wonder if 3D audio will be a feature if using a good home theater set-up or if it will just be a gimmick for headphones, TV speakers or other stereo speaker systems.
  13. I am thinking of getting a criminal and civil history report on someone. Are the sites that do it legitimate? Anyone have experience with any? Any that you recommend or state one should avoid?
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