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  1. The main lesson is that most campaigns would use negative internal polling to rebrand or see how to improve. This campaign will be headed by someone who will dismiss the findings.
  2. With no chance of a republican Senate, which is still likely after 2020, doing anything about it if he won and an Attorney General who would do anything to protect him (i.e. almost no risk to it), imagine the cheating he will deploy. Then if he loses the question will be if the new Congress has an appetite to do anything about it. I suspect republicans, wanting to distance themselves from him, might pursue investigation, again if he loses, more or equal to democrats.
  3. I cannot remember, is this the Titans GM when he was explaining his draft of Mariota:
  4. Who regrets Mariota was drafted? And who is part of the:
  5. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/costco-shooting-corona-one-dead_n_5d0488a3e4b0985c419de1cd Simple argument leads to shooting. I'll never understand why people think people should carry guns around in public. One man was killed and two other people injured in a shooting that erupted Friday evening during an argument inside a Costco store in Southern California, according to law enforcement.
  6. I started playing Far Cry 5. That is exactly how I imagine Trump areas of the country would be. Is it?
  7. The 15 foot seems to pass 4k / HDR / 4:4:2 signal just fine from my PC to my TV. I haven't tested at 4:4:4 because Windows 10 seems to default to 4:4:2. Looks great to me though.
  8. Please hit spacebar to continue. My internet is not working. Hit spacebar please.
  9. Cooper would not work with Mariota. Cooper is a superb route runner. Mariota's ad-hoc targeting style would waste that talent.
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