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  1. Mariota episode of where they were if they were not football players:
  2. I am not sure if these people are on drugs, victims of brain damage or serial killers. Something is extremely off with them. It is a coffee review, but that does not matter, it is very entertaining seeing how strange these people are. They get more and more strange as it continues. It was laughing very hard at the 3:30 to 3:45 marks. "military?" "uhmm that's terrrible"
  3. Perhaps leaving NATO to align with Russia is the end game. If it happened it would be Russia's biggest public triumph since early lead in space exploration or military wins in WWII. Strategically it would be a huge win because it would curtail any pipelines from the Middle East into Europe, solidifying Europe's dependence on Russian energy for Winter heating. Also with Syria and Iranian groups, such an alliance could flood Europe with refugees at a moments notice by attacking poor people in the region and funnel them through Turkey into Europe. This is like the game Risk. During a cold Winter, Russia could cut off Europe's energy supply, freezing its people then flood it with refugees to give it major domestic problems to handle. Then Russia could invade some of its previous satellite countries with no resistance while Europe's hands were tied with those problems and the USA occupied with a Putin puppet in the White House. Europe could try to prevent that scenario by trying to damage Trump as much as it can to prevent him from getting re-elected. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2019/10/turkey-and-nato-troubled-relationship/599890/
  4. Supposedly there is one with Trump's letter imposed as Star-Wars scrolling text but I cannot find it.
  5. Accordingly to President Trump, the USA has been around for 1000s of years, dating back to ancient Rome:
  6. I assume @japan means it is likely therefore redundant for the Twitter guy to even mention it.
  7. Mariota must have been mad - he took out his frustration with the Tannehill news maxing out his Nissan Cube:
  8. How will Mariota run a scout team if he can only pass 10 to 15 yards?
  9. I am friends with the head of janitorial services for the Titans. He said his staff is overjoyed with this move. Now they can put the trash cans, in the main QB film room, back against the walls. He said that when Mariota was in the main QB film room, my friend's staff had a big dilemma - either leave trash cans out, near the middle of the QB room or have the room littered with trash because Mariota just could not throw his trash to the trash cans when they were against the walls.
  10. I am friends with Tannehill's neighbor. My friend just called. He said he was eating dinner when he heard one of his windows breaking. Then right after, someone knocked at my friend's door. It turned out to be Mariota. Marioata apologized, saying he broke my friend's window accidentally and offered to pay for it. Mariota told my friend he was throwing a rock at Tannehill's window but missed.
  11. A naked Mariota would bring more people to the game?