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  1. Someone moved into my subdivision. He got onto the Board of the property owners association and is causing all kinds of problems. He bought a million dollar home and still has his old house that he rents out. My subdivision is small and I would not think anyone has money problems. I checked civil cases on him today. He was sued by a Credit Card company in 2010 for a little over $20K. Had a judgement against him but it was not completely settled until 2014. Another credit company sued him for ~$25K in 2012 and it was not fully settled until 2016. He was also sued by a credit collection agency in small-claims court, so I assume under $10K. Not being a court of record, I could not find settlement etc. Is this normal - do credit card usually sue people for being late payers? Also, wouldn't it hit one;s credit report pretty bad? It seems odd that a bank would grant him a million dollar mortgage if he had recently been sued by credit card companies, especially if he still has a mortgage on his old house (and I know he does because I found both liens in county filings.)
  2. I guess people debating the show as if it were real is not surprising - people are crazy: Queen Cersei was fan-voted as the series' most hated character. The actress who plays the role, Lena Headey, said that the fans' hatred for the character often translates to her personally as people at times insult or shun her in real life. While there are plenty of people who adore her and her portrayal of Cersei, Headey reported that during an autograph session at Comic Con, people would snatch their books from her hands to prevent her from signing it. https://www.boredpanda.com/game-of-thrones-facts/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic
  3. There’s one problem with all this: Game of Thrones isn’t medieval. And it’s the nonmedieval features of the series that help explain its enormous popularity. Let’s survey Martin’s world. Seven large kingdoms, each with multiple cities and towns, share a populous continent. Urban traders ply the Narrow Sea in galleys, carrying cargoes of wine, grains, and other commodities to the merchants of the Free Cities in the east. Slavers raid the southern continent and force slaves to work as miners, farmers, or household servants. There is a powerful bank based in the Venice-like independent republic of Braavos. A guild in Qarth dominates the international spice trade. Black-gowned, Jesuit-like “Maesters” create medicines, study the secrets of the human body, and use “far-eyes” (telescopes) to observe the stars. In King’s Landing, lords peruse sizable libraries and alchemists experiment with chemical reactions and napalm-like fires. New religions from across the sea threaten old beliefs; meanwhile, many in the ruling elite are closet atheists. And politically, in the aftermath of the Mad King and Joffrey, the downsides of hereditary monarchy are growing more obvious with every passing day. These phenomena all belong to what historians call the “early modern” period—the timespan between the voyages of Columbus and de Gama at the end of the 15th century and the French and American Revolutions at the end of the 18th. A world that actually reflected daily life in the High Middle Ages (12th-century Europe) would be one without large cities or global networks. A diversity of religions would be inconceivable. Many aristocrats wouldn’t be able to read, let alone maintain large libraries. And no one would even know about the continents across the ocean.
  4. What if Jon and Cersi had a baby named Tom?
  5. Someone told a cat that there are people who debate Game of Thrones as if it were real instead of a made-up story:
  6. モダンライト・コンセント ポンパレ 収納付きベッドモデラス ...
  7. That is correct. The dragon understood that the lust for the throne is what killed her.
  8. In order to express how I viewed last night's Game of Thrones I would like to do an illustration because a picture is worth a thousand words but unfortunately I can't draw.
  9. I just read an article that stated that Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are all alive but.............. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/pictures/game-of-thrones-cast-what-they-look-like-off-screen-2013273/37145-2/
  10. Why not a similar ending but have Jon fail when he tries to kill her, subdued by her bodyguards. Then when they are going to execute him, the dragon refuses. The tyrant throws a tantrum but the dragon still refuses. Then she orders her troops to kill Jon but the dragon protects him. Then she orders them to kill the dragon and the dragon kills them all. Then Job refuses thrown and same ending.
  11. I have not watched it closely enough to know those characters.
  12. There have already been three fan suicides reported. www.usatoday.com/game-of-thrones-fan-kills-himself/12128$23.fpt
  13. Did anyone watch the other formats? Everyone here seems to have only seen the US version. There were other outcomes in the other formats. I just started the Asian version with English subtitles.
  14. Already out Cersei finds something underground, anti-dragon beast of some kind, that tilts the tide for her and she remains in power.
  15. Twitter, with many confirming it, rumor just hit. President Trump, playing a character, has a 3 line part in the final episode.
  16. I wonnternet ane 40 yeople woucussed if the cand in Giland. Agashow - noeal. Whhat. Whns iters decided.
  17. Last year started around May 14th. So not too behind. When will we start?
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