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  1. Rotoworld take: Throw out the box score. Anyone watching the game saw a bench-worthy performance. Showing truly zero play-making ability, Mariota was passing up chances at big plays and botching easy ones in equal measure. A horrendous offensive line performance — nine sacks — didn't help, but Mariota made things easy and predictable for the defense. His pocket awareness was nonexistent. He looked like a player who has lost all confidence, resembling a rookie on the Titans' final drive where he pointlessly milked clock and did a terrible job getting the offense lined up and ready to go. The fifth-year pro seems shellshocked.
  2. Mariota is 3 of 9. Perhaps his photographic memory is on the fritz.
  3. If a county fairs had booths where you could pay to beat someone with a bat, who would you want the victim to be.
  4. I just staactly the same. I bougoils. Loofference. Therw the coffee.
  5. I heard that local rural areas will get reboots of Trump favorites such as " Friday Night Lynchings."
  6. It has a 90 day free trial. I was already in a trial for Amazon Music Unlimited, and it added to it, with regular pricing starting after my current trial that goes through November. If you are in a paid plan, you should be able to get it added for free for whole 90 days then your price would go up $5 if you keep it. If you want to try, try this link: https://www.amazon.com/music/unlimited/hd If it does not offer the 90 day trial, do the call me contact with Amazon and ask for an Amazon Music rep to see if you can get it.
  7. Amazon Music Lossless started today. Lossless music at affordable prices. Free 90-day trial and just $5 more a month over Amazon music regular price after trial. Much less than Tidal and other lossless streaming ($20+ per month.) Just searching a few minutes, I found some songs at 24-bit 192 kHz (for reference: CD quality is 16-bit at 44.1 kHz.) Order a Amazon Fire TV Stick, so hopefully it will deliver it digitally to my receiver so its DAC can decode instead of my phone's and my phone is limited to 24-bit 48 kHz anyway.)
  8. The defense might be really good but team's with bad offenses usually have "statistically" good defenses. Likely when a team game plans against a team with a bad offense, they go conservative on their offense - they do not need to score a lot to beat a bad offense team whereas a turn-over could be the spark to give the bad team momentum. Therefore, a bad offense teams get an inflated metrics on defense.
  9. While football is a sport, the Titans and NFL are entertainment. So if Mariota is benched, should he do something entertaining? Perhaps he could fight before games or during halftime. There could be themes. He could start by fighting a girl and if he does well, he could move up to a tomboy. Then he could fight harder opponents. He could fight a fierce squirrel or a crow. Maybe move up to a mean dog and eventually a bear. He could fight fans from the stands even.
  10. Many people dismissed Mariota's donut diet. I think the writing was on the wall when it was reported 12 daily donuts. Adding his weight from eating donuts every meal evidently was not the answer. Mariota's Donut Diet
  11. I am not a Mariota fan but I think that was very rude for the Colts to give Mariota the game ball while laughing.
  12. Average passing yards per team in 1970: 161 yards.
  13. I often read speaker reviews and find good, unique, not-known music. Today when a review, this band's name caught my eye. To me this music is generally horrible. It did redeem itself toward the end, where the artist showed they had skill but most of it sounded like something some hillbillies would play to cause neighbors to call cops on them.
  14. Inflation rising. https://www.bloomberg.com/markets/fixed-income The core reading reflected the biggest monthly rise in medical-care costs since 2016 and record increases in health-insurance prices. Sustained increases in inflation could give some Federal Reserve policy makers pause as they weigh additional interest-rate cuts this year, though the central bank is expected to make a second straight reduction next week as the global growth outlook dims and uncertainty over trade policy damps business investment.
  15. He might as well go to the side of the road to yell at car drivers, "start driving your car" or yell at someone else to do something that person is already doing. There is no creditor to renegotiate or refinance the date. The US issues bonds. Primary dealers buy them to resell to smaller parties. It happens like clockwork with primary dealers, as a group, basically pledged to bid on the issues(I think it is part of their licensing or something.) This is normal operations and what the Treasury and Fed are doing combined pretty much every day. The Treasury is paying principal on bonds when they mature (buying) and issuing new bonds (selling) on schedule. The Fed is buying and selling bonds in the open market in order to hit its target interest rates every day in its open market operations.