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  1. Yeah but he wasn't even really doing that as a RB in college. The speed showed on kick returns and in drills, but you didn't really see it with him as a RB. What really hurts is that I know Achane would have looked exactly like Spears in the Titans' offense on Sunday. Miami is playing an entirely different sport than Tennessee
  2. Unlike our offenses of recent years, LaFluer's offense is going to have open WRs and easy throws as well as protect the QB. He seems to be running it well and avoiding mistakes. But It's hard to know how what his ceiling is, given their current WR situation.
  3. Vrabel had points and momentum going into the second half for the taking, and he gambled it with a shitty hand that the defense already knew.
  4. Vrabel's rep as a "player's coach" certainly takes a hit when he throws them under the bus. There are going to be some messy years ahead of us on the offensive side if they don't luck into a great franchise QB
  5. Mahomes and plenty of other QBs have played injured before without their performance taking such a hit
  6. Fields' best performance came in garbage time- it isn't really an apples to apples comparison to Tannehill. You're also free to compare him to Joe Burrow
  7. I pointed out last week that nearly all yardage came on 1st down, and that game was much more likely to be an anomaly rather than a sign of good things to come Schwartz simply shut them out on 1st down, and effectively pitched a shutout of the offense altogether. We better hope they figure something out, because the offense just got exposed
  8. Houston's defense couldn't stop anyone when he was DC, which probably gave him the idea that running an offense was easy.
  9. I never want to see another defensive HC again. Hiring a coach without any idea of the type or quality of offense he'll bring with him is ridiculous. Cement your offense and play caller Day 1, and give them what they need. Vrabel's a good coach, but he's a relic.
  10. This game made me miss Todd Downing. The offense actually came out prepared under him and scored points early, and that's even with the hilariously bad OL. This Kelly shit just looks terrible
  11. It looks like I was correct in being cynical. The 1st down success rate reverted to shit, and they continued to suck on the other downs
  12. I was promoting Achane back in January, so I'm taking credit for that. Miami is finding a way to utilize him that not even A&M did. Me and @Mythos27 were discussing his speed, that it really didn't show up on tape, but it is now
  13. I loved Dell for that reason. Watching the senior bowl drills, it looked like the CBs were trying to catch a squirrel
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