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  1. bizzyeddie

    Path to the Playoffs

    pats have shown some cracks and they are the only team that I would think have an advantage over any other AFC teams. that advantage being that they are the Pats. Other than the last WC team I think its gonna be an "any given sunday" kinda feel in the playoffs.
  2. bizzyeddie

    Path to the Playoffs

    I was looking at thier division records...didn't think about H2H. That tie loses it for them correct? for some reason I thought they split. A tie for the browns back then should count as a win for them in all honesty though
  3. bizzyeddie

    Foles can throw

    who knows. apparently he made a cool 1/2 mill last night. he gets 250,000 for every start and another 250,000 for winning.
  4. bizzyeddie

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    I think it's a lot of factors but I find it hard to believe that he's just decided that he was gonna run more aggressive. A better understanding of the offense and run game (him and the O-line) and maybe just two shitty teams that have basically given up on their seasons.
  5. bizzyeddie

    Path to the Playoffs

    I think the much easier path is to win their division...ravens lose to chargers then the Browns get to play them so that puts their destiny in their own hands against the ravens. the steelers at saints but then home for bengals...steelers lose them both and Browns take the division. only game that seems unlikely is the bengals going to the steelers...didnt the bengals crush the ravens last year? could happen again and I would love that if it did. Nfl should put the fix in on these games and get Mayfield in the playoffs.
  6. bizzyeddie

    Path to the Playoffs

    not me..I wanted them early in the season..I would have rather played the rusty early season Luck
  7. bizzyeddie

    Around the NFL Week 15

    couldn't quiet understand some of the love the Broncos were getting..on this board also. they much like the Titans beat the good teams and then lay down for the bad ones.
  8. I have heard a couple times that the Raiders have serious cash flow problems and they plan on selling the team once the vegas move is complete, but that doesn't seem to jive with the fact that they gave Gruden so much money.
  9. bizzyeddie

    Games of interest this weekend UPDATED week 15

    worked for the Jags
  10. bizzyeddie

    We've Seen Marcus Do It But........

    i thought it was cool but didn't really think it was necessary
  11. bizzyeddie

    Games of interest this weekend UPDATED week 15

    chargers could finish 10-6...could that knock them out of the playoffs possibly even if not to us...how chargeresque would that be?? bucs...I doubt we get that one but I do figure Winston to finish the season strong just to give em some false hope till he gropes some girl next pre-season. jets ..doubt they get that one but in NY and jets with nothing to lose. lions bill I don't think really matters i like the vikes chances at home cowboys colts and pat steelers are toss ups to me.
  12. bizzyeddie

    Games of interest this weekend UPDATED week 15

    If only the vikings played outdoors like they should it would make things much better for us
  13. bizzyeddie

    Giants Week

    they put up 40 pts without him and now he wants to play again
  14. bizzyeddie

    Games of interest this weekend UPDATED week 15

    I was..thinking about the whole thing gets my head spinning Im just gonna root for the Titans and what happens happens
  15. bizzyeddie

    Games of interest this weekend UPDATED week 15

    If the dolphins win out and the Pats lose 2 more games finishing 10-6 the dolphins would win that division and we would end up in a tiebreaker with the Pats if we win out..I think we lose that tiebreaker to the pats so fuck that scenario