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  1. fuck all your mother fuckers...that's where it's at this may be my only chance so ain't gonna let it slide by
  2. not sure it would be a bad idea to just say I screwed up...or go beat the fuck out of Kuharsky...I think those are your only 2 options in this situation.
  3. silly shit at least say what type of cheese it is. you cant seriously have this conversation without that info
  4. he won't come in and play all pro but he has to come in and win. he doesn't get a few starts to get going cause at that point season is over...he's an 8 year's his job to come in and play well, not just get accustomed to the game...bring up that woodwhatever his name was if that's the case... and did Mariota get a few weeks to get going also?? no cause you haters didn't even give him week one without lighting him up right after the game....plenty of QBs in the league are starting off slow..some of them pretty big names. I'm not defending Maritoa so don't jump down by throat with the way he played last week...It was bad and I know that. Mariota got no slack and Tannehill isn't gonna get any either.
  5. all he had to do was extend his arm on the way down and he gets it...idiot
  6. I only watched the 1st half of the colts chargers. Colts seemed very content with running the ball and short throws..screens etc. seemed like the emphasis was on long drives and controlling the clock.I expect more play action and shots downfield vs us and their defense to be aggressive and blitz alot. Brissett can be confused and showed at times he would check it down before going down field. like the Titans D today but expect Reich to confuse and pressure Mariota also. think we win it at home.
  7. its the second game of the season...if we don't win we will know. know what exactly?
  8. he went 3-13 his rookie year with 2 different at this fuckin shit
  9. so choosing Mariota makes one delusional...but Winston seems to have mental problems. I don't think its delusional to go with the QB that doesn't have mental problems.
  10. I would like to throw out there that I thought the best thing for Tannehill would be to not take a snap this year. Nothing to gain and everything to lose. If he stays on the sidelines he will gradually become a hot commodity by the time the season ends..just the way it goes in the NFL.
  11. they got to MM a good bit if I remember last year correctly. Blitzed more than usual for Colts. (1st game) also recall thinking that Vrabel was outcoached that game but that's just from memory. our O-line and their pass rush is what scares me the most.
  12. LOL I would like to think they could just break down tape
  13. even though it's year 5 I don't think it's over for MM. Titans are trying to be the Pats in the sense that it's a game plan week in and week out and the players job is to execute it. I think that if he stays healthy he may be able to do just that. He can be a cog in the machine so to speak. He's fuckin 25..a year older than Mayfield. That kinda shocked me when I heard someone say that the other day.
  14. I'm not judging after one game either but the fact that Smith gets the game ball and MLF was told to STFU seems to speak volumes. MLF was a big mistake as a hire especially since Smith was sitting right there but that shit happens sometimes.