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  1. He's underrated half the time and overrated the other half
  2. this was my thought also if we are going to go after a QB aggressively in the draft then I'm not sure Rivers wouldn't be a better choice at a bridge type QB for couple years. if we are just gonna throw a dart at a 3rd or 4th round guy then try and stick with Tannehill since he's good bit younger.
  3. it was a sick little juke by Humphries though. the stuff we were seeing in preseason but not really during the season
  4. Wtf is wrong w you I said he's had an up and down career That statement implies he has been good..I never said he was terrible. And the dolphins with tannehill as their QB haven't been in the winning football games business...1 winning season..hell Mariota was better than that and he sucked
  5. It was 3 seasons...couple with 24 and one with 27 tds..but around 30 tds does sound better he also had like 20 interceptions each of those years...see what I did there? If his career was so great I don't think he would have started the year on a one year deal as a back-up to Mariota. He's had an up and down career. Feel free to keep talking but at least know your place.
  6. yeah...I agree with this. Tannehill wasn't a QB that you were going to throw Mariota away over. I said before if the Titans had had a younger guy that they had drafted on the roster that had any type of potential then Mariota's job would have been far less secure. Tannehill on a one year deal with an up and down career along with some injuries?? that just makes him the back-up. And we are seeing the results of that now. If Tannehill does continue to play well the Titans only option to keep him may be to tag him and then you are on another 1 yr deal and in the same boat. Mariota offered more in the way of future options.
  7. Didn't mahommes drop back to pass but ended up sliding down
  8. I's not luck at all The issue with the Titans (since Tannehill took over) is that we are letting these games come down to basically coin flips at the end. All three wins could have gone either way but I don't think that it is luck that is deciding it. Players...all players...not just the skill guys or the QBs have to make plays and execute. And neither FG that they fucked up would have ended the game. first one would have put them up by 8 so we still had a chance and the second one was just for OT. I think the worst thing the Chiefs did was not pick up the 3rd and 2 that basically would have put the game away. After the Titans game I flipped between all the late games and all three of them came down to basically the same thing.
  9. I agree but also analytics don't really come into play for calls like that. Analytics work in do what they say and if you lose a game because of it oh well we can go out and win it tomorrow night. You play a shitload of games so they pan out in the end. I think in the NFL with a 16 game season you have to use analytics to shape your approach to offense and defense but it's done between games and not necessarily during games.
  10. losing out is a very realistic we end up with 4 wins which still probably has us drafting around 5 or 6 maybe? we need to get the right QB and maybe need to throw away all our pics to trade up for it but we know that Jrob will do that. the fucking Tannehill deal was stupid (hindsight being 20/20 of course) and the loss of a 4th round pic. Gabbert would have gotten us into the top 3 probably. We need a good rookie QB and a new OC that controls the offense. everything hinges on getting the right guy at QB plain and simple.
  11. Smith was the fall guy from day 1...he and Mariota were given a chance to make it happen and it failed. I have tried to read the tea leaves as to what JRob is thinking and here is my only legitimate guess. hire Smith to sink with Mariota, keep sunshine as the backup and get our next OC and QB next year. Sunshine and Mariota are both off the books and you start over at that position. New vet to lead a young draft pic . I think that Miami came to them with the Tannehill deal and the Titans flinched and went with Tannehill knowing that he was a better back-up and maybe him along with Mariota who was surely going to get injured would be enough for this team to make the playoffs. We have a decent roster for what it's worth. Tannehill unfortunately throws away some valuable draft capital for trading up for the QB of the future in next years draft. Mariota didn't get hurt and somehow showed up on rare occasions to stay in the line up for too long. Really piss poor handling of the situation but in their defense tanking aint easy...nor is pimping
  12. I'm sure you could have gotten it some places but looks like its gonna get up to -6 now that Mahommes is playing. could have bet that game both ways if you got in on the -3.5
  13. Yes..I did actually think about that as I was typing it. Really didn't think anyone would pick up on that Nice job
  14. possibly but we could just as easily be 0-3 in the games that Tannehill has started. so hard to really say what would have been. Teams play differently depending on game situation. I think we would have found that Tannehill may have thrown away some of those games but just in the complete opposite fashion that Mariota did. I would prefer that we lose with out QB throwing the ball so I would be fine with Tannehill but I wouldn't be surprised at all had Tannehill started the year people would be calling for Mariota right now. this is a doom and gloom season and I think it would have been regardless. We aren't in an easy division either so it is what it is. We need to get better from top of the org. to the bottom. just so you know that ain't happening.