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  1. I want Brady and a QBOTF. I'm not looking for Brady to lead the team for the next 5 years. Brady ain't looking for some long term deal. Hell he'll probably play year to year. I just think this team has to be aggressive in getting it's next QB and I'm not comfortable with the idea that it's Tannehill. If he will sign a team friendly deal that we can get out of in a couple years then sure...Tannehill all day! but that ain't happening IMO.
  2. Id take Brady and draft pic over Tannehill. now if we could get Tannehill on a bridge type deal then great but he's gonna want more IMO. I think that Brady has most defiantly got another year in him especially if he goes to a new team. but all this hinges on is there a QB in the draft that the Titans like and they can get with their draft slot and/or pics for trade.
  3. They also know that tannehill will go over the top of them.
  4. This is not even remotely tebow level shit.
  5. Did I not just say I was completely wrong and you were right? And you still go on like a bitch? I get tooting your horn for a bit..you deserve that but come on. This has nothing to do with Mariota and everything to do with you just being a sad little friendless bitch.
  6. I was pretty straight forward with my take A healthy Mariota was plenty good enough to make this team competitive...easily as competitive as tannehill could. I was way wrong. Somehow though you people that were absolutely right about it continue to come off as a bunch of winey little bitches. But what do you expect from a guys who main argument is "wrong" Paints such a perfect picture of your dumb friendless ass!
  7. That's my point There's plenty of coverage out there. Quit bitching about one story you don't like. Other people actually like it. Alot if fans still like Mariota..alot if fans don't live or die by their team or the decisions they make. They just kinda like the Titans.
  8. You guys bitch about lack of coverage and then when we get most of the coverage you bitch about the content. Maybe y'all are just s bunch of bitches.
  9. Think of all the clicks that will get
  10. Seems like in alot of ways tannehill just happened to fit right into the role they wanted Marcus to fill. We gonna pound the rock but when you get a chance make it big. Mariota seemed stuck in the protect the ball mode as opposed to just slinging it. Obviously various people deserve credit but really I think it just totally fell in to place in a cray kinda way.
  11. that's exactly my take...I said if we beat the Ravens we are going to the superbowl. I'm standing by it...someway somehow wouldn't be surprised if we win easy.
  12. Also Jackson back and Simmons probably rounding into mid season form. Also seems like Evans is figuring out how to dominate some.. Nice group on defense.
  13. But wouldn't that be true in the regular season...maybe a better chance of weather during playoff time but not guaranteed.

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