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  1. taking stock of off season moves?? I think the Titans improved greatly with Mariota healthy and we have what appears to be on paper upgraded the backup QB position by a good bit. Delanie is back and we drafted Brown. Great offseason but yet somehow we are less of a team. Then you take a redskins team that lost Alex Smith and now appears to have a QB competition that actually involves Colt McCoy, Keenum and a Rookie who should just get the job regardless?? and they are better than us?? come on man
  2. what actual info was there to be gained from that question?
  3. the thing with Tannehill is he doesn't need to run or throw fast until next year when he signs with a new team. The last thing he wants to do is win the starting job here in Tenn. If he fails at that or gets hurt he's fucked. If Gabbert wasn't such a pile of shit there would be no up-side to the signing of Tannehill.
  4. pretty sure it was just T-Rac and a couple of the uglier cheerleaders
  5. why....why the fuck would you ask that question does he actually think he's gonna trick Marcus into saying something to such a stupid question?
  6. can you actually place these bets...I can get even $$ on the colts in week 2??
  7. I really have no idea...I wonder would he have gotten the job if not for Mariota and the emphasis on keeping somewhat the same system in place...guess we will find out cause if Mariota is gone after this season and he still has a job than they obviously hired him for the right reasons. Would be cool to see someone like him move up the ranks, earn the job and keep it.
  8. I would take whichever one had Luck
  9. I posted a while back that this is a pretty important move the Titans made. Is he possibly legit or just the captain of the SS Mariota that the FO is betting on sinking.
  10. I was thinking that it would be 3 pts myself. Maybe they are predicting who will get the most hype which obviously the Browns will win.
  11. neither one of those games were big comebacks it was a 1 pt game with a qtr to go vs redskins maybe the jets but not really
  12. if this is Mariota's last year here he should just go be a back-up. That and punter...best jobs in the world.
  13. I would think that the week away from the players to some extent really helps the coaches implement changes that they probably knew needed to be made. It's probably difficult when you are in the weekly routine.
  14. well it will be interesting to see what Mayfield becomes.....in cleveland....on the browns. after one day at camp OBJ had to leave to get his head straight. Browns are gonna brown.
  15. We all understand it's been excessive but just because some of you are tired of hearing these excuses or you think that mentioning it needs to stop doesn't change the fact that he has had 3 coaches and 3 different offensive systems in his first 4 years in the league. If you don't want to hear the reality of the situation then STFU about Mariota. He's had a tough road his first four years...shitty run organization, shitty head coaches, shitload of injuries and yeah...maybe he wasn't actually good enough to overcome all those things and play high level consistent football. It's impossible to really tell which of the above issues effected him the most. Probably all of them to a basically equal extent if I had to guess And we all know what he has to do this year..play well and stay healthy. I won't weep for Mariota if he's not our QB. I will actually forget about him very quickly.
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