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  1. I like the Peyton Manning approach...give me 4 downs to throw for a first and get rid of the punter
  2. funny thing is my biggest gripe with the Titans as long as they have been the Titans is when they do throw on first and it's incomplete seems they always will run the ball on second down to try to set up a better 3rd down play.
  3. true but would it be much different than playing Mariota on his 5th yr option and then tagging him if need be...gives you a couple years to find the next guy. I don't think you sign Foles unless you believe he can be the guy for 5-6 years...he's only 29 so he needs to be able to step in and compete with the likes of Luck and Watson pretty quickly. We can find a stop gap QB whenever we need to. In a lot of ways its 6 of one and half dozen of another.
  4. Foles would get the better deal but I think interest in each would be close to the same.
  5. I wouldn't argue that I just think he is closer to those guys than the elite of his era. I don't put him up there with Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers '
  6. I did notice the Ravens D got in a good hit on most tackles against the Chargers last week. They dont let up
  7. I"ve never thought he was among the best of this era..He is another Flacco or Eli just never got as lucky as them to actually win one
  8. Alcohol problems always persist....and I'm sure having to watch Mariota take unnecessary hits over and over wondering if he will get up will cause the problem to flare up.
  9. bizzyeddie

    After Rewatching the Eagles Game....

    this is pretty much all that needs to be said
  10. bizzyeddie

    Kyler Murray now expected to enter the NFL draft

    this is generally my thought...drafting a QB is like putting money in the bank...if Mariota lights it up you trade the kid for future pics in the draft. Concern with him would be after a couple years backing up Mariota will the idea that he may be thinking baseball again make him less valuable.
  11. bizzyeddie

    Football Betting talk.

    Also feel like the Saints are just gonna roll this week and crush the Eagles
  12. bizzyeddie

    Football Betting talk.

    that's funny...I'm the exact opposite Colts +200 ML...gotta take that bet..they got it going...defense is playing well and Luck is a great QB. I would possibly hedge it by betting the Colts +5 also but I love that ML. I have a rule about betting against TB12 at home...I just don't do it.
  13. bizzyeddie

    Pees back

    12 yrs younger thab LeBeau
  14. bizzyeddie

    QB target: Tyrod Taylor

    I also think the idea of having Tyrod bridging the gap till a rookie that we havent even drafted yet is not really necessary...He also probably would not be to keen on that idea after what happened in Clev. If Mariota is a goner than we go out and sign a vet the next year to fit with the rook. Keep Gabbert on if we give MM another year...he's not that expensive and he knows the system and his contract is up after next year....he can maybe win you 1 out of 2 games if he has to start...if he has to start more than that we are probably blowing up the qb position and starting over. I would still draft a QB in round 2 or 3 and see if he can beat out Gabbert for #2. Who knows maybe you find yourself a Russel Wilson..we gotta start throwing them darts.
  15. bizzyeddie

    QB target: Tyrod Taylor

    If we are gonna pay Marcus 20 mill to see if he is good enough to sign long term than I don't care who our back up is. Reason being is MM gets hurt again or sux it up and we start the season slow then it's time to tank. I don't want Tyrod Taylor out there actually winning a game or 2 and fucking up our draft pic. I'd prefer we try to catch some lightning in a bottle and draft a guy in maybe the second round...Marcus sux throw him out there and see what happens...either we get a diamond in the rough or we are drafting our QB the next year with an early pic. We are in a division with Luck and Watson...what the fuck good is a guy like Taylor to us.