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  1. Packers could remain competitive in that division...but only because there is not really a dominant team. Rodgers wouldn't go to the train wreck that is the Texans currently but if he did he's not really an upgrade over Watson other than the fact he would be actually interested in playing... As opposed to disgruntled....which Watson is
  2. Tannehill seems pretty tough to me. I think he should consider avoiding some of the hits he's willing take but I don't think he's soft by any means.
  3. Should start a thread on which backups are elite. Easily 100 pages.
  4. I predicted 13- 3 last year and one and done in playoffs. Superbowl this year. 2 out of 3 would be nice
  5. I said it goes both ways. Tannehill helped the Titans and the Titans helped tannehill....he wasn't top 10 in Miami.. .he was being replaced. And we wouldn't still have Mariota. We would have been drafting a new QB or signing someone else. Justin Herbert may have been a titan.
  6. It's not being an idiot. It's just being realistic. Mariota sucked and tannehill was a huge improvement. Of course he had alot to do with it but so did the rest of the team. AJ and Davis was a good duo...Henry and the running game is a beast...yes they needed a real QB but tannehill benefits greatly from the team he came to. You guys are so hung up on trying to prove tannehill is something more than he is because of a few dumb asses who insist tannehill is just a game manager or a jag. That's what's idiotic.
  7. That shit goes both ways. Nobody was crying about tannehill being left off a top ten list before he came to Tennessee. He's gets a dominant run game... ridiculously dominate. It has greatly benefited tannehill. And of course Henry benefits from having a legitimate QB But quit the whole tannehill saved the Titans shit.
  8. I wasn't taking into account his legal issues. Just talking strictly on talent.
  9. How have you come to the conclusion that tannehill makes the right reads and audibles, and why do you feel he has a high football IQ.
  10. Well that's the part of tannehill s game I'm just not sure of. It's one thing to just say call an audible...still gotta make the right calls. I'm in favor of tannehill becoming more of the offense...I think it's necessary to navigate the playoffs. I just can't say for certain that will make us better. Maybe more of what as fans want to see but....
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