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  1. that would be great...maybe not completely feasible but at least bunch em up as much as possible. should try to start the season with divisional games also...put all the other teams in the middle as much as possible. just weird if the Titans fall off a cliff and are looking to next years draft that the Texans get to play them 2 of the last 3 weeks of the season....or vice versa...I get it that some teams get luckier than others based on who they play but those final games can make a big difference going against teams that are done and then you add in that it's divisional games? Seems kinda fucked up to me. unless it's the Texans that are a mess at the end of the season...then good job schedule makers!
  2. I got that from the rest of his post but that first sentence confused me. Players drafted after the 2020 draft?
  3. I would give them a dime but it would be about the same as I give my one of my gurards on the Oline. Worth the same for the most part with some minor exceptions. Time for the RB's to wake up.
  4. I like that we face a first time coach right out of the gate in Clev.
  5. sometimes I get lost in my own sarcasm...my point was we haven't had a coach here to evaluate Mariota for 3 years. Fans or all the self appointed experts...sure but actual NFL coaches..no.
  6. does the same apply to coaches or OC's?
  7. the dog ate my homework has been used to no avail also...but if the dog actually ate your homework it's a pretty damn legit excuse
  8. hadn't really paid attention to the fact that we play the Texans 2 times in the last 3 games. kinda fucked up actually. If one of the two teams is out of the race this can be a pretty big advantage to the other team especially in the division. I like the division games to close out the season but you gotta put the other game earlier.
  9. but many fans considered Henry a bust up till the later part of last year....and they still don't trust him. not sure it was blind luck or any luck at all.
  10. when we give away most of our pics next year to move up and get a QB we can pretend that Simmons was actually a part of that draft.
  11. I think he could be a big difference maker for the offense. I think that Delanie can come back and be what he was for the most part...or at least close enough to make some big plays in clutch moments. Adding him and Humphries is a big deal. Then throw in Davis going into his 3rd year and Brown growing as a rookie. Big upgrade from last year.
  12. yes but you always pay a little less for the chicken dish regardless.
  13. gotta look to which vet QBs will be available next year. Keenum, Bridgewater, Brissett are some possible FA next year Mullins in San Fran may be someone we could go after. Would have to offer something for him but he could be a potential long term starter or a guy you could team with a rookie to let em fight it out. I'm sure Fitz will be availabe (isn't he always) or what if Flacco was to have a good year but still gets replaced by the rook...do you look at someone like that. the titans will at least know more about Tannehill than the others but that may work against him staying in Tenn. as much as help him....and he may want to test the FA market as well. I don't think we can just assume he's the guy cause I think the Titans will want to look at them all.
  14. with a run first offense in today's NFL. you know where that will get us just as much as I do...probably 8-8. we have to run a modern NFL offense...doesn't have to be pass happy but it needs to be unpredictable. Mariota has to play a big part in that.
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