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  1. Yeah but if you think Brady makes the bucs a playoff team then he's well worth it. Playoffs are unpredictable and anything can happen
  2. If he gets them to the playoffs and is still standing and reasonably healthy then that a win. There are no guarantees but I'd be happy with Brady as my QB in the playoffs even if he wasn't at his best.
  3. who is saying "what about Marcus"? and why do we still need to beat people over the head because Marcus was a bust? It's over. It wasn't stupid to hope that Marcus would develop...it wasn't stupid to ride him till it was defiantly done...he was a QB drafted with the second pick. Easy for some to say fuck him....he's a pile of shit...cause you are just a bunch of morons on a message board with no real skin in the game. Qbs drafted high by any organization will get the same treatment. It wasn't the fans or the city of Nashville that decided these things. It was people with far more knowledge of the game than any of you idiots. and for the record Mariota was drafted into a shit show. JRob has brought some respect to this organization but it surely wasn't there before him. This wasn't all on Marcus...there were other issues. Sadly most of you can only focus on one thing at a time and if things actually get complicated you just start slinging insults.
  4. What would there be to fight about? Mariota flamed out in historic fashion. Had it been an article saying even something remotely positive about Mariota the board goes into a tissy cause his name is being brought up. It's over...let it go. But a negative article and we gotta hear how everyone was right and let's rehash it all over again. What was the moment you knew...ooohhh! It's weird and retarded...but not as weird as actually using "tard army" in a post if your not ME. That's sad and tarded.
  5. It makes sense considering the # of games they are trying to squeeze in but I was referring to them going with a 40 game schedule. I don't think it would be necessary.
  6. True but pressure is going to be ramped up pretty quickly...every series is pretty much playoff baseball. Would also help a lot with setting up pitching early on with guys that haven't really been stretched out fully...and you could do away with runner on second extra innings bullshit.
  7. Well I hadn't actually put a ton of thought into it but a game off between every series I think would help. So playing two 3 game series and two 2 game series against each team...that's 14 days....times 4 teams is 56 days...4-5 days to make up any games and get on with the playoffs. It's mostly about staying in the division and cutting down on traveling. It's all about $$ anyway and considering I'm not taking that into account what I think means nothing.
  8. Yeah...I thought they should have only let teams play in their division..40 games..10 vs each other team. Top 2 teams from each division go to playoffs and expand them as much as you can.
  9. No that's not but has been considered. 60 games in 65 days...Marlin's will be missing 4 if not more and there will still be rainouts to deal with
  10. There are players opting out for whatever reasons. It's not gonna be a level playing ground. The Marlins didn't just fuck themselves...they fucked the Phillies, Yankees and Orioles. Now the Yanks are coming to Baltimore tomorrow for an unexpected 2 game series. When tannehill gets sacked...and we know he will probably 5 times a game..he will not only lose yards he may get covid from a DL that went to a titty bar a couple nights earlier. I don't care...just play the games so i can watch but I am in no way considering this season in MLB legit.
  11. Playing night after night makes it near impossible to deal with covid...3 different cities in one week?? Having a week between games should help by allowing time to identify positive players and get them quarantined before 3 teams are infected. Bottom line is if mlb or NFL actually get to crown a champion it will be a big ol asterisk next to it. Marlins forfeit till they can get enough guys positive to play again. Which means my Os are 6-1
  12. I don't know..it was a bit wordy for belicheck

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