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  1. He's still probably pissed he had to play this week. My elbow hurts😒
  2. Well he threw the ball 10 times on the final drive... obviously your not running playaction in 2 min offense. Out of 30 remaining passes 15 were playaction...Titans ran a heavy playaction offense vs the Texans Which makes sense.
  3. But flip to next week and it was a heavy play action offense and Henry had a shitload of yards.
  4. They know that can't lean on Henry like they were the first few weeks and expect him to hold up. I think they realized they couldn't wait for evans so started using mcnichols more.
  5. What do you see that indicates this transformation Offense to me is pretty similar to last year.
  6. Unless beasley is running really fast on the sidelines of course he is slower. Seriously don't recall seeing him on the field vs Texans.
  7. Seems like a third and short on say the 50 is very different from a 2 point conversion. And what's the sample size? See what you are saying but I'd still go with the league average is when making that decision. 50%
  8. Allen got a low football IQ That with his other deficiencies doesn't bode well for the future of the bills. Saw all I needed to see from him on that playoff game vs Texans Some of the stupidest football I'd seen in a while.
  9. He was clearly better than Mariota and the fact he proved that without having to shotgun a beer made it even more impressive.
  10. Waiting to laugh at everyone or never bring it up again And if it comes up....well Mariota was still worse.
  11. I don't think a coin flip ever had me on the edge of my seat. I think that coin was our mvp. Watson knows he wins the game if he wins the toss.
  12. You keep throwing his contract into this...why? One day Henry will decline...it obviously hasn't happened yet. Nobody's worried about his ROI right now. And he sure as fuck ain't an all or nothing player. He's a workhorse...14 and 18 yard runs are not explosive plays...they are just hard earned runs. The running game...just like the passing game is gonna produce unproductive plays but you keep at it.

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