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  1. it's different for different players...Jordy may be able to help a guy like Davis or Humphries a bit to understand some of the nuances of the game. those 2 guys are pretty secure in their position right now. He would probably be there to just scare Taylor into picking up his game. Hard to say but I do agree it's probably way overblown. If he does turn out to help out the young guys that would just be a bonus. Its really not something you consider when signing the guy. How can he play..how much does he cost..shit like that.
  2. Davis is the #1 and you gotta assume you are gonna keep him around for a while and sign him to a second deal. Humphries is young and here for 4 years if we want him. If you can get a couple years out of a guy like Nelson than we have the flexibility to draft another WR to compete with Taylor. Not a guy early in the draft necessarily but maybe a 3rd or 4th rounder that needs a little developing. That give Taylor a chance to step up his game and if not than than your next guy is there and still on a rookie deal. IMO its about not only what Nelson can do as a player on the field but also how it sets up the WR room for the future and how you can handle the position in the draft.
  3. I think that is what they see him as...veteran depth..my understanding is he can play all the positions if need be. It doesn't matter what order you put the receivers in....the top 4 are all gonna play and most likely one of them...maybe more are gonna get dinged up at some point during the season. With 2 recievers on rookie deals we can probably afford to overpay him a bit right now. I think that Douglas and Johnson were here to kinda fill the same role. I'm sure they hope that Nelson will do that but better than they did. Johnson was a disappointment but Douglas wasn't terrible.
  4. exactly...Nelson is an upgrade over Sharpe and he is a vet presence in the WR room. If Taylor balls out he plays and if not you got Sharpe to fill some of the void. They will both get snaps. If they were to get him you can now draft bring in a few late round/undrafted rookies to compete for being inactive on gameday. Or maybe you find a gem.
  5. I feel like if we were moving on then Mariota would be gone. Why pay him 21 mill to compete for the starting job. That part doesn't make sense.
  6. I'm sure there are fans that know the difference between those players. You seemed to imply that the Titans signed Wake to appease a fan base. I'm sure there are a few teams out there that may do that and really aren't interested in winning. I don't think the Titans are one of those teams right now.
  7. do you honestly believe that this line of thinking had anything to do with the signing of Wake. "I don't like him but fuck...the average fan probably will so let's go get him"
  8. Im not a huge Taylor fan but he is going into year 3, hes cheap and I think he is well worth allowing to develop further. if anything I would look to find a decent vet to pair with Taylor in the #3/#4 wr spot. Add a bit of a vet presence to a young WR group. I like Jennings as the 5th rec/special teams. draft a prospect later in draft to compete with Sharpe for the #6 spot.
  9. that's basically what I'm saying. We just need to win 1-2 more games and we are right there with the Texans and Colts. this team can worry about the playoffs when they get there. you hit on 2 different perspectives...you can look at it game by game and say that you literally need to score more points to win that game or you can look at it from a 16 game perspective and just play consistently good football and most likely things will fall in your favor...not always cause often times luck can factor in the outcome of a game. I look at it from a 16 game perspective. Hope Mariota stays healthy and plays better than last year...Walker comes back and with an even better defense we win a couple more games.
  10. yeah but would you rather have Mariota and Keenum or Mariota and Gabbert.
  11. cant ignore the offense totally but with Luck back to form and Watson I think that building a dominate defense might be our best path to competing in this division.
  12. this is a move the Titans should have been trying to make
  13. the only reason there are not other options to Mariota would be because his injury is keeping us from cutting him. That's it. Foles is available, Flacco was available. There is never a scenario in the NFL where there is a bunch of QBs to choose from. If you are gonna make a change you gotta do what the Broncos did. They cast off a QB they still owe a good bit of money too to go and get another aging QB that may or may not work out. You have to make a bold move and probably take a big chance while overpaying to get a new QB that may work for you. Your other option is to draft a guy...that's a pretty big gamble too.
  14. firstly I will say fuck that bitch but if he did become a Titan I would change my tune but I aint giving up Adoree for him. Adoree has too much upside and he's cheap for 2 more years.
  15. I think he learned that he needs to play Rodgers early and often in the pre-season to figure out if he has a QB or not. Waiting till PSG3 to find that out will just be a mistake.
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