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  1. Flaccos career was coming to an end and I think Reid knew he needed more than Alex Smith to run the offense he wanted to run. Tannehill may be here for a while or at least that's the hope. And as far as BPA goes most QBs aren't BPA till round 3 or 4. It's the importance of the position that causes them to be ranked higher.
  2. Regardless of who's fault is was my point was it's kinda difficult to put a grade on Henry as a draft pic. Had extreme highs but also a lot of nothingness mixed in. Would've like to see the Titans utilize him more over the cheap years.
  3. Vegas definitely loses money on sports betting..they also win a lot sometimes..it's a back and forth. Whole lot more to Vegas than just sports so not sure what your saying. Titans could have signed keenum and the win loss total probably goes up half a game just cause they got s QB...as opposed to having noone. And nobody is laying a lot of money on the Titans to get in before the tannehill signing...it's just a bunch of nothing right now. The line moving 8 to 8.5 means nothing right now
  4. The reason was because they signed a QB...the flip side was not just being stuck with Brady as opposed to tannehill....but possibly having no one. Brady wasn't a given. And the colts are now the favorite with a completely washed up worst than Brady... Phillip Rivers at the helm You sure that Vegas knows?
  5. Took Henry 2.5 years to win the starting job. Titans did what they could to give it fuckin Dion Lewis. I do think a big part of the blame falls on the Titans but still. A second round back of his ability should have been the man much earlier on. Totally the Titans fault that they relied on a hobbled aging Murray and then went with Dion.
  6. Would have been nice to see the Titans get more production out of Henry over the 4 years he's been here. Kind of a tough call on just how good of a pic he was.
  7. I think Mariota ends up startin and raiders part ways with Carr. They are gonna try and move up for their QB while letting Mariota play till they go with their rook.
  8. Your not gonna replace Henry in the draft. Replacing that production will fall on multiple players..mainly tannehill. Should have made Henry a good offer and then if he didn't sign let him test the market. Should've tagged Conklin and traded him Jmo
  9. Last year he picked a dude that couldn't even start the season
  10. Funny 7.5 mill kinda feels like it already worked out for him😁 But I get what your saying
  11. That was a good one but mostly I like the earlier seasons Something about this season seems like they are trying to hard.
  12. Obviously no one cares what mariota got paid... except for some on this board
  13. Not what I meant. When they switched to tannehill it was clear they weren't going back to Mariota regardless of how tannehill played.

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