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  1. I’m sorry but you can’t blame the OL, WR, RBs or the system if the QB is throwing balls into the dirt on a screen pass. Whether or not its all “in his head” that’s still on him to get over it or don’t.
  2. I highly doubt he even wants to play again. From a pure football perspective I wouldn’t mind bringing him in to see if he still has something but if he starts asking for the money he’s reportedly asked for from the Ravens, AAF and XFL hes not even going to see the bench much less the field.
  3. Im expecting a regular start to the season. Possible cancellation of pre season, few, possibly no fans and every player, coach etc getting tested the day before.
  4. 934 attempts over 125 games about 7.5 per game.
  5. Maybe that’s what the defensive players were meaning when they said Mariota helped them prepare.
  6. Problem is most people don’t consider cracker or any white slur racist. They say racism has to have oppression and white people aren’t oppressed so its not racism. The way i see it if any slur is used to try to hurt someone else it should be considered racist.
  7. I would think the 4th and 15 play would be untimed.
  8. I wasn’t really defending pro wrestling. I was saying if someone considered esports a sport then wrestling would have to be one too. I don’t consider either a full on sport. Not enough physicality in esports and no real competition in pro wrestling.
  9. Pro wrestling is where the money is at though. Plenty of amateur wrestlers went pro.
  10. Its scripted but they actually have to move. The wrestlers don’t just sit in a seat.
  11. If they can call playing video games a sport then pro wrestling is as close to a sport as any of them.
  12. On March 16th the line for Las Vegas to win the SB was +3750. March 17th they signed Mariota. March 18th the line went to +4000

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