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  1. I don’t think humphries is a big loss. I think we only need one good TE so id try to keep jonnu. With the cap shrinking I don’t know if Davis will stay for what we could offer. My list for FA and the draft in order would be Pass Rush, CB, OL, WR
  2. We need a pass rush. Maybe open up on offense but i think we can win with the players we have on offense now. Maybe a few new pieces on the line.
  3. Glad to hear a “Munson” reference. Underrated movie.
  4. Yeah but he threw at least 2 balls that should have been intercepted, they were just dropped by the defense. Too bad the one on the 2 point try didn’t count.
  5. Waiting for it to end https://imgur.com/r/trollingforababy/HlwxSRJ
  6. Thats why you don’t chase points in the third quarter with that 2 pt try
  7. Anyone have a feeling we would be getting embarrassed by KC right now?
  8. That Ravens game went about as well as I could have hoped. They beat the Ravens but Allen wasn’t all that effective.
  9. If any of Clowney or Beasley panned out it might have been different. The DBs looked worse because there was no pass rush. Didn’t we end dead last in sacks? Would have been a great season if that happened.
  10. Can you emo crybabies just enjoy the game for once?
  11. McPherson from Florida can be had in the 6th more than likely. We need someone long term. Drafting someone can help with that.
  12. Do you want them to win or rest them? You’ve been back and fourth all day
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