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  1. You’ve made at least 2 threads about him in the past couple of months. You’ve come around about Tannehill but you seemed to bring up Mariota whenever you can. Not sure if you’re trying to troll about him or what but you were bringing him up quite often. Not so much now.
  2. Took you a good while to move on from Mariota yourself.
  3. Im pretty sure he said he didn’t “think“ it was a catch, saying he needs to work on getting his foot down.
  4. I don’t have anyone on ignore as of yet, and don’t plan to. Like mentioned before its a lot less annoying to critique the negative play rather than scream how the sky is falling in the second quarter. Its win win for everyone.
  5. Vrabel even did the same “calm down” gesture he did when playing the Jets. Clock management is light years ahead over Mularkey.
  6. Starting to sound like Logical and his backtracking of “what ifs”
  7. Yeah, they were looking to lose at the beginning of the game but that blocked kick turned them around.
  8. Save the freak outs and hot takes for the 4th quarter people. Your blood pressure must be through the roof.

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