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  1. Theres no doubt this team has other issues. Just watch the pass plays that don’t involve a sack at all. Watch the throws themselves. He’s missing wide open guys. Thats not the line, thats not the system, not the 4th OC in 5 years etc.
  2. Wouldn’t be the worst idea businesses wise to straight cut him. We cut him, someone else picks him up for 5 mill the team (or at least owners) save that 5 mill out of the 21, right?
  3. I stopped reading when it said Kyle021
  4. Dont we have an entire forum for this kind of stuff?
  5. 40% of his passes last game were deemed uncatchable by PFF.
  6. At least he didnt eat it like a certain other QB.
  7. He wanted 20M to play in the AAF. He makes more now not getting hit than he ever will in the NFL.
  8. I think PFF said 40% of Mariotas passes last game were uncatchable. Id say thats around 40% of the offenses problem right there.
  9. He was a rookie but he was the 7th pick overall. Although Conklin himself was a high first round pick too.
  10. Ive been interested in not talking about this for 2 pages now and im sure other people want me and you to shut the fuck up so yeah im just going to leave it at that.
  11. Because you’re wrong and won’t admit it or just stop talking about it.