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  1. Yeah, i meant they would not be that bad... as in at least 7-9 or 8-8 and its the same franchise. I dont dispute the last part
  2. If both Mariota and Tannehill died today we would not go 2-14
  3. In that Bettingfield tweet someone asked about the comp picks and he said it comes down to what FAs we signed versus who we let go. He said that as of now we would get 0 comp picks.
  4. Yeah theres a QB competition. Tannehill vs Gabbert. Gabbert lost. End of competition.
  5. That 1st quarter throw was uncalled PI. Cant blame him too much.
  6. There is a video somewhere of him throwing the ball like 6 feet in front of him when the receiver was about 10 yards away
  7. I don’t understand the Cardinals thinking if this happens. Our new QB got pummeled behind a shit oline so our plan is to bring in an even smaller guy? Granted they will get better at oline or at least try to but IDK. Why wouldn’t you just keep both since they are both dirt cheap besides wanting an extra pick? I don’t like the idea of waiting till next year. Everyone is expecting one of the good QBs to drop to us knowing we will be in the middle of the pack next year at worst. We would have to not only spend more draft capital to move up we will also have to outbid all the other teams who are wanting to get into the top 5 to get their QB. I wouldn’t go any higher than a 2nd for Rosen.
  8. Wouldn’t complain. OL is never a sexy pick so i dont envy making that choice.
  9. I dont know about a better record but time management between Mularkey and Vrabel is night and day.
  10. I thought we were coming only allowed to use the term “ruffian”. I bet he and Henry would be working out at all times of the night though.
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