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  1. I thought you could live with one kidney, are they both bad?
  2. Actually i think that would be pretty cool.
  3. Damn, Corey is tearing it up with those 52 touchdowns.
  4. July 4th and January 8th are always brought up here. I guess i can give today a pass since its a 10 year anniversary but the fact that they are brought up every fucking year makes it lose its luster.
  5. Speaking of ratings make sure you dont run with Lorenzo White. His Ball Carrying (Ha got em!) is like a 12. Fumbles every third time he carries the ball.
  6. So why did you say anything in the first place?
  7. Yes an average OVR should be 50 based on a 100 point scale. Seems like common sense to me. So to answer your question yes if one player is a 50 ovr and one is a 100 ovr that player should be twice as good. Just like now a 12 ovr should be 5 times as bad as a 60 ovr, which it is.
  8. In theroy an average player would be an overall 50 but its just like video game reviews anything less than 8/10 or 80% is bad.
  9. More like GAYDS, amirite?
  10. Its true, but Gronk looks like he lost most of his muscle. Most lineman are just fat to begin with.
  11. Players that start the season on IR are usually in the game without injury but its been a while since I’ve played madden.
  12. Noted, im just hoping for something to talk about on this board other than Marcus. Anything.
  13. Pre Season Game One can not get here fast enough.
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