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  1. Would have had to have been a clear recovery. They really didn’t show much after the fumble though.
  2. And also the unnecessary laughing emojis and racism.
  3. I don’t go around complaining someone is using the wrong word when they really arent. Ive been wrong before. Point being i pick my battles when it comes to correcting people.
  4. Kind of like when you thought a team with fewer overall wins could be the divisional champion? Thats being wrong, you are just arguing semantics.
  5. That doesn’t change the fact that it is now used to define a large crowd or fight too. Words tend to mean new things in English over the years so why were you defending that word so hard?
  6. No one uses the term scrum because of rugby.
  7. This reeks of “I think im the only guy here who likes rugby so i want to sound smart”
  8. Didn’t he turn down an offer to play in AAF because he wanted 20 million to play for them? Not to mention the rumor he was offered a contract by the Ravens. “IF” these are true then what changed his mind?
  9. The way I saw it Late hit Rudolph tried to take off Garretts helmet Garrett took off Rudolphs helmet and beat him with it. This should be the whole incident:
  10. Pouncey Garrett Rudolph and whatever steeler was throwing punches