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  1. Dennis Daley will always be known as the worst Titans O-lineman this side of Isiah Wilson. Think it's hilarious that a former Titans exec. ( that some on here wanted to be GM) would sign this trash player 🤣
  2. Well I guess we're drafting a WR at 11
  3. I agree, and they aren't shopping anyone on the Titans roster. Ran is going to run it back with Tannehill and Henry, it's all fake news. Sign some free agents on the cheap, and draft some guys, and try and win the division.
  4. I hope you are right. Local Nashville media believes that they'll sit on their hands as first wave of players take big money.
  5. I'm thinking the Titans won't sign anyone next week. They'll wait to dumpster dive in 2 weeks.
  6. Local media are idiots, and they believe that the Titans aren't going to sign anyone of any significance.
  7. Any chance the Titans don't sign any of these free agents, and roll right into the draft. They only sign players that other teams release after the draft.
  8. Jalen Carter will still go before 11.
  9. If they get rid of DH, they might as well get rid of JS. Tank in '23, and get your QBOF next year.
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