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  1. We're not talking Super Bowl predictions, we're talking games every week all year. Stay in your lane, and Vegas knows
  2. Vegas doesn't lose money. That's why the Casinos look like a Palace in Vegas. Believe me Vegas knows
  3. We're not ignoring a RB, you draft one on the cheap. We've tried the vet RB approach, time to draft one, and save money.
  4. Plus the Broncos or any other team would've given more than a 7th round pick for him. He's clearly mediocre now
  5. Clowney physical tomorrow? Logan Ryan to return to Titans? Titans looking at Jonathan Joseph also? Lots of questions to be answered this week
  6. Too many holes, and not enough draft picks. More free agent signings on the way this week
  7. I like this thread, more things to think about
  8. About time we did something, dang
  9. Did you watch Rivers last year ? He throws more TDs to the other team then he does to his own WRs. Chargers knew he was done, or he wouldn't be on the market.
  10. People don't realize how done Rivers is. His arm is crap now
  11. Everyone knows that the Titans are signing more free agents, because they don't have enough draft picks to fill out their roster as is. Another pass rusher will be signed, it's just a matter of who it'll be.
  12. Jim Wyatt said on the Titans website that they can't announce signings just yet. @jwyattsports Why the @Titans currently can't announce free-agency deals or trades (or comment on them). READ http://bit.ly/33rSEfb
  13. The love for aging players that don't produce much anymore is almost surprising on this site, but not really.

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