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  1. Fuck Rodgers, please retire so we don't have to hear about you anymore. Let the Packers fans suffer for a long time.
  2. Reich is a idiot. He cost his team the game vs. Bills.
  3. Just shows you this list is a joke
  4. He's a tool, with a very big mouth.
  5. Told a friend that they will go 12-5 before the Julio trade. Heard someone on the radio say they would go 14-3 post Julio trade
  6. No jinx with #2 and this franchise, a big plus.
  7. Jim Wyatt on 3HL yesterday, said if any position was added to, it would be TE and or WR. Still believes that the Titans will add to those positions
  8. Maybe they should sign Mitchell Swartz, and clone him with Eric Fisher and get 1 good olineman
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