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  1. Conklin won't play guard. He already is a all pro at RT. Don't see Suggs playing for anyone else, other than the Ravens. Imo
  2. Was great with Jets and Seahawks, but a 2000 yard rusher on his resume' put him over the top, imo
  3. Kevin Mawae wouldn't have made the HOF with just his Jets and Seahawks career. Him blocking for CJ2K, and the 2000 yard season helped put him in too. Quit discounting what he did with the Titans, it all counts.
  4. Plus Sean McVay is way too over hyped.
  5. Patriots 34 Rams 13 Tom Brady lights up Nickell Robey-Coleman for his comments. Jared Goff become Jared Goof with a couple of interceptions, one returned for a TD.
  6. Sure he is, Chris Johnson wouldn't have 2006 yards without Mawae. Quit hating
  7. NFL HOF don't go in as any designated team. that's MLB players.
  8. Should've missed at least 5 games in the regular season with his injury, but played. Biggest reason his numbers sucked imo
  9. Kyle Rudolph looked really good being coached by this guy. His numbers were up in every single category this past year. Seems like a good hire by J-Rob and Vrabel
  10. Now I expect a announcement at 6 p.m. tonight
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