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  1. A certain radio station in Nashville keeps pushing the Bud Dupree to the Titans. I don't see it
  2. Clearly this guy has mental problems. The Titans are going to get their money back on him.
  3. There's 25 more QBs in the league that teams would pick over Carson Wentz. He sucks
  4. Wentz does suck, but our defense will get better
  5. Wentz is nothing like Stafford. Stafford is tough, and plays through injuries. Wentz will quit on the Colts. Nothing to prove with Stafford, and Wentz is a lost cause.
  6. Wentz will be hurt, and Brissett will finish season without playoffs this year.
  7. Wentz will be hurt by week 6 next year. He is broken, and can't be fixed. He has a big time glass jaw. Carson Gimp won't last long in the NFL
  8. J-Rob " I promise to do better, just give me time " "We want tough hard nosed players, that love the game of football " " We'll draft better, scout better, and sign better players, to play for us "
  9. Wentz or Darnold doesn't matter, both are trash. The reason the trade hasn't happened yet is because Reich knows Wentz is broke, and can't be fixed. Reich took the Colts job to get away from Wentz, because he knew he was garbage.
  10. Brady hit him in the head with the Lombardi trophy
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