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  1. I have a suspicion that the Titans will be selecting a quarterback somewhere in the middle rounds (3-5) of this year’s draft. Woodside is unproven and the 6 and 7 round experiments have not panned out.
  2. I have to think that he is in their plans. They played 2020 with five - at most six - DL for most of the year...Simmons, DaQuan, Crawford, Murchison, Dickerson/Tart. Autry is the natural replacement for Crawford. Unless they plan to draft a DL early to replace DaQuan (and that preferably a 0T), I think it makes a ton of sense to resign DaQuan. If we can make the $$ work, it is very important to shore up the trenches in FA and go BPA in the draft, IMHO.
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