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  1. I think I read there grapes are only available August-October.
  2. It’s on his neck. He’s not wearing a turtle neck lol
  3. Ya so did all the coaches that got fine. It has to be worn properly is the issue.
  4. I agree. I don’t see why it’s mandatory with the testing and players not wearing them.
  5. I’m assuming Gruden and Peyton will be added to the fine list. I don’t think either of them have had their mask on at all.
  6. I think they are allowed to pull the mask down while calling plays. I’m sure it goes beyond what they just show on TV.
  7. The 51 yarder and game winner secured his job. As pointed out the XP was shitty execution from the whole unit. I think we are stuck with him unless he really chokes.
  8. 100% a trap game. Doesn't mean we shouldn't win or aren't the better team.
  9. Im not disagreeing that he isn't somewhat responsible. I just don't think he is broken like some are trying to make it sound. He's always missed throws here and there. The Eagles aren't nearly as good as they were a few years ago. At this point he is still the guy in Philly and a few bad games won't change that. The interesting thing is the Eagles shitty cap space. They might see Hurts as an opportunity to get a cheap QB contract.
  10. I honestly think Wentz is just trying to do too much. He’s making some bad throws to less than stellar WRs. The OL is also dismantled. He was sacked 8 times by Washington. I didn’t watch the whole game yesterday but he seemed to be rushing throws and trying to force them into tight windows.
  11. There is 0% chance Wentz is benched for Hurts.
  12. First league I would go Jonnu, Campbell and Cook. Load up on the double TE play. Honestly all these guys a pretty evenly ranked for this week. They also all had decent week 1s too. I think you could make the case for any combo so not sure there is a right answer. 2nd league I’d go Sanders.
  13. Humpheries is 100% overpaid but it’s not by that much. He is important to this team and is good from the slot. He should be getting around $7 mil per year just like Cole Beasley. I wouldn’t be shocked if he restructures his contract after this year or is cut.
  14. I’ve had the Gumdrops as well. Same thing from Costco. They were a little smaller but super sweet. Not as a distinct of flavor as the cotton candy. I refuse to get grapes unless they are one of these.

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