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  1. He will get in. He is top 10 in the major passing stats and he’s won 2 Super Bowls.
  2. I didn’t want to pick them as I wanted to fade the public but cowboys remaining schedule doesn’t have many more weeks to use them as a great play. They have already played the giants and redskins 1 time.
  3. Garnett struggled with injuries and weight issues while with the niners. He was buried on the depth chart. He might not be a bad signing. Who else can we sign off the street at this point? Not really sure why we cut Levin if our interior OL was having issues.
  4. I’m cool with paying him what he is worth. Henry has been great but he isn’t a 3 down back. No reason we should pay him like one. We can cut Lewis and replace him with a cheaper 3rd down back. We have some potentially big contracts coming up in the next 1-2 years so it’s not like we have money to throw around. Henry would be crazy not to seek a double digit contract.
  5. Doesn’t make him worth a big contract. If we dump Mariota and bring in a rookie QB contract we will have money to blow. Only way I see us retaining Henry at a high price.
  6. He doesn’t deserve a big deal. If he takes what he is worth I’d be all for signing him.
  7. I’m sure there was some kind of endorsement deal for wearing the watch
  8. I’m in 3 survival pools including this one and my picks were eagles, Seattle and chargers lol
  9. Patriots have a history of not blowing out their inferior division opponents. With that being said I think they win by 21+
  10. He just ran about 100 yards so he probably gassed out. He knew he wasn’t going to out run those guys so he tried to cut back through them where there were no defenders.
  11. Mariota didn’t play great. He didn’t play bad either. We had some big plays to pad the stats. He definitely missed some throws. All in all I think we will all take it and be happy but idk if anyone should be screaming victory in the Mariota debate after this game.
  12. Raiders made the trade for him so technically they brought this on themselves. They shouldn’t be surprised this is how it’s shaking out. AB went full retard already in Pittsburgh.