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  1. free agency isn’t over and the draft hasn’t happened. If you want to compare the rosters atleast wait until we start training camp.
  2. A lot of the guys getting votes are harmless idiots. Im all for laughing and making fun of retards but I don’t despise them. I voted for @charleytolarbecause he’s an annoying little bitch. I also hate his dog picture. I’m not sure if I’d prefer to see him or the dog be hit by a car first.
  3. Houston might as well blow it all up at this point
  4. And they extended no school through May 4th. They sent out a letter basically saying school will not return to normal until the shelter in place is lifted.
  5. Oh I read it. I just didnt entertain another one of your fantasy scenarios of us trading up from #93 to the top of the 3rd.
  6. Ok Kyle. We will see but I can almost guaranteed Dobbins will not be there at #93. Use whatever justification you want. Its a pipe dream. Id be surprised if he is even there for our 2nd.
  7. lol cmon Kyle you cant use a bunch of examples of RBs being drafted higher than anticipated to justify a guy falling nearly 2 rounds from what he is projected at.
  8. It is very unlikely that Dobbins falls to the 3rd. Its even more unlikely that he falls to #93. He is regarded as a top 3 RB prospect and there are too many RB needy teams for him to fall that far. I actually agree that WR is a position we will target at some point in the draft. Davis is likely gone after this year, Sharpe isnt being retained at this point and Humpheries is a situational slot WR who will likely be cut after 2020 if he doesnt perform. There are going to be a lot of guys in the mid rounds that could contribute in year 1 and develop into a WR2.
  9. We need at least 1 more interior guy to play around 30% of snaps IMO. If not we need 2-3 guys who can do 20%-25%. Simmons and Jones will likely be playing 60+% of snaps. If one of them goes down we are fucked.
  10. hmm I wonder what the play for the DL is here. There are still a few veteran guys available. Casey and Johnson played a significant number of snaps so it will take 2-3 rotational players to fill that unless we get a stud.
  11. If he presented them as fun it would be one thing. He makes 18457942 of them and then tries to pump his chest as the draft guru because he called certain players being draft or turning out good. He has chilled out the last couple of years so he isnt as bad. I don't dislike Kyle and I dont think many people do. People just like to bust his balls. I dont get why Tolar is being such a bitch about it.
  12. Ty Sambrailo is from a town about 20 mins from me so ive followed his career a little. I was shocked he became a starter in college. I was shocked he got drafted as high as he did. I’m shocked he is still in the NFL.
  13. Fixed one on the rack. Everywhere I look prices are more than I want to spend on them. I’m hoping to pick up a set of used ones if I can’t find some I like.
  14. @abenjamiwhat dumbbell Set do you have? Ive been contemplating building a lifting platform with a full rack and barbell set up. I’ve got the room and I’m priced it out to be around $800.

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