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  1. My offer still stands to help out. All I need is your name and Social.
  2. Ya I thought the nfls adjustments a few years back were really all that were needed.
  3. Haha ya hitting a ball out of the sand at PB was like hitting on a municipal course fairway. Spyglass was by far the hardest course I’ve played on and the distances and elevations were what made it the most challenging. Those uphill 450+ Par 4s are ridiculous.
  4. Oh for sure. Was just pointing out that I bet he isn't even as good as he is trying to make it sound. I don't think most people realize how hard tour courses are.
  5. Lol I assumed he meant around a scratch golfer on his home course which means he would probably shoots in the high 80s on any tour course. And that would be a good day. I play with a couple guys that played high level D1 golf. It’s unreal. I think you nailed it. He looks like an athlete swinging a club. I know he is a decent golfer but there is a big difference between a good golfer and a PGA tour quality golfer.
  6. Don’t worry OF will forever be salty about the warriors dynasty because they spoiled any shot the rockets had at winning anything
  7. She plays professional soccer in Chicago though. Idk if the wife influenced this deal. if money and winning were his top criteria for picking a team he didn’t hit either with the AZ deal. This is assuming the offers that are being reported are true.
  8. AZ is the worst team in the NFC West. That does not change with the JJ Watt signing.
  9. can you read? 31 year old, declining play, coming off a torn biceps I think ill pass and take my chances on some other guys I said if we were to sign him I wouldn’t want it to be for anymore than the vet minimum. That doesn’t mean I want him. I’ve also made a couple other comments in this thread about not wanting him so clearly you can’t read.
  10. Not sure why you are quoting me. I’ve already said I don’t want him.
  11. 31 year old, declining play, coming off a torn biceps I think ill pass and take my chances on some other guys. I get Casey is a fan favorite, but even if we were to re sign him I wouldn't want it for more than the vet minimum.
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