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  1. I don’t think anyone thinks he is anything special. He is one of the best options available now though. We aren’t resigning him to a deal that is going to lock us in for the next 10 years. The structure of the contract is all that matters. I don’t think we see him as anything more than a stopgap QB for 2-3 years.
  2. Ya. Who gives a shit about the money. I doubt he gets some record breaking deal. I’m sure the structure of the contract will be to the titans benefit. what’s the other option? Give up massive draft capital to get a rookie? Hope we sign a FA that isn’t guaranteed to perform better than Tannehill? Re sign Mariota? it seems pretty simple to me resign Tannehill and draft a mid round guy.
  3. Tannehill still is who he is. He’s not good enough to win us the big game but he’s not bad enough to lose it for us either.
  4. Just bullshit titles to get as many guys on staff as possible.
  5. Coach Flip has proven to be a great QB coach so that’s definitely good for Trubisky. The rest doesn’t really matter because Nagy calls the plays.
  6. Disguise disguise disguise. That’s the key. Confuse Mahomes. If he knows what he is going against he has a massive advantage. We have to contain him in the pocket and get a good interior push. If he has time or extends plays that’s when the trouble happens for defenses.
  7. I mean he isn’t wrong. They are going to get their yards. The key is keeping them out of the end zone. The red zone is a lot easier to manage for a defense than the whole football field when facing their team speed.
  8. If I wasn’t a Titans fan my first assumption would be that the Chiefs were going to destroy us. People don’t realize we have had one of the best offenses in the league since Tannehill took over. The one dimensional offense comment is the dead give away. Henry has just destroyed every team this postseason. Why would we do anything different? I would think the PA game is lethal as ever right now. Teams are so concerned with Henry that you end up with some scrub like Raymond torching DBs for wide open TDs. We are the under dog and could lose. We might get blown out. Who really knows. I would advise any chiefs fan not to expect that to happen though. Just ask the Ravens fans how miserable they feel for thinking they had a cake walk to the AFC Championship game.
  9. I’m surprised he played this long with all his concussions.
  10. He won’t walk. He will be tagged if we can’t agree on a contract.
  11. Bengals offense could be decent. They’ve got some weapons in Mixon, Boyd and Ross (if he can stay healthy). The OL will need to be healthy and perform at a level it has yet to do. Their defense is horrible. I think they will be right back in the top 5 for the 2021 draft.
  12. Shutting down KC is impossible. We just have to limit the big plays and hold them to FGs. Our bend but don’t break style is actually great for this matchup. 20-30 yards of field is way easier to manage with their speed across their roster.
  13. If I’m coach Flip, I go to a team as a QB coach that has a young unproven QB or rookie QB. If he can play a part in the development of the most important position on the field, he will be right back in the HC candidate discussion. It’s how he got on the map with Carr in oakland.
  14. I think coach Flip has had some bad breaks. He’s been on the bad side of struggling teams. I don’t think he was a good fit in Minnesota and that’s what ultimately led to him losing his job. Jacksonville just sucks. Minshew and their offense actually surprised people. DJ Chark was a top WR and Fournette got back to being a top RB. I think the firing was a scapegoat move by Marrone. He will likely go back to being a QB coach and end up calling plays for a team soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if he jumps on the staff of a young stud HC to boost his resume.

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