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  1. Lol on Mahomes. We’ve only seen play 24 games in which he’s maintained a 16 game pace of 5000+ yds 35+ tds. The only way he drops off is if his arm falls off.
  2. I wish Kyle only posted about his life. His mocks and football talk I have much less interest in.
  3. I think what we do at QB should determine what we do at OC. If we keep Tannehill, we should also keep Smith. If we go the rookie QB route it does make sense to go with a new OC if that coach would be a better fit.
  4. I had some guy try to compare the hit to being sucker punched and retaliating.
  5. clearly the funniest part
  6. Well that was entertaining. No way is Rudolph innocent in this. He instigated it. He also chased Garrett after having his helmet ripped off like a dumb ass. The video of him calling the guy a bitch after getting throw to the ground is priceless. lol at the racist comment assumptions garrett is a wildcard hot head. He crossed the line.
  7. It makes sense for them to take the risk on these guys. Jonathan Joseph has to retire at some point and they’ve traded away a bunch of picks. These guys were top picks for a reason. If it doesn’t work out they just cut them/let them walk and move on.
  8. that was my thought. I also dont understand why Seattle didn’t go for it on 4th down. It worked out but they were playing for the tie by punting it. Doesn’t make sense when you are in a division battle with the 49ers.
  9. A DT doesn’t always show up on the stat sheet. If LBs are getting praise you know the DTs are doing their job. The fact that we are getting quality play out of Simmons this soon is great. I can’t wait to see him next year healthy.
  10. It’s going to be interesting to see how teams try to stop them. They are too big to run nickel but too fast to run a base defense. I guess you will need 3 down players across the front 7. The 49er game should be a good one.
  11. We will see how they finish but I’d give Wilson the slight edge. Lamar looks like a grown up playing against a bunch of 10 year olds. It’s incredible how smooth and calm he is.
  12. His penalties and dumb shit after the whistle have always been a problem. The fact that he is playing like shit makes him a full retard now.
  13. Read my above post dumb fuck.
  14. Because Dion Lewis sucks. Why would they draw up plays for players that aren’t capable of doing something?
  15. Hmm the coaches dont ask Henry to do something because it’s not in the playbook. It’s almost as if they don’t ask him to do it or have it in the playbook because he can’t/sucks at doing it.