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  1. Falcons easily have the worst RB room. I don't think they would bother trading for a 27 year old RB since they are rebuilding. Unless someone gets hurt he is going to split carries regardless of where he goes unless its a shitty team like the Jets or Texans. Chargers would make sense if they wanted to keep Ekler fresh. Bucs would make sense too since you never know what you are going to get from Fournette.
  2. Lets not forget the expos/nats were a joke from the mid 90s on. They let several young studs go. Larry Walker, Pedro, Vlady, Grissom, etc. were all good young players in the early-mid 90s. The Nats continued to suck but they put together a few good drafts so they paid up to compete. Now they are on that tank again. They are on their way to having a lower tier payroll again. They are also expected to be sold this off season. I guess it really depends on what you classify as the biggest move. Is it in terms of great impact or just biggest trade haul?
  3. Going against Molden is the match up, but with Molden being out we won't see that. Seems like they've been putting McCreary against Burks. No one else for Philips to face in the slot. Philips is a training camp standout type of WR. He is going to excel in 1 on 1s. He is carving out a role that we know Jrob wanted in Humpheries. If he can continue to develop and stay healthy, he is going to be a guy that catches 50+ balls a season.
  4. The media is still all over the Colts nuts. The other big factor is the AFC West going ape shit this off season. People are calling for 3-4 playoff spots coming from that division. The AFC is stacked this year so a few really good teams are going to miss out on the playoffs. Our path is still to win the division.
  5. Hahaha none of the guys live north of the bay area. 2/3 of the league went to Chico state so that's why it was picked. I actually missed that draft due to my wife being pregnant, but apparently it was by far the worst trip.
  6. In my big money league its 12 of us. The winner from the previous year picks a draft location. We are all over CA so typically the winner picks a place that is near where they live. This is the 9th year we've done it. We keep the draft weekend the same every year so there are no excuses. Of course sometimes life happens and someone has to do the draft remote, but it has to be a real reason. Otherwise you are kicked out of the league and replaced. We have about 5 other friends that are trying to get into the league so having replacements keeps everyone in check. We also do a year round bro chat to keep everyone engaged so no one has an excuse of being too busy. We do an auction draft. Live auctioneer and everything. Our auctioneer bailed on us this year for a stupid music festival that he doesnt even know any of the bands. so we kicked his ass out and replaced him. We will be hitting Reno this year but we've done Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Pismo Beach, Paso Robles, San Diego, Chico and Discovery Bay.
  7. Arch Manning is 25-6 in 3 years starting so far. Isidore Newman competes against low level comp and never competes at the state level. The stats are very similar. Arch is the top rated recruit for his class and could have gone to any college he wanted. We will see if he wins any awards. Now days exposure is 10000x better than it was in 1993 so Im sure Mannings name helped secure those awards. The storyline is very similar.
  8. If we are just talking physical ability, Colin Kaepernick should 100% be in the conversation.
  9. Allen is the most physically gifted except for when he has to do a QB sneak. Then he turns into a clumsy bum who slips and falls.
  10. This would be funnier if he wouldn't have ran to the barstool guy that started this and cry for him to take down the video he made about it.
  11. Sounds like the rumors aren't as good as they were made out to be. Reports are he was banging a single mom that his mom had helped out/mentored. Not his moms best friend. Either way its hilarious how this has blown up and backfired for the ex.
  12. Lets not act like they are the Oakland A's or some other cheap ass baseball team. They have ranked in the top tier of payrolls for a few seasons now. Its a natural progression when you start winning and have young talent turn into great players so not a bad thing. 2022- 10th 2021- 7th 2020- 2nd 2019- 8th
  13. You could say the same thing for Peyton and Eli. Neither really achieved much in high school and they didn't compete at a top national level. They were kids of a HOF QB and that was the biggest thing on their resumes.
  14. Ewers is technically a 2nd year freshman meaning he can enter the 2024 draft. Manning would only sit his 1st season if that were to happen. Ewers will have a short leash for the 2023 season but no point in transferring until he actually loses his starting QB job.
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