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  1. Of course it is their best chance. They don't have to worry about not being able to beat the warriors. The question is can they get passed the lakers or clippers??
  2. We don't have the big names the media looks for. PFF did a similar article a couple weeks back. They used their grade scale to determine and not a media members opinion. They had us at #8. I am sure the article is posted somewhere on the board but heres the link to compare. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-roster-rankings-all-32-teams-ravens-first-jaguars-last
  3. McKinnon restructured. I think I saw they are paying him less this year than Mostert. He’s also a FA in 2021. Same with Coleman being a FA in 2021. Mostert is signed through 2021.
  4. Agree. Simmons>>>>>>>>>Casey from a pure talent perspective. Its really not even close either. This isn't diminishing what Casey was. Simmons just has that much more upside and in limited time last year he outplayed Casey. Casey will be a big loss in the locker room, but we've got some young guys that are more than capable of stepping up as leaders
  5. Wasn't it primary inflated due to the fed and the cares act though? It definitely isn't a true reflection of the state of the economy. As you mentioned we will see what happens once unemployment runs out and eviction start happening. Unless they keep printing money I think its likely going to get worse than better in the longer run.
  6. Ya no argument there. I think Rickson was the best MMA Gracie. He just never got to put it on display like Royce. Roger was strictly BJJ success. The Gracies were great and clearly played a massive role in the evolution of MMA. I don't think their skill set would be as successful in todays MMA. We saw that with Roger's attempt. The top fighters are so well rounded now days.
  7. Royce has been pretty publicized as being the most inferior Gracie. That was why the family sent him to the UFC. They wanted people to see that this weenie looking guy could dominate people regardless of their size and skill. Roger is certainly the most decorated of the Gracies and is the best BJJ of all time. No one comes close to his accolades.
  8. Its really hard to compare recent fighters to past fights. The sport has evolved so much. In the early 90s you didn't see as well rounded fighters as there are now. Striking has become far more technical. Chuck Liddell was definitely entertaining. He was willing to take anyones best shot to throw his. He lost his ability to take a punch at the end.
  9. The UFC went through an interesting phase where fighters were over self promoting themselves. Everyone wanted to be the next personality collecting the big paycheck. That has definitely calmed down. The fights lately have been top notch. I’d take Roger over Rickson. Far more disciplined as a fighter. Rickson was a very talented fighter but was a bit of a wild card.
  10. The guy had a great 2nd half of the year and played a major role for their SB run. He claims to only want to match Colemans salary which is less than $1.5mm more. I'm kinda surprised they don't just give the guy the money. At the same time Shanahan's scheme is ultimately the reason Mostert had the success he did so they probably don't really care about the guy.

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