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  1. Well damn. Hopefully it all blows up.
  2. At this point Tannehill is still on the Dolphins so this is all speculation.
  3. CaliTitan3518

    Rookie QBs

    The only problem with investing a high pick on a QB is we either have to roll with 3 QBs all year or cut Gabbert and possibly have a raw rookie QB play which could ruin him. If we take a later round guy we can hope to stash him on PS and develop him but we risk losing him like we did with Falk. I don’t think we should bother drafting someone early unless we plan on him being our future QB. I’d rather dump Mariota and land a high draft pick to replace him with a top pick.
  4. CaliTitan3518

    Would you trade Mariota for Foles, straight up?

    Got it. It’s definitelt a weird contract situation. Will be interesting on how it plays out. I wonder who will require a bigger contract between Mariota and Foles. I would imagin their price tag will be around the same. Mariota might not be interested in terms that allow for an easy out on our end or less years. I think Foles will be around 3-4 years with an easy out.
  5. CaliTitan3518

    Would you trade Mariota for Foles, straight up?

    How can they tag him if he is under contract?
  6. CaliTitan3518

    Titanskick 8851 Mock Off-Season V. 1.0

    Tajae put up pretty similar numbers as a rookie as Williams did this year. Taylor almost had as many many catches while playing only 45% of snaps. The numbers have gone down every year for Williams. We are not the same team as SD. Who knows what we will get from him at a steep price tag. What do you really think he is capable of in our offense with Mariota? I don’t think his production will be worth the $10 mil price tag for us. Shit look at Baltimore. They brought in Crabtree for 7mil per year , Brown for 5 mil per year and Snead for 3.5 mil per year. I’d take all 3 of those guys over Williams.
  7. CaliTitan3518

    Gerald McCoy

    And you are thinking like we run a traditional 3-4 defense. Leading up to the season pees and Vrabel constantly talked about be versatile. Who knows what our fronts would be like if we had different skill sets on the DL than what we had this year.
  8. CaliTitan3518

    Gerald McCoy

    Having a stacked DL that can rotate and stay fresh is a game changer. The DL aren’t built to play 80+% of snaps.
  9. CaliTitan3518

    Gerald McCoy

    Most true 2 gap NTs are only 2 down players. Mccoy would play all over our DL if we brought him in which would have been the case with suh too. I agree with your earlier comparison.
  10. CaliTitan3518

    Gerald McCoy

    No. The nfl can only place you in the system if the violation occurred under their time.
  11. CaliTitan3518

    For the "Lonzo is a bust" folk

    @JakePA_Titan what do you do for a living? Just curious
  12. CaliTitan3518

    If you need a reminder.......

    @Bongo59 was also massively against Marcus Lattimore.
  13. CaliTitan3518

    Raiders 2019

    I’ve been hearing Levi or Oracle Park (formerly known as att park) are the top two locations.
  14. CaliTitan3518

    For the "Lonzo is a bust" folk

    All the people ignoring you trying to initiate a conversation with them is the evidence. Sure they might come back and say something but it’s on their terms and not when you want to try and call them out in a bunch of posts. You call them being pussies but they are obviously ignoring you because they don’t want to engage with you. If some ignores you yet you keep quoting them and mentioning them that would be you having a conversation with your self. I wonder how you are outside the internet. I can’t imagine you being successful in anyway if you are the same. You want to turn any comment into a war. It’s rather funny how overboard you go.
  15. CaliTitan3518

    Would you trade Mariota for Foles, straight up?

    I’m gunna say no because I think Foles is a product of a good scheme in which he knows and understands and has a good play caller. He had the same thing with Chip Kelly.