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  1. Shit completely forgot to pick was going to take the easy W with the Bucs too
  2. 49ers gave season ticket holders NFL redzone for free.
  3. I think it is getting a generation into boxing that would have never of been interested in it. Other combat sports have been on the rise and boxing has been kind of declining in popularity. Boxing coverage has been on the major media platforms way more due to them.
  4. Kind of my point that the Pauls jumped a level and I don't put them in the category as those other guys are currently. I'm just saying what the Pauls are doing is actually good for boxing while the other shit makes it look like the old celebrity boxing joke events. They need to bring back celebrity death match.
  5. Did you watch the tik tok vs youtubers card? Really doesn't even compare to the Pauls. I think the Pauls are of the skill to take legit amateur fights. They are getting "pro" fights because of their name and ability to make people money.
  6. Massive cash grab. Apparently he didn't receive any compensation for being on the cover. He's definitely made some money through appearances and reshoots.
  7. The Paul brothers can actually box though. I was looking at the boxing cards that were the tik Tok vs youtubers type shit. That was all stupid as fuck.
  8. what does the rest of the guys roster look like? and how many QBs went off the board before you thought oh shit I should grab a QB lol
  9. What advantage have I said you have with the bat? Ive said I would take knife multiple times. Ive simply pointed out if you go against bat you have to be willing to eat a shot and it doesn't take much from a bat to impair you. An easy simple swing or jab from the bat could drop you and throw off any attack with the knife. I've just been laughing at your assessment of being able to close the distance in a fashion where someone with a bat won't have a counter attack or opportunity to nail you with a swing effective enough to end up winning the fight.
  10. Haha I wasn’t around for that one but I just searched for it. You’ve called for it to be bumped like 10 times in this threads history.
  11. I've already said I would choose a knife because the amount of energy you need to exert to kill someone with a knife is far less. We just have 2 completely different ideas of how we would win. I'm going to move around outside of the bats range baiting them to swing and waste their energy. The odds of them getting tired or off balance from multiple swings makes a counter move to get into range with the knife way easier.
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