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  1. The lottery has always been rigged.
  2. We were one game out of playoffs last year with a ton of injuries. Our roster didnt turnover or lose that much talent to fall out of playoff contention. The only way we dont have a shot is if Jax comes out on another level. If we struggle and Jax dominates, I could see us hitting the look to next year button at some point in the season. But to your point no one does that week 1.
  3. Who would have thought Jamychal Green was the guy to go to? Kerr and his staff are really at a different level than any other staff in the NBA.
  4. We draft a guy who is going to step in and start at a position of need. He also has the skill and upside to be very good and possibly transition to LT. Not sure what there is to complain about. We have so many holes landing a guy who can start day 1 after we have drafted a bunch of bums in the 1st round sounds good to me.
  5. One thing about the Warriors is they will adjust. Looney is a beast on the boards but a liability guarding AD. Tough to stop a big athletic freak like him when he is playing at a high level. He is a good free throw shooter too so playing him physical might not work out. Warriors just dont have any size on the roster. Their really only option is to continue to switch up the small ball lineup. Draymond, Payton and Wiggins will have to step up big time guarding guys that are just bigger than them.
  6. Warriors/Lakers should be a battle. Lakers length showed to be an issue for us last night. 29 to 6 free throws was the big difference last night. Tough to win against a team getting to the line that much and you only getting there 6 times.
  7. The Browns are a dysfunctional organization who have drafted shitty QBs. The alternative is what we have been doing which hasnt won us anything. Draft a guy every 5-7 years have him fail. Roll with a vet stopgap QB. Plays well enough for us to make playoffs but isnt good enough to win a super bowl. If you hold onto mediocre young QBs and hope they turn the corner you will never be a successful franchise. How many QBs have turned into super bowl contending QBs after their first contract? Not many. The ones that have likely switched teams to be better. We will know in 1-2 years of starting if Levis is the guy or not. If he isn't we need to move on and if that is the case we should be in a position to draft a top QB prospect. Levis deserves a fair shot at the job. I hope like hell he is the guy.
  8. All this is saying is Tannehill wont win us a super bowl but why did we draft another QB who probably wont win us a super bowl? Might as well get him out there so we can confirm that and draft a real QB who can win us a super bowl.
  9. You can only fill so many holes with players in the draft every year. Personally think we shouldnt have taken Levis due to having so many holes but I get taking a shot on a guy that fell. We didnt have to give up a ton to move up. Getting Skoronski was huge. He will be a starter on the OL for years. Safe pick and in a position we needed someone to make an immediate impact. I dont love the draft but I dont hate it. Some decent value picks and a couple guys with high upside.
  10. Ya it would obviously take something like Tannehill going down to even have a shot at it.
  11. If Corey Davis can stay healthy, I would think he would be very successful with a QB like Rodgers.
  12. Will be interesting if the wheels completely fall off and we end up with a top pick next year to land a QB.
  13. I prefer to have guys play and develop rather than sit and be successors. Its wasted cheap contract years and then we have to base an extension on playing 1 or 2 seasons only. The body of work they prove worthy of for their 2nd contract is rarely enough. Guys in rounds 1-3 should be day 1 contributors. Their talent level entering the NFL should already be good enough to get playing time. Now if we had a deep roster and didnt have so many holes to fill I wouldnt mind drafting guys that are forced to sit a year or 2.
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