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  1. All meaningless. The 7 game series are all that matter.
  2. Toy story will always be one of my favorite kid movies. I agree they gave away a lot in the trailer. Imo the only question is how does it end?
  3. The Giannis vs Harden MVP race is interesting. I think it’s a toss up. Harden is putting up ridiculous numbers. Rockets have had injury struggles. He has basically carried them to a top 3 seed in the West. Giannis has solid numbers and is the catalyst for the best record in the NBA. They’ve had some injuries too. I dont agree with the swap the players idea because they are two completely different teams and players. Who knows who would be better or worse. Would the Bucks still have the best record if they were in the West? I don’t think so. That’s why I’m not loving the argument for Giannis being the guy for the best record team. Harden goes out and takes over a game. His team doesn’t really matter. Giannis has shown he is capable of doing the same but plays a much better team game. Not sure how the voters view the players style when compared to eachother. I really don’t know who you give it to at this point.
  4. I don’t know what’s worse @charleytolars story about an old lady burning with a stupid doll or @TitanDuckFan talking about fucking a mailman doll in the ass to clean his toilet.
  5. Well atleast you admit you like to fuck guys in the ass.
  6. I think Jrob feels good about our pass rushers. He clearly wanted to add someone for depth. Might have overpaid for Wake but he didn’t want to tie up long term money it would have required for the big name guys.
  7. Exactly. outside of Lewan and Casey who was here before Jrob? Hes added and cut guys every year from the OL/DL. He’s struck out on some big name FAs. He’s paid some guys. Jrob knows what we need and I think he’s done a good job adding guys to fill in or be long term solutions.
  8. No one can and that’s my point. His development and impact on the team has been limited due to his injuries. I’m not calling him a bust but his first 2 seasons have been massive disappointments due to his health. He’s shown he can make an impact so he’s definitely not a bust. Until he stays healthy though idk how any laker fan can be satisfied.
  9. Ya but he can’t make an impact if he isn’t playing.
  10. No doubt it’s too early to call Lonzo a total bust. He has been a bust in terms of the years he has played. He was drafted to make an immediate impact and he hasn’t done that.
  11. Man I thought the lakers were going to go on a run and sneak in the playoffs. I’m shocked how well the Clippers have been playing. Remember when some some people thought I was crazy for saying Lakers weren’t a lock for playoffs?
  12. I don’t think any of the guys who contribute to this section of the forum are from Tennessee. Titans are the only non California based team I root for.
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