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  1. Giannis means competing for another decade. Curry/Klay just don’t have that much time left. Would really depend on the package but I wouldn’t be upset about it. I’d shoot for a Wiggins, wiseman, Oubre package though. Throw in some draft picks.
  2. I’d be all for shipping out any combo of players as long as we kept one of Klay or Curry. I don’t see Klay being dealt though.
  3. I'll watch. I haven't paid for a PPV in idk how long though. You gotta find yourself some streams. I'll take Tyson
  4. I did the same lol. Read a TCU article that mentioned he still had interest in playing. another washed up patriots player signing sounds about right.
  5. The effort from Brewer is clearly there. He would throw his body in front of a train to try and make a block.
  6. I think had a good rookie year and then struggled with injuries. They then just brought in players they felt were better than him and moved him all around the OL before sticking at OG. Hard to imagine them constantly replacing him with other OTs if he was thought of as being good.
  7. I see it as a high ceiling team. No doubt a playoff team. I would need to know your full scoring format to really know if those points mean anything. Some of those guys were killing it first half of the year and have since cooled down. 10 team or 12 team? Robby Anderson has cooled off, Mike Evans hasn't really been great and there are a lot of mouth to feed in TB now and Mark Andrews has been inconsistent. Zeke and Sanders are underperforming massively. This week was the first game Zeke hit double digits since what week 5? I don't think he has even been a RB2 since Dak went down. Sanders hasn't done anything special since the Pit game. If these guys were actually performing then your team would obviously be much better. The ceiling is there but you are trending down in some positions. Like I said its solid but I don't think its good enough to declare it champion of the league.
  8. Slding Wilson in at RT has to be the long term play here. He might not be ready now but he needs to be ready in 2020. DQ, Saffold, Brewer, etc. should really only be emergency situations. Kelly is the best LT on our roster right now. Crazy to think/say but its the reality of the situation.
  9. Unless we are signing Glenn I say kick Kelly to LT and put Wilson in. That combo puts the best talent on the field. Regardless we are fucked and I would expect a carousel to the OL to find out what works for 2020.
  10. Unless someone pays up I think CD would be smart to sign a short term deal and stay with us.
  11. Solid team. I would think this is a playoff team at this point in the season. I just worry about Zeke and sanders not performing to their ability.
  12. It looked a lot like the niners with Kaepernick. A lot of quick hitting passes. Pretty much what I expected of 1 read to check down to take off and run. Saints can win with Hill now. We will see what happens once defenses can actually game plan for him.
  13. I don't think they are going to ask him to complete many passes tomorrow either. The ones he does will likely be easy little dump offs to wide open receivers. He's not going to be running a traditional Saints offense tomorrow. They could have success with a gimmick offense. ATL doesn't really know what to prepare for and had to prepare all week with an unknown of who the QB would be. Im not calling that Hill will be some great QB tomorrow. I just think the saints are a good enough team to hide his deficiencies as a QB and still get the win. He wouldn't be the first QB in the league to suck but still have success due to an unknown gimmick offense.
  14. Well they aren’t great. It’s not like the Saints get elite QB play every game and are all of a sudden losing that. All Hill has to do is scramble around and dump the ball off to Kamara and Thomas. Saints defense has been playing great. They would be the favorite regardless of who their QB is.

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