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  1. The chilis have really blown up the last couple years. No clue how long they have even been offered.
  2. I've lived 5 mins from an in-n-out my whole life. I have eaten it more out of town than in my hometown. Its good for fast food but its still fast food. The fries are gross. They've recently swapped their chilis for pepperoncinis which just don't hit the same. The drive thru lines are always ridiculously long. All their parking lots suck. It's really a mission to eat there. I will take it over the other traditional fast food places, 5 guys, smashburger, etc. I will say if you want a decent burger but don't want to feel like shit after eating it a Flying Dutchman or protein style burger does the job. We don't really have the out of the box burgers places in CA to compare it to.
  3. I hate to say it but Maye or Williams in 2024 is the route we should go. This does require us to have a shitty 2023 season. Make some trades to move back in the 2023 draft so we have more ammo for 2024 just in case we need to move up at all. Dump Tannehill and let Willis suck it up. Keep Henry touches low to preserve him for a couple big years with a rookie QB. Major emphasis on improving the OL in draft and FA in 2023 offseason so a rookie QB doesnt have to play behind Swiss cheese. Bring in vets on defense instead of rolling the dice on all these rookie DBs. Move on from some of the big contracts that aren't producing (lewan, Tannehill, Dupree, etc.) to free up some money.
  4. I think we need to go to a rebuild. The shitty thing is unless we go full blown tank we still have a shot at winning the division. We would have to let some talent go. That might make it difficult to go full rebuild. If we can fix the OL and upgrade the QB position then reloading is possible. Idk how we do that without tanking and/or sacrificing future draft picks.
  5. Big hire for Colorado. Deion will bring his son with him more than likely which will set him up to show if he can be an NFL prospect. I am assuming he will attempt to get Travis Hunter to follow and all his other top players at JSU. They will also be hitting the transfer portal hard. Sanders provided a huge boost for the HBCU programs. Anyone complaining about him bailing on them need to go back a few years and see what they had vs what they have now. If this move was about money, he would be going to a different program than Colorado. Sure he will have a big contract, but I doubt it will be a Lincoln Riley type scenario. I think this move has a lot to do with ego and setting his own kid up. The brand he built around JSU was incredible, but he was always going to be limited. He now has the opportunity to build a weak P5 program and give himself an opportunity to build a resume to being a great college coach.
  6. If Tannehill can continue to play like he did on Thursday, the rookies will produce.
  7. At 19/1 odds who cares about the extra $100 for #1 seed
  8. Young Lebron was a freak. His size and athleticism is unmatched in NFL players. If his body would hold up I don’t see how he wouldn’t have made it.
  9. Definitely not saying everything is just as good without him. The point I was making is AJB on roster wouldn't be changing the real outcome of our season. I don't think 1 WR does that for any team. Sure the stats might be different and the balance of our offense would be different but we aren't winning a super bowl with or without him. Paying him the kind of money he wanted could have been detrimental to our team. Him not being on our roster is not detrimental to our team.
  10. I'm assuming you are referring to the NYG game. Thats a game we should have won without him, but sure I'll give you the 1 game difference lol.
  11. I disagree. They are for real. The offense has weapons and they are balanced. The OL is healthy which is something they haven't had since they won the SB. The real reason I think they are for real is because of their defense. They are a top 3 defense. They get after the QB and force turnovers.
  12. Our record would be the same with or without AJB.
  13. ahh ok. Thats an interesting flex spot.
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