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  1. I'm probably just one of a few, but I'm starting Dobbs. Re-make to offensive line and add some innovative coordinators and I think Dobbs does better than expected.
  2. Daley should have been cut on the field after that play!
  3. Avery has been excellent on the field, The interception by the Doctor was a result of the deflection by Avery.
  4. I wonder if there any fallout to Daley starting each week? I also wonder how the other Titans treat him (Daley) as a teammate for his play?
  5. Hmm, here's what needs to be done to transform Daley. Copy the ass whuppin' scene in the movie "Full Metal Jacket" Instead of soap use helmets!
  6. He cried I think because he seriously considered if the team would get another shot at the SB in the near future.
  7. Tony Mandarich. I remember the infamous story from SI about the # of calories he consumed each day . I'll never forgot the infamous quote about him " may never allow a sack in his career."
  8. Do they still coach the corners to turn their head whenever the receiver looks up at the ball? It looks like if McCreary had turned his head he may have been able to either deflect or partially deflect the pass.
  9. Farley loses his footing often during a play. Should he change his cleats? He lost his footing on the touchdown he gave up.
  10. Yes, I also noticed the expression on his face!
  11. Phillips took a beating last week. I noticed him getting up slowly a few times.
  12. I’d hate to be the kicker in that locker room!
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