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  1. Not this time. Frequent reader, infrequent posting. Oiler/Titan fan since 1989.
  2. Since I had Sunday Ticket on DirectTv , I'll purchase it on YT. Anybody run into any problems with ordering?
  3. So do I. I still remember that interception return for a TD against the Redskins, years ago and shouting throughout the return "give him some blocking, give him some blocking."
  4. Lengthy article posted today (6/26/23) on "The Athletic" for those interested fans.
  5. After a trade down to about 15-17- O'Cyrus Torrence.
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/04/24/sports/football/aaron-rodgers-jets-green-bay-packers.html?smid=url-share
  7. Who is "OL-24" and the other guy? Joe Thomas, the LT from OSU?
  8. Thanks for answering my question " is all of this ok with Ran"?
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