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  1. If Tomlinson is fired do we go after Munchak?
  2. Luv y’all. That obese women is knocking on the door. Titans fans I luv ya! Peace! Next year!!!
  3. I’ve been an Oiler/Titan fan since 1988. I’ll always be a fan. But I hear the distinct sound of an obese women’s voice.
  4. Got to be mindful of these time consuming drives
  5. Also, why is it when I post a message or reply, a star appears next to the thread title?
  6. I remember Mariota limping after he ran the ball on a play this past Sunday, so yes , there has been a foot issue.
  7. AFC Championship win over Jville. I jumped up after Mcnair’s 50 yard run. I even memorized Greg Gumbel’s play by play...(the last sentence) “stumbling and down at the one yard line.”!
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