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  1. What's important here are the comments from his wife. "There’s also more in life than playing football." He's there until the end of his first contract , at that time he will have banked a ton of money. After the first contract, I bet he's gone. If he sustains a concussion or two, he's out sooner. It's the wife that's the decider on this one.
  2. How bout a gentle reminder about that thread to the over 60 folks in the board?
  3. Novice here, I get the definition of “fully guaranteed.” I need to know for sure, he’s going to not play for the Titans and bank 21 million dollars?
  4. If the Titans release him, do the Titans get anything in return (probably not)? My concern is , he's released, the bum comes to his senses, goes to another team, then becomes a pro bowl player if not a decent , reliable player and the Titans get nada!
  5. As an optimist, I wanted to at least give him more than enough chances too right the ship. If that photo is accurate and not photoshopped, the Titans need to get some cash back, pronto. He'll be broke soon. Remember, you never lose women chasing money, but you always lose money chasing women! Damn!
  6. I don’t blame you. I’ve been debating whether to keep it or not. Too expensive
  7. What team is this masquerading as the Titan D? Yes!!!
  8. Speaking of Borders , shouldn't he be off that Covid list soon? Decent player with a good skill set.
  9. I hope it’s a legit DC and not a Vrabel lackey! Can Pees come back for the playoffs?
  10. Perfect speech before Rocky’s next fight given by Mick! Cut me Mick...
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