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  1. Coaches may have been resting Henry for the second half because of temp
  2. I’m gonna watch Jackson more closely for the next few games. What is his cb rating? Not a good pr and a questionable db.
  3. I like Sidney. You’re right about everything! I remember he lateraled a ball on special teams that back fired. Then I think he attempted to Lateral again on the next st possession. Oh well...
  4. I forgot, I also rooted for Houston all the time against Pittsburgh. Heartbroken over the missed call (Mike Renfro). It was a touchdown, look at it on YouTube
  5. In 1989, I think,I won a football pool because I picked Houston over Washington. It was the game I think that Robert Brazile levelled Joe Theismann. Been a fan ever since, not looking back and no second team!! DCTitan