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  1. The dink and dunk, use the clock and tire the D. Same game plan by opposing teams week after week
  2. Didn’t the Steelers drum that same pitch play a few weeks ago
  3. Disrespecting our D big time by going for in 4th diwn
  4. That’s my quarterback
  5. Thasomy quarteback!😢
  6. 9 who’s Tucker? I can’t remember.
  7. Having a legit speed rusher may have prevented Mahomes's touchdown when he scrambled late in the 2nd quarter of the AFC championship.
  8. DCTitan here. Im a native Washingtonian (DC) and became an Oiler then Titan fan when I won a football pool in 1989 by one game. That game, I picked the Oilers over the Skins and won a whooping 33 dollars, Been a die hard, only team fan since. Back then I could only keep up with the Oilers by reading newspapers from Houston which were purchased from the international news stands in DC. Funny story, during our Super Bowl run I forgot my wife's birthday, cause I was living breathing Oilers/ Titans!! I was watching the replay of the Jacksonville -Titans AFC championship when my wife walked in to the room with a piece of birthday cake. My response" You didn't buy me a piece of cake!? She quietly ate the slice of cake then left and sang "Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me... I just sat there. Titans fans, the next few weeks were a very difficult time in my life (if you know what I mean). Titan for life!!!
  9. Heck, and consider bringing back Wake for one more year.

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