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  1. Yes. How could I forget. He was hovering at mid to late 50% percentage. Even Mary was over 60%
  2. That and he had no network. He spent 30 years in the same franchise,so he scrambled for assistants for the ones he didn't keep from Fish head.
  3. When people debate best year for a Titan roster, IMO I think 2019 can enter the conversation at the very least.
  4. Munch was a better coach than the shit roster he had to work with. I don't think Munch was even that good but with a decent roster at least would have made the playoffs in 2011. Kinda shocked we even got to 9-7 with Jake Locker and noodle arm leading the team. If we did prob taken Denvers place and then gotten hammered again that year by Pitt. Webster was awful though. He was bad at drafting minus the odd stand out here and there. He hired Wiznut to a 5 year deal.
  5. Looking back at the Titans rosters from 2011-2015. I'm Amazed how many games we did win with those scraps.
  6. Was he even on the team last year? I honestly forgot all about him
  7. You had to sniff your own to get the scent first.

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