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  1. Bring on the embarrassing 59-0 loss! More pressure on Vrabel the better
  2. It only took ruining the season and possibly altering the career of the best punter the NFL might have ever seen. Only this franchise can be that inept.
  3. Fuck. Are those jobs salary or by the game? Hope NFL has good medical for guys like that.
  4. What's the excuse this week Vrabel knob gobblers?
  5. Nice. More losses the better esp blown chances. So more ammo against vrabel and higher draft picks.
  6. No love for Rusty Smith? Longest neck in Titans history!
  7. Wasn't it the Hulk or Godzilla at some point?
  8. Never heard of him. Fucking 2007? Holy fuck And I thought old cunt mcfuckface Joel was slow on the news from being 98 years old with dementia.
  9. Another year another Utes win over Colorado even if the Utes were down to the water boy playing QB
  10. I had a dream last night that the Titans lost 16-17 to the Panthers. So maybe this means they win tomorrow.
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