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  1. He will ask a coach what he should think of himself and then agree with that coach and try to do better.
  2. I know. AFC Central is long dead. Only rivals we currently have are in the division. I will say I don't hate any team within the division as much as I did the Ravens back in the day. Now they are just another team to me.
  3. F1 is actual racing. Nascar is pure fucking shit. Redkeck shit. Can't convince me otherwise.
  4. Are people still holding on to the Oilers-Steelers thing? It's just another team now.
  5. Yes, it's a redneck thing. It's fucking garbage. At least we got Ricky Bobby out of it.
  6. First one aged like shit. Was good at the time but is so groan-worthy now. CGI looks laughable now as well.
  7. Then he told his wife about some racist mother fucker white dude next door who called him a raccoon.
  8. The league will be called off at halftime.
  9. Does anyone remember the film The 6th Day? it came out in 2000 and the opening of the film takes place in 2020 during an XFL game.
  10. Boy, if Bills fans had an original thought they would die of loneliness.
  11. LA missed its chance to call them the LA Lynx. Battlehawks is stupid. Why not just Blackhawks?
  12. Man ESPN NFL 2K5 was so ahead of its time. It had a first-person mode in the game. That game is still the best NFL game. Now I bet Madden does it.
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