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  1. I don't know. It just doesn't feel right. We saw her at like 10 years old. Sure she grew up but that maybe part of it. This is one scene they didn't need to go HBO On if they had to do it.
  2. It was Maise the whole time. Read up on it last night. She did it. Which makes it worse.
  3. That scene with Ayra was stupid. The whole calm before the storm cliche was poorly done esp Jamie Knight scene. That felt tacked on as did the song. Everything in this episode is a worn out cliche. Like the writers watched Lord of the Rings films and played Dragon Age Inquisition. That was just a mess of an episode.
  4. Rudy & Mitchel are real stars but no one else is. DM is still really young and has time to get better. Rudy is now hitting is stride as one of the better big men. Defensive player of the year last year and 305 dunks in one year with 66% shooting. They need another guy to go to and they are still young. This is just not the year for them. If Houston can get past GS then I don't see anyone stopping them.
  5. Only guessing. Likely the headphones and works into their new VR wireless set.
  6. Remember the mournefest for Titanfire. Oman was not there to laugh.
  7. If his body held up better I'd love to see him run more. He's aggressive and fierce. I also love his attitude when he puts up big blocks for Henry. I also hate when he runs and blocks for Henry. Every time I feel this is it. This is where he gets knocked out of the game/season.
  8. This time we will need 3 jobs to get it unlike PS3 when they said you should get 2 jobs to afford it. All seriousness I will get it when it's $400 on sale or some trade in deal. I would trade in my PS4 for a rebate.
  9. I had no idea he was still in the league. Thought he drifted out of the league years ago. He amounted to as much as Finnegan when he left.
  10. I hope Marcus does do well but I expect him to sneeze and break his back. If Marcus is indeed done after this season I don't want another rookie QB. Just sign someone else,overpay if you have to I don't care. I just don't want another rookie time to develop QB. Tired of waiting. Just win now. I also just want to see Walker leave this franchise with a ring.
  11. Just win those first two. I know some dude elsewhere online who is convinced Browns are SB bowl bound this year and won't shut the fuck up about that twitter poll.
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