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  1. Is there any way this board can put an ignore for the ignore feature. I have had Simple cunt on ignoring for ages but I still see her name. Any way to just make it so I can't even see that? No, I don't know what she said above.
  2. Congrats to Gobert for his second DPOY. Deserved.
  3. This thread is why you say no to drugs. A hophead made this topic.
  4. If I wanted to kill myself I would climb Simple Jakes ego and jump to his IQ. Unrelated picture of a Creatonotos gangis moth.
  5. HAHA! His star is now officially going to be removed from the Walk of fame.
  6. It happened. Traded 2 scrubs and an aging player who can't play for more than 5 min for Mike Conley. I'm happy.
  7. Pencils in the peehole feel great
  8. I hope Gobert, Spida, and Conely happen next year. That would be amazing. Huge upgrade over Rubio.
  9. I hope hteLaker continue to underperform. If the Jazz land Conely they will be more dangerous than LA or Thunder. I hate California teams. I prefer seeing underdog small market teams win.
  10. Your avatar is perfect enough for this response.
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