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  1. Josh Johnson was going to debut in the AAF but got the call from Washington and he did a decent job. Gilbert will get a call. Mkay might as well. Sanchez might.
  2. Yup. Even XFL in 2001 had good ratings first 2 weeks but dropped off after that. I do think AAF is putting on better quality football and it has the benefit of not having Wrestling stories or Jessie Ventura being the worst announcer ever. Oh, and XFL football quality was shit, to say the least. AAF has a better chance but we shall see if it ends up having similar problems as past leagues esp the more recent UFL.
  3. Stallions are shit. If they play like this next week I'm out. I don't want to invest in another losing team.
  4. Arizona/Salt Lake Game has no sound. No Network markers on the field. This is bad. The camera is madden view. This is fucking awful.
  5. Going to watch The Stallions tonight. If this league succeeds as a developmental league (the NFL seems to be embracing it with scouts at the games and future games to air on NFL Network) then next season Vince will once again face a rival called The Alliance but this time he can't dictate how it ends. XFL once again wants to challenge the NFL and I dunno who they get to play for them. AAF has NFL scraps so XFL gets AAF scraps?
  6. Sanchez on San An made a Byard like INT in the endzone. Some good defense on display tonight.
  7. You know I thought I was going to retire doing this on this site because I kinda got tired of the act. Now I am saying this not as an online persona but genuinely from the bottom of my barely working heart. You're one dumb cunt and blocked. Don't @ me
  8. I like smaller leagues as good things can come from them. XFL was bad but it had some innovations. Mic'd players/coaches. Locker room cameras. Sky cam and the handheld camera on the field. USFL gave the NFL Reggie White. Herschel Walker & Steve Young. Arena Football League gave the NFL Kurt Warner. AAF has some nice rule changes and being a developmental league hopefully can stick around to fill in for NFL Europe. I want this league to succeed. Bill Polian doesn't want to challenge the NFL ever.
  9. It's a developmental league. NFL needs something like this. It's been needed since NFL Europe shut down.
  10. Rooting for the hometown team tomorrow. Stallions. Just not letting myself get too involved as a fan. Can't do that anymore.
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