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  1. So many triggered fragile middle aged white men in this thread.
  2. You have been riding motorcycles since they were invented in 1885?
  3. Trump. Hitler was at least intelligent. Had a goal in mind. Had a method to his madness. Trump is just a fucking retard with Frontotemporal Dimentia on top of being retarded. He seems to also bring out the in closet gay retards named Denali. Tux. Rolltard and more.
  4. Don't give a fuck about kneeling. He was just a lousy QB. He's in his 30s now. He was bad in his prime. He's been out of the game for years so he would be worse now.
  5. Back the truck up! Ravens fans are just a Heap of crybabies!
  6. 99 Jags had a soft schedule. They were a 10-6 team against a real schedule that ended 14-2 in the easiest one.
  7. Take it to the politics forum you fucking Trumptard. Get your anal leakage out of here and shove a rusty spiked dildo up your ass.
  8. White people trying to say what isn't racist is hilarious.
  9. I bet he had some ribs removed so he could bend in half to fuck his eye hole.
  10. Season is a 8 week playoff plus SB. You need to go 9-0 to win it all
  11. Thor is the kinda of person who believes stuff he reads in the Onion

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