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  1. Sharpe fucked up. He is what he is, at this point.
  2. After they selected Marcus, I had the same reaction as Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter. Scouting report was a huge red flag and I didn’t think he looked great during workouts. His footwork is a nightmare, which creates accuracy issues that he doesn’t have the arm strength to overcome. His limitations as a pocket passer and unwillingness to pull the trigger leads to drive-killing sacks. Its time to make the change.
  3. Sharpe’s lack of situational awareness should not be absolved in an effort to lump more blame on Marcus. He has to know where the first down marker is and should take blame for a stupid play. Marcus is limited as it is; additional stupidity is a killer.
  4. Take him out. Put someone in who will pull the trigger
  5. Watch how many throws he makes using his upper body only. It’s part of the reason the balls sail on him and lack zip. He has to step into them to get more velocity. It’s maddening that he basically throws flat footed.
  6. it's almost like his scouting report was 100% accurate. Who knew, other than people that read it before he was drafted??
  7. Brady will come back. Why wouldn’t he? He has a very real chance to put the Patriots ahead of all other teams with 7. It’s a shit division that they should win easily, probably securing a first round bye in the process. KC and Indy will probably only be the teams with realistic chances to beat them, but BB will come through again. He wasnt good tonight, save one drive, but he ain’t done.