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  1. Brady will come back. Why wouldn’t he? He has a very real chance to put the Patriots ahead of all other teams with 7. It’s a shit division that they should win easily, probably securing a first round bye in the process. KC and Indy will probably only be the teams with realistic chances to beat them, but BB will come through again. He wasnt good tonight, save one drive, but he ain’t done.
  2. It was pretty brutal. They’d interview these slobs on the local news and most of them wanted Foles to start from day 1 of the season. Wentz goes down, the media questioned if Wentz was injury prone, Foles beats the Rams and Texans, then the Saint Nick stuff started. I doubt he’s a diva, but I’m sure it was tough to stomach them chucking him to the curb and annointing the backup as the savior.
  3. Offer three first rounders. If they bite, trot him out at the draft to announce the second round pick.
  4. The fanbase wants Foles and the Philly media isn’t far behind. I’m sure Wentz isn’t happy with the Saint Nick stuff. Robinson should at least send out some feelers but I doubt Howie is that stupid.
  5. All because some retard lined up offsides on a play that resulted in an INT.
  6. They can’t cover Edelman to save their lives
  7. To be fair, if some numbnuts doesn’t line up offsides, it would have been a turnover a few plays back.
  8. Looking for the home run ball on every play. Now brady has has a ton of time
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