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  1. Politics comes before everything with the leftwing on this forum....
  2. This is to all the ticket Nazis on this forum. I shelled out 6 grand in 1998 for 4 lower level PSLs and $1500 for the tickets.( Now the tickets are almost 4 grand a year.) Everyone had the same opportunity I had to purchase these seats. For the first ten years or so I had friends beg me to go to the games . Now that the novelty of going to a NFL game has worn off and 80 inch TVs are common place, my friends no longer want to go, even though I never charged them one dime. Any tickets I don't use are always for sale on the Ticket Exchange. Some for less than face value. I have offered my seats here several times in the past for as low as a third of face value and not once had a taker. I see PSLs for sale all the time on the WEB. If you want Titans fans to fill those seats all you have to do is buy them. If you don't like who I sell my tickets to.....KISS MY ASS! P.S. I've been to a few away games and I have never once been asked who I rooted for before purchasing those tickets...As it should be.
  3. Caught 50 Channels on 120 jugs last Friday using live Tuffy minnows. Sadly no Flatheads though.
  4. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=kingpin+ishmael+sees+his+tattoo&view=detail&mid=9435964D2FFEF0CC74599435964D2FFEF0CC7459&FORM=VIRE
  5. He's probably tired of doing her by now. Remember, no matter how hot a girl is, there's someone out there who's tired of screwing her.
  6. You're the POS that said you were gonna "fuck up Trump supporters".....All I'm saying is if you feel froggy , JUMP
  7. Not even talking about the military you POS....But the military did vote for Trump almost 2 to 1
  8. LOL, Trumps side has like 8 trillion bullets... Your side doesn't even know which bathroom to use.
  9. Think he misunderstood what was meant by "line coach" ...
  10. Woodyard having a nice season so far. He is in almost all tackles for loss.
  11. If he would have said he liked the First Amendment and dicks CNN would have given him a job.
  12. Insurance companies force most employers to drug test.