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  1. Tannehill cannot compete with Allen, Mahomes, Burrow, probably soon Herbert…in the playoffs. EVEN with our defense BALLING OUT we could not beat Burrow. Any win against them in the playoffs would require a PERFECT team effort on all sides of the ball with some lucky breaks. You can’t expect that 2-3 times in a ROW to get to the Super Bowl.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/aaron-rodgers-uncertain-on-packers-future-ranking-the-qbs-12-most-likely-teams-for-2022-season/?fbclid=IwAR173zd3M2PD5uE3rHCr9AU4UR79V2dH1qvsKKt4_xoTV4F_WtUDexUDmY8
  3. An exercise in futility. Our decent QB can’t win in the playoffs…so we just spin our wheels just to stay in the same place. Are you all familiar with the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. That’s us next year.
  4. How will any of these cuts or potential signings fix the Tannehill problem. Don’t Look Up!!
  5. What you do after cutting Henry? Rely on Foreman/Hilliard? What would you do with the 9mill saved? Put it toward the O line? Pass catching TE? A true slot receiver? How would that help Tannehill not making critical mistakes at critical times/playoffs? You can’t fix Tannehill’s ceiling with weapons or protection. What we saw this year is the best we will ever do with him: some good games and an early exit from the playoffs. Ill still follow my team next year…but I got way too invested to have this kind of outcome. This kills me. And I see no reason to think 2022 will go any better. To go far into the playoffs or win the super bowl, you need an elite top 5 Qb or maybe a top 10 who doesn’t make critical mistake and has weapons. We don’t have that. We won’t have it next year. we don’t know when we’ll have it.
  6. He’s a very good QB. He’s not a playoff QB. I don’t really care what he does in the regular season anymore. It just doesn’t matter.
  7. Yep. That’s almost more depressing than being 2-15.
  8. What is really sad is other teams that have Mahomes and Josh Allen and Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow… We’re just gonna be the decent team on the outside looking in for a while.
  9. Until the playoffs. Then Tannehill lost to the ravens. This is the pattern. Tannehill’s drop in stats during the season were more about injuries. His failures in the playoffs and key moments is just his own limitations.
  10. I don’t think you can “coordinate” past Tannehill. He has the arm and the talent to make all the throws. He’s a gamer who can make amazing plays… But he just can’t pull it together at a high enough level in the playoffs. He can’t do those things consistently to the point where he actually turn the ball over and cost games. There’s no magical coordinator that’s going to fix that.
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