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  1. The run defense is pretty solid. Taylor is just very good and they were playing nickel and dime for big portions of that game
  2. Farley is not gonna contribute in any meaningful way anytime soon. Maybe not even this year. People have to stop predicting he will be starting in week 16. He won’t. He shouldn’t be.
  3. Reynolds needs to heal the fuck up and get the fuck in the field and perform. This was a game we truly needed him.
  4. He’s going to get them. Roberson out, Weaver out, Dupree still has knee soreness
  5. Classic classic Titans. just can’t win the games they are supposed to
  6. Holy fucking talking points, , Batman! how many times are you going to mention the sacks?
  7. Yeah, you talk a big game but do you ACTUALLY SUPPORT MOTH-OWNED BUSINESSES?! Didn’t think so…. Moth love is more than just lip service, man.
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