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  1. Agree 100%. he’s often on my podcast rotation. I’m a Titans nut always looking for content. He brings 5x more content than anyone else (even if it’s diluted) and he freaking loves this team. Still prefer Music City Audible and F-Words podcast over him though.
  2. What people say when they are embarrassed they listen to him every day….
  3. I’m confused… I was told Trevor Lawrence had been crowned and was going to be the MVP…and the Jags we’re superbowl bound? Were these people just a pack of retarded dildos?
  4. UFO shit. Mexican “alien” photo shown at Mexican Congress a couple days ago (fake) and NASA is being forced to release classified intel to US Congress this month
  5. So you can have your account deleted. I’ve already seen this starting to creep into people’s posts…
  6. And just like that…the Titans no longer had a starting level QB on the roster. Up shits creek already
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