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  1. 41 TDS? +9 rushing? Gimmicky? He’s pretty good
  2. He only had one more shot because he stupidly didn’t run through a wide open lane to the end zone on 2nd and 3rd down.
  3. Fly a guy all the way out from the West Coast just cause he’s black? His schemes have a Shanny base which is a lot of what we run. He could keep our offense humming and add some wrinkles. We need to jump on the RPO train to better deal with stacked boxes.
  4. No. There is no reference to GMs...and you really shouldn’t hang your hat on Florio saying “people are saying” but whatever. It’s just click bait stuff. Allen is still a fun QB and you should be excited.
  5. It’s Florio on Pro Football Talk. You do know how he and that site tends to work right? It’s mostly just Clickbait stuff.
  6. Play calling could definitely improve... but the Titans offense was top 5/top 3 all season...averaging nearly 30 points a game. Th defense was in the basement for nearly everything except TO differential. It was historically bad...while the offense was historically good. There is no question where this teams main issues are and what the focus should be: it’s not “running on first down”.
  7. No one does. And he may not be kept...other than some form of assistant. I think we are all afraid Vrabel is turning the facility into a frat house with his buddies. I don’t think he is. I don’t think he ultimately would be allowed to. The window is small. Robinson and ASA have too much to lose.
  8. If he sticks with Bowen, he won’t escape shit. The media and fans are gonna hound him all offseason and the scrutiny he and Bowen would be under from the first snap of the season would be insane. The leash he would be on would get short and tight. I don’t think he wants that. Whatever his perceived ego issues are...ultimately I can’t believe he’s that reckless.
  9. I don’t see how he could even if he wanted to. How would he justify it? How would he stand in front of the team, media, the fans...Robinson and Adams-Strunk and say Bowen gets another year and it will be different? It would be such a stunning amount of myopic hubris. A comical level. Makes for dramatic, cloudy sky message board material but... I don’t see it.
  10. I really don’t think he will stick with Bowen. He knows how bad the defense was and he knows coaching was at least part of that. If he doesn’t pick a new coordinator and stays with Bowen the shit storm he is going to have to deal with all off-season will be immense. And from the very first snap of the season, if our defense is still terrible, the backlash and fire he is going to feel from the media, the fans, and his boss and owner is going to be unbearable. I can’t imagine he wants to deal with that.
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