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  1. I honestly don’t start giving a shit until the preseason games….
  2. Exactly. All that matters is game performance. Save the drill highlights/trick shot shit for Gatorade commercials.
  3. I mean, statistically, highly unlikely a 2nd rd pick becomes a franchise guy. but the guy has enough traits and drive that he will at probably at least develop into a journeyman QB with an average career. i think he has a high floor.
  4. People putting a lot of negative stock in one clip of Levis missing a net on a throw with zero context. internet sport fans, man. Petulant, impulsive toddlers.
  5. Hope springs eternal!! No way Titans sign him
  6. Sad…but true. he should be chasing a ring.
  7. Ah, he’s doing that “derp” thing again! waiving the white flag…
  8. Lol at the over-the-rainbow release
  9. I’m gonna be on Germany in November! In Frankfurt too.. fucking A. Need tickets.
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