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  1. Richard is one I was thinking. Would be a nice complement to Henry. Chris Thompson is another, but he’s hurt all the time.
  2. @stormi Lots of discussion on Clowney here:
  3. The list is in the 2nd tweet, which should be free for anyone to read. For some reason, Silva linked to it as a reply to another tweet so I can't post just that tweet on its own.
  4. He was, but most consider it to be a little artificial because the Titans gave him help often his first year.
  5. One thing I will add that I haven’t seen a lot of people mention...in his end of year presser when asked about all the pending FAs, Vrabel talked specifically about having to take emotion out of it. Probably just Belichick-coach speak, but my initial reaction was that he could very well be talking about Henry.
  6. Yep. If we’re playing it “by the book” then letting Henry walk is the right move. But it’s not like the Titans are strapped for cash. As long as they have enough money to address their other big needs and can structure the deal properly, then I have no problem with re-signing Henry. They just need to hedge their bets by drafting one in the first 3 rounds who can take over for Lewis and eventually take over for Henry.
  7. I only looked at RTs, but older LTs potentially wanting to move over could be an option as well.
  8. Yeah, that's my hesitancy. It's terrible from a cap number. I'd rather extend Tannehill and tag Henry.
  9. Interesting. I'd rather they extend him with a deal they could get out of after a few years, but I don't hate the tag option either. I'd bet they're working toward a long-term deal, but may use the tag to guarantee he doesn't go anywhere else.
  10. PK, Davenport, and others in the media have maintained for a while now that Conklin is highly likely to be playing for a team other than Tennessee in 2020. It's starting to feel that way to me as well. Of course, this leaves a massive opening at a key starting position along our offensive line. So who would you all like to see as potential replacements? Here are a few names to get us started. Dennis Kelly (Titans) This one should be the absolute floor. Kelly is a great backup OL, but struggled during his time as a starter at LT. He's more serviceable at RT, but still probably not a quality long-term option. He would also need a new contract, but should come much cheaper than Conklin. Bryan Bulaga (Packers) Bulaga is 31 and has already had one big payday. This could be his last chance to score another long-term deal. Most consider him to still be one of the better RTs in the game; however, he has a lengthy injury history. If the Titans are willing to pay up for Bulaga then it probably makes more sense to just pay Conklin instead. Most sites seem to have Conklin rated as a notch above Bulaga, but that's mostly due to the age difference and injury history. Halapoulivaati Vaitai (Eagles) Vaitai is only 27 and performed admirably over the years filling-in for Lane Johnson. He has started 20 games during his 4-yr career in Philly. Vaitai could be seen as a potential "good value" signing with a bit of upside as well. Demar Dotson (Bucs) If the Titans prefer the cheaper veteran route, Dotson would be a potential candidate. He's serviceable and has been a starter since 2012. Throughout that time though, he's missed significant time over the years and has started 16 games only twice. Mike Remmers (Giants) Remmers is another vet with experience, but we're well into the "Dennis Kelly" level of experience by this point. If we're having to look at a guy like Remmers, we might as well just have Kelly and pair him with a draft pick. Draft pick Should we lose Conklin, this one is almost a given regardless of who we sign. The only question is how soon. Picking so late this year, we can't go into the draft hoping to get our day 1 2020 starting RT. Personally I think a guy like Vaitai could be an interesting option paired with a mid-round rookie. If we can get Kelly on a team friendly deal then perhaps we could have Vaitai, Kelly, and a rookie since we know Kelly can play multiple spots.
  11. Yeah I checked after I posted that and he's the only starting QB to have ever won a SB with different teams. And to be fair to Manning, he did have 3 out of 4 very solid seasons - including one record breaking season - with Denver. That was a completely different situation though, imo. For one, he was much younger than Brady and Indy only moved on because he missed an entire year and Luck fell into their laps.
  12. Manning, although the year he won it in Denver was on the back of the defense.

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