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  1. This was my question in a twitter reply to him. Even when you factor in a regression, does he really think there are going to be better options in FA or late in round 1? Because I'm not seeing them.
  2. If you click the link in the first tweet, the title of the article is "The Titans would be foolish to make a long-term bet on Ryan Tannehill's sudden greatness." Pretty sure that's a devil's advocate view to paying him long-term.
  3. Since this moment, he's backed it up. I've seen/heard very little of him in the media. Also saw this on Football Outsiders today: LT Taylor Lewan, TEN: Titans were No. 1 in adjusted line yards for November; only two blown blocks.
  4. Usually when I'm this hyped for a game, the team lets me down in epic fashion. Something just feels different with this team though. Really hope the boys get it done this Sunday. If so, it will make the Saints game much less stressful.
  5. Can we ban them from the playoffs, give the Bills the division, and free up an extra wild card spot?!
  6. 😂 Big change in setup since those days!
  7. Going live now on twitch and talking some NFL/Titans stuff if anyone is interested.
  8. I think I may do an nfl segment for the stream tonight. They’re playing too good for me not to mention it.
  9. They win the division and I’ll come out of retirement for an episode.
  10. I bet you can guess 2 of them, but the 3rd will be a surprise to some. They are... - Ryan Tannehill - AJ Brown - Tye Smith
  11. I'd probably give the nod to Tomlin or Harbaugh at this point. The fact that the Steelers are anywhere close to contending is insane with what they've been through. Harbaugh for letting Lamar being Lamar and building the team around him. Vrabel definitely deserves credit though considering how the season has turned around. He's probably in the top 5 for sure.
  12. The Texans have a really strange win/loss pattern this year: L W W L W W L W W L W W L