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  1. Jonboy

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    What a roller coaster ride this thread has been!
  2. Jonboy

    Path to the Playoffs

    I'm not so sure. I think I'd take them over New England, Baltimore, or Pittsburgh. They'd be favored against us too. I think the only teams I'd definitely take over the Texans would be SD and KC. The AFC is more open that people think. Chargers and Chiefs are the clear favorites in my eyes, but one of them is going to be stuck playing on Wild Card Weekend.
  3. Nice gesture from Pedigree here.
  4. Jonboy

    Dennis Kelly

    I hadn't considered the trade angle. Tackles are always at a premium for sure. I'd hate to lose our depth there because we've certainly needed it often since we signed Kelly. If he's clearly the better player next year though, then they need to figure something out because he needs to be out there.
  5. Jonboy

    Dennis Kelly

    I honestly wonder if they would consider moving Conklin to guard next year and making Kelly a full-time starter. I know Conklin has had the injury so it's been hard to gauge his year 2. Kelly has been solid all year though. If the goal is to put the best 5 offensive linemen out there, Kelly would have to be in the top 5. Definitely a good problem to have.
  6. Jonboy

    current 2019 NFL draft order

  7. Jonboy

    current 2019 NFL draft order

    Jags currently picking in the top 5. They have to go QB.
  8. Jonboy

    Dennis Kelly

    Kelly, Pees, and Henry all received game balls.
  9. Jonboy

    Around the NFL Week 15

    Philly keeps their playoffs hopes alive. Gives them something to keep playing for next week at home against Houston.
  10. Nope. PK is hearing Ryan and Finch are done. Nothing confirmed.
  11. I thought the injuries were piling up but tried not to think about during the game. End of the year, on the road, and in terrible weather. It’s a terrible scenario to be in. Ryan is the one that really hurts. He’s been stellar. Hopefully he can make it back for the Colts. Btw, “done for the year” always makes it sound like some horrific injury but that isn’t necessarily the case when there’s only 2 weeks left. Disinterested? We’re in the middle of a playoff race. Pull yourself together man. Next man up.