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  1. Looked like he was out for a Monday morning stroll on that TD pass. Absolutely no panic at all.
  2. Mahomes is nuts. Btw, love the play where he was "blocking" for the RB by getting in the way, but never making contact. Knows how to protect his body.
  3. Jonboy

    Giants Week

    Stephon Gilmore could probably fill him in.
  4. Jonboy

    When Stephen A. Smith Talks NFL...

  5. Jonboy

    Nintendo Switch Thread

    Dude...have you guys played through Classic mode with many characters yet? There are some surprise bosses at the end on a lot of the characters. At least, they've been a surprise for me. This is one reason I've tried to avoid preview coverage of games more and more. I had absolutely no idea these were in the game and was completely floored. Classic mode bosses that have surprised to far...Link, Duck Hunt Dog, and Simon. Here's me encountering the boss (don't watch if you want to experience it yourself): **Spoiler in the Title**
  6. I'm kind of excited to see what Firkser looks like with more playing time. How long can he keep that streak alive?
  7. Jonboy

    John DeFilippo fired

    Yeah that seems a little fast. Must have butted heads with Zimmer. I'd expect him back in Philly pretty quick.
  8. Of course not, but it seemed as if he was talking a 2-way tie with NE.
  9. Man, it has to be frustrating to see 2 of your top picks flourish after being traded to other teams. Then you get fired. Gruden strikes again.