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  1. Yeah I could see new head coaches and rookie QBs really struggling this year with how limited all the offseason stuff is going to be.
  2. I would understand it more if we had a lot of draft capital this year, but we’re actually pretty low on early to mid picks.
  3. Gotta be honest...not a fan of the offseason plan so far. Not saying “the sky is falling” by any means but we have several big concerns and few draft picks to fill them with.
  4. Further increases the likelihood that Kelly is your starting RT.
  5. Lol. Why didn’t we match this? Must have really wanted him gone.
  6. With things officially shutting down at COB today, I had wondered if we might see a flurry of moves.
  7. Btw...who would've predicted Sims signing before Ryan? Such a weird offseason.
  8. Keep adding to that comp pick formula!
  9. That's a bit of stretch in the modern NFL.

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