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  1. The sooner all cars are self-driving, the better off we'll be. We should make significant progress with this over the next 20 years.
  2. Yeah this is just the highlights. Full episode is on podcast services for download.
  3. This podcast is already pretty amazing. Compton and Lewan are great at this. I'm actually surprised the Titans PR department is even allowing it, tbh.
  4. Have people actually knocked him for this? I think most are glad he's trying to do something to help combat the injuries.
  5. Speaking of bizarre edits, I don't think I've seen anyone mention this yet from the finale. Remember how Jon confronted Grey Worm as they were executing the Lannister soldiers? Davos pulls Jon away and says let's talk with the queen. When Jon gets to Dany...Grey Worm is already there! I noticed it live and immediately had to shake my head.
  6. They asked Rodgers if he was satisfied with the end. 😆
  7. Also, made a separate thread for this one: - 5/30 Updates start on page 52.
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