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  1. Are the Texans going to have any draft picks left?
  2. In the article from Rapoport that @OILERMAN posted yesterday, he said the Titans would listen to offers for Mariota. Just highly unlikely anyone would want him with his salary (and performance, for that matter).
  3. Boys...we got ourselves a football player right here.
  4. Not only did they see more targets overall as a duo, each guy was targeted more than any other game this year with MM at QB. Keep in mind, this is me just looking at targets. We're not even considering how many were/weren't catchable passes. Week 1 (CLE) Davis 3 Brown 4 7 total Week 2 (IND) Davis 5 Brown 5 10 total Week 3 (JAX) Davis 4 Brown 5 9 total Week 4 (ATL) Davis 6 Brown 3 9 total Week 5 (BUF) Davis 4 Brown 2 6 total Week 6 (DEN) Davis 5 Brown 4 9 total Week 7 (LAC) Davis 7 Brown 8 15 total
  5. I'm torn on this one. I get what he was trying to do (preserve enough time for our offense to have a shot).
  6. In the heat of the moment I absolutely wanted him to challenge, but he's 100% right about this.
  7. I only caught part of it but I heard Fouts say something about a player saying Tannehill threw much harder than MM. Did anyone catch the player he was talking about?
  8. Jury is still out. Let’s see where things stand after more games with Tannehill.
  9. I mean...I think everyone knows we have an uphill climb. Schedule gets harder too. May have gotten a huge break with the Mahomes injury though.