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  1. Lol! Most people I wouldn’t say anything but you are always so on point with those things.
  2. Lol. Come on, Florio. 2 of those 4 years are part of Mahomes' rookie deal.
  3. @tgo I've wanted to ask you for so long...why do you always spell Mahomes with 2 m's on the second half of his name? 😆😆😆
  4. Why would he accept it when he didn't actually win it? Can't say I blame him on this one.
  5. This isn't nearly the detailed report we've come to expect from you, tgo. I'm not mad...just disappointed. 😜
  6. Seems even TR is just over it at this point 😆.
  7. I feel like we need another title change...
  8. You know Belichick is already trying to figure out how he can hire a GM, HC in waiting, and still keep all of his power over the org.
  9. ‘Titans’ was my #1 choice the moment that list came out.
  10. For me, there are too many unknowns and too many projections required to say - as it stands today - the roster is better. I think the key pieces lost are Conklin, Ryan, Casey, and Sharpe. and the biggest one that people keep forgetting...Dean Pees. Sure he’s not technically part of the “roster” but he has a big impact on the performance of the roster. Wilson might be better than Conklin, but there’s no way we’ll know how soon. The virus situation only further complicates this as he’s going to miss a ton of time to prepare. Good chance Kelly starts the year at RT and we already know he’s a slight downgrade. As for Logan Ryan, we know his limitations but he was a solid nickel and it’s a tall task to expect a 2nd round rookie with no offseason prep to replace him day 1 without any drop off. I totally understand the Casey move but the fact is he was still a productive player (watch the Baltimore playoff game) and a great locker room leader. I don’t view Simmons really as the replacement considering they played plenty together last year. They didn’t really replace Sharpe at all and he was a solid 4th WR. If you look at the pattern here, the team is largely relying on the improvement of rising stars last year and the rapid development of at least 2 rookies - actually 3 when you include Evans who will play meaningful snaps early. This is a completely acceptable approach and usually the preferred approach, but in an offseason where there’s basically no offseason - in terms of preparation and development- it makes me nervous. Then you combine that with the loss of Pees - who was known for doing a great job at hiding player weaknesses - it’s just really difficult for me to say the roster is “better” today on paper.

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