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  1. I guess my thinking was if they felt that good about him, then why isn't it already official? What would they need to wait for?
  2. Love it. Felt like people here were sleeping on him a bit. Day 1 Top 5 GM, am I right, @tgo?!
  3. Did you hear Sammy Watkins' comments the other day on LJ? Definitely something weird going on there.
  4. You over corrected after not accurately reading that Corey Davis was way more of a JRob guy than Mike Williams! 😜
  5. There’s nothing to indicate the Titans were even remotely interested. May have been a different story if they were.
  6. Ok I have to admit…well played, Trevor. Well played.
  7. Would be thrilled to get either of them after 2 years of what we’ve had. Would also indicate Vrabel is actually open to evolving his philosophy on offense.
  8. Welp... This thread has been an interesting read!
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