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  1. Yes. I absolutely loved the game plan. Would've been an offensive explosion had the Titans just protected the ball.
  2. Of course. But I don't think anyone would be thrilled with NWI being our WR1 regardless of opponent. I would expect AJ to miss some time. Hoping Julio is fine and they were just being cautious. I'm concerned about Dupree as well. Hoping they didn't rush him back too fast. Starting to wonder if it would have been better for him to start the year on IR.
  3. Bud Dupree - apparently was available vs Indy, but only for emergencies AJ Brown - Played 8 snaps before leaving the game with a hamstring injury; has been on the injury report most of the season missing days here and there each week I would guess AJ is out until at least the Buffalo game. They'll probably try and get through these next 2 without him. Those hamstring injuries can take so long to fully heal and with this being a 17-game season, I don't think Vrabel will take any chances with the star WR. Julio Jones - This one could be mainte
  4. Two big AFC contenders were very nearly 1-2. Ravens get saved by Tucker. Chiefs can't pull off the miracle against the Chargers.
  5. OMG Justin Tucker with a 66 yarder to save Baltimore against Detroit.
  6. It only wasn't convincing because of the turnovers. We turned it over 3 times to 0 for them...and won by 9. That's actually insanely hard to do.
  7. Only confusing part is on the TV broadcast they said they asked and the Titans side said "no injury update" for Julio. Maybe just Vrabel being his usual secretive self? They didn't have any issue telling them about AJ's hamstring earlier though...
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