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  1. The names PK says he would target are these guys and in this order: 1) Tyrod Taylor 2) Case Keenum 3) Ryan Tannehill 4) Blake Bortles
  2. I'm saying no way on this, but I'll go ahead and post since it's Titans related speculation.
  3. You mean season 8? Next to nothing has been leaked for this one. Season 7 had quite a few leaks though beforehand. The place you'd want to look is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/freefolk/ They had what was essentially the full plot before last season. Very little at all has been revealed this season though. All they have are a few set reports, who was filming at what location, and when. A few fake leaks here and there. So far, it seems like HBO has things locked down for the final season.
  4. Let's just go ahead and make this the FA news/info/rumors thread.
  5. So it was about his core all along, eh?
  6. It's in one of the tweets. He didn't come right out and say they would. Sounded like they wanted to use multiple styles. Is that even a thing when it comes to blocking schemes though? Don't most teams traditionally stick to 1? Edit: Never mind. I see your other post now.
  7. And another. Original report seems wrong at this point at least...
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