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  1. Looked like the Boston Globe article was behind a paywall so I couldn't pull from that. The tone doesn't strike me as all that different. The tweets are from Volin, the guy who wrote the Globe article.
  2. Mariota has reportedly done little to assert himself in camp this summer and is quickly losing ground to former Dolphins starter Ryan Tannehill… Volin also cited a recent ESPN report that suggested Mariota is “no lock” to start while noting that some of the team’s coaches prefer Tannehill. Even if Mariota is able to hold off Tannehill for the starting job, Volin said he figures to be on a “short leash…” https://thespun.com/nfl/afc-south/tennessee-titans/titans-mariota-tannehill-qb-job
  3. Great td throw to Delanie. That throw to Lewis though...yikes.
  4. What’s up with Landry not playing any so far this preseason?
  5. We better hope we have a top-5 defense.
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