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    EAT SHIT!!!

    THE ONLY REASON WHY THIS TEAM IS EVEN COMPETING AT 7-6 IS BECAUSE OF THE PLAYERS AND THEIR TALENT LEVEL!!! Everyone's favorite Mike Vrab-alls is a cocky, only-child, out-of-his-depth, stupid hire along with a kid named LaFleur that everyone seems to give more and more credit to for being mediocre... Oh, and because he came from the Rams. Just listening to the post game pressers and his attitude in general for a guy who hasn't done shit, let alone an all time NFL great linebacker, trying to emulate Belichick. So sad that this kid and other former and current players have to be caged and sidelined for almost an entire season, before a night like this happens and the realization of what we've always had gone to waste. NO WAY, NO HOW, IS THIS COACH AND HIS STAFF GOING TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP, LET ALONE STRUGGLE TO AT LEAST GET INTO THE PLAYOFFS!!! I MISS THE OLD DAYS OF NASHVILLE AND ITS FAN BASE, REPLACED BY A BUNCH OF MILLENNIAL BULLSHIT!!! All these years listening to so much of this fan stupidity and rah-rah egotistical posted crap - coupled with stupid avitar-sarcasm. "Is he a troll?" "What's with the CAPS?" "I'm going to win a Super Bowl on my PS4000!" Oh, but - HEY... This was ALLLL because of LaFleur and Vrabel, right??? Just like it was Sean McVay who drafted and built the players he has in L.A!
  2. TitanRein27

    EAT SHIT!!!

  3. The only reason why I even bothered posting this tonight was to start a thread for the intelligent fan base enacting as the Titans front office moving forward. And when I state the words, "front-office" - let's assume Robinson has been replaced by "you" and Strunk-woman-Adams has sold the franchise to cousin Al. I said it before and I'll say it again, stupid hire, stupid decision, and once again moving backwards in the a cloud of wishful-thinking-bullshit from trying to make Patriot garbage into a bed of roses. Hire McCarthy - Acquire Kareem Hunt for starters! He can push and beat my wife all he wants if that's what'll take to come to Nashville. Oh yeah; P.S........ Check out the great Vrabel locker room speech video... Then check out some of the players faces... Like an overweight Jurrell Casey and his man boobs. Luv' ya Casey, just saying.
  4. TitanRein27

    Dennis Kelly over Conklin

    Please delete this topic from the board.
  5. TitanRein27

    Colts Week

    Y'all wanna know the true worth of this coaching staff - coming off arguably the biggest win of the past ten years (regular season wise), here's the moment in doing so, and even more so than last week for the offense especially.
  6. TitanRein27

    Henry’s legs are why he’s not a power back.

    See posted topic - "Mariota finally tell LaFleur NO " - then substitute in the word "Henry" for Mariota.
  7. TitanRein27

    Mariota is finally telling LaFleur “No”

    FINALLY, some real intelligent insight! Good job .
  8. TitanRein27

    Week 5: Titans @ Bills Game Thread

    That's a fantastic pic!!! Great looking outfit!!!
  9. This truly was the turning point and great point made about the Alge Crumpler fumble and (last great Titanic chance to win a Superbowl in the Fisher days) after that second Ravens tragedy. Aside from Joe Flacco stepping out of the end zone, this was the most heartbreaking game that reminded me of when we lost to Kansas City in the Astrodome, feeling the dark ages coming. This is where a lot of fans started turning away like in Houston.
  10. Listening to his post game and the overall fan support in general for the past eight years, it's been pitiful when the opposing team in the NFL plays a home game when coming to Nashville. Miss the old days and Titans fans of yesteryear.
  11. TitanRein27

    Week 4: Eagles @ Titans Game Thread

    I don't know whether I should be happy, floored, astonished, or what?????????????? We get lucky with a pass interference call - drop a million passes - can't close the game out with four more yards - but do THAT!