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  2. You know what Mike, I gotta say, it's nice to see another fan be overly passionate and take the time to post knowledgeable franchise facts about the team. I very much respect that, regardless of how easy it is to be a fucking child and blast-back like an ignorant retard.
  3. Byeeeeee..... Don't let the door hit your vagina on the way out!
  4. Yes, Obi Wan. But the departure of many others and hiring of children were the main reason.
  5. 1. Stop paying Roger Goody Goodell $30 plus million a year. 2. Fire Goody. 3. Fire Vrabel. 4. Watch LaFleur and his great offense command Arron Rodgers to the end of his career. 5. Hire someone from Titansreport.com to coach the Titans.
  6. There's a lot of them, be specific for the blind, deaf and stupid.
  7. This is the most perfect statement in reasoning why our star quarterback did not play and indicative from past Adams family dealings. THANK YOU, for posting what every Titans fan should know to understand about why this franchise will never win a Super Bowl. I would've added this matter-of-fact to a previous post, but tired of all the back and forth bullshit.
  8. The New England experiment has failed and clearly wasn't gonna work in Nashville. There was no reason other than saving "quick face" in hiring this first year defensive coordinator after falling short in half-ass attempts to hire McDaniels. I proved a point to a friend of mine last night in not watching our season finale on the national stage. I literally recited the entire game on a recording hours before and predicted the score to be 30 - 14, as a friendly bet between fans. Everyone talked about last year's staff being so predictable. Yeah, right... Talk about predictable. Mariota was hurt and hurt again, because of the scheme. Having a thirty-year old kid calling the plays for the first time in his life doesn't help either. Imagine if the great Jon Robinson has the foresight to hire Nagy? What a genius he'd really be.
  9. This just made my night! Ho..... Ho..... Ho...... So official.
  10. It's official. Sunday Night NBC coming to Nashville!
  11. No, no, you mean "fixed." Yes, it's been fixed a while ago. The zebras like our blue better than theirs.
  12. And just like last year and the year before, the Tennessee Titans should be sitting at either 10-5 or 11-4, considering the ridiculous losses to both the Bills and Chargers with a dropped pass in the endzone from a garbage man off a practice squad and that famous 2 yard Vraballs / LeFleur two point conversion of failure. At least the other Mike also loss out on getting 10 wins in both 2016 and 2017, so I guess things even out. Sad that the talent on this team isn't truly realized outside of Nashville and brought to life with the right coaching. At least it gives our fans something to cheer for during the happy Holiday Season............. Ho..... Ho...... Ho.
  13. If the hire was to upgrade the franchise quarterback position and the fact that the front office felt as though Mularkey hit his ceiling, at the twelve game mark of this particular season when you look at the numbers in comparison to that Mularkey guy at the same time exactly one year ago, tough to make the argument of being the better. Not like the Patriots are the Patriots of old, just like the Packers weren't the Packers of old (back in 2016). Barack Obama was real good at looking and speaking the part in the world of silky smooth, but people were still broke, homeless and shooting others. Just like affordable health care doesn't necessarily mean guaranteed health care. Mariota is having his worse season as a pro, coupled with three drafts pick who by far aren't the significant reason for being 9-6, considering this team has been 8-6 three years in a row with both Mike Mularkey and Mike Vrabel. I guess you can also argue that it doesn't really matter who's coaching, as long as your name is Mike.... See another Mike guy back in 2011, as further reference. But one thing was glaringly more notable in the reality of Mike Mularkey (making all of us at the time thinking suicide)... He significantly transformed a 2-14, 3-13, NFL team into the best offensive numbers since 2003 both passing and running, and gave Mariota his best season as a pro almost winning 10 games. Not to mention doing something in the post-season even Fisher didn't do in Kansas City, during his first season with this franchise. Remember what that other guy Hanks told that other guy Damon in that war movie back when.... "Earn this!" Maybe some of us will simmer down and shut our front door if Mike Vrabel beats the Indianapolis Colts with Blaine Gabbert under center. Amazing how the smallest moments of success give both Matt LaFleur and Mike Vraballs so much admiration and glowing acclaim. It truly is the social media era of high minority, Kardashian-West, silicon-valley-age of what-have-you-done-for-me-lately.
  14. When you were a child and did something bad, did your brother or sister scold you and send you to your room for punishment? A child teaching a child pocket presence and how to throw the football is the problem. I'm hoping you got the analogy.
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