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  1. Hey Hall of Famer... Anyone who think Ruston Webster should get his due as a Titans fan should be automatically barred from the kingdom of Nashville forever!
  2. The same thing that happened to Tennessee in 2010.
  3. So stupid. Indicative of this football generation. One media article from another retard and all of a sudden Marcus Mariota is going elsewhere. Any intelligent enough fan of the game in general would instinctively know the piss poor decision making and coaching carousel the Titans front office have demonstrated in killing this kid's career. Then again, indicative of the Adams family - da, da, da, da ! ! Check out the youtube memory of the Cowboy and Eagle game back in 2010 - talk about tearing the walls down and the eight years that followed. Why don't you expert fans there in Nashville ask Lewan and company about what just happened offensively after the 2016 turn-around-campaign??? Second year Mariota under a Terry Robiskie and Jason Michaels, putting up the best numbers of his career throwing to a Rishard Matthews of all receivers outside of Walker. Oh, wait, that's right - sorry Vrabel, you guys didn't have Walker for 2018 so everyone gets a hall pass and the kid gets a head coaching position in Green Bay. Let's just get rid of him now and roll-the-dice again through the draft since everyone is so use to ten year playoff droughts around here.
  4. I also like their other guy next to the guy who didn't play but third string on the depth chart thats tall, too. Get some [email protected] Go Jonitans!
  5. Callidus, bro... Use that creativity and genius brain of yours. I'm sure you can find another memorable avatar for my poignant disposition buddy.
  6. I just happy we didn't overpay for Malcolm Butler and still have him. 4+7 = 89... I gootta go pee.
  7. I am - 5%47(; head. I hope I didn't hurt your vagina too much with all that hope and dream talk. Sorry.
  8. I'll make you a friendly proposition Mr. Legend. Play GM from this moment till the start of the season. Give me three definitive moves the Titans should make that will actually happen, and the outcome of this season in regard to the team overall and Mariota and the offense. If you hit anywhere close to the mark in playing the proxy here fictitiously, I will never post on this board again. C'mon, rock star... Help me clue in on that NFL team in Nashville, please.
  9. Ooooo, Ooooo, Ooooo, I know, I know, I-KNOW!!! YES - Okay...! Well, the Tennessee Jonitans are going to that same place where they always go on every January-trip... Watching the Super Bowl together with friends and family snuggled in front of a nice flat-LG, while the rest of us do exactly what we're doing at this very moment on every March and April-trip about hopes and dreams in actually playing one.
  10. Thank you Tom for clearing that up and hope you're right. I hate when ESPN does that!
  11. I think it's fair to say for every thumbs-UP about releasing Kline before the great Saffold upgrade to fill that other spot, we'll simply call the entire group including (Mr. $Lewan$) as underachieving one-hit-wonders. Just for the sake of consistently berrading Titans players who've always played to that very word. I wanna be like Tom Brady and that cool kid coaching the team from LA with the swirly-thing on their helmets, too. Hey, how's that Levitre guy doing??? At least LeFleur did a hell've lot more offensively than Robiskie and that Mularkey guy. Go Jonitans!
  12. Soooooo..... We spend $7.0 million more on Tannehill (great backup for the record - though only for 1 year), but release Kline in the process for not accepting a pay cut from $3.5.... Hello Jekyll, this is Hyde!
  13. Can you explain to me why the great Jon Robinson shelled out almost $9M per year for a fifth option receiver in Humphries when Woodyard is only making $2.56 per season average??? The sheer logic behind this idiotic move and decision making??? Oh, yeah... And had "second thoughts" about signing with the Titans - apparently. By the by - I'm sure you and I already know the answer.
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