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  1. Which 2-3 balls could have been intercepted? I think you're wrong because I thought the same thing too but once I replayed it. Not so much.
  2. He really didn't even throw any deep passes which makes it more impressive imo.
  3. Going for it was the absolutely the right call, not challenging the spot was beyond stupid especially when you have 3 timeouts. You have nothing to lose. Vrabel is below average as a coach in my opinion. Lots of guys on here like him because he hangs out in the break room with the staff.
  4. Chuck finally got some balls....
  5. Guess you keep looking the other way when you find out three GOP Senators agreed with Biden and the international community. Seriously a family member needs to tell you how dumb you’re looking.
  6. Word is Rudy is doing it pro bono so as to not increase his alimony payment.
  7. 🤣 Trump dummy cult: Hunter Biden was in no way qualified for his position In Ukraine! Trump dummy cult: Now Jared and Ivanka have big smart brains and need no experience. Jared already fixed the Israeli Palestinian conflict last Tuesday.
  8. Fucking dumb ass...did I mention Mariota? Get off Vrabel’s nuts. Go find a post of me praising Mariota...douche! I was just stating that Vrabel is an average coach and people should stop making excuses for him.
  9. Vrabel is not some great coach who is being held back. He’s very average.
  10. Love this thread...much needed @Jonboy
  11. Yeah the guy who looks at hands making predictions again.
  12. 🤣 you can't be serious... for a guy who gets attention because he plays with 2 elite receivers.
  13. Titans will be a perennial 8-8 or 9-7 team....if the Browns can attract players before the Titans then they'll never get ahead. Titans are forced to have to hit a home run on every draft pick or else.
  14. This is crap...I don't remember him complaining when Bell was getting both run and pass touches.