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  1. The play calling on the failed field goal when in the red zone lost the game. It was atrocious as hell.
  2. Love this thread...much needed @Jonboy
  3. Yeah the guy who looks at hands making predictions again.
  4. 🤣 you can't be serious... for a guy who gets attention because he plays with 2 elite receivers.
  5. Titans will be a perennial 8-8 or 9-7 team....if the Browns can attract players before the Titans then they'll never get ahead. Titans are forced to have to hit a home run on every draft pick or else.
  6. This is crap...I don't remember him complaining when Bell was getting both run and pass touches.
  7. Sigh...we still have these fake moralists acting as if they care about pregnant women.
  8. What does it matter? You'll say you don't believe the polls. In other words, try again.
  9. Felt like your Uncle sending you porn saying...Here are some closeups.
  10. You asked to whack off to her toes and she said no. You did it anyway and sent her the “after” picture. Then you were banned. Tell the truth.
  11. Check out these interesting stats...Titans are better at 3rd and long than 3rd and medium. Also, Qb passer rating outside the pocket...Mariota is at the bottom good at some other stuff. Titans don’t go 3 and out that much as I would think.