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  1. I wish people would stop putting this up. It’s such a bullshit stat.
  2. GoTitans is still around?
  3. Did you see the graphic when the Titans had 2nd and goal from around the 25?
  4. Damn, Clowney played a lot too. He mentioned his conditioning after the game.
  5. Are you currently working OT? My MiL keeps talking about this so i told her i would check with you. She's been railing everyday about it and the absentee ballots.
  6. Since you acknowledge that more whites are on government assistance, why aren’t you hearing “stories” about them? I have a story for you. A white parent was trying to get her 2nd child tested for special education so he could get disability benefits even though everyone knew the kid was fine cognitively. So yeah ...
  7. Sigh...there are significantly more white people on government assistance who work the system.
  8. I saw a poster on Reddit say...”I didn’t think I was a racist but I was totally unsympathetic to the black man’s plight.” That in a nutshell is what a lot of whites feel and thus the term, Black Lives Matter.
  9. Why don’t you fucking ask them? And stop propping up the cops acting like they have some special innate ability to spot suspects. Some of them play a numbers game, harass enough until they get the right person.
  10. Nah he said he slowed down and was mad about it and no way he should have been caught.
  11. Tampa is not going to pay him top $$$ when he only has one other suitor basically.
  12. So where are all of the people who swore that Locker was the man and don't bother with old Peyton?
  13. Honestly....Mahomes is good but check those stats when Hill was out.
  14. I would take Brady too. I'm not falling for the "We good with Jake Locker" okie-doke again.

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