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  1. Wow. Read this book back in 2000...outstanding. Can't remember a thing about it though probably worth a re-read
  2. Tampa is not going to pay him top $$$ when he only has one other suitor basically.
  3. So where are all of the people who swore that Locker was the man and don't bother with old Peyton?
  4. I think the game plan was great to be honest. Go back and look at the game, damn near every throw Mahomes threw was off schedule. He had to go nearly every progression and they ran the ball a lot more instead of passing.
  5. Honestly....Mahomes is good but check those stats when Hill was out.
  6. I would take Brady too. I'm not falling for the "We good with Jake Locker" okie-doke again.
  7. Here’s the one for today
  8. Like these better than Othello’s
  9. @Jamalisms lil homie is something else
  10. I was just about to say....there you go Stan...help us out.
  11. He is about 55% in warm weather so cold weather is going to bring that down. Dribblers & Squibs!! Nice bar name
  12. Dribblers today, give them the 35 yard line today. Think of it as Mahomes completed a screen pass for 10 yards...no big deal. Joseph can’t get it in end zone in warm weather...no way in cold weather.
  13. Your point about Finch is valid, I just couldn’t tell if it was effort or not. Maybe Roberson is better or maybe Finch was hurt because he did fail a physical.

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