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  1. The key to the whole Henry performance thing was when Vrable said he thought they needed to do a better job getting him out of the backfield. Meaning the blocking, especially the perimeter blocking, sucked. The O-line was struggling with the ZBS and the TEs were close to worthless at blocking. Early in the season they had 4 TEs and none of them could block worth a shit. By seasons end both the O-line and the TEs were fairly respectable.
  2. But Americans have learned that those "cheaper" goods are often junk. We've become a throwaway/disposable society. And then we bitch about the waste we're generating. That's a "well duh!" situation if I ever saw one. That's the cost I was talking about. The key to surviving a tariff war is to have an economy with inherent strength. Not one propped up by artificially low interest rates and printing presses running full time creating cash out of thin air. Which is what Bush and obama both did. Their attempts at tariffs failed for sound reasons.
  3. Comparing their performances after leaving N'ville says otherwise. The crop of WRs Mariota has been throwing to for the last two years is either gone or just now coming into their own, and it's almost guaranteed another one of them loses their job before the season starts. JRob won't keep 7 WRs active. Out of Batson, Jennings, Sharpe and Taylor, one of them will be gone. We'll see if whomever it is can land a starting spot elsewhere, or if they go the way of Wright and Hunter or DGB and end up out of the league altogether.
  4. Is this you saying stuff like LaFleur is gonna coach Gabbert into the HoF? IIRC that was your prediction last year. Now, that's a hard one to top, but I see you're well on your way to trying. ROFL
  5. And Delanie has had good years with Marcus. Corey is just getting started. 2018 was his 1st full year. Matthews had the best years of his career with Marcus. But 2018 had no veterans with a full year under their belt that played a full season. Jonnu and Taylor didn't play the full year. Dion had a better year with Marcus than the previous one with Brady. Outside of Davis, the rest were rookies. The 2018 receiving corps besides Davis sucked. And Davis had a decent year considering his experience level, and playing in a new system. But previous year's receivers have been listed. And they sucked. And they still suck. They didn't go elsewhere and ball-out, they sucked some more. Britt left N'ville and had a 1k yard season, so your reasoning sucks as bad as Justin Hunter and DGB.
  6. As long as there's need for upgrade, I'm sure those positions will be given his attention, based on the priority he assigns them.
  7. True, however those guys could still be categorized as developmental players. At some point they may yet contribute in N'ville or elsewhere. But between the results of the 2019 FA period and the draft, it's fairly obvious what the FO's overall impression of the 2018 receiving corps was. And it's not like JRob wasn't trying in the past as well. But he was just too late on some guys like Decker and Johnson. And Johnson may have stuck a little longer if it hadn't been for Matthews' sniveling about playing time/snaps. But it is what it is. Moving on,...
  8. Excuses? The receivers Marcus has had have sucked. And they sucked worse elsewhere. But those QB's results? Their RZ performance(s)? Completion percentages? TD:INT ratios? Britt had a career beyond TN including 1k yards with LA. Avery played after TN and even Washington had one decent year. The receivers Marcus has had in N'ville didn't do half of that after leaving. Most haven't been good enough to make a roster, much less become starters. DGB had more yards with Marcus than Wright, or Hunter or Douglas. And later was deemed too stupid to play for Philly. Think about that for a minute. The Titans' problems didn't begin with Mariota. And we all know that. But to hear you guys tell it,....
  9. Hunter, DGB, Decker, Johnson, Douglas, McBride Turzilli, Matthews, Mariani, Richardson et al. You can say that Mariota was the problem, but if that's the case, why haven't any of them furthered their careers elsewhere? DGB never made it out of camp with Philly, did he? He was Marcus's leading WR in 2015. They really were disastrous as players to begin with, or washed up when they arrived. Except Matthews. It seems to me that Mariota should be recognized for making some headway, even with those poor examples of NFL WRs. None of them can claim to be starting talent anywhere else in the league, and only a couple of them ever even made a roster at all after leaving N'ville.
  10. SNL certainly knew when it was funny in ways they'd NEVER get away with today.
  11. So, since that wasn't available back then, you seem to believe you're fucking because of it, and that we weren't. There's more to having fun in those social situations than digital interactions. Buy 'em a drink, pat 'em on the ass, and if they smile and wink you don't need a smartphone. It's on.
  12. I hope you're not as short-sighted about the future as you are about the past. We didn't have Tinder, so we had to be more spontaneous in person. I doubt you've ever been propositioned by two women together, that you've never met, in a bar or at a party or at a professional function either. But it happened to me at all 3 more than once. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2954539/Glitz-glamour-infamous-excess-Dizzying-photos-inside-Studio-54-reveal-star-studded-debauchery-world-s-famous-disco.html https://www.cnn.com/style/article/studio-54-ian-schrager/index.html https://historydaily.org/studio-54-a-story-of-decadence-debauchery-and-dancing https://flashbak.com/sex-coke-and-disco-a-brief-history-of-studio-54-31577/ Every major city and most mid-sized towns had their own version of Studio 54, to varying degrees. That's what everyone who was anyone in their locale wanted to do. And nobody needed the internet to set up a date.
  13. In mentioning Wright, the author should have made a bigger point of the fact he only played 11 games in 2016. He was on the PUP list early in the season, and Mariota's 8 game stretch of exceptional play started with Wright's return. It still amazes me the number of receivers the Titans have relied on since 2014 who are no longer on a roster anywhere. They were just junk.
  14. Cultures, and by extension social norms, are neither constant nor linear. Sorry you younglings missed out on the days of easy heterosexual expression and partying. Y'all have made gross quantities of assumption here, that sexual advances between men and women were regarded the same then as they are now.
  15. I think the biggest issues surrounding "free trade" is that it isn't as free as we were told it would be. There's a cost, and it's larger than we ever considered. As a result, we haven't managed it well through shifting economic and foreign policy. And we've turned it into a weapon, dealing with those a current admin may like, and refusing it to those we don't. And when the political winds change, the preferred partners tend to change with them. But the American people have come to understand that free trade doesn't mean were opening markets for our goods anymore. The lesson for most of us has been: People who make $2.70/day, don't buy goods made by people who earn $18.00 or more per hour. So the only people who really benefit are the corporations who use those agreements to to reduce labor costs. And the Chamber of Commerce members who want cheaper labor here. You know, those same corporations who can afford to pay big money on lobbying.
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