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  1. It could be that Sullivan wants the SCO to try the case. That's what I've wanted all along. Nothing could be better for all concerned than to watch them try to convict Flynn on the facts of this case.
  2. What do you mean there's no evidence? Of course there's evidence. The prosecutor was part of the SCO. He was operating independent of the DOJ, which is why you guys wanted the Mueller investigation in the first place. That prosecutor was VanGrack, with the help of Weissmann and Mueller's other 13 angry democrats. Sullivan ordered VanGrack to produce ALL the Brady material over 2 years ago, and he didn't do that, but swore that he had. Now reams of Brady material show up, most or all of it clearly marked as SCO documents, and immediately afterwards VanGrack quits the case. WTF more do you need? VanGrack lied. The SCO could still try to prosecute Flynn. They could have recommended that Sullivan allow his plea to be reversed, and then gone ahead with the existing charges and attempted to prosecute him. But that's not what they CHOSE to do. Yet nobody wants to talk about why they won't. If that's not evidence of how and why this went down the way it has, you just aren't paying attention. And sorry to say, but that appears to be a willful decision on your part. You just don't want to know.
  3. This is why the ethicist's view of how to wage war is wrong. Wars on the scale of WWII aren't won on the battlefield. The destruction of industrial capabilities isn't collateral damage. The allies celebrated every time they destroyed a bearing factory for instance. Why? Because without bearings nothing mechanical moves. Not truck nor train nor staff car, ship, sub, tank, artillery piece, motorcycle or airplane etc. Without bearings and tires and fuel they're lawn ornaments. Therefore the job of moving bullets and rifles and rations and fuel and personnel are limited to how far the soldier can walk, and what he or she can carry. Did civilians die in those bearing plants? Tire plants? Steel smelters? Yup, and they weren't collateral damage. Those workers were every bit as important to Hitler's war plans as the soldier who carried a gun, or the pilot who flew the Stuka. If Hitler had the ability to land a handful of V-2s in the middle Detroit we'd have been screwed. Great generals know this, which is why Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex before he left office. But those in charge of the MIC will tell you that there's an "ethical" way to fight wars. Kill the soldiers on the battlefields but leave the industrial centers and the "civilians" alone they say. That's bullshit. That's greed. That's hubris in the extreme and no thinking person should fall for it. So, is it an "ethical" consideration? Or is it just a way to protect their assets, their money making machine, while they advocate for expending your child's life in some remote desert or shithole slum in a small town you never heard of before? Because that's the "ethical" way to fight the next war?
  4. TitanDuckFan

    More Corruption

    Here asshole, let me leave you with this passage from Turley's article about legal abuses, the media's narrative(s) and the blatant echo chamber you all are a part of: You guys exemplify perfectly those with the desire (and fantasies) Turley talks about here. And you've done it with alarming yet predictable regularity since Trump was elected, and before. Ghu help anyone with the brains and the backbone to decry the illegal actions or ineptitude of your Øreo god, lest they incur the wrath of you media echo chamber dwellers.
  5. TitanDuckFan

    More Corruption

    Because I lived it. For instance, take inflation out of the equation and then check economic growth under obama. Look at the increases in the wealth/wage gap that took place during those years. Look hard at the decrease in the workforce. Then look hard at the scandals. Scandals that Øbama's media friends refuse to publicize, or even investigate. It's pretty simple really, once you get out of the mainstream media bubble.
  6. TitanDuckFan

    More Corruption

    I don't hate Democrats. I WAS a democrat for a number of years. I hate crooked democrats. Crooked democrats like the ones that made up the Øbama admin for 8 of the worst years in recent history. Crooked democrats that you all spend so much time sucking off. You're some of the worst partisan hacks I've ever seen or interacted with.
  7. It depends on which aspect of the war one examines. The Soviets faced German aggression on their home turf. A lot of it, and are credited with more battles and more kills. But for those who realize America's ability to produce the goods that wars are fought with was a large part of why the war was won, know that the American and British forces, especially the air forces, are almost solely responsible for destroying Hitler's ability to wage war on any front. The Soviets had little to do with damaging/destroying Germany's industrial capabilities. No army fights without food, fuel, guns/ammo and/or the means to transport them with. Ike and his team of war planners were spot on in how they targeted German industries.
  8. TitanDuckFan

    More Corruption

    Even if Flynn HAD lied to the FBI, that is still NOT perjury. And anyone doing a reasonable job of passing himself off as a "constitutional scholar" would KNOW that.
  9. TitanDuckFan

    More Corruption

    Try again dumbass. Some of the greatest legal and constitutional minds of our time admit now there was no lie. And there's a link to one of them explaining it all, in my last post. I know y'all struggle with reading things you don't agree with, but the declassified exculpatory documents are out there, and you should all read them before you embarrass yourselves any further.
  10. TitanDuckFan

    More Corruption

    I guess you two numbnutzs should have read the Turley article. https://jonathanturley.org/2020/05/05/did-the-mueller-team-violate-brady/ Bottom line is, there was no lie. That was the part of the Brady material that the Mueller team failed to supply that Judge Sullivan would have crucified VanGrack for. Furthermore, Flynn's shithouse representation, partners/affiliates of Eric Holder's from Covington & Burling should have insisted on seeing the FD302 that would have exposed all this. But they didn't. Again, Turley with the checkmate.
  11. This case has some similarities with the Bundy cases, both in Oregon and Nevada. Øbama's "Justice" Dept screwed the pooch in both of those cases with overreach and/or prosecutorial misconduct. The judge threw multiple charges out in Nevada, and the jury acquitted the yahooligans in the Oregon case because the prosecutors sought charges and punishments that just weren't warranted. Both cases were lost purely due to the desire to punish people based on ideological and/or political reasons, and the unethical conduct by Holder/Øbama appointed prosecutors and law enforcement. The misconduct was blatant in the Nevada case, and the conspiracy charges in Oregon were just laughable. Aside from all of that, leave it to Turley a lifelong democrat but a fair jurist, to dismantle the left's legal arguments in a way that's irrefutable. Just like he did in the House committee impeachment hearing.
  12. TitanDuckFan

    More Corruption

    LOL,... You calling someone else a "whiny partisan bitch" is hilarious. It's peak hypocrisy SK. Looked in the mirror lately li'l bitch? Nothing Flynn did, or was even accused of, amounts to perjury. And any real constitutional law professor would know that.
  13. TitanDuckFan

    More Corruption

    Like I said before you dumbass, it doesn't matter if he lied to the media. If that mattered we'd have to arrest half of Øbama's administration. The word used was perjury. Show us where/when Flynn did that,... Or just STFU.
  14. TitanDuckFan

    More Corruption

    Perjury? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! Ask president dumbfuck when Flynn committed perjury. We'll wait.

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