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  1. Nobody noticed two of Mahomes' TD passes today were spectacular/miraculous catches by his WRs? The one to Robinson in the EZ was a one handed snag that looked like he had pine tar on his glove, and the other Hardman had to turn and jump for, but he still got his YAC. In both cases Mahomes' "accuracy" was on par with what you guys have been bitching about with Mariota. Kelce was showing some leaping athleticism to make a couple catches today too.
  2. You mean like I am with Marcus in N'ville and Freeman in Denver? Yeah probably, at least to some extent. I'll follow his career if that's what you mean. But I wasn't around the team since Herbert came in like I was with LaMIke and Kenjon and Marcus, since I don't live in the Eugene area anymore. I still stay in contact with a few friends that are, but it's not the same.
  3. If Vrabel is as smart as many here think he is, he won't leave it to luck or chance. He'll go find a QB coach capable of actually developing the pick, and not repeat the mistake(s) of the last 5 years. Because right now he has no one capable. O'Hara damned sure isn't.
  4. Well, the no sacks thing is easy. They haven't played the Titans. LOL As far as the TOs, that's anybody's guess.
  5. Careful with that one. Anytime a Johnson pukes, it gets @woolfolksunclesuncle's attention around here. So brace yourself.
  6. Who is going to do that? Pat Ohara or Arthur Smith or,...?
  7. You guys gotta remember, Tannehill lost an entire season behind a line no worse than this one. Woodside is on PS IR. If Tannehill gets hurt Marcus is back in the game with a backup off the street. Tanne won't come off the bench until the O-Line improves. So root for Stinnie and Davis and Saffold and Conk to find their game, if you believe Tannehill is the answer.
  8. My statement wasn't just about QBs. Most (nearly all) rookies coming into the NFL need developmental work. There hasn't been any in N'ville to speak of for ages. I mean, I haven't see a lot of that at any position on the Titans. The one exception may have been Conklin working under Grimm, and getting some help along the way. Then coming off an injury they swap schemes and coaches on him and he struggles for 4 or 5 games before they pull him again. That's not professional coaching or decision making. Then you complicate it by throwing the rookies and the 2nd year guys to the wolves trying to learn a new system with verbiage that sounds like a foreign language. Vrabel seems to be helping the defensive guys now though, but he needs someone with his level of offensive experience to work with the skill players as well as the O-Line. Carter isn't the answer. I don't believe Rob Moore is either. His stint in Oakland was a bust. Davis said himself that Harry Douglas was his #1 mentor his rookie year. Why was that even necessary? Smith brought the TEs along last year, but this year they seem to have taken a step back. Don't get me started on Jason Michaels and Pat Ohara. That's just a freaking joke. At least Whis had a real QB coach, it's just too bad he didn't have an O-Line coach who was worth a shit. Take what Reich did with Indy's O-Line last year. They started off sucking and by late season they were the #1 O-Line in the league. I have zero faith that Vrabel and his staff will ever pull something like that off. And it's been that way for ages. For a bunch of fans that saw first hand how good Munchak was, y'all have short memories.
  9. That the Titans organization had a golden opportunity and fucked it up. Again. Old song, new verse.
  10. His trade for Murray and getting a decent swing/BU OT for DGB are the two highlights of JRob's career as a GM thus far. We'll see how Simmons does.
  11. "Subpar" doesn't begin to describe how shitty he is. Sucks ass almost does though. We were warned, and we ignored it. If he was worth a shit he'd still be a HC somewhere. He's not. He's not even an OC. He sucks. End. Of. Story.
  12. Someday I may get around to that. But before then I have to finish bashing them for all the other stupid shit they've done leading up to that point. Then I'll probably move on to their fan base. Always take the easy targets first.
  13. I was going to say -52, but yours is probably more accurate.
  14. "Run Marcus Run!" --- Mike Mularkey's game plans, circa Sept, 2016.