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  1. TitanDuckFan

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    The problem with that theory is what happened early in the season with the game plans developed when Marcus was on the sideline. Henry had 18 carries against JAX and 18 more against HOU. He hasn't had that many carries since. He only had 17 on Thursday. That tells me if it was the result of a poor passing game, he'd be getting more carries not less. It's more likely that when they do want to throw the ball, Lewis is just a better option from a receiving standpoint, or blitz pickup or both.
  2. TitanDuckFan

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    There are few things that would benefit this offense more than a dominant TE, both blocking and receiving. Delanie has been great, but even he knows he's coming to the end of the road.
  3. TitanDuckFan

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry and the running game

    I don't think that's what happened. Henry's lack of touches didn't start because of Henry, they started because of a lack of move blocking on the outside when Delanie went down. We saw Thursday on the 99 yd run how the staff committed three TEs to the job of helping Henry get loose on the outside. Three! That's huge, and from now on 3TEs to one side will be either a dead giveaway or a great decoy strategy. Earlier in the season only Stocker was capable of that kind of blocking. When BAL played contain on the outside Henry had 21 yds on 7 carries. I think it's been a matter of getting some very young and inexperienced TEs up to speed in the blocking game. Henry's troubles running inside will always be there without big holes to run through. He's too tall (and too long-legged) to run behind his pads the way most regular RBs do. And while he may be huge by RB standards, he isn't gonna move a 320lb DT that's ready for him on the inside. McNichols actually has the ideal build for inside running @5'9"/210lbs. Those are Frank Gore type dimensions.
  4. Well don't act like it was all Lewan. They had 3 TEs out there on the left.
  5. TitanDuckFan

    Josh Allen

    Yeah I know. The frequency with which it happens always makes me laugh.
  6. TitanDuckFan

    Josh Allen

    If Marcus threw that duck this entire board would be shitting all over him.
  7. TitanDuckFan

    Let’s check in on Vince Young

    Marcus need to GTFO of Nashville, that's all there is to it.
  8. TitanDuckFan


    We catch juvenile Albacore up here, as does most of the N. Pacific, and a 20-25 lb tuna is an unreal fight. They can go forever it seems like. But if you have a day where you land 7-10 tuna in the 18-22lb class on rod/reel, you've had a freaking workout. When we're meat fishing we'll use handlines a lot, and skip the rod&reel for about half the fish. The limit is 15 per person and we've never come close to that on a 4 person boat. About 10 fish is all I care to cark/clean. Fresh tuna loin is good eatin' stuff though. I'd eat it once a week if I could.
  9. TitanDuckFan


    Looked like that li'l bitty tuna was kickin' yer ass! Edit: It's been said more than once that tuna don't get tired, they just get bored and give up.
  10. No argument there. For all but about a game and a half Lewis has been a big disappointment.
  11. Erroneous. He had one in the Miami game. http://www.espn.com/nfl/player/gamelog/_/id/14198/dion-lewis
  12. TitanDuckFan

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    LOL,... As if. Don't let your Rottweiler mouth get your Chihuahua ass in trouble little man.
  13. TitanDuckFan

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    No, the postman is an asshole and nothing changes that part.
  14. TitanDuckFan

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    It's not nice to see you or anyone else express support for killing a sitting president of the U.S. Or to imply that doing so wouldn't even constitute a crime. Grow the fuck up.
  15. TitanDuckFan

    Week 14: Jags at Titans Game Thread

    Colin Cowherd comes around: Edit: Oh, and the Twitter thread following this Tweet is f*cking EPIC!