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  1. Gee really? I'm shocked. Absolutely shocked I tell ya.
  2. How about the number of years they didn't play at all in a season, or missed most of the season. Oman is trying to claim the reason QBs get hurt is because they process too slowly, looking to reinforce another of his BS narratives. So I think the point has been proven that he's wrong, yet again. YMMV
  3. Will the Night King still be able to raise the dead once he crosses over the magical barriers imbued within the wall's foundation? That is the only hope the southerners have IYAM, shy of killing him early.
  4. I agree. I would take the top TE (Hockenson) long before I took the 6th or 7th rated Edge guy, or the 3rd or 4th rated IOL player. It's been said that JRob was the guy who pushed BB to draft Gronk, So I'm sure he has an eye on the TE group in this draft. But whoever that TE may be, he needs to have some blocking skills and the desire to use them. Not be a pure pass catcher.
  5. Except Smith is far from a top pass catcher from a team standpoint. He was only top dawg among a struggling TE group. Remember, all the other TEs put together didn't quite equal Delanie's average production with Mariota. A prototype-sized dual role TE is what is needed. Especially in the red zone/end zone.
  6. Probably. But, the existing narrative that all is hunky dory in the TE room is obviously not exactly true from JRob's and Vrabel's perspective. And that's a good sign IYAM.
  7. Annual ydg averages over the time they've been in the league Romo: 2442 Rodgers: 3067 Luck: 3381 Mariota: 3001 Mariota has missed an avg of 1.75 Game Per Year. Luck: 3.42 GPY Rodgers: 1.45 GPY after initially sat for 3 years. Romo: 2.54 GPY All pretty comparable actually. But carry on with your narrative.
  8. Au Contraire, logic always makes sense. The fact that it's nonsensical is prima facie evidence that it's far from logical.
  9. It's who they are. Insightful and honest analytics eludes them, so they look for and/or revert to the easy, shallow answers. But this is far from the only contradictory line of thinking when this offense gets discussed around here. It's like the Skip Bayless version of groupthink.
  10. Holy shit! The parallels are uncanny. Sucky Tennessee team. Mett at the helm. (out with an injury though) And in steps the Johnny Football Starter Kit to save the day. If they start winning, Mett might as well hang himself. You can't make this shit up. Mett is snakebit.
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