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  1. Hard to tell who ends up more fucked up because of this deal,... Saffold or Tannehill. Maybe both, so stay tuned!
  2. Read it again dumbass,... So, which one of you is wrong?
  3. And you sir, are in outright denial of something you can apparently no longer ignore, but has been staring you right in the face for some time. So you're making up a fairy tale about how conservatives can't wait to live in a city with liberal tax policies and social attitudes, and are willing to spend vast amounts of money to do so. And as a result, you tell a story that makes little sense, of blacks who are suffering at the hands (and wallets) of conservatives yet again.
  4. ROFLMAO,... Keep telling yourself that. Maybe that will keep you warm, while sleeping on that your park bench.
  5. Wait, isn't N'ville the only liberal-white stronghold in the state? And you say poor people, particularly poor blacks, are being forced from their legally owned private property? Interesting. Something similar has been happening in Portland, OR for the last few years also. Just one of PDX's dirty little secrets.
  6. Before any of the rest of that bullSHIT, a whole slew of people should already be in jail over what Judge Collyer brought to light in her scathing 99 page dressing-down of the obama IC/DOJ. So we'll see if the prognosticators at the NYT are correct, and Clinesmith is the only perp recommended for indictment by Horowitz.. But then again, the Horowitz report is only the beginning. Horowitz can't indict. Horowitz has no power over former employees that have left the dept. Durham's report is the one that counts in this mess, and it might not be the only one that matters either.
  7. Some people employed by the NSA, and in the obama admin's DOJ/FBI decided they didn't even need FISA warrants. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article152948259.html https://www.scribd.com/document/349261099/2016-Cert-FISC-Memo-Opin-Order-Apr-2017-4#download Judge Rosemary M. Collyer of the FISC thinks people like you are far too gullible.
  8. I don't think the house will even impeach him. Oh, they'll make a lot of noise, and even more excuses, but at the end of the day, sending an impeachment to the Senate for a trial is not something Dem leadership wants. That would mean subpoenas, and testifying under oath, for a lot of people that want no part of that. And once there, the Dems will lose most of the control they're exerting over the message. It won't be hard to show example after example of the administrative state going rogue on the sitting president, and voters aren't going to like that one bit. Especially Trump supporters and independents. And Shiffy might be king smoot in his committee, but if he gets called to testify in the Senate, he's gotta answer the call, along with any staffer of his that gets called about contact with Ciaramella or anyone else at the NSC. He loses his home field advantage where he makes the rules. Then there's the GOP Senator's choice of witnesses, which Schiffy and the 7th floor at State will have zero control over. What's the over/under on the number of Ukrainian witnesses that Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Kerry and the State Dept want no part of? I'd wager it's a lot. No, I don't see this ever making it to the Senate. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Currently they're able to stifle dissent in the room, they have a complicit media helping out, they're free to edit transcripts, and yet they're having to poll focus groups to try and maximize the buzz. They'll lose all of that in a Senate trial. They'll probably drag it out, or even put things on hold until they see whether or not they can take back Senate control, should the Trumpster get re-elected. If that should happen all bets are off. But I wouldn't put any money on that either. I think this is turning out to be everything Pelosi was afraid it would be, from the very start. This is why she didn't want to go down this road.
  9. KC's punter is pissed they woke him up from his nap.
  10. Gackworthy. Much like the "Ramen Bomb" that backpackers eat. (Just in case you didn't get your sodium hit for the day)
  11. Byard is gonna be busy today. Adoree will need to bring his "A" game.

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