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  1. Some of you are clueless to how the game went. Again, our defense had no chance in hell of stopping the Chiefs unless they stopped themselves. That puts an enormous amount of pressure on our offense to play perfectly to have any chance. Even with that were in the game until Brock fell down and gave them the long TD. Tannehill played well enough to win but our defense couldn't get off the field. It is a huge reason Henry didn't get any carries in the 2nd half. These arguments are clueless and childish. Here is the level of stupidity. Tannehill wasn't able to out play Mahommes so he is crap. 67%, 2 TDs to no ints, 114 QB rating. SOB he lost the game for us. Also, if we can draft a legit play making WR we should do it. We need speed opposite of Brown. Davis cannot get separation and doesn't make great plays.
  2. You can really see the looney toons come out this time of year can't you? Tannehill did about all he could and IMO is exactly what we want. Super efficient and competitive. So soon people forget some of the clutch plays he made. Heck we beat KC in the season when Tanny threw a dart to Humphries. We ran into a buzz saw against KC in the playoffs and last I checked Tannehill doesn't play defense. The defense couldn't stop the Chiefs unless they stopped themselves.
  3. You simply have to sign Tannehill and it is a no brainer. Nobody is more important than the QB. You have the franchise tag if you need leverage in case he wants $30 mil. As good as Henry is a RB is obviously easier to replace production wise (might take multiple RBs). Those are just obvious facts. The question is if Henry is worth the 11-12 mil and an argument can be made he is. You only let Henry walk if you have no choice. Those players do compliment each other. It isn't always one or the other.
  4. We all know what this is about. Pees got called into JRob's office after the Chiefs game and was told to retire or get fired. Now I have to change my pick again.
  5. Hard game to judge especially on offense.
  6. For those of you who were scared to death of going into Foxboro and Baltimore.... go fuck yourselves. The OP is moronic. Who cares.
  7. This is why the bend but don't break was asinine as a strategy. Better off to take a chance even if it means giving up some big plays. At least our offense gets the ball. Send 6 guys, man cover across the board and hope we can get a sack, knock down a pass or cause an errant throw. I remember this same crap against Manning for years. Don't blitz him or he will pick you apart. So sit back and let him pick you apart? Bottom line is we really never stopped the Chiefs. They dropped a few passes and stopped themselves. Oh, it is beyond full retard to think we will magically get an "elite" QB to drop top us that late. There are no sure things when drafting a QB even if you go #1. In reality we would be very lucky just to find someone close to as good as Tannehill. Draft someone who can help us take the next step. In contrast if you don't have a viable QB (if Tannehill didn't play well) you can use every pick you have for all I care.
  8. Brady is washed up and going to be a big disappointment. If JRob goes this route he is a moron. This isn't like when the Broncos signed Manning. Brady is not going to go on to have some of his best seasons. Tannehill is the better QB right now anyway.
  9. They are good route runners, especially Kelsay, but the fact we decided not to pressure and force quick decisions meant Mahommes could just wait for someone to get open. In reality I'd blame the loss more on not being more aggressive defensively and certainly someone should have knocked Mahommes into next week on the TD run. About the only way you are going to stop them is to get a sack or something. Sitting back and letting them pick you apart is stupid. Plus our personnel also allowed them to run for 5 yards a pop whenever they wanted. Pees was horrible IMO.
  10. You make a good point but don't turn into Charlie and keep repeating this over and over again. We get it.
  11. So what is your solution then? Mariota? It is brain dead to bash a guy and a system that got us this far. Look for other areas to improve rather than being critical of the best parts of the team. As far as passing efficiency Tannehill is about as good as they come. As in completion rate and YPA. I bet all the Packer fans want to dump Rodgers now right (can't win the big game and threw 2 picks)? Or SF fans want to dump Gar because he only completed 8 passes (although he is going to the SB). The depth of thinking here is hitting the bottom of the barrel.
  12. As usual way to much is made out of one game. We ride Henry's back into the AFC Championship game where he doesn't get the opportunity to close out the game because our defense can't stop the other team. And yes, we do need to take advantage of when the other team stacks the LOS which isn't something we will have the luxury of doing with a lesser RB. The mistake of not throwing more was tied to the idea of trying to minimize the Chiefs opportunities and in the end it was the Chiefs doing a great job at the end of the half and 3rd quarter that minimized our opportunities. They were the better team, on that day. Tannehill didn't suck, Henry didn't suck, it was the Chiefs just being on a roll. Still, the formula of Tannehill and Henry is a great one to win games in the regular season which is the first hurdle. The formula which was enough to beat the Patriots and Ravens is now a flawed one?
  13. My biggest beef was that we didn't contain well. We gave Mahommes the outside all day to run or pass.
  14. It is embarrassing sometimes when Titan fans are this ignorant about football. Even Romo stated the fact Tannehill only threw for those low amounts the first two playoff games proves how good our team is. Tannehill didn't have to. Comments like the "talent level is going to sink" are shockingly stupid as well. We just played a whole season with our backup QB making $20 mil a year. Teams with good QBs have to pay them. Doesn't mean the entire team has to suffer. Tannehill is capable of throwing the ball to win and has done that when he needed to. We do not have the level of play makers like the Chiefs have so as good as Mahommes is he also has the best group of playmakers in the league. Davis can't get open when single covered. He is the issue IMO. The defense can put their #2 CB on him and it is like they have Dion Sanders taking that side away. Then their best CB plays Brown. So yea, if we want to be more pass oriented we do need an upgrade at one WR spot IMO. But Tannehill can still do it. Tannehill is still our best option. It is close to complete ignorance thinking we can draft one of these QBs, outside of Burrow, and have a better QB under center. On top of that we pick at the end of the first round.

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