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  1. Not sure Henry is running that much differently although he has learned to lose some of this college style and focus on getting tough yards. Too bad he is so easy to bring down and has no change of direction or he could be damn good.
  2. Soxcat

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    After further thought that is asking way too much.
  3. Relatively strong first half? Lewis had some nice catch and runs but for the most part he has been a spare running the ball from scrimmage even earlier in the year. While Henry has been improving Lewis is going backwards. The versatility of Lewis is way overblown. He catches a few screens so now all of a sudden he is super versatile? He sucks running the ball from scrimmage and is average catching the ball. He doesn't add anything significant to the offense. It isn't like he is Wes Welker when he moves to the slot or wide. If anything he is super easy for the defense to take away. In reality Henry is the guy they should try on a wheel route occasionally with his ability to run so fast. I don't hate Lewis but they have way overestimated his value. He caught one screen last game where almost any RB easily gets a first down and the guy wiggles and waggled his way to being a yard short. He caught another screen Henry jets up to 21.5 MPS and takes it to the house and Lewis was slowing down after 10 yards.
  4. We executed play but Lewis was a total spare on that play. Bishop fing Sankey can do that well. Look, I don't have a clue what some of you watch. Lewis is a total spare. Averages 3.3 YPC and has been worse as the season goes on. Yea, he is decent on screen but Henry takes a well executed and timed screen about as well as anyone. There is no way in hell Lewis scores on this play:
  5. Soxcat

    Giants Week

    Very telling. Does that mean Henry goes down to easily as told to us by all the freaking experts on this board......
  6. If the whole things was by design I'm good with it. The OL does a great job coming off the ball and getting push including the TEs. We basically have a hat on a hat across the LOS. Henry almost peeks right before slicing left so I'm not sure he is going left from the snap. The right read is to cut left. There is little to no lateral movement at all by the OL and TEs. Straight up push with the guy in front of them. .
  7. Soxcat

    Trump's crimes against humanity.

    If Trump did the same things Obama did he would be accused of treason for sure. Especially that part where Trump is overheard on an open mike whispering how he will sell out after his re-election. hmmmm
  8. Wiggle and change of direction aren't exactly the same thing. When it comes to stop-start Henry isn't going to look like Sproles out there but when it comes to making a move to cause a defender to miss he is real good. His strength and power are a big advantage to a smaller wiggle guy because he run through lame attempts to bring him down. On one TD run he had he looked like he was running past tackling dummies and while the blocking was good what you seem to miss is the fact Henry completely side step a guy straight in his path and leave his jock on the ground. You are being confused by style points and missing the effectiveness. Carefully watch the entirety of this play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnD2uBs7N9Q
  9. This doesn't target all Vietnamese or Cambodian people anyway. They want to be able to deny those who have committed crimes.
  10. Soxcat

    This Offensive Line is Garbarge

    Seemed like they ran more power looking plays last game.
  11. Actually, all things considered, with the unfortunate injuries we had (Conklin last year and obviously wasn't 100%), the team is holding up much better than most. We lost a number of starters including our best offensive player. We have Tez crying about Taylor and the kid is actually looking like a pretty darn good find. Landry was well worth the price, not even a question there so bringing that up is monumentally ignorant. Oh wait, Evans has been playing like a stud of late (instrumental in the goaline stand last week). Quite honestly where JROb has given picks for players he has accumulated some good looking talent. JRob can't help the fact Conklin (who was all-pro his first season) got injured. JRob did trade away a worthless WR for Kelly so we have depth. The facts are anyone can second guess any moves to trade up or down in the draft. WHat we need to look at isn't what we don't have but rather what we do have. Right now it looks like all those moves have resulted in solid looking starters. The assumption all these 3rd and 4th round picks we gave away would be viable players is wrong. Maybe one out of three or four can actually become a starter. I suppose the strongest argument to JRob keeping all his picks would be how well he picks. Yea, I'd like to see more guys like Jayon Brown (a stud) and Byard. So having those picks might mean we get another top quality guy for every two or three of them..... but wait, Isn't that about the same thing JRob is doing anyway?
  12. Soxcat

    THE BIG UGLY - DO NOT MERGE (Merged: Mod)

    So what does this crap with Cohen have to do with Russian collusion? Did Trump break campaign finance laws by not disclosing something. Wow. Hang him. If that is what you are hanging your hat on you don't have much and for the fing life of me what does Mueller have to do with that anyway.
  13. You are really being bull headed about this. Henry's change of direction is ridiculous. He makes people miss all the time. You might have a point that he takes longer to get turned around than a guy 5'9 but any RB is hampered if they catch the ball with their back to the defense. Watch the very first play. He plants his foot and explodes through the hole. There are guy on the backside he runs right by. Change of direction and up field explosiveness. The 99 yard run is designated to find a gap up the middle. The slow and hampered Henry easily breaks left with A CHANGE OF DIRECTION and makes history. The next TD run Henry is slipping from side to side with a perfect feel for the lanes. He hop steps between defenders at the LOS and totally makes a defender whiff without losing a step on his way to the endzone. Yes, he literally steps sideways a couple of yards to avoid a guy right in front of him and maintains his forward momentum. But hey, he doesn't have change of direction? Now the 54 yard TD. Starts off left OG. Henry breaks it off and runs right leaving defenders (with great change of direction) grabbing for air and then turns on the jets with CJ like speed. I'll be honest. Some of the so called football experts on here say some of the dumbest things and don't have the slightest clue what they are talking about. Go watch the Chiefs game. Great lateral agility there on a number of plays. The kid can literally turn left or right and then cut up field without any loss of momentum.
  14. We shall see I guess. Not sure Jackson is the right move. Good thing they have a great defense.
  15. Soxcat

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    If you were really a man and fair you would cancel this bet based on the brain dead coaching staff feeding carries to the inferior RB. Your entire premise was that Lewis would be good; so good he would command the bulk of carries. In fact Lewis has not been good at all. The unknown factor was our OC was in over his head and clueless. Henry has to pull off the greatest game in franchise history and tie an NFL record for the longest run in NFL history and still our dense OC is probably still thinking about how he can get Lewis more carries.