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  1. Which is what he is. Finally we got a guy who can do something more than just run block at FB. And yes, he is more of a power runner but still better than Lewis from scrimmage and probably better on screens and other plays Lewis gets the ball. He looked more explosive to me and doesn't go down easy. His ability to pick up blitzes is better than Lewis as well. He showed he can catch real well and can get YAC. Athletic for a guy his size as well. 38 inch vertical, sub 7 sec 3-cone. Give JRob credit for this guy. The kind of guy that helps win championships. Former LB.
  2. Except every player in the NFL had some real good success against those they played against. As in they are good college players. Here is the secret formula. Be a real good player. There, solved.
  3. Although I was shocked Lewis was able to grind out a few first downs (against a spent defense) he is still a liability running the ball. Not sure where that came from.
  4. Actually that was their base defense for much of the game. A four man front with Casey and Landry as the DEs. Great idea IMO. Basically Pees keeps their three best DL out there and Landry plays like a DE/OLB on his side. It also frees up Evans and Brown to play inside. Like a hybrid 3-4.
  5. That fly over was ridiculous. Kid is a stud.
  6. This just in. About 90% of attorneys and Law Professors are liberals for some reason. What we saw from the 4 Law Professors was classic. Three with animus against Trump using MSNBC sound bites. The lone guy (not a Trump supporter) than actually analyzed the evidence basically stated there is no way they have enough to impeach. It isn't even about if Trump is guilty or not. The only facts we know is there is not enough evidence to impeach. There would be 100X more evidence toward impeachment if Trump did what Biden did. Again, Trump shouldn't have to prove his innocence here. They need to build a case and they have not done that yet. In fact Pelosi would agree. This is all about hate.
  7. 500 team in a bad division. I don't care what the stats are he isn't MVP material.
  8. So let me get this right. Two separate teams took two players that might be better than the 2 we took. Obviously in hindsight EVERY draft can be viewed this way. So EVERY GM sucks. Not to mention we got a WR in the SECOND round last draft who is BETTER than JuJu. Not to mention we took Simmons in that same draft. Look, is some of you are going to live in that dark of a world end it now or get on some serious medication. If we had just..... how stupid. Now in general I think WRs and RBs are often better value in the 2nd round or later. In other words there are guys picked at those positions in the 2nd or later than out perform 1st rounders all the time. In fairness to JRob how have John Ross, Mike Williams, Zay Jones, Curtis Samuel panned out. All of them were also picked ahead of JuJu. Two of that group were picked soon after Davis. I guess in the mental ward you can get together and look at all the players picked in the late 2nd through the rest of the draft that happened to be the best players at their position and laugh like tards at how all these GMs screwed up. If you ever find a perfect GM go ahead and leave this site and hop on that wagon.
  9. One of the best attributes for Davis coming out was that he ran good routes and was ahead of most rookies in that respect. He is also pretty good after the catch with his physicality. His main problem is he doesn't have the explosion to really dominate. Still pretty solid.
  10. Obviously Davis isn't living up to his #5 pick expectations. But he isn't a total dud and there have been plenty of those picked in the top 10 at WR. As for trading him...... probably not a good idea because we might not get much for him. With that said we might be able to sign Sharpe to a reasonable deal and trade Davis and be OK. Then look to draft a WR to develop. Wouldn't necessarily be real early but we can look for value when it is there. A guy like Sharpe isn't bad and can play at a decent level right now. Not every WR is going to produce right away.
  11. My take is this. Brown is a stud. Might end up in the pro bowl some day. But why that means we can have open "shit on CD day every week" baffles me. Davis has been getting most of the attention by the defense and our offense, when we do pass spreads the ball around.
  12. I'm talking about the scheme behind the specific play. Not sure what damn thing you are talking about.
  13. The reality is we have a real good match between Tannehill and Smith. Add in the nice group of guys catching the ball the only issue might be if the OL gets hit with injury or we lose Henry. IMO Mariota just wasn't consistent enough to take advantage of the well designed scheme and players around him. Tannehill had an advantage of coming in when Smith had a few games under his belt.
  14. Obviously they don't weigh his pass rush grade very high so his overall score isn't as high as we might expect. Still, based on pure coverage skills he is probably getting a what he deserves. As a pure cover guy he isn't one of the better CBs and not as high as Adoree. The grades don't always represent a players full value to his defense.