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  1. Why don't you guys give up on this stupid wall. Seriously. You fight like hell against putting up a wall to prevent drugs, trafficking, gangs and violence coming into this country and cheer like hell if you can kill a baby. Morally bankrupt and stupid.
  2. Coincidence. All three of those guys were colossal failures for the Titans.
  3. Exactly. The difference between someone like Osemele and a guy like Spain (decent but cheap) isn't that great. Not having a viable slot WR means way more to the offense. We certainly don't want to miss out on a stud edge rusher because we pumped money into an OG. Bottom line is pay where it matters most. We added two FAs last year on both sides of the ball and I'd expect to do the same this year. Then you go into the draft with those holes filled. Plus, if down the road we need to spend some money on the OL it makes sense to pay out for another vet C over an OG. Conklin may end up being replaced as well at some point.
  4. Try google.com https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2019/01/22/ocasio-cortez-climate-change-alarm/2642481002/
  5. If I'm the Titans I want Keenum or Bridgewater on a two year contract. Not sure what that would cost but we do have to realistically look at not having Mariota past this year. Taylor wouldn't be my first choice but he is an option as well.
  6. Geee, I don't know, like it is like all over the internet and TV. Like don't you know? https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/01/21/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-the-world-is-going-to-end-in-12-years-if-we-dont-address-climate-change/
  7. Liberals are more Nazi than conservatives. First they believe in infanticide and late term abortion. They also believe in a government that is controlling and anything said against their political perspective shouldn't be allowed (we see that on college campuses now). Just wearing a MAGA hat now is thought to be offensive. Throw in a big dose of anti-Semitism the liberals have for the Jews and Israel and it is eerily similar. What is even more interesting is that we now have Muslims who for some odd reason are Democrats in congress. Gee, they are the ones who aren't just anti-Semitic but want gays killed as well. Conservatives believe in free speech, small government and control and freedom of anyone of any color or religion to live the American dream.
  8. We have plenty on this board that act, talk and write like they have been castrated. We know Jamal is gay as crap. Oman is more of a closet gay perverted mailman looking for little boys on his route. It is also obvious by some of the libtard comments on here there are some who were the product of incest and inbreeding. Then you have someon like Reo who brags about his engineering degrees but really believes the earth is going to end in 12 year (by the way even the worst estimates say we might warm ONE WHOLE DEGREE in the next 20 years). But yea, thinking that it is OK to be kissing other men or little boys, even if they are yours, is damn weird.
  9. The libtards are the ones who think the world is going to end in 12 years. Focus on the facts here. We need to get our CO2 emission to zero or we are dead. Amazing how someone can say something that fing stupid and even dumber asses jump on the people saying it is fing stupid. That makes you even dumber. Do you or pat need help feeding yourselves? Saying the world is going to end in 12 years isn't non-sense and trying to invoke fear? Damn you people are dumber than a rock.
  10. Really? He was ranked 61 at OG last year by PFF. Kline was 50th. Spain was 35th. If wolf stand for a crappy OG worse than what we already had....... yea, makes sense. The one thing in Osemele favor is he can play a zone scheme. I still doubt JRob is going to throw big money at an OG. Money he can use to get a guy like Flowers on defense and a vet WR on offense.
  11. The money won't go toward Mueller's investigation either which was my point. Who is defending Manafort? The point was that Manafort has nothing to do with Trump. All his charges go back to before Trump was a candidate.
  12. The next president won't be some socialist Dem and didn't some of you libs just high five Mueller for stealing money from Manafort?
  13. No, I don't see it. Why don't you enlighten us. Go ahead and sound like a political hack with no brain. By the way we have over 90% of the media pumping negative stories about Trump night and day, 24 hours a day, and tools like yourself swallow better than a $300 hooker. So if there is irony it is how gullible and stupid half the population is. Like the issue with a wall. If we asked 1 million citizens if walls work before this all got blown out of proportion we would get 99% of the people saying "of course". The other 1% are the extreme mentally handicapped. But now, after being brainwashed by the media we now have idiotic America believing walls don't work, are evil and so forth. Now, since you can relate to the side that believes this shit you are admittedly in the group of dumbasses that bought it. So yea, how ironic.
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