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  1. Tannehill and Mariota have almost identical int ratios for their career. Plus Tannehill throws the ball into tight coverage because as an NFL QB that is what you do. I'm about sick of Mariota's name even coming up. He isn't half the QB Tannehill is and if he played we lose that game. Period. So have your bizarre "concerns" and realize we would be kicking more FGs and scoring fewer TDs with Mariota in there. Mariota= pathetic. Tannehill played a near perfect game. Any thought by anyone that Mariota should take another snap from center for this team is plain ass stupid. I'd give the kid off the PS a chance first. Mariota had a fair chance and then some.
  2. There isn't much if anything to be negative about. We may have found a QB we can win games with. That is huge. Then, as icing on the cake we have a beast added to our DL. Barring significant injury our team just got much better. Plus, and not sure why this isn't talked about more, we have a bad ass defense in short yardage and goaline. These guys bring it. Now we have Simmons out there getting better each week. Hmmm, a guy who can forklift OL guys and make them call him daddy. I'm not sure we make the playoffs but we certainly have a chance now to fight for it and make these games worth watching.
  3. When do we get our real kicker back instead of these fake guys.....
  4. Chargers apparently play a bunch of 3 deep so we took what the defense gave us. It was amazing how Tannehill knew where to go with the ball and was accurate and on time so often. He was hitting guys on the numbers in stride. Now if we play a more man to man team we should see Davis and Brown getting more shots down field. Oh, I might add that Tannehill will beat zone coverage with his quick release and rocket accuracy. The TD to Davis was between two guys sitting in a zone with almost no space and he still got the ball there. Davis just ran out between them and sat and the ball came right on time.
  5. My perspective is this. First of all people are making stuff up out of the blue. He hasn't dropped on the depth chart but is 35 years old and coming back from a wicked injury. So the strategy to start was to limit his reps to keep him available for the last half of the season (it would be like saying Wake is dropping on the depth chart). Then he tweeks his ankle against Denver so they sit him fearing he could mess it up and be out for the year. As for trade bait it is unlikely we would get anything of value since right now since he isn't healthy. He is worth having around for the rest of the year rather than getting nothing for him. That win was huge. We can come out of next week at 4-4 with a legit chance to fight for a playoff spot. Especially now that we have a legit QB. Walker could still be a benefit to the team and is obviously a better blocker than about every TE we have. He has also shown he can still ball in the passing game. The key there is being able to have one or two TEs that can catch the ball but still block for Henry. Smith is a decent run blocker as is Walker. Pruitt is a decent blocker but offers little in the passing game. With that said we saw that Smith is a legit threat in the passing game. Our depth at TE really helped with Walker out but it might be Smith who is the next one to get dinged.
  6. You take a QB #2 in the draft you obviously hope for the best. Also, when they made the decision to pay his 5th year it was two seasons ago. As for Tannehill, he had a similar career as Mariota and never seemed to break through. So assuming they knew he could step up was as much of an unknown as hoping Mariota would. What I saw from Tannehill was some of the best he has had to offer his whole career. I re-watched the game and the guy was even better than I thought. He was throwing darts. I'd go as far as to say that if he were to keep this up I'd prefer to have him over a guy in the draft. Tannehill might be the real deal who just needed maturity, coaching and experience. Tannehill wasn't even the regular starting QB until his last season in college. While he had some success starting right away in the NFL he still wasn't a final product. Injuries slowed him down the last few years with the Dolphins but he obviously still has upside where Mariota apparently doesn't. They gave Mariota every opportunity and he failed. Not the coaches.
  7. When Wake gets back to 100% we won't have to worry about a pass rush. This kid is going to be special. Going to help Casey as well.
  8. Exactly. Probability of them scoring on a pass play would be very high with us having to guard against the gun. Especially with Hunter Henry and Williams on the field.
  9. Actually if we punted there we probably end up in over time. Rivers gets them down field for a FG. Going for it and making it basically ends the game and I think he made it despite the fact it was a poor effort by Tannehill and the OL. The refs had a horrible spot and it is tough to get those plays over turned. I bet if we challenge they move the ball up half a yard and still miss it on the measurement. It was simply a horrible spot.
  10. Davis is a stud. He can do that every game with a real QB. So can Brown and Humphries is able to get open as well. In reality if we had more shots on offense (the Chargers held the ball most of the first half) we put up more points. With the combination of Henry and RT with all those weapons we should be hard to stop.
  11. Yea those are hard to win. Probably a better complaint is why we didn't bang Henry in there. We shifted Lewan to the right side and should have just powered Henry over the right side on a quick hitting play. Tannehill didn't run the sneak properly either. Almost better to hesitate and pick an opening. Instead he went high right into a guy. Either way I'm letting Henry have the ball there or calling a play action pass. I bet Smith or someone is wide open if we do that. They were expecting the sneak first and Henry 2nd. Give Tannehill a couple of options off play action and I bet it is an easy first down and the game basically ends there. IMO going for it was the right call. The play was not the right call.
  12. The reality is simply this. We have two QBs going in opposite directions. Mariota has regressed and simply doesn't have the arm strength or guts to make those throws. Tannehill on the other hand might be a guy who is finally coming into his own. He looked really sharp out there. He did just about everything real well. Our offense was just as good as the Chargers. Might be nice if our defense didn't give up that big play again. Almost cost us the ball game. By the way what was Vrabel doing taking a time out there. Take the 10 second run off and hope we stuff them. It is real hard for the offense to reset after a running play on the goal line and takes a while to get the next play off. If he had not done that the game was over on the Gordon stuff even if we don't get the fumble. Of course if I'm the Chargers I'd have thrown the ball a few times anyway. You score or it stops the clock. risky running it and they lost because of it.
  13. Even if we lose that game we there is hope for the offense. Conklin got hurt and it really hurt. Maybe now we can put to bed this idea of Kelly being anything but a swing backup. Also, if we want to be consistent on offense we will need Henry or a real good RB. I thought Henry played real well considering he manufacturing a bunch of yards with his power. Just missed busting that screen pass for a long gainer as well. OC play calling was good except for the end around. This defense is going to be real good when Simmons gets more reps. He looked good. Need him, Jones and Casey out there more. We basically played this whole game in a 4-3.
  14. Mett cost us very little so there was a huge reason we should have hoped he turned out. He really didn't get much of a chance but obviously there were reasons he hasn't made it. He certainly would have had a better shot now than when he played. Mariota was basically a worthless #2 pick. As was the Locker pick and the VY pick.