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  1. I think Hooker could be a player like Ryan both good and bad. Interesting when we bring up Hooker replacing Ryan people say he wouldn't cut it against speedy WRs but that was exactly Ryan's fault. We just need to find another piece to the puzzle in the draft. A legit CB who can cover. You might be right and many teams, not just the Titans see Ryan's faults which is why he isn't signed. I'd still take him back if the price was right as a leader and depth.
  2. Could bring back Ryan once his asking price comes down and he isn't getting the deals he expected. Not much left out there that would be more than depth type players.
  3. Yannick Ngakoue might be a little better than Beasley but we already have Beasley and Landry. Interior is a bigger question to me.
  4. His deal wasn't super cheap either. The question is if someone like Clowney is really worth twice as much. If you didn't notice I said what I said tongue in cheek. As in if these win rates are so indicative of what a great player someone is...…. As usual people use whatever makes their argument sound better while excusing other stats as irrelevant. Like sacks. As in this guy was a beast, dominating people all year but.... well he for some reason could only get 3 sacks.
  5. Bottom line is we have $22 mil in CAP space give or take. If we don't sign Clowney what difference does it make if we throw an extra mil or so at Henry and get him signed? We still need to look at a #2 RB to sign and also need to draft someone. But the few mil more is irrelevant. Henry is basically the face of the franchise and single handily carried the team at the end of the year and playoffs. Like it is going to break the bank if we pay him $13 mil instead of $11. Make Henry happy and move ahead. Team him with Tannehill for the next couple of years and go for a championship.
  6. Did you read the discussion? His win rate was very good Last Year. 15th in the league. Remember, sacks don't matter. He had a high win rate and 8 sacks. That is better than a high win rate and only 3 sacks, I guess.
  7. So assuming sacks don't matter and things like PRWR is a key stat why did we only sign this guy to a one year prove it deal?
  8. Need an inside DL guy in the draft if we don't sign someone. We still have Jones and Simmons so those two are solid. Depth and rotation are the issues.
  9. We signed Beasley and apparently are still in the running for Clowney. The main question is where we go with the money if we don't sign Clowney. Maybe finish Henry's deal and sign back Ryan? Still need a 2nd RB and a 5 tech DL. We can fill most holes in the draft but it might be ncie to have some solid vets as well. I'd get Ryan back on a 1 or 2 year deal for his leadership but we do need one more quality CB with some speed.
  10. As a late 2nd round pick he should be pretty solid. Instant starter when we are in a 4-3 as the 5. Could develop into a real good player.
  11. I did say if they are within a couple of mil. Is that hard to understand? You are also a moron if you think we can replace Henry's production. If we do use a draft pick to get a RB that means we have once less quality draft pick to use on another position. Maybe someone can help you look up what FA RBs are available as well.
  12. If the Titans and Henry are only a few mil apart both sides need to compromise and get a deal done. Best for both parties.
  13. By golly another brilliant deduction here. Now we know three 7th round picks isn't the same (ROI fancy), or as good as having three 1st round picks. Damn you are on a roll. Again, keep up the good work. This was so insightful. Oh, the second part is good to. The Titans will either take someone at #29 they really like or try and trade down. That by the way is what every team tries to do if they aren't enamored with their choices or feel they can get the same caliber guy a few picks later. Problem is you need a dance partner.
  14. So you don't agree if another AJ Brown is sitting there we shouldn't draft him? That is all I was saying. Never projected if or who that would be. I'll leave that to JRob who drafted AJ in the 2nd round. I'll say it again so you can understand it. If there is another AJ Brown sitting there when we pick we should take him. And no it isn't a waste considering Davis is in his last year and injuries do happen. Not to mention what you just said was retarded. So AJ is such a stud he is now the standard by which other WRs are measure but, don't take a guy if he happens to be a similar player.
  15. I get that idiot and we would still buy millions of dollars worth of crap from them. All they care about is how much money they can put in their pocket. They have no moral compass. Which was my point.

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