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  1. If Rodgers wants to change the play at the LOS there isn't much LaFleur can do about it. Of course, assuming Rodgers is successful, he shouldn't care. As for Mariota..... he really needs to be able to make changes if they are warranted in this system. I don't understand how any QB at that level shouldn't be free to check out if the original play looks bad. It isn't rocket science to know what your personnel group is and what your limitations are (you don't go I formation with a FB when you have 4 WRs).
  2. Again, even the worst season of his first three (his first year in Denver) was on pace for what he was doing his whole career or better. Up to that year 2012 was his 2nd best TD, 2nd best yardage, 2nd best QB rating and 2nd best completion % year of his career.
  3. First of all Davis is worth the money if he can beat the best CBs in the league in man coverage which was my point. The rationale that we don't need better WRs with the QB we have is ass backwards. We need guys who can get separation, catch the ball and make yards after the catch even more. With a more precise QB who makes better decisions you can actually get by with less talent at WR. Also this BS idea we are a run centric team doesn't fly in this day and time. All teams have to be able to throw the ball and need go to weapons.
  4. So what about his incredible season in year 2 at Denver? 55 TDs. Think what he might have done if he was 100%?
  5. Actually there has been so much hate for Trump and after the Cavanaugh debacle it is hard to know what to believe. It is interesting that none of this came to light before Trump became president. How come? It makes perfect sense to be weary of the credibility here.
  6. Actually Trump would have been justified by making the strike but IMO he doesn't deserve the criticism he is getting from calling it off. Actually Starkiller made a point back during the Iraq war when he said we should have just executed a precision strike to get Hussein and I agree. If this gets escalated our goal should be to eliminate the leadership in charge of Iran as well as any nuke production sites. Not some soldiers who have little to do with the decision making. The overall objective here is to bring Iran to their knees economically. Showing off our military capability so we can show off fireworks is not productive. We need to come off looking like the rational country pushing for peace. They need to look like the fanatical aggressors they are wanting to finance terrorism and destroy Israel with a nuke. Ultimately we want them to change from within which means an over throw of this regime. Believe me the Iranian people are thinking about the fact a missile can take them out any time and if the economic hardships are worth it. 150 Iranians can thank Trump they didn't lose their lives.
  7. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/M/MannPe00.htm His 2nd season was even better. His 3rd season he only threw for 4700 yards and 39 TDs. Yea, his first year in Denver might have been his worst of his first three in Denver but still matched his best years at Indy. His first three years at Denver he had 37, 55 and 39 TDs. Those three years were all better TD production than all but ONE year in Indy. His lowest yardage year, 4659 was better than all but one year (his last year) at Indy. His QB ratings were all among his best as well. The only year where he dropped off was his 4th year in Indy when he won a SB.
  8. Yea well his first year in Denver was one of his best of his career. 106 QB rating, 5th in total passing yards. 69% completion rate. 37 TDs. That seems pretty simple to me. For a second I thought you were grasping being rational but .............
  9. Well for starters you have to get to the playoffs to begin with and certainly a great WR helps you do that. Secondly, using a small sample of playoff games, which often come against the better defenses, justifies nothing. Oman started this off by basically saying something extremely stupid. He said Davis wasn't worth it because one of the only games he was good was against NE where he dominated Gilmour. Gilmour was the top ranked CB by PFF last year. Think this through. Davis dominated one of the best CBs in the entire league. That simply states that Davis is the real deal and if we can put two other quality targets out there we basically can beat most defenses. Yea, that kind of guy is worth his draft spot.
  10. Not only did they go from Tebow..... they went to a HOF QB. Give OMan credit for trying to take two extremes and make a point from them.
  11. Yea Wow, a concept that should be obvious to anyone who follows football. The more weapons the defense has to defend the easier it is for the offense to move the ball. What will they think of next?. This was why Walker going down was so huge last year. This is also the reason I feel it is silly to use a fullback unless they can run and catch enough to make the defense defend them. This The Rule of Three’s concept was what the Colts did Manning's whole career. Not only did they have two excellent WRs and a pass catching TE but they had James at RB.
  12. Bottom line is socialism doesn't work and that is how these cities try to run. They hike up taxes on individuals and business driving out the potential for job growth and a way out of poverty for many individuals. The dependence on the government is not only preached by libs but it is the worst thing you could do for people who thus never get out of the vicious circle of poverty. People with ambition, or don't want to pay ridiculous taxes, leave. Now of course we have a communist as mayor of NY City. How is that working out? A good example of stupid gone to seed is what AOC did with Amazon. She was actually proud of what she did. Someone that stupid should be tossed out of office.
  13. Exactly. Trump calling off the strike actually had the same effect as doing the strike. They know he will let it go next time. 150 Iranians are still alive now because he stopped it. I don't know if Trump did that on purpose but the effect was perfect. Not sure why people are getting on his case over it.
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