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  1. I really believe he will be the kind of player that has success in the pros and in a few years teams that passed on him early will regret it.
  2. I read parts of it. Not sure what the big deal is. Outside of tards like you even the Dems know there is no way in hades Trump will get impeached. It is all a political show.
  3. No. The average American with a job and enjoying the robust economy is going to vote for Trump all day long over some nit wit trying to tell them how bad things are. The Dems have made no effort at all in trying to reach agreements on anything of importance. Their fix for health care is Medicare for everybody. For the border it is to ignore it (we have some insane idiots wanting the abolishment of ICE and removal of walls we already have). While infrastructure is an issue they ignore that. What good are any of these bozos for the country as a whole? The Dems are a shit stain that needs to be washed off. They are off the rails on almost every single issue.
  4. The Dems would be far better off moving more toward the middle and letting Trump's questionable behavior speak for itself. More than likely we head to 2020 with the Libs pushing for impeachment and making fools of themselves as they nominate a communist candidate. Good luck.
  5. I don't see taking a TE as a luxury at all. Just rattling off a bunch of names of guys on the roster that play TE means nothing. Obviously if Walker wasn't over 30 years old it might make a huge difference (and coming off an injury). Plus a guy like Hokenson raises our running game to another level and we have a 250 pound RB that like to press the edge. Look, the 1st round pick is ONLY one pick. Thus we want the biggest impact we can get from that pick. If a TE is the guy that is who we should take. I'm possibly in the minority but I think Finch significantly lowers our desperation at OLB. Thus, I really don't see us taking an edge guy unless he is really legit.
  6. He isn't worth a 1st round pick in this draft but he could be one of those guys that is a real solid player. As for Simmons we are looking at a guy with a bad injury that might set him back a year and he does have the altercation with a woman on his resume. So in my mind it comes down just how good they think he is going to be. Obviously if he is a legit Fletcher Cox clone you have to consider the guy. But this is also a draft where we might have guys like Lawrence, Wilkins, Ford, Lindstrom, Hokenson and so on to choose from.
  7. Basically they put a numeric value on what they think players are worth. They also put a numeric value on what the draft pick is worth. So if they can trade two draft picks with value X for a player who is valued at X+ they got more value than the picks were worth (Landry). Some UDFAs might have 6th round value or better. Many certainly have 7th round value. The only gain by taking a guy in the 7th round is the fact you know you got him.
  8. Libtards don't care if the investigation was a hoax.
  9. I always lean to the big guys when all is said and done. Lawrence, Ford and Hokenson are my main targets. But hypothetically using those 3 guys are DL, OL, TE options means rounds 2nd and 3 are going to be dictated by which guy is our pick. If we go DL (could be Simmons) that probably takes DL off the target list for the next few rounds. If we go DL however means we are really looking at OL in the next two rounds. Will be interesting and I'm guessing JRob has multiple scenarios lined up. As for Fant being mocked it isn't that outrageous. Fant, while not the blocker Hokenson is, is a decent blocker and could be a difference maker on offense. Can't say that right now about Firkster or Smith. My love for Hokenson really goes back to the fact I am more convinced our main issues on offense running the ball early were as focused on Walker going down as anything. We took a huge step back at TE for blocking. In some ways Fant doesn't make sense but he was a decent blocker. Hokenson makes a huge amount of sense.
  10. You always want guys like Cruikshank who can play great STs but also might have the upside to become starters some day. So I agree, we shouldn't minimize their value. However, being able to get a higher rated player who you think will be a starter is always the main goal. The 2nd level DBs, LBs if drafted or not have to play STs.
  11. Simmons is starting to make sense where we pick and assuming the top tier blue chip type guys will be gone before our pick. Still leaning toward Lawrence or Hokenson but if both are gone....
  12. Actually he is the type of guy I'd trade up in the 2nd to get. Non-stop motor. Alpha male attitude. I bet the coaching staff would love the kid. His 40, 3-cone and shuttle were all very good for a guy his size (top 5 in each). Not sure what there is not to like. He would be a sure 1st rounder in most drafts. If he falls to the 2nd JRob should do what he did to get Landry and not think twice about it. The pff write up makes real good sense https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-chase-winovich-is-a-better-2019-nfl-draft-prospect-than-rashan-gary His passion is similar to KVB.
  13. My biggest beef with Mariota has been his injuries. Sure, he hasn't been spectacular but his injuries have stunted his career and development. Assuming he wasn't injury prone and could do everything he has the talent to do, like running the ball, he is pretty darn good. He just keeps getting set back. Often not playing at 100%. Last year he might have made a bigger jump if not for his injuries and Walker going down. Losing Walker really hurt.
  14. Good trade for them IMO. Go for it now. They were already knocking on the door.
  15. I suppose if we get into desperation mode for a QB anything goes. Not sure when we get to that point we can get those kind of picks. Besides, if Conklin is that good we might keep him to protect our young QB. Casey will be getting a little age on him as well. I guess we cross that bridge when we come to it based on where we pick and who they like.
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