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  1. Trump Syndrum or simply being stupid. Obama was in office 8 years and Trump is just starting 3. But hey, don't give 2 shits about the mess Obama left us. Thankfully Trump has it rectified in his first two years.
  2. I only remember Obama saying he would give a BJ to Putin once he was elected. It is on tape. Trump has not been easy on Russia either.
  3. We do have to be careful of ending up with a boat load of these kind of representatives. She is clueless, doesn't comprehend the facts and just shoots off BS. Hard to imagine how retarded people have to be to have voted her in. But hey, for the libtards she is hot.
  4. What isn't being stated enough on here is how grossly racists Jussie Smollet was. Imagine if a white actor did the same thing and blamed two black guys who yelled this is Obama country or something. This is as racist as it gets on his part. A true POS.
  5. Not a bad idea by Cruz but what if we get more of this?
  6. Watching some highlights of last year it sure seemed like anytime we ran the ball over left OG with Spain and Lewan we had a better chance of having success. At times Spain looked like a road grader.
  7. As long as green is profitable yes. It is dumb to promote something that nobody wants or needs. By the way just ask how many want an electric car if it costs twice as much to buy and see what answer you get. Yea, the idea sounds great, saving whales and all, but the practicality isn't. The preposterous idea the world is going to come to an end is such total BS it isn't even close to a way to motivate people.
  8. I agree. Spain should be retained until we actually have a better option. He can't be that expensive.
  9. The point is there is no economy unless there is motivation to produce. It is all about production and competition drives better products and higher efficiencies. Every company I have worked for in the manufacturing sector constantly looked for ways to improve quality, productivity and reduce expenses. It is constant. It is what keep companies viable. But that motivation, while ultimately about making more profits, is what makes the pie bigger for all of us. Socialists simply don't get it. Socialists think over taxing and over regulating are doing everybody a favor or something. Even idiots like AOC are proud now that 25,000 people won't be working for Amazon at $150,000 (and paying taxes) in NY. That is dumb gone to seed. We should not forget to put certain safeguards in place socially or environmentally but at the same time we should be doing all we can to promote business. Also note that the perspective of socialists are that business is somehow evil. Every place I have worked in manufacturing has gone above the basic regulatory requirements environmentally and promoted safety well above basic legal requirements. Why? Because they recognize it not only is the right thing to do but it is more profitable to do so. This dark ages view of how employees are treated, or the environment is perceived by business is historical. Companies that do not have to reduce carbon emissions are doing so. My company has solar cells putting out 25% of our electrical usage. We plan to double that. We see it all the time. Part of that is due to companies wanting to be seen and viewed as socially responsible. So no, capitalism would not only build the car but would also add safety features like brakes and seatbelts and by the way, look at what cars are able to do now to avoid accidents? Technology has gone far beyond some governmental mandate. We aren't just talking about air bags. Everything from rear view and side view cameras, collision avoidance systems and so forth. If socialist had their way we would all be driving some version of the Yugo, that is if we could afford a car.
  10. I really don't have anything against a system more like Canada or some in Europe but the bottom line is people need to understand the pie, the productivity of the nation, depends on free enterprise. There has to be incentive. For there to be more to go around the pie has to grow. People in left field like AOC think money stuff just appears out of no where. Like we could all quit working and the government could send us checks. Thus even if we socialize medicine and such we still need to keep the pie growing to fund it. Now read this and you get the idea of another idiotic perspective. Taxing companies, the ones who actually ARE the pie and can make the pie grow, is stupid and we should look at removing restraints. You don't continue to tax them as if that money is better left in the hands of government when it can do so much more out in the free enterprise system being re-invested and paying workers. Oh, by the way, the dumbasses who want Medicare for all need to understand who pays for a medical coverage in a huge way now. Yes, those horrible employers.
  11. So we should expect to get a TE that good all the time in the 3rd - 6th? What is the logic here? By the way the TE class in 2013 (Kelce's group) was loaded.... in hindsight To be honest you can go into any draft and guess what? The best players at their position after a few years are VERY OFTEN not the first or second (or 3rd and 4th) player picked. So anyone can go back and say if that stupid GM had only taken so and so and so and so..... In Kittle's draft 8 TEs went ahead of him. 3 were first round picks, 2 were 2nd round picks and Jannu was a 3rd. My guess was the GM that took him basically got lucky.
  12. How I really feel is I wish we could move on from Mariota now and draft Kyle Murray. Unfortunately that isn't happening.
  13. We are OK at TE unless we have a chance to take a stud who would give us a guy like Kelsey or Kittle.
  14. Tyrod Taylor was paid $15 mil a year with the Browns but that was because they anticipated him being the starter when he got there. What if we could sign him to a deal half of that to be Mariota's back up? I'd do it in a second if we can sign him for two years. At worst he stays and backs up Mariota as Mariota finally has a great year and signs a long term contract. Or he becomes the starter when Mariota isn't retained while we start looking for the long term replacement. Either way he is a guy we can feel some level of confidence in if Mariota goes down.
  15. None of the indictments have had anything close to do with Russian collusion. Lisa Paige said the FBI had no proof of collusion when Mueller was appointed. The House and the Senate have found no evidence of Russian collusion. I'm concerned about reality and not some BS you guys believe. Don't get me wrong either. If Trump were, or turns out to be Putin's stooge I'm all for him hanging. But there has been nothing so far to justify the fury the left has for him. There is also no excuse why the same superior moral and American loving heads at the FBI thought it perfectly OK to let Hillary walk when any other American doing the exact same thing would be in jail. As for Starkiller, he has finally found someone with his in-depth knowledge of economics in AOC.
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