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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind wishes but I’m disappointed no ones said I was gonna die a horrible death! Lol I’ll be back! Take care everyone thr radiation will kick my ass but I’ll be back
  2. This is hard for me. I won’t be around here much during the season if at all. I started noticing some changes to my eating habits, bowel movements that caused me concern enough to go to the doctor. I wasn’t gaining weight and losing it at a good clip even without trying, my energy levels were very low and I was always tired. Plus, the terrible stomach pains. Well, after further tests blood work, difficult times to just see a doctor during covid they found a good size tumor inside my stomach walls. It’s been a rough couple of hours last few days, and I’m still trying to cope with everything, t
  3. Another Vrabel hold over miss and fail… add it to the long list of guys he’s hand picked to come here
  4. As crazy as it sounds I like the Titans to cover the 6 point spread after further analyzing the line movements
  5. You’ll find some great value in home teams that are 1-0 going up against teams that are 0-1… look for some favorable money line matchups, more than not the home team wins it’s why we’ve seen so many 2-0 teams to start the season.
  6. If you want a dog take a gander at Miami I think they beat Buffalo.
  7. Not so fast my friend saints -3.5 is the play. Panthers at home getting points Vegas is asking you to take the panthers.
  8. Just like you “thought” the Titans were gonna blow the cards our the water lmao
  9. For a team with super bowl aspirations, you don’t draft guys that won’t start and have medical red flags. Tampa Bay won a super bowl in part to key contributions from rookies they drafted especially at oline and at corner. I really don’t understand what Robinson and his scouts have been looking at lately with some of these picks.
  10. I think Robinson should start feeling a little warmth under his collar not much but the temperature gauge has gone up a smidge..
  11. First round pick…once again J-rob tries to be the smartest guy in the room by drafting guys coming off serious injuries. Yeah it worked once with Simmons but this pattern of trying to draft guys who have big medical red flags is concerning, it’s looking like another terrible draft by Robinson.
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