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  1. I appreciate everyone here always have. People I wouldnt know a leaf on the ground to feel as family for years. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and kind words. I’ve told these people how I’ve felt, how used I felt and they treat me as if I’m just whining, it’s sad how you have to push away these people in your life who you think were friends or lovers. Just lately I take long walks at night and just take in the beauty of the night lights and stars and I think of everything I’ll miss out on and it gives me some will to keep going. I’ve talked to doctors, I’ve been out on meds for anxiety, they help some days but even when taking my normal meds for the stomach cancer I still have this burden and sadness like something missing. But I appreciate everyone here I really do
  2. I started walking more I do it at night just to clear my mind I walk a few miles and take in the fresh air. It’s sad how people will use you take everything and when these same people you want to rely on aren’t there.
  3. lately I’ve felt very deep depression, sadness. Where all I want to do is sleep. I come here because this feels more like family than anything even complete strangers. Even after battling stomach cancer going through all that, I feel like dying would have been easier. Even when sick I had a good job and people always took advantage of the nice guy I could never say no. I gave and gave to people and those same people when I needed something now aren’t there. I supported a woman who I loved, I gave her my whole bank account paying her bills, so she could go through school and study, who couldn’t even visit me in the hospital but I let it go, I’m not one to confront people. I don’t find joys in everyday life, I’ll have good days where I’m exicted for football and then down right days I wish I could just sleep and never wake up. It’s sad how shitty people are towards you when you’re nothing but nice to them. I guess this is like a break point for me where I come here because this feels like family more than anything. I want to end my life but what keeps me going is knowing I would upset my family even as complicated as relationship I had with them I wouldn’t want to know their suffering but some days it feels so easy. I’m tired of being walked over and used by people I gave everything to and they have no heart or respect or even warmth towards you as if they expect it. Some days it’s hard when you hold it all inside and pretend to carry a smile but inside you feel emptiness
  4. Philips has fallen off completely not a good sign
  5. Yea a guy coming out as gay is so terrible for kids not like your kids aren’t on snapchat, instagram, sending nudes at 13-14 to one another or sexting chatting with older people or watching porn, visiting gore /illegal websites, etc. Yeah we don’t want a gay man corrupting our kids heads!!!!
  6. Dry heat though it’s good for your bones because it doesn’t take up moisture from your skin that’s why all the old timers go there to retire and live longer lives, it’s not humid, so it’s bearable, at least you’re not feeling that muggy sticky humid weather like in San diego.
  7. You can tell how immature he is. He has a clear complex, first being his small size, so he takes defensive to his abilities and I’m sure he has a “can’t nobody tell me nothing attitude” sounds like somebody we knew
  8. The owners trying to get by the NFL policy of black head coaches by showing how much black they have in their unis
  9. We just don’t know how to draft the wideout position because our focus has always been only finding guys who can block for the run game and who are just physical enough to play. Until we get away from running the bell and change our mindset of what we look for in receivers this is only continue. The steelers draft great at that position because they understood that Big Ben was a great passer who needed weapons, they didn’t draft guys to block.
  10. We just gotta stay healthy. You can’t lose that many guys and win the division again, just won’t happen when every team in the AFC is stacked on offense.
  11. He’s definitely going to struggle, guy came from a low tier school who played pretty bad competition and would have very poor mechanics that led to alot of bad decisions. NFL eats these guys up, what separates Jackson and why he’s had limited success throwing is because he makes most of his plays avoiding the rush which leads to corners and linebackers losing containment. Willis not not any where near as elusive as Jackson. He’s a project and after watching some highlight videos that people have broken down you can see that he’s really raw. I just don’t see him being anything more than a very inaccurate, high interception type of player who can avoid the rush and get a few yards. Kizer had more talent and stronger arm and guy couldn’t even sniff a startinh job for long.
  12. steal last year. Him and Kern rank as maybe 1-2 of all time mid season pick ups. Soon as he came onto the Titans changed us for the better. I can’t wait to see him with a full year under this system learning every players position. It’s gonna be huge
  13. Teams are starting to defend the deep ball more effectively, when the NFL became pass happy and made it harder for defenses to defend, but more and more teams are adjusting and limiting big passing plays down the field. This is why having quick, reliable guys who can catch the ball and make defenders miss is so much more important than a guy whose going to take the top off a team. That’s why Kupp is the most effective type of receiver in the NFL, amazing route runner, quick over the middle and can make guys miss. That’s why i’m not for signing Will Fuller. What we need is Brown, the guy would take this offense to another level.
  14. Idk we traded for a guy coming off major injury … we can’t call organizations dumb after all last year we traded for jones too. Let’s see how it plays out
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