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  1. Oh right if it was other way around.. would be all over the news. It’s sad how dangerous these guys are all because of Trump.. scary to think how many more of these guys are out there waiting to attack people of color or form other countries especially middle eastern or Hispanic
  2. Mariotas days are coming to an end... no way you trade for a backup quarterback. This is to push Mariota especially finally year of his contract.. I love it finally a real competitive QB whose had more success than anyone we’ve had on the roster as a backup.
  3. Who the hell is this guy
  4. Breaking news :Terrell Owens spotted at Nashville Airport
  5. You gay boys don’t want AB are a bunch of little pussies
  6. You guys are idiots not wanting Brown. The guy hasn’t ever been a problem tikl the Steelers started babying Big Ben and makintnhim the god among the team. Im all for trading for Brown, he’s not even problem. If I’m the Titans give up whatever I have to get someone on the same or better than Hopkins
  7. I’m all in on Tyree Jackson
  8. You gotta make the trade to compete with Texans and colts you have too
  9. Another guy with mental health issues him and Young
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