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  1. Everything bad is happening lately one thing after another
  2. I’m gonna sue because his insurance is going to try to screw me
  3. Last week I was involved in a vehicle accident. Other Driver was At fault, was going down hill in a Dodge Ram going way faster than speed limit made a illegal turn without signaling and slammed right into me head on. I received whip lash, jammed my thumb, burns on my arms, cuts and because of air bag going off it slammed into my chest and caused air to reach my heart. Was very scary. I’m very shaken up. The other driver lied to police, said he was in turning lane to turn didn’t realize how fast I was going and slammed into me. He also wasn’t cited which I said I was bullshit by the cop. I was taken to the hospital for X-rays and tests. I had witnesses who saw him coming down hill at great rate of speed made a illegal turn and was in the driving lane not center lane. I need to fight this fuck because my car was completely totaled in the front and the damage was extensive. Can anybody help me out what to do this guy should have been cited. I think he was either on his phone distracted. I’m not ok and losing my car is not a big deal I’m glad I’m alive but I’m extremely pissed this guy could have killed me by his negligent behavior and he got off the hook not even a citation even though I have wtitnesses who saw him do exactly what I saw. Illegal turn from driving lane without proper signal and high rate of speed.
  4. My uncle and aunt live in Germany. They told me the country did everything possible for them to not show or gave anything nazi related. They did it right they didn’t allow that history to linger and eradicated it completely. The Germans for most part are remorseful for what they did. Look at US.. we made sculptures for slave owners and kept the confederate flag in some states.
  5. Don’t see it happening. MLB guys won’t play nba guys don’t wanna play. NFL guys will follow the same path, I doubt we see sports for a while.
  6. Wasn’t about race. Just a aggressive ass cop being a bitch. If he was white I’m sure the outcome would have been the same. 2 rookie cops couldn’t handle their arrestee so big tough guy steps in to display his authority
  7. I don’t think it was racism. I think it was a overzealous cop who was on a power trip trying to show off for a couple of rookie cops. If you’ve heard this guy Chauvin abuses white oeople too and used excessive force towards two white teen boys as well as a older white woman. It’s a shitty situation because I feel bad for anyone who throws their life away over a mistake. I try to see the good in all people but sometimes it’s hard with today’s society that I still have empathy for both of them the killer and the person killed. Racism sucks, it’s vile evil, and doesn’t have any place in the world. But to me this wasn’t about racism, it was about a man killing another man over the authority of power.
  8. I think being a cop is extremely hard. Most of them join to help people. Most join to do good in the world and help those who are facing injustices. It’s not easy to pull over an African man or a car full of African American men and be on edge because of the history. Their scared of them, cops are scared of them. Both become aggressive, both act on adrenaline and fear. That’s just the world we live in and it’s the harsh reality because of how society is. I grew up wanting to become a cop because I wanted to help those who became victims. However I understood the dangers and the life it involved and I couldn’t do it. I knew, I would be hated weather I was a “good cop” or “bad cop” it’s a profession where these guys have to drive up on bodies scattered across the road in car accidents or have to report to calls of someone trying to pass off fake bills. You join to become a police officer, just know that you’ll see injustices and other officers committing crimes but you can’t speak up or you’ll be labeled a snitch and cops stick together. You become a cop, basically you’re stupid and I wasn’t that stupid.
  9. What’s sad is I would give anythinf right now to have Bush as president again and I’m not a republican. That’s how bad trump has become.
  10. I might get flack for this but I feel bad for these other 2 cops. Both of them were rookies, one was being trained by Chauvin who is a 20 year vet. Both of them even asked if they should turn him over to his side which Chauvin declined and kept his knee on his neck. Idk what more could they do, when you’re a rookie cop you don’t disobey orders from a commanding Senior officer. From his mugshot photo he clearly looks defeated. This a fucked situation
  11. If you’re white and famous your best bet is to stfu and not open your mouth. Look at these idiots. Running their mouth and showing their true colors.
  12. One of the victims I saw was from big sandy tennesseee they had a titan up decal next to his picture. They still don’t know why this guy paddock did what he did.
  13. Is it funny how bills drafted two racist QBS? Allen and now this douchebag

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