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  1. He didn’t want it out in public that he was using that as a defense. The nfl denied the Steelers Qb used any slur. The rematch is going to be a hell of a game
  2. I’m sure people in his circle advised him to play the old “I think he said it but I couldn’t remember that well” card they knew he fucked up and this was their Hail Mary attempt
  3. Guys full of shit that’s why his suspension was upheld they know he’s lying. Just another Jessie smullet.
  4. This is a shameful act to accuse someone of using a racial slur. He didn’t even mention it until now. Unbelievable, I’m all for against racist idiots, but don’t clearly lie to justify your actions. This type of stuff ruins people’s lives and reputations.
  5. Garrett is full of shit and is trying to justify doing what he did. It’s clear he snapped lost control and is trying to find a good reason to the board to win his appeal. If a n word was said Garrett would have said it earlier. I’m sure the Browns organization is trying to say that happened to save their star player and season.
  6. If we can’t be Watson and brisset we have no business playing football.
  7. Thursday, Sunday night and Monday night games are all shown free on yahoos front page.
  8. Jealousy in a relationship will destroy you. Idk what problems you had with this woman, but if you are the type of guy whose insecure jealous and scared of getting cheated on my advice is if their going to hurt you they’ll hurt you you will never stop it and so no matter how many scenarios you play out in your head nothing will prevent it. If you think she’ll cheat on you when she goes out wirh a guy friend, then show her you don’t care and women will eat that up. I learned a long time ago, women want confident asshole guys who will not blow up their phone asking where they’re at every second. When you show a woman you don’t care that’s When you hook them, women don’t like being told what to wear what to do who to talk too.
  9. These guys were throwing into harder coverage where DBs could mail and handle these guys. These guys Brady, Brees, Rodgers all played in years after the rules became so lax and easier to throw the ball.
  10. Garrett clearly saw the ball was out of his hands and could have let up but he drives him to the ground I have no problem with mason trying to defend and fight his way off the ground
  11. Fuck that late hit bullshit Garrett is gone at least 4 games for that.
  12. Garrett is at fault. The guy hits the QB late and not only that twists and drives his body to the ground, I’d be fucking Pissed off too if I was Mason especially 8 seconds left in a game that was over. Could have broken his ankle, tore his MCL.