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  1. Stan

    How good is Romo?

    Romo would make a better DC than OC
  2. Stan

    Arthur Smith promoted to OC

    He seems like a nerd
  3. I’d take wentz in a heart beat
  4. My dad grew up in philly so I’ll alwayd have a spot for them
  5. I wanna see the eagles win another title or chiefs
  6. Chargers weren’t that good this is more of their false 12 wins
  7. I rather lose screaming and fighyining than sitting back waiting to die
  8. These teams don’t learn. Never do. When you play the patriots on the road you can’t play into their hands. You can’t go tit for tat you have to be more aggressive. Onside kicks, going for it on 4th trick plays.. etc these basrards are to good to try and play defense
  9. Always happens in playoffs
  10. Stan

    Bengals to Hire Zac Taylor

    It’s a bold strategy cotton
  11. Our offense is going to regress even more if I’m the Titans I draft a QB and have him learn the system rather than try and have Mariota learn a new one again. We’re fucked.
  12. Stan

    Kyler Murray now expected to enter the NFL draft

    Nobody will ever compare to Vick. He possibly had the strongest arm of anyone to play in the NFL. Also, considering he was left handed. He had the prettiest tight spiral I ever saw. This guy couldn’t even hold Vick’s jock
  13. Davis from Oakland, Snyder in DC?