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  1. It’s that hope. It’s the tease. See it’s like a relationship. You think someone will change, they show enough for you to stay but in back of your head they’ll hurt you. However, you keep staying because they show signs of being what you once fell in love with. The longer you wait to break it off, the more you miss out on better things. This same situation.
  2. Should have taken that Philip rivers trade back in 2015. Biggest mistake we’ve made in the last 5 years.
  3. 5 years is not turning on a guy. It’s called having lost patience. You’re reaching.
  4. Why would we want another Blake bortles? The guy sucks. I rather have Tyrod Taylor
  5. Because we’re tired of losing... the excuses are nullshit. Locker, young, Mariota, it’s pathetic. We keep drafting mental cases. Draft somebody like Mayfield’s bravado, Mahomes arm and Lamar’s speed.
  6. Vrabel will remember this when he’s fired and coaching in college again.
  7. When you take 9 sacks that’s not all because of offensive line especially when he’s had a history of taking this many sacks multiple times in his career. Remember the ravens shut out it looked eerie similar. The NFL window of throwing the call is like 3-4 seconds that’s why Luck, Manning, Brady and Brees don’t take 8-9 sacks even if their oline was subpar. It’s all about release.
  8. No way the patriots keep him on the roster after this.
  9. Scouting reports can be totally wrong or totally right or in between. Some of them yea they get them right but the difference is the coaching and players ability to develop. You don’t go as the number 2nd pick for any reason. Even if the offenses were simplified he was excellent because he made quick decisions. This is where confidence and trusting your abilities come in. You can win with a QB, whose offense is simplified with a great defense, great run game and scheme to wide open guys. The kicker is being able to make these throws and if you miss your opportunity well in the NFL You won’t get it again on any particular play. Case in point, he misses sharpe for a touchdown because he threw it completely in the wrong spot. Absolute killer, 4 years ago even 3 years ago he makes that throw. Scouting reports can be a great tool but if we read Tom Brady’s I’m sure he probably wouldn’t scream hall of famer wirh 6 rings. Mariota might have had his short comings but even I can admit if you’re gonna use simplified offenses you better make those throws or you’ll just end up looking like Vince young.
  10. Difference is In college you can suck for 3 quarters and then turn it on in the 4th Q, just like that, lead a huge comeback and build a national following. In the NFL, there’s no room for error. Players are better, stronger, coaches smarter. He got away with these types of miss throws because he’d turn it on come time to lead a comeback. That’s the difference, here you can’t play like shit for 3 Quarters and expect to start gunslinging it around and look great when NFL defensive coaches will destroy you.
  11. It always comes out. It always does, it’ll come out that only reason Mariota was kept this long was because of so and so or this person. That’s the great thing about 2019, once a player leaves a team then all the dirty laundry gets aired out. We’ve seen it numerous times, where said player was kept on team because of one figure or entity.
  12. I live on the west coast and saw a lot of Mariota in college during pac-12 games. He was nothing like what I see now. He showed flashes of this his rookie year. Once these injuries happens I believe he lost all his ability. These were throws in college he made with his eyes closed. Like I said, once a player loses confidence you cut bait move on. Management fell in love with him and that’s why he stayed. This is 100 percent on AAS.
  13. Idc about his getting busted, I believe he’s one of these guys who keeps sticking up for Mariota. I’m more mad at him for not going to coaches and saying hey make a change, because it’s clear he has a lot of say in what happens as mentioned by Vrabel saying he’s one of the leaders on the team
  14. Everyone left in Mariotas corner need to just face facts, that this isn’t nearly the same guy from college. The quick release, the mobility, the poised, the quick decision maker he once was. Blame whoever you want. Blame coaching, blame injuries, blame FO. Whose ever fault it is, it doesn’t change the fact, in sports, once a player loses confidence and that fearlessness he once had, that there is no going back to it. Nothing will bring that back, and once that happens it’s time to move on. He, might flourish elsewhere once he regains confidence in himself and his abilities but it’ll be on someone else’s bench as a backup. Robert Griffin is the perfect example and once injuries, coaching changes, whatever his failure was he’s on the Ravens bench backing up a guy whose playing fearless and playing with that confidence you need to survive in today’s game.