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  1. These women slept with him knowing it would take them places
  2. When teams look at tape on tannehill and figure him out it’ll be a wrap for us and when teams key in on Henry it’ll be a handicapped offense. With Brady I trust to be smart with the ball make plays and still be able to win games. I don’t trust Tannehill idc how good of a year he had. We’ve seen this so many times with so many backups getting big pay days after one glimmer of hope. I could name 20 guys who fit this bill.
  3. We should have beaten these fucks. Unbelievable the chiefs relied on a lead much like the colts used to wirh manning, once their down their defense breaks down. It’s fucking sad we should have Been here
  4. 49ers win easily chiefs defense didn’t stop Henry the titans stopped Henry. They’ll get run all over by the 49ers
  5. Rival teams always look appealing
  6. Who said Miami? Oh yeah that’s rhhht ME
  7. It’s truly sad other people lost their lives too. I get famous basketball player but normal people die everyday if he wasnt on that plane nobody would shed a tear for these people or even give a shit. I especially feel sorry for the man that lost his wife he has to take care of 3 children alone and I heard him speak the other day that’s truly sad. Hug your family tell them you love them and let go of anything petty bullshit. Tell them you love them everyday.
  8. The pilot probably had a heart attack or sudden death and by the time it was to late plane nose dived into a mountain. I doubt fog was the cause or mechanical more than likely guy suffered a medical condition.
  9. Wouldn’t surprise me if this asshole tried to have the pilot do some kind of trick to scare everyone and it cost them their lives.
  10. I feel for his daughter who died but not him. I’m sure knowing him he was pushing her hard at basketball probably close to tears
  11. The dude was a fake fucking guy. He smiled in your face and would stab you in your back.
  12. Guy was a scumbag on and off the court. He pushed for them to get rid of Shaq and nobody wanted to play with him because he was an asshole who was a ball hog. Put down his teammates and was a jerk. Oh and he raped a girl. Fuck him. (Suns fan)
  13. I’m not blaming the patriots lol I’m saying how shady they are and the type of stuff they do. It’s crazy the amount of shit Kraft hides or does. The guy is a scumbag and the type of guy you catch asking for a handy at a massage parlor
  14. This sucks. We should talking about how we would beat the 49ers not, who’ll we draft. It’s going to be a long 8 months.

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