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  1. No where has it been confirmed it was Muslims you racist asshate it could have been atheists who hate Christians
  2. California likes to think their liberal accepting of all but I’ve seen nothing but hatred towards Hispanics.
  3. Exactly. I live in California and every boss/ senior offical management I’ve had happened to agree with democratic views.
  4. I never said the guy was even conservative he happens to be a major liberal democrat. Racism is coming from all sides. A lot of closeted racist exist from both parties only one party likes to hide it better.
  5. Racism is so bad right now. A coworker who looks very white(isn’t is a full blooded Mexican) and one of our head management was talking shit about how all Mexicans are illegals and want to rape and kill white women. My coworker was just in complete shock. He didn’t even realize he was speaking to a Mexican American who didn’t happen to be brown. And this is far to common.
  6. American doesn’t go to war unless it benefits them..
  7. Man this country is going to shit where is that one way ticket to mars going to be available
  8. Putting on weight has nothing to do with preventing injuries. It’s about knowing how not to be reckless and reading where the defense is coming from to avoid those hits. All this added weight will probably cause him to tear his knee up especially if it’s to heavy for his legs to carry
  9. Oh right if it was other way around.. would be all over the news. It’s sad how dangerous these guys are all because of Trump.. scary to think how many more of these guys are out there waiting to attack people of color or form other countries especially middle eastern or Hispanic
  10. Mariotas days are coming to an end... no way you trade for a backup quarterback. This is to push Mariota especially finally year of his contract.. I love it finally a real competitive QB whose had more success than anyone we’ve had on the roster as a backup.
  11. Who the hell is this guy
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