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  1. Chiefs have gotten away with to much shit I’m starting to get a little sick of this team
  2. Regardless of the flip the chiefs player should have been flagged for taunting standing over a player
  3. Chiefs should easily beat the BUCS, Brady as good as he has been will Be pressured and forced into rushed throws while the Bucs defense will not be able to contain the chiefs offense like last game
  4. I heard mahomes said he didn’t really know how to read defenses until recently just wait guy will be unbeatable. It’s going to be all about outscoring them.
  5. Congrats Buffalo you made it this far but they were never beating the chiefs.
  6. Allen’s ball placement is really good I give him that. The receivers are letting him down
  7. Bills lost this game by playing scared. Just terrible game management
  8. And that’s exactly why you don’t go for field goals..
  9. No balls twice to go for it. Field goals ain’t going to win you games pussy coaches you’re not playing for your next seasonal game you’re playing for the super bowl.
  10. Allen sucks I’m sure he’s wanting to rile up some beanie fags to hunt down after the game
  11. I wanted Brady over Tannehill I knew the guy still had it and he played with bums in New England and was handcuffed by Belichick. Unbelievable if he wins number 7
  12. If not for covid the home field advantage would have been huge no chance any team would have beat them. Brady is unreal and I bet titans kicking themselves for not going after him harder instead of giving money to Tannehill
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