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  1. That was weird. Clearly a fumble, and no one seemed to give a shit, including the Colts.
  2. I saw the title of this thread and assumed it was about woke student activists and gender/biology. Any time I see "students", I know it's some stupid shit.
  3. O'Brien and the Texans are so damn hyper-aggresive this year. They jump on every big name that comes down the pike. I had a very strong feeling that grab him. Now they have two underachieving 1st rd. picks in Gareon Conley and Hargreaves.
  4. Listening to Houston sports talk radio over the years, I got the strong impression that the Texans coaching staff had it up to here with Clowney and his inconsistent effort. Plus, I watched him cost the Texans a chance to win multiple games with dumbass penalties. Finally, he demanded to be the highest paid defensive player in the league the offseason after he had a total of 40 tackles. No thanks on Clowney. He's a physical freak but he will routinely let you down when you need him the most.
  5. This team just brutalizes itself with dumb errors at the worst times.
  6. kgsTitan


    They're definitely gone now.
  7. kgsTitan


    Yes, I posted about this early this morning in the "Not sure what happened" thread. I'm glad it's not just me.
  8. So, are we supposed to be seeing ads on the page now, or is it just me?
  9. Its been fun going for the Jags and Titans today. Neither one does a GODDAMN thing right, or even has a positive drive.
  10. I truly don't think this offense could consistently execute against air.
  11. Trying to out-tough everyone will lose you a whole lot of games in the modern NFL. This arrogant, stubborn meathead is gonna be out on his ass begging for a DC job in a year. I guarantee it.
  12. TB's defense is just straight kicking our ass. Stuffing the run and blanketing WRs
  13. Did they have a college game on this field last night? One of the worst NFL fields I've seen.