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  1. I didn't think Portland would win a game, and I bet either Milwaukee or Toronto win 1, at most.
  2. Mariota and Arthur Smith are all that stands in the way of my being excited about the season.
  3. Hard worker...team-first guy...100% effort
  4. The Rockets fought hard and every game was close. It's not pathetic losing repeatedly to an all-time dynasty. Just frustrating. Only one team has beaten them in a series in 5 years, so I guess there's a bunch of pathetic teams out there.
  5. CP3 is fading and his contract is terrible. But after this series, I hate Capela and would prefer to not see him in a Rockets uniform again. Absolutely pitiful in every way.
  6. Hard to be ashamed losing to the Warriors. Nobody's beating them with or without Durant. Nobody has and nobody will (other than the LeBron miracle). As a Rockets fan, you have to figure out a way to get out of the Capela contract. Next year is wide open since you have to figure the Warriors are probably losing 1 and maybe 2 of Thompson, Durant, and Green.
  7. What utter BS. Warriors have a massive talent advantage over everybody and it isn't close. Durant going there was like someone giving Bezos a gift of $20 billion. And LOL complaining about a bench when you have multiple prime all-stars on the court at all times. It's like saying the 92 Dream Team had poor assistant coaches.
  8. Poor underdog Warriors. You just have to hope they can dig deep and gut out that 4th ring in 5 years.
  9. Harden isn't coming up small or being a ghost. It's a nonsense narrative. This is one of the closest series of all time...each game decided by 6 or less..and the Rockets are the less talented team, led by Harden, through whom the entire offense is run. If he's trapped and doubled which he almost always is, hes been penetrating and kicking and finding guys, just as he should. If Gordon and Tucker knock them down consistently, the Rockets win. If not, they lose. It really is that simple. The consensus seems to be that Durant was fantastic in this series, and Harden is about to spoil his legacy, while their numbers were basically identical. And Harden carries far more of a scoring burden. If he was failing, I would be one of the first to call him out, because he did collapse against the Heat, Warriors and Spurs in the past, but it's just inaccurate this time.
  10. Every single shot the Rockets take originates from Harden, and no one has a higher usage rate in NBA history. He's doing all he can do. So saying he's not doing anything is completely laughable. It's Paul and Capela that are under performing. Capela especially has been totally worthless in this series. Harden doesn't deserve any blame for this one....he's played his ass off has done what he can, despite being the focus of very good defenses in Utah and GS. It comes down to the role players making shots. Gordon is streaky as hell, CP3 can barely take Jerebko off the dribble now, and several guys like House and Green, who were great in the regular season, have stunk it up again. Even without Durant, the Warriors have a major talent advantage so I'm not sure why people act like its an embarrassment to lose to GS. They are simply the greatest assemblage of talent ever, maybe in sports period. Not having Cousins or Durant narrows the talent gap quite a bit, but they still have 3 bona fide All Stars in their prime, plus a former Finals MVP and all-world defender in Iguodala. Despite that, the Rockets are right there with them in every game. I laugh at people who in one breath talk about the Warriors being the greatest dynasty ever, and in the next talk about Harden's legacy is soiled because he can't beat them (with no other All Stars on his team). It's funny.
  11. Even the VP of official training admits they blew numerous close-out calls and didn't officiate it properly. What the Rockets were furious about has been rightfully acknowledged, so the argument about whether or not they have a legitimate reason to complain is over.
  12. "They were fouls and we missed the calls" - NBA league office ""They were fouls" - Steve Javie
  13. Defenders all season continued to lunge forward at Hardens step-back, and you may not lunge forward when the shooter is in the air, or it's a clear foul. No one was tricked in the regular season. The NBA agreed yesterday and today that 4 of them in Game 1 should have been called and weren't. Case closed. We'll see what happens Tuesday night.
  14. The fouls ARE there, though. Harden and Paul just went way too far trying to shine a light on them. It's not really faking a foul, except for the one by Harden at the end. The Warriors under Kerr have long had a league-wide reputation for moving screens (always Bogut and Green) and hard close-outs/undercuts at the 3-pt line (usually Thompson and Green, but famously Pachulia). Kerr coaches this tactic. The Rockets dumb strategy was to immediately draw the officials attention to it in Game 1. Maybe it will work. I bet they watch it closely in Game 2.
  15. It's the nature of the game. Flailing when contacted to show you've been hit is as much a part of the game as dribbling is, unfortunately. They should fine players for it, and I thought they were supposed to, but I don't hear of anyone getting fined very often.
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