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  1. My parents bought season tickets when the Oilers drafted Earl, and I went to every Oilers home game from '85 (5 years old) through '96. Ripped my heart out when they moved, but I stuck with them. Even though I was born in Houston, live in Houston, graduated from University of Houston, and work for the City of Houston, the Texans can kiss my ass right where it stinks.
  2. I wouldn't make any major schedule changes other than the elimination of Thursday night games. Keep Thanksgiving games, of course, but thats it. -Keep all 4 preseason games. People don't have to watch them if they dont want to see guys struggling to make the team. -Preseason is a perfect time for overseas or neutral site. No more London or Mexico City reg season games. -Oh yeah, and restore the Sat and Sun NFL Draft, exactly the way it used to be, including 15 min 1st round. NFL Draft Saturday used to be my favorite football day of the year.
  3. Defense hasn't even come close to making a play. Gotta do something now.
  4. I have faith in some D adjustments, but still, we're going to need to force at least a couple turnovers to win this.
  5. Yes. The Texans had all they wanted in the run game, but went away from it because O'Brien is obsessed with the pass.
  6. Our return and coverage has been so non-descript this year. Hardly anything noteworthy. But the Texans were #1 in coverage, and they got gashed by Hardeman, and it changed the momentum. He actually scares me more than Hill.
  7. It's paramount that Joseph reach the endzone on kickoffs, and that'll be difficult in this weather. KC will destroy us in the return game, if we're not careful. Also, whoever is returning for us needs to let everything go and stop bringing the ball out to the 15. Field position is the #1 controllable factor that could sink us. I expect Hill to handle their PRs today, even though he muffed one last week. We need to angle all punts out of bounds. Must make Mahomes go 75 yds, and not face 85/90 yd drives ourselves.
  8. They let entirely too many people into the Hall of Fame. There should absolutely be years that no one gets in at all.
  9. Bud had no media or personal skills whatsoever. The NFL fully supported the move, and at the time, Tagliabue said Houston would never get another team after making basically zero effort to keep the Oilers.
  10. They can deny it all they want, but they're holding pro failures against certain players. VY, Cam, and Tebow owned CFB and should be miles higher on that list.
  11. Kelce hurt. Go Chiefs. Mahomes appeared to be limping a bit on the long run
  12. If the Chiefs could magically come back here, I think you can picture them starting beyond red hot next week.
  13. If the Chiefs don't score, hold, and score going into half, this is over.

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