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  1. Mariota is playing worse than any other starter in the league, so I guess there are none. On the other hand, I would never want Winston or Cam, period, and I would sit out as a fan for awhile if we traded for them.
  2. I love how the Texans feed Hopkins no matter what, covered or not. Find out who you're best guys are, give them opportunities, and live with the results. Davis is good enough to deserve 10 targets a game, minimum.
  3. Reminds me of the Rusty Smith game at the Texans I was dumb enough to go to. Whatever he once was, he is completely inept now. He has no business being out there and needs to be benched.
  4. That play drove me to drinking. Henry had a massive lane. Mariota is a shattered, broken QB at this point. I bet every team in the league would take Gardner Minshew over him right now.
  5. Some of these guys get 1 or 2 targets a game regardless of how open they are. At this point we should just go wildcat or 23 personnel. We have no pass offense so why bother with WRs
  6. Playing with fire here, for sure. We'd be very fortunate to pull this one out.
  7. Totally not our day today. Every single close play going against us.
  8. Toilet cam also. To see if shes throwing up at night.
  9. I didn't even know about this. Special Olympics kid dials up the perfect play and Mariota fucked it up. We'd be a lot better off if they switched places.
  10. I'm curious...who here thinks Tannehill should start over Mariota? I'm thinking of doing a poll on this.
  11. Amy is definitely reading Titansreport in the suite. Maybe even posting.
  12. Will we ever have an offense that's not bottom 5?