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  1. You can get hostile all you want to. The point I was trying to make (to someone else) is that Trump's being a foreign policy novice is really the factor that makes him vulnerable to manipulation, and all the other conspiracy theory BS regarding Trump is just that, in my opinion. Being an asset doesnt require willingness. And if Trump's a novice, then the Mayor of South Bend most certainly is. And if the Russians coming to get you is what keeps you up at night, which it seems to be for a lot of people, maybe Biden is the better choice.
  2. You most certainly don't have to be an arrogant idiot to be taken advantage of (though it certainly helps). As intelligent as Carter and Obama are and were, they were taken advantage of plenty of times. When your dealing with third world tyrants, dictators, etc. around the world, certitude, conviction, and principle goes a long way. It's like people can smell self-doubt, and more intelligent people do often show doubt more readily.
  3. I'm sure that is the proper use of the term asset, but they way I hear people use it, they mean as an actual spy or intentionally, actively working with the enemy. Not merely being taken advantage of as an exploited patsy.
  4. What the fuck? Legal just said being a novice and a Russian asset are essentially the same thing, and you liked his comment. Buttigieg is more of a novice, so he's essentially the same as an asset too.
  5. Then Buttegieg would be as well. Even more of a complete novice and exploitable...hence, a Russian asset.
  6. When I say reciprocal for Ukraine, I mean there was likely personal animus toward Hillary for her State Departments actions in the Ukraine. This is very logical. But Trump is not a Russian asset. He's just a foreign affairs novice that they probably saw an opportunity to exploit. Even though he campaigned on massive military spending. This is all so confusing....
  7. I just think this is a total crock of horse shit. Any troublemaking on the part of the Russians was simply a reciprocal for US activities undermining the elections in Ukraine. They're simply trying to sew discontent in whatever way they can, embarrass candidates, and throw the election results into disarray..basically what we do over there. They don't have a master plan to fuck Democrats. They have a master plan to fuck the country in general.
  8. Hell with the film or the stats. Kline played for the Patriots, man. The PATRIOTS.
  9. I know. How entitled can you be to drink all you want from a bottle and then just throw it on the ground for someone else to pick up. Even if I was the biggest celebrity in the world, I wouldn't just throw something down like that. I would place the bottle on the floor next to my chair or just drink it all and find a recycling bin.
  10. 100%. For me, he just beats out Rust Cohle from True Detective, Capt. Woodrow F. Call from Lonesome Dove, and Tommy DeVito from Goodfellas.
  11. MNF will make another huge push for Peyton now.
  12. Yes, I was at that Jacksonville game. That was just a bizarre time to be a fan.
  13. Yes, I do. The Oilers were actually somewhat exciting that season. Chandler had a knack for big plays.
  14. The only way he could keep Ann Coulter in line is if he stood at the border and personally executed anyone attempting to cross.
  15. He's got a bunch of hilarious videos on his channel. Including one where he fires a drug addict on his first day.
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