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  1. I have this gnawing feeling that not having a capable backup QB is gonna bite us in the ass this year. This is by far the longest Tannehill has gone without an injury, and the clock is ticking. Woodside and Kizer are not acceptable backups if Tannehill were to miss 3-4 games. Obviously, any more than that and you're done, regardless. The Titans need to make a move for a decent backup, and set aside a 2nd or 3rd next year for a QB to develop.
  2. I've been called by the Texans 3 times in the past month asking me to buy 2 tickets since I've been a regular attendee in the past. The only games I've been to are when they've played the Titans, every other year or so. Teams are just desperate to start making money again.
  3. As has already been discussed, the reality of all of this is that low-income and black communities are only going to be further harmed. Crime has already greatly increased and it'll continue to do so as policymakers pull back law enforcement or officers strike on the job or resign. Upscale communities will always have protection, even if they have to employ private security. Less police presence equals more crime. there are no two ways about it. People that say otherwise rarely live in a high-crime neighborhood. They say these things from the safety of gated mansions in Malibu or Beverly
  4. The thought I keep coming back to is, it's realistically not possible for this situation to improve. People are becoming more frustrated and defensive about police stops, only leading to more incidents. With 30,000 arrests everyday nationwide, there will be some bad ones, and the ratio is not really important in the narrative. The police would need to have zero incidents for I don't know how many months or years before people would say the situation has improved. It's not happening.
  5. I distinctly remember Underwood making a couple of plays for the Cowboys. Wilson will never match that.
  6. Watson clearly thought this was a legitimate seduction technique and there's nothing wrong with it. Also, Rusty Hardin is saying hey, this isn't sexual assault, it's merely soliciting prostitution. If the laws don't get him, the league will.
  7. As someone who listens to Htown talk radio daily, its been an unbelievable past 14-15 months. It's non-stop gnashing of teeth. The Rockets and Texans will absolutely be in the basement for the next few years, minimum. The Astros did the one thing they couldn't do: let Springer walk. But they'll still be pretty good.
  8. The Harris County DA, Kim Ogg, hates sending people to jail, so that may be his only saving grace. She may just charge him with misdemeanor harassment.
  9. The more I read, the more I think he's gonna be sitting down for awhile. I predict criminal charges and a year and a half in prison.
  10. Texans signed Desmond King, Titans and Texans are like next-door neighbors who snoop through each other's garbage cans.
  11. Tony Buzbee got in trouble a few years ago for driving a tank around on city streets. I would take anything he says with a grain of salt.
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