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  1. Jayon is gone now. The rest of the season will be a real test for Vrabel. The season has completely unraveled from all these key injuries.
  2. The season has been completely derailed by injuries. Very unfortunate, but it happens. Once Lewan went down, the wind was mostly out of my sails with regard to a Super Bowl, and it's completely out now. I'll still watch, but this is a 9-7, 8-8 team now and they're going nowhere. The two most frustrating aspects are that we were ready for a run and it ain't happening this year, and, two, I despise Vrabel's Belichick-esque refusal to be honest about injuries. I get it, but I hate it.
  3. A Cards win would be nice too.
  4. Yes, it may be time to "fix the glitch". We always like to avoid conflict whenever possible.
  5. Yeah, they were saying that it's not out of the question that O'Brien gets another shot at HC right away because there are so many bad teams this year, but there's no way he won't be in the league in some capacity. Then they were talking about how he doesn't have the temperament to be a HC. They think he could be assistant HC and OC for the Titans and play good cop/bad cop with Vrabel. Then they were talking about how they hope it happens because the Titans O would regress from Smith to O'Brien.
  6. They spent half on hour on this topic today on Houston sports radio. They think it'll be O'Brien.
  7. At the snap, the Texans had 8 in the box and should have stopped that, regardless. Scarlett got sucked inside when Henry originally went forward, and then got blocked and stayed blocked. It's a hell of a risky call to remove the high-percentage pass threat of Tannehill from the play, especially on 3rd down from the 5 yd. line. You should get stopped short 8-9 times out of 10. From the 1 yard line, yeah, I like it.
  8. 100%. Taking Tannehill out of the play makes things much easier for the defense. The Texans OLB botched the run fit/contain on the play and Firkser made a solid block. That's all that happened there
  9. Farley was on a different level...the best was probably the Chippendales tryouts against Patrick Swayze. SNL humor now is way too clean and lazy. And the Trump shit they continue to do is so tired and played out. SNL is a legendary franchise for comedy. When you stop and compare what they do now to the early years, 90s, etc., let alone the gold standard of sketch comedy, Chappelle's Show, its quite sad.
  10. I just don't get SNL humor, and haven't in ages. Who writes this crap? It was fantastic in the early 90s. Spade, Farley, Sandler, Mike Myers, etc. These people they have now are god-awful.
  11. The problem is so hard to nail down because it's really everything. Coverage is way too soft on the outside, and the pass rush isn't getting there. I'm in the camp that thinks Adoree will make a major difference immediately. Joseph is a total liability at this point. Butler is too, but you can't have two or three liabilities out there. Fulton will get better. Joseph will get worse.
  12. The thing is, their K had already missed an XP. You're on the road..make it and the game is over, don't make it and worst-case, you're going to OT. I like the decision, personally.
  13. Now, a full week of rest, Adoree and maybe C. Davis back, and home game. We're in good shape. Just need Lewan back.
  14. Astros owner Drayton McLane was the landlord and treated the Oilers like shit. Not allowing tailgating in order to make more money in concessions for McLane was a big one. When the Texans started in Reliant, I really saw how much tailgating brought to the gameday experience.

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