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  1. Turned off the game. I'm not watching another game as long as Marcus is the starter.
  2. 2-4 here we come! Even if we do win. It will be close and vrabel will call it a great win and "total team effort" over a shit broncos team. TANK! TANK! TANK!
  3. I don't even remember who the fuck he is. So I googled it. Some fucking scrub. Who fucking cares what he says? What next. Listening to Perry Phenix?
  4. Marcus is bad. The worst but it's not like Vrable is any good either. Jrob is vastly overrated.
  5. MM is the worst QB I have seen in a decade
  6. lol everyone crowning vrabel week one. Dumb cunts. We are a 3-13 team