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  1. Titans made Brady look scared and held them to 10 points. People seem to forget that.
  2. I play a useless role on this forum. I post dumb shit because I am just amused taking the piss. The funny thing is I can post dumb pictures or say cunt like it's meaningless all I want. I cannot top honest stupidity and it just so happens they are Trump supporters on this forum. I may as well go straight and drop the act.
  3. How are any of these live-action remakes accepted? Esp since Disney just remade Lion King with Black Panther.
  4. This response took longer than I expected. I expected it to be the first post in the thread. Son, I am disappoint.
  5. He just got hired by Orakpo and Griffin as the stockboy for the cupcake shop.
  6. Why do we need two topics on the Texans jerseys?
  7. 618-625-8313 This is an easter egg and working phone number. It's worth the call. It's Murray's Answering machine.
  8. Don't recognize your dad?
  9. My first thought it I almost hope Marcus goes down week one or pre-season and is released in the offseason so we can stop having these topics. Then again I know Oman and others would just find another player to do the same shit on. Probably Butler or Conklin. So it doesn't really matter. I like him I hope he does well but I would not want to hang on to him if he fails his last chance. I'm not optimistic about MM at all. I do want him to prove me wrong though.
  10. Well duh, Gandalf had them fly in on giant American Bald Eagles and dump the redcoats in Mount Doom.
  11. Warriors will still be the team to beat in the west but the west is loaded now. Clippers,Lakers,Jazz have new rosters highly upgraded. Rockets will be about the same but that's not a bad thing at all. Warriors have a lot more stiff competition than they have had during their entire run and as they got slightly worse everyone else got much better. I would not write them off at all but it's not wide open for them either. I will root for the Jazz but I don't expect them to win too many more games than last year. Hover around 50. Maybe 53 or something. I do think they are vastly better than last year but with all the loaded teams now around them be tough to win more. though I think they finally have the talent to get past the Rockets should they face them again in the playoffs. Jazz will have a more rounded roster and a lot of depth.
  12. Hyperbolic hatred is the best kind of hate.
  13. Then the Pats played Marcus last year. Boom Marcus is the greatest thing ever made confirmed.
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