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  1. Was that him propped up on the snowmobile? I'm sure he was in complete shock. Like those zebras that run around with half their guts hanging out.
  2. Lol..... Seriously, how was he even able to talk?
  3. There's actually a post on there about a guy who survived a bear attack. WARNING....VERY GRAPHIC. It's one of the most gruesome things I've ever seen...can't even post the link.🤮
  4. He had his limitations, but I had more confidence in Tajae than Davis. Davis has more potential than Tajae, but will he ever step up? This is the make/break yeak for him.
  5. Don't worry....he's just waiting to complete the physicals, then the floodgates will open.
  6. Your off to a great start with the pushup/squats....just try to do pullups (even if only 1 or 2) and you are set.
  7. I actually tried yoga for the first time before covid came....it's was amazing and I was going to try and incorporate it once per week. Gonna have to wait now.
  8. This is good. Fining a place for pullups is the hard part. I'm thinking of building my own in the backyard with 2 6x6 posts and a steel pipe. Aside from that I run hills nearby and do push-ups, box jumps and burpees. One I get the pull-up situation figured out, I'm set.
  9. So, I guess this guy didn't need a physical before signing?
  10. Woops....got played. It was a fake account
  11. Why aren't other teams impacted in the same way? We've seen announcements around the league.
  12. TE is a real strength with Pruitt, firk and Jonnu. I really hope we get him signed.
  13. And he's been paid millions for it. Shouldn't feel sad for any of these guys

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