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  1. I’m not racist like the rest of y’all, but clearly the one thing we’ve been missing is a white, shifty WR…..it’s pretty much a prerequisite to make a SB run…
  2. ok. How are Russini (or Schefter) or others any different? Let’s be real….they do the same thing for the team/coaches. the message board bullies trying to clown TD over this are the real dummies… none of these fuckers are winning a Pulitzer
  3. TD is trying to use the access he has to generate some buzz….I can’t blame him. Russini gets pimped for scoops….props to him for making an attempt. You can call him out for it, but trying to make him sound dumb while comparing him to Russini is a joke.
  4. Lol at people trying to slam TD, pointing to the likes of Russini and others. TD is a local beat writer who actually happens to ask the best questions out of all those bozos. He can’t help the fact that the team uses reporters like russini and others because they broadcast nationally vs the local beat. Russini and others are no smarter than TD or anyone else and lol at the dummies trying to sound smart by acting like there’s some huge difference.
  5. We are doubted and overlooked every year, which could have finally changed last year but we shit the bed. I agree though, I am really high on this team. High performing TE's alone is going to make a world of difference. I'm moreso pumped about our defence....we have playmakers at every level. Defense won us several games last year and can easily be top 5 this year. Add in fewer turnovers, henry back and the other new pieces I see no reason why we shouldn't be at the top again.
  6. how are you defining abuse? Didn’t he pretty much just ask for a HJ/BJ during the massage?
  7. or realized that a lot of these “models” offering massages on social media were just hoe’s piling on to get paid.
  8. I expected 8max. This is only gonna boost preseason interest and make the league even more money… Good or bad, the nfl knows how to manage this type of stuff
  9. Nothing wrong with being optimistic about Weaver. Before he got hurt, the thing I liked most from the TC reports was that he busted his ass and had a high motor. Our dline has plenty of other players that can take the heat off someone like Weaver, making it easier for him to produce. I’m looking forward to it
  10. not just offensive design. Tannehill is behind injuries, Henry, oline, etc….
  11. Did anyone find it strange that Cosell made no mention about how explosive the run game continued to be with Donte Foreman? Or how he went out of his way to mention Henry's explosive run plays that benefitted the passing game as a missing ingredient last year? This was a great opportunity for him to educate us dummies....I guess they just ran out of time.
  12. I’m talking about live games on Sunday. nflsundayticket.tv sent me a renewal notice too and I’m wondering if there will be another option for this season?
  13. Whatever the new streaming service is, does it start this season or next?
  14. lol….Oh-man I know which fanboy that was 😉 It’s crazy when you think about it. Glad the argument has shifted from all that elite talk to top 15 and whether he’s good enough to win with. This is exactly where we should be.
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