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  1. Yeah, I read this and was really creeped out.
  2. It's how ppl act on the internet...
  3. Both sides won during his time here.... Time to move on....
  4. Casey was an overachiever. Simmons has the build, talent and demeanor to be a monster.... Thank God for that knee injury
  5. Def a meathead, but really smart and a really good head coach. The shakeup with the def staff is going to be interesting, but I'm optimistic that he'll keep it together...
  6. He still has upside too IMO.... He has an oppty with Ryan gone to step up this year and earn a longer term deal. We need it given Butlers deal is almost done.
  7. Sorry, not enough. Look at his resume and tell me why he deserves to the the head coach of that team. He did a good just but has more to prove in my book.
  8. Lefleur seems like a really smart dude....he knows he has to put his stamp on it and Rogers (while still really good) may be past his peak. In my book LeFleur still hasent proven why he got the job in the first place. He looks the part and comes from a flashy pedegree but he's got more to prove imo....
  9. Which is my point for those that are complaining about it
  10. Remember when we took Chance Warmak at #10? That should make everyone feel better about this pick....LOL
  11. I like the idea of him and Beasley on prove it deals. We would be in for a massive upgrade
  12. Yeah....I was hopeful for Harris, but there doesn't seem to be slot of substance there. As for Klobuchar, she seems tough and competent but there's no wow factor. Her and Biden would be such a boring ticket. I think it gives Trump a chance. I actually think he should try and pick a republican like Romney for a guaranteed win....but it'll never happen. I'm still really low on Biden's chances to beat Trump....the VP pick means a lot.

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