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  1. Tannehill could easily play out a 5 year deal in today's NFL. We can win with him as long as they commit to the right pieces around him. He and Henry should be a package deal.
  2. Yeah, this team isnt as stacked as we think. We have needs at DL, WR, TE, RB and possibly CB with guys like Ryan and Sims leaving (presumably). I thought this might be the time to focus on defense in the draft, but we need a good backup to Henry and an explosive WR. I'm cool with the TE committee, especially since it gives us room to invest elsewhere. I'd actually try hard to keep Sims on a cheap deal.
  3. Tannehill has limitations, doesn't throw with great anticipation and holds it too long. He also has strengths, athletic, strong arm, accurate and doesn't turn it over. Utlimately, can win with him with a great running game. Where it gets scary is if we don't have Henry... Hopefully we resign him, and don't have to think about how bad it can get. The bright side is that Art has valuable experience, and we can upgrade positions of need....DE, WR and TE. I'm cool with drafting a you QB, but we have the coach, QB and RB we need to win....
  4. Don't give him an out just because we lost. He's a 9ers fan.
  5. I'm fine with it unless it means sacrificing other spots. I'd prioritize Henry, Tanny, then Conklin.....I think Ryan walks.
  6. I've got conference that Art will get better. He and Vrabel are smart enough.
  7. Yeah, tag Conklin. He's good but not the elite T that ppl make him out to be.
  8. Vrabel is a good enough coach. What he lacks in playcalling, he more than makes up with a great ability to coach up players and maximize the talent on the roster. Another year with Art should be better in the playcalling Dept. The chiefs just figured us out and we should really be scared on life without Henry. Tanny and the offense becomes super avg without him. We got some great pieces but need to resign Henry, along with more consistent play from Jonnu and an upgrade at #2 WR and pass rush
  9. I'd be fine letting him go.....you can't trust guys like him.
  10. Lots of teams passed on mahomes, but Davis is a bust. That early pick that was overturned summed up who he is, a guy who has the measurables but is soft as butter. He's not even a #2 imo...
  11. Feels so good to watch our boys play today! I was doubtful earlier this week but am expecting a win now.... Let's go!
  12. It's not that farfetched to think we'll win. Momentum is a real thing in sports and the Titans have it, along with great talent.

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