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  1. The last time that Mariota actually had a decent season a friend and I had a bet against Mariota vs Winston. After collected on a $500 steak dinner, it became clear that Winston is the better of the two.... Now he wants some money back....it's all about timing
  2. Defund the police was absolutely the worst. Why they let the left run with that was so stupid.....house paid the price
  3. Perhaps this explains why he tried to have that opposition leader Navalny (sp?) killed recently.
  4. I've heard this alot and don't understand it. How exactly did the Dems screw it up?
  5. Trump and his media empire post election is going to be a thorn in the side of Republicans until he dies.
  6. What makes this worse is they essentially picked Beasley over Correa. Correa wasent great but gave effort on every play.
  7. The way Tanny was playing and spreading the ball around in prior weeks made Davis expendable. After yesterday's game I wonder if be down for trading him....if we get a good offer. Hump being hurt complicates that now however.
  8. I believe he'll try but he won't be successful
  9. Yeah, I usually wait til week 4 or 6...factoring injuries. You pretty much know what you have at that point. Our D is terrible.
  10. He clearly was on the defensive when he answered this question....he knows it's an issues...you could hear it in his voice.
  11. If it wasn't for all of the lawsuits he's going to face as a private citizen....I don't even think he would care if he wins. He doesn't give a shit about this country....that's pretty clear. By all accounts he's going to start a media company and continue milking all the idiots in his cult... It would be a lucrative venture if he wasn't going to be drowning in lawsuits.
  12. I thought Coombs was and excellent coach and a big loss, but there's a multitude of issues impacting the D. Subpart DE, tackling and CB. The only bright spots on D are Jayon and Simmons.
  13. Exactly it....ice cold is the best way to describe him. I love the dude

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