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  1. VaTitan

    RBG died

    Hadn't thought of this, but damn. If so, I hope to God the Dems turn the Senate and go all out next term. In the end our country loses but still...
  2. VaTitan

    RBG died

    The best strategy is behind the scenes and in public. Esp for Collins and Murkowski who are up for reelection. Romney's a given and the others are already on record against it. Getting the public behind it is the missing piece. I actually think the Dems have a descent shot
  3. VaTitan

    RBG died

    There are enough Republicans on record as being against this that making the public argument still makes sense... There's really no other choice.... Unless murkowski, Romney, and 1-2 others vote against it ....nothing can stop them.
  4. Obama had it rough man....he had to walk such a tightrope but never made excuses.
  5. Ahh....didn't know about the previous offer. I think Harris is going to mop the floor with VP, Elf on the Shelf. That'll boost the team avg
  6. I don't know know Joe Rogan politics and don't agree with his debate premise. But even as a Biden supporter I can admit that hes lost a step....or 3. Thank God for covid or he wouldn't have stood a chance against Trump and our country would be in a dire situation. I just hope he can survive the debate at this point....I'm really nervous about it. And based on Trump's tweet he wants all the smoke....lol https://nypost.com/2020/09/14/trump-accepts-offer-from-joe-rogan-to-moderate-debate-with-biden/amp/
  7. Trump means every word of this. Hell tear the country apart before admitting defeat. Fareed Zakaria made a good point this weekend about how the media needs to prepare the country for election month vs election night, so there is no shock when the legal fight drags on through December. Fortunately Biden is already gearing up for it. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/homenews/campaign/516258-biden-campaign-forming-special-litigation-team-ahead-of-possible-voting%3famp
  8. VaTitan

    The Social Dilemma

    Bingo....that's always the trade-off with these models. Accuracy vs Volume (i.e. $$). Facebook is a public company so we which side they will be on.
  9. VaTitan

    The Social Dilemma

    Yep...getting you hooked is part of the business plan. This is not new for corporate America. Before AI and social media it was tobacco and sugar. Corporations have never cared about society, only the dollar. People should consider it their responsibility not to be brainwashed by corporations but unfortunately most people aren't taught this.
  10. VaTitan

    The Social Dilemma

    I'm somewhat familiar with this tech, and yes it can be regulated. These are just algorithms that predict whether something is true or false. They can be "tuned" or fed more data to alter the prediction. The ppl who created them are still in control.
  11. Mariota is clearly damaged goods.... He likely can't make it through camp because he's already checked out thinking about how to spend his millions in Hawaii.... Damn this dude failed miserably and still won...LOL. By the time he's done he'll have made close to $40M if I'm correct.
  12. I haven't paid much attention to this Q stuff....knowing it was a bunch of crazies. Fareed Zakaria did a special on it this weekend....holy cow are these people nuts. alex Jones?????? LMAO....
  13. Congrats to them....the generation before me (I'm 40) are the ones who really screwed everything up....going into debt, getting fat and eating fast food their whole life. Props to these young ppl who know they are inheriting a shot show....hopefully they use the time with their parents to stack money....if they can find a job at all.
  14. I'm sorry but as disgusting as trump is here, this is where the comedy comes shining through. Can you imagine what we'll hear during the debate when trump realizes he likely to lose...he'll say anything....it's gonna be hilarious! 🍿🍿🍿

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