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  1. for those that don’t want to spend the 30mins and watch…..the gist is Not all the ints are Tannys fault, he has sub-par WRs around him and nonetheless is playing super avg/below average this year.
  2. The dad was an idiot but The dude had no business getting an assault rifle and killing him. He should go to prison imo. In that situation you call the cops, you don’t approach someone with a rifle and shoot him just because he doesn’t want to leave your property….just call the cops. If the dad was armed or pulled out a gun it’s a different story.
  3. If they don’t squeak they aren’t good right? I bought some a few years ago….battered and fried them for the kids. I don’t really love cheese that much. Also, it’s prob one of the worst things you can eat health wise.
  4. I've never seen Tanny this mad. The look on his face throughout yesterday's press conference was pretty damn creepy tbh
  5. im def not anti-Tanny and said before I love that he’s on the team. I think what many of us are pushing back on is a legit disagreement about who has really been driving the success of this offense over the past couple years. The fanboys were arguing that Tanny is “eliete” and that any RB could be plugged into the system and we’d get the same results. We’ve seen the results of Tanny w/Henry and now we’re seeing home w/out Henry. I know it’s been only a couple games but it’s enough for me to know which one I prefer. Tanny and Henry are best as a package deal.
  6. Agree on the point about MyCole. It cant be overstated how big of a downgrade the whole TE group is this year. Firk is underperforming across the board...poor blocking, cant make first downs, etc.... He's a massive disappointment.
  7. Tannys TO’s are the issue more than any of these injuries. Is there any evidence the Ints are from mistakes the backups are making? also, all those players you mention weren’t out until today. Tannys poor play spans multiple games
  8. I really don’t care enough to study it that closely….tbh. I totally get the point being made here, but the bottom line is the formation without Henry is worse than the formation with Henry. It’s not plug and play as you all stated and having a HOF Its all academic
  9. Now you know that’s totally different than a player being out for the season….cmon
  10. This was an Indictment of Mariota more than anYthing. We only needed avg QB play to really go.
  11. QBs are almost always more important than a RB in any scenario and on any team. That’s not the point of this debate. It’s a question about who is the driver for our offensive production/efficiency? We need a couple more games but the answers looking clear. the injuries argument doesn’t work as we’ve had them all year across every position
  12. nonsense. It’s formation…..it has nothing to do with the RB…..lol seriously….I just tuned in after missing the entire game to see him toss his 4th int. Clearly he’s not this bad….but it’s pretty clear the fanboys were off base.
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