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  1. I'm curious too. What did he tear down?
  2. This is interesting, is it something the league could even stop OC's from doing? Using AI is possible, partly because there is tons of training data available to train a model. Also, I wouldn't get wrapped up on not having analytics personnel on staff. This is something you could easily outsource to consultants without hiring an FTE. I trust that JRob is incorporating this into their decision making process....
  3. Lol... You might want to change your thread title because it suggested the Dems wanted it and repubs didn't... Also, you should stop being's not about cheap labor it's about votes. Trump has created a culture war to scare white people into voting for him. They are not sophisticated enough to sift through his BS. Based on polling and demographics, you and Trump are on the losing side of this issue.
  4. You should seriously lookup why this issue lingered for so long. It was big business/construction/agriculture who wanted the steady flow of cheap labor and conservative politicians appeased them.
  5. Look, Sundays performance was about as bad as it gets for an NFL QB. I've been clear from the beginning that MM deserved a chance given the circumstances, but it's week 6 and we've seen enough. Sure the oline deserves blame, and there have been screwups all around but it's the final year and MM ran out of time and excuses to produce. I don't know much about Tanny and view him as JAG. Maybe he'll surprise us, but likely he won't. The bigger question is how do we position ourselves to draft the QB of the future? It sucks thinking about this during week 6 of the season....depressing.
  6. The sentiment you see on Twitter isn't real.... I wouldn't pay any attention to is...
  7. It's kind of effed up.... These beat writers are struggling to make a living and the team can't let them break stories? I bet it works both ways and the national guys pay them back with spin.
  8. We had totally different views and I don't feel bad 1 bit. MM gets to do nothing and still make his $21M I hope to God Tanny makes a's gonna be bad if he fails.
  9. Same here.... Ppl we're killing him over a couple early mistakes. Vrabel also did a great job coaching by making sure his confidence didn't go in the tank. He and Butler both get hated on and have been doing a great job imo....
  10. So when are we supposed to hear this right? Shame on our local media for not getting any leaks Adam Schefter break the news. Even our beat writers suck!
  11. It doesn't have to be one or the other, it can be both.
  12. There's no chance this would happen, but if it did, it tells you exactly the opposite of Vrabel and JRob. This would mean that despite everything thats happened they still think he's the best QB on the roster and is worth losing the team over..... They would be hanging their jobs on MM. It would never happen.
  13. It's funny how sports creates this type of loyalty. What other product could keep it's customers after producing such shitty products for so long. Imagine if the Titans were a restaurant, retailer, auto would ditch them instantly. Especially once you realize that all of its key employees are multi-millionairs....LOL.
  14. This too... Its like no one can imagine how you would be a Titans fan if you dont live in Nashville.