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  1. Just heard Colin Cowherd talking about Tanny. He described him as a better throwing version of Mitchell Trubisky....LOL While I think he is wrong about that, the scenario I fear most is resigning Tanny and letting Henry go. Tanny is benefitting big time from teams gearing up to stop Henry. What type of QB is he without such a dominating RB? I dont want to find out, so we better keep both....
  2. Whats amazing is that MIA never knew what they had in Tanny. No team would just give a player a 'fresh start' from the kindness of their heart. The new regime probably never took the time....and I'm sure Tanny's agent had a hand in orchestrating this. Not only did he get him out, but landed him at the one spot where he had a shot at taking the starting job and making a playoff run. I've seen this happen in corporate america...with M&As, restructuring, etc...where good people get let go along with the losers, but never in the NFL with a QB. Congrats Jrob and whoever Tanny's agent is .
  3. Read my post above. I agree that this never happens, but given the circumstances in MIA you can see how this played out. Its soo rare and amazing when you think about how the Dolphins dumped a franchise QB.....IT NEVER HAPPENS!
  4. Not having paid attention to Tanny in MIA, Ive had this lingering fear that hes just in the zone and will turn back into whoever he was before we got him. With every week, he's making me a believer. You've also got to consider the circumstances with how he got traded. Wasent like he was cut by Belichek. There was significant leadership changes in MIA and they were blowing it up. They didn't want the salary and probably never tried to get to know Tanny that well. While it never happens, you can see how talent could get let go in this scenario. That said....he's balled his way right into a new contract. We can hedge our bets through the draft and he's better than anything we can get this offseason.
  5. In the lockeroom postgame after week 1, Vrabel made it a point to say how AAS let him and John run the team how they want when giving her the game ball. I have no doubt that ownership wanted to give MM every shot to be successful given the circumstances, but its also pretty clear that Vrabel and Jrob were on board with this as well. When it didn't work, they made a change....pretty simple.
  6. Wouldn't that be a natural spot for Jonnu given his skillset? If he doesn't start there, where does he start? And bases on what I've seen, I'll take firk starting there all day long.
  7. So who is the #1 TE now? I posted before that I prefer the committee approach given the talent we have, but just noticed Jonnu heading to the beach on that 3rd/10 (which I'm fine w btw).
  8. Tannehill and Henry's play have unlocked playmakers all over the place. Raymond, Pruitt, Blasingame..... It doesn't get much better than this...
  9. Another Trump 'deal'!!!! LOLOLOL Wasent there another one with Caterpillar in Indiana? Serious question, has he made a deal yet?