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  1. Yep.... If CD doesn't drop one, Mariota is 7-9. Pretty accurate to me.
  2. Lol....I know it's annoying but Mariotas play this year kind of determines if we're going to suck for another 5yrs or so searching for a QB. Outside of nitpicking every play, I think we can all agree that last night represented progress from the 1's. I mentioned this in the TC threat, but seeing a progression (i.e. learning from mistakes) is what we should focus on vs the mistakes themselves... This is what preseason is about....
  3. I need to see more on the CD play to know if I agree w this, but it's been mentioned by others that the throw to DE was exactly where it needed to be. Looked to me like there was a LB in zone closing the window, and MM had to throw it there to avoid a pick....basically putting it in the perfect spot. The DL throw was clearly high, but he made the catch so.... Overall MM looked really accurate to me. Does anyone know where we can find more camera angles from the game?
  4. PK can use his 20/20 hindsight all he wants, but please believe he was gearing up for the siege last week. Glad to see he's leveling off....
  5. If we ignore all the Mariota hate for a minute, we've got some non-starters playing really well on both sides: Finch, Mack, McN, Firk, Tanny, to name a few
  6. Agree, but even on the first 2 drives, his passes looked on target to me. The 2nd one that CD dropped may have been off a little but I need to see it to be sure.
  7. IC.... It'll be interesting to see clips after the game, to know if this is the case or not. My sense is he was pretty accurate tonight.
  8. Finch having a good game. We really need him this year.
  9. Do you think most of his throws tonight we're inaccurate?
  10. Feels weird saying this but our punter is a beast.
  11. Yeah, honestly I never watched that much of him in Miami. General sense I had was that he was pretty avg. If anything hes playing for a job here or elsewhere next year.
  12. Both QBs played well, mariota against starters and Tanny against backups. We should be happy for both.
  13. Absolutely....I really like him. Just needs to be put in the right situations given his blocking.
  14. Happy with this drive..... Mostly good, couple things to learn from. Ended with a score.
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