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  1. I think of Alf's nose everytime I see Derrick Heny's ponytail....
  2. Maybe it wasn't the disaster everyone expected, but I noticed huge issues to start the year last year. The point that the players are making with these off-season workouts is just stupid. What's the point of boycotting the facility and doing it on your own? Just to prove a point that they don't have to do what the owners say? Lol....it's stupid and apparently can cost alot of $$
  3. While you can't attribute all these injuries to missing workouts, this was my point earlier. The bigger issue is timing/sloppy play, etc.... Especially during covid. We saw this alot last year. It's pretty sad for the players...they are just trying to exercise what little leverage they have. NFL owners are running things. I would totally get DeMaurice out.... The players need new leadership and a new strategy.
  4. This is crazy talk. However, a great RB and QB can elevate the play of avg WRs. That and a much improved D and we'll be good.
  5. Ahhh... the good ole days... This is more like what a Titans WR room used to look like....lol.
  6. Lol...yeah I meant demeanor. Maybe less of a jerk also. Kind of looks like him too
  7. Just watch the interview Chris Simms did with him. He made a great impression and seems ultra confident. Kind of reminded me of Cortland Finnegan.
  8. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/26/will-the-falcons-find-a-taker-for-julio-jones/
  9. Lol...how exactly does the octopus kill the other one? His only move is to smother him? How have octopus survived evolution if this is the only thing it can do?
  10. Someone needs to help the nfl players with their messaging because this comes off lame as f**k. These guys are pro athletes and millionaires....what else should they do in the off-season except workout? We saw how the quality of play dropped last year with covid...missed tackles, timing, etc... But yet these players feel the need to make a point by not working out???? I guess these are the benefits they negotiated . The players need new leadership and a better deal. The owners are laughing all the way to the bank...adding more reg season games, raking in millions while the players fight
  11. Was that a fully automated jugs machine? It was adjusting and throwing passes like a QB
  12. LOL at people always trying to attach him to the "Belicheck tree" to make him seem smart. That was like 1yr, maybe 2 that he was with Cleveland.
  13. Clowney is not an elite DE, but he does have some value. I wouldn't mind having him at the right price but he clearly wants the biggest check at this point in his career so it's not worth it.
  14. Maybe we should bring in a Sr. Advisor for him too? I wonder what Dowell Loggains or Norm Chow are up to these days?
  15. This is not the same thing. These guys are paid millions. Even proven coaches are on a short leash....
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