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  1. Seriously dude.... enough with the dumb fucking threads. Literally this could have been a comment in any number of threads.
  2. So the first thing that popped into my head was even if pees was hired, how long until we saw a noticeable improvement in the defense. If it is just bad playcalling/ gameplanning then I would think it could be fairly quickly. May take longer if it is actually coaching the players on different techniques and keys/reads and things like that.
  3. Technically we can lose to the colts this week and still control our destiny 100%......just sayin
  4. Sooooo. Only logical conclusion I can come up with is the hoodie is playing the long game... trying to screw the jets out of trevor lawrence and positioning himself to take a QB high in the draft.
  5. You were close, you knew something happened with waivers after the trade deadline. Lol. It's all good.
  6. Everyone hits waivers after the trade deadline. Rookies and vested vets alike
  7. So, let's say the jags are deciding between two candidates for head coach. All else being equal, would they hire a minority candidate from the titans, and hand a premium pick to a division rival....or would they hire a non minority candidate from let's say the colts?
  8. Was that everyone? Or just Kyle saying that like 100 times?
  9. I feel like that is the responsible thing to do. But you and I both know that if they got the right offer then he would be gone. Granted you could say that about most players in the league
  10. Nah, Raymond falls down any time he catches a pass with anyone within 5 yards of him. Would have been a big gain but certainly not a TD.
  11. https://www.espn.com/blog/philadelphia-eagles/post/_/id/30156/heres-how-josh-mccown-will-play-for-the-eagles-in-texas Article says it is a 24 hour process to get him back in the facility which doesn't seem anywhere near long enough in my opinion
  12. You may be right, but I thought I read he was living in Texas and just attended meetings and such virtually. And even with the daily tests if he is living in Texas then I have to think you would want a complete reset and make him start the protocols over after he takes a commercial flight to get into town.
  13. So, assuming they had an outbreak mid week, would he even make it through the protocols in time to play a Sunday game? Is he still getting daily covid tests? I would think after hopping on a commercial plane they would want to put him through protocols closer to what a street free agent would go through, but Is he allowed to just waltz in once he gets to town?
  14. The thing I love about that video is that damn near every one of those plays was against a division opponent. 9/11 if I counted correct. He has especially made the Jags and Texans his bitch.

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