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  1. There is zero chance Willis is cut and put on the practice squad. ZERO
  2. I think their is a decent chance they keep Roberson as WR 6. His KR abilities would allow them to move on from Cannon. 4 RBs and a FB seems like a lot. Also think Shakur Brown has a chance to make it as a 6th CB
  3. The value in NWI (especially as WR 4) is what he provides on special teams and his ability to be the primary backup at all receiver spots.
  4. The joint practices we have in a few weeks will tell us much more.
  5. A bunch of guys that are stressed out and friends with a bunch of heathens
  6. Kelvin Benjamin maybe? Long term I know he didn't work out, but I seem to recall him being pretty good early on. Maybe alshon Jeffrey too. Edit... alshon Jeffrey was a high second round pick.
  7. Can't sign Fulton until after this year I believe. Have to be 3 years into the rookie contract
  8. 14/16. Missed Volek (and I am upset I missed that one) and Mauck (and I am upset he has started a game for us)
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