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  1. He seems like the kind of guy you want to stash on the ps for a year or 2. See if he can bulk up a little in an NFL strength and conditioning program. If he can then with his coverage ability you may have a decent player.
  2. Depending on what happens with cyprien and his tweet about heading to Nashville, I wouldn't mind taking a safety. Kid from Alabama or hooker from Iowa would be my top choices
  3. To me there is still good depth at ol that I think you can sit at 51 and still come away with someone to play G. Risner, Ford, McCoy, or even someone like Greg little who you could start at og, but can also play tackle in a pinch
  4. Mariotas contract is fully guaranteed "When a team exercises the option, it becomes guaranteed for injury only. If the player is on the team’s roster at the start of the League Year in his option season, his salary becomes fully guaranteed for skill, cap and injury." Once the new league year began it was guaranteed. Only way to shed the 20 mill is to trade him
  5. I went with Simmons for who the pick would be, and Oliver (however unlikely it is) as who I want. Lawrence would be my more realistic pick of who I want.
  6. I think I am leaning IDL in round 1. Oliver would be my dream pick, but don't think he will fall out of the top 8. Lawrence would be next followed by Simmons, tillery, then wilkins. Probably come back and go OL in 2 and follow that up with a combo of wr/edge in 3&4
  7. I wouldn't give up a first simply because of the contract he is going to command. It is one thing to give that kind of a contract in FA. It is quite another to give that and a first round pick
  8. If I had to guess, 10 mill signing bonus, Year 1 salary 2 mill fully guaranteed Year 2 salary 7 mill guaranteed for injury Year 3 salary 8 mill unguaranteed Year 4 salary 9 mill unguaranteed Cap hits of 4.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5
  9. In my championship game, here is my current starting lineup Qb Rivers Wr Mike Evans Wr tyreek Hill RB Henry RB Barkley Te Gronkowski D Rams K vinatiari Anyways, need to play someone in my flex spot. Down to 3 options E. McGuire Jamaal Williams Larry Fitzgerald Really deciding between McGuire and Williams. I keep going back and forth. Convince me one way or the other
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