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  1. Andy Dalton would be my guess Actually just looked it up, Dalton only makes 16 Mill in salary. Not sure what his sb looked like when he signed this deal
  2. I mean, dorsett and Henry are the only two with 99 yard touchdown runs, so of course they would be the only two to have that and a 75 yard catch.
  3. Probably just waived him to avoid guaranteeing his salary. Now that week one is past they can add and drop him from the roster as needed.
  4. Cleveland? OBJ and AB outside...what could possibly go wrong
  5. I am a bit uneasy about my Ravens pick. I got taken out week 1 last year by Fitzmagic...hope it doesn't happen again.
  6. It was ESPN also a PPR league which hurts his value some. Think he was rated 34
  7. I wouldn't be so sure. I got him with the 1st pick in the 5th round in my 10 team league. And I had people tell me I reached for him (good thing about being the only Titans fan in the league)
  8. Byard will be the highest paid safety....won't be any less than 14 mill per year in new money.
  9. Earl Thomas just signed for 13.75 a year, Collins and Matheau for 14 mill a year. 14 per year will be the starting point of any negotiation. I would guess it will be 5 year and around 72 mill. That is 14.4 mill per year.