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  1. No shit Sherlock. You're out here playing checkers while the rest of us are playing chess. 🤣
  2. Can't even get his name right....that's how good he is
  3. If they are picking that high then I think it is pretty clear that Jones isn't the answer. And who knows how long before you are in a prime position to draft a QB. You almost have to take a QB
  4. If they had to do all that I would assume they would do that later in the week. Less of a chance of a team claiming him on a Thursday as opposed to a Monday.
  5. I thought mcnichols just had to be subject to waivers before he could be active again? Not sure if that means they can release him and then sign him a day or two later?
  6. I fear that this post will not age well come Sunday against the Vikings.....
  7. I think if it was a big name one of the espn guys would be all over this. I am guessing it is some mid-level player that may be a surprise inactive for fans of that team, but the rest of us wouldn't bat an eye
  8. I believe you are allowed a 48 man gameday roster. We activated two guys to get to 55 on the active roster. 55-48=7
  9. I think he used to be elite. Injuries have taken their toll and the Bengals are still paying him based on hype/past production. He isn't what he used to be
  10. After watching a lot of football week 1, I would say that the jets and giants are both strong contenders for the #1 pick.
  11. Promoted nick westbrook from the PS per the teams website
  12. Can also call up westbrook and batson from PS if needed
  13. I mean, I would prefer if we didn't always need a 4th quarter comeback, but at least we have been pretty successful when we do

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