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  1. Maybe I am off base here, but Molden just seems like the kind of pick where he may never reach superstar status, but you feel reasonably confident that he will be a good player and solid contributor.
  2. Let me know if I missed updating the original posts with people's picks. Thanks @abenjami for seeing it through til the end with me.
  3. James Hudson at 109 Quincy Roche at 135
  4. I'll go with Shaun wade at 92 and Brevin Jordan at 100. I'll try and get the original post updated here soon
  5. Pick was traded. If he is still on the board at 92 I will lock in this pick.
  6. I'll double down at WR and go Terrace Marshall
  7. I mean, I don't know that it needs to occur right when they are on the clock. I don't know that I am gonna be that attached to my phone on Saturday to keep up. But I would say within a reasonable time. I more so didn't want people waiting to see how the draft board fell in 2 before saying who they would have taken in 1
  8. Just a friendly reminder, your picks in the next rounds are based on who you originally took in here, not the titans actual selection of Farley. (Unless you are @abenjami and took Farley here too)
  9. Would have preferred Moore, but still love this pick. When you have a team that's close, sometimes you have to take a swing. For the fences
  10. As tempting as Farley is, I think I would go with Elijah Moore.
  11. As discussed in my previous thread, here is your chance to make picks for the Titans. What do you think would be the best picks, and approach to the draft? Rules are simple: When the titans make a pick, post the pick you wanted in this thread. I will add them all to one post to preserve them. No changing your picks. No hypothetical trades or any of that nonsense. When they pick, you pick. For picks 2 and on, make the pick you want them to make based on who is still on the board and based on who you decided to take previously....not based on who the titans to
  12. Well, there's one Elijah on day one of the draft. Can I get another?
  13. The second this season ends, I am offering him a 6 year $120 mill extension offer if I am the titans. Only going to get more expensive the longer you wait
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