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  1. The issue with Fulton last year (and Farley this year) is that they got by in college with terrible technique. Once they get coached up they both have the skills necessary to be top tier corners.
  2. And Kern still got killed on a punt (albeit while drawing a penalty)
  3. The best RB I think I might be able to get for him would be Gus Edwards. I think cooper is the better player, but don't like my chances if one of my RBS gets injured. If I had a 3rd playable RB, even if a Wr got hurt I could drop that 3rd RB into the flex spot and still be ok on receivers. At least that is what I keep coming back to. Edit: damn glad I didn't try to trade for Gus Edwards
  4. Disagreed. If the titans are good they will get plenty of rushing attempts just closing out the game.
  5. So, I'll start off by saying this is a 12 team keeper league and I had a few extra picks this year due to some trades I swung last year. I feel like I need to find a spot for amari cooper in my starting lineup. Further, do I look to trade cooper (or a different WR) and if so do I look for RB depth or additional picks in next year's draft. Here is my team. QB -tannehill Rb- Elliott Rb- Gibson Wr- Metcalf Wr- Hopkins TE- Kittle Flex- Julio Jones D- San Fran K- Blankenship Bench Fields Leveon Bell Za
  6. Because if you don't use it you literally roll all the unused forward. As long as you have an owner willing to fork over that money a few months early there is no reason not to do it.
  7. Oh, didn't know that. Then yeah, not quite as important as last year.... assuming they guy you want is vaccinated
  8. Yeah, but if ficken tests positive on a Friday, how long to get a new guy in the building? Is it still a 3 day process or whatever?
  9. I am surprised we haven't added any kickers punters long snappers to the PS.
  10. Yeah, was more just referring to PK saying he might be temporary on the roster. I would assume having a few weeks security is more than the last 3-5 guys on the roster normally have.
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