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  1. Yeah, but it is McCormick reporting it. Henry could have signed a contract a week ago and McCormick still would be saying this.
  2. I don't know about that. It seems like there are teams he wants to go to (saints, cowboys) but by all appearances those teams aren't interested in him. And then the teams that are interested in him (titans, browns, and decreasingly the seahawks). Unless he takes a huge paycut then I don't see any of his preferred teams signing him, so that leaves him to choose from the teams that are interested. If it comes down to us and the browns then I feel very confident in our chances to sign him.
  3. Didn't Lewan tweet something similar to Saffold last year before we signed him?
  4. Beasley cancelled out the Mariota comp pick
  5. Barring injury Evans isn't seeing the field more than Henry. Your percentages would make that the case.
  6. So, just for perspective, last year the Titans averaged 28 run plays a game and 28 passing plays a game. For a total of 56 plays a game. Based on your percentages, that means Evans would be on the field for 21 pass plays a game and roughly 10 run plays a game, or 31 of the 56 plays. I can't see him and Henry sharing the backfield too much, so that would mean Henry is only playing about 25 plays a game....or 6 less than Evans. TLDR - not gonna fucking happen
  7. Honest assessment, I thought the content of the video was very well done. You broke it down, made it easy to understand, and even touched on how an offense builds off of an earlier play. Like others have mentioned, the production qualities could be better. The biggest issue in my opinion was the sound level between the whiteboard and the play video. Overall, good job
  8. https://www.fieldgulls.com/2020/5/11/21255282/seattle-seahawks-myles-garrett-trade-rumors-nfl-news
  9. As much as I like Ryan as a player, 10 mill is a lot for 1 year on a CB with the limitations he has.
  10. True, but after that the Texans get a longer week than their next opponent. Titans will be working on a short week for week 2
  11. I wanted to catch the broncos early in the year. Not sure I wanted a late night Monday week 1 game.
  12. Actual rookie numbers https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2020/5/5/21248004/titans-rookie-jersey-numbers Isaiah Wilson - 79 Kristian Fulton - 26 Darrynton Evans - 32 Larrell Murchison - 91 Cole McDonald - 2 Chris Jackson - 35
  13. I mean they kind of have to. He would have to have a ridiculous year to be worth even close to 15 m for a 1 year deal.
  14. Henry, Lewan, Tannehill, Brown, Byard Hat tip to Kern, but I just can't put a punter on there

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