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  1. I was gonna say something witty, but in truth, I don’t really fucking care
  2. Now if they had drafted Levis…
  3. Arizona gave their 5’3 QB who’d rather play COD a 230 mil contract… They ain’t winning shit.
  4. I have a friend who wanted Hyatt in the first and Hooker in the second. He has now handed in his Titans fandom card. Shits crazy. Oh, with no trade backs. Hyatt at 11
  5. I’d trust Vrabel over *checks notes* TitanPoke, a nobody that posts on a third rate messageboard. But that’s just me.
  6. ….. No one’s a legend at goTitans. No one.
  7. I’m gonna need you not to disparage the good name of Joel Fellatio
  8. I hear the Niners are taking fan applications. @kyle021 Come get your man
  9. Oh fuck off Awww @JJHuddle12… the middle finger?? What will I ever do now?
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