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  1. lol. He should check out Lewan’s twitter. He’s lucky he doesn’t have a podcast or we’d be giving it a lot of 1 stars.
  2. I completely forgot about Walker. When did he go down?
  3. I mean technically you can’t seeing how you need two e’s, but you go girl...
  4. I keep waiting for someone to get drunk and rant about how much they hate @OILERMAN and proclaim they’re never gonna post again until he is stripped of mod duties. I miss those types of meltdowns. Not these bullshit woe is me diatribes.
  5. Look where the writer of that question is from. Pretty much all you need to say.
  6. Pretty sure we can blame Mariota for that cat.
  7. I think anyone that’s posts this shit should immediately be ip banned and shunned to gotitans.