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  1. The Titans beat the Chiefs in the regular season in 2019, and had a lead in the playoffs. Julio Jones has been an amazing player, the key will be whether he can continue to stay healthy, and last year he was unable to. For me, Julio and AJ Brown are not that much different that Corey Davis and AJ Brown. Throw in the loss of Jonnu Smith, and I'm not sure the offense is better this year. And, I don't think that Julio today is the same as Julio five years ago. Now, the good news is he will have something to prove. The questions for the Titans are: #1
  2. Very fair point. And, obviously, this year hasn't even happened yet, so I could easily have egg on my face. I just don't like the last two offseason moves he has made. I've been wrong many times, so this just may be another notch added to that tally.
  3. I am honestly surprised that JR gets so much support and love on here. He lucked into Tannehill. Tannehill was traded for to be a backup. Other than that, what has he done? Coming off the AFC Championship game, he had a horrible offseason. The Titans were able to win the South, but were out of the playoffs early. Isaiah Wilson, not extending Conklin, signing Clowney and Beasley? All awful. Fast forward to this year. Trading a 2nd and fourth for Jones and a sixth. That sounds awesome, but then you look at the time that Julio missed last year, and that for the
  4. I love the Bravado! While Tannehill is not on the level of Mahomes or Brady, if the Titans lose him, they are still in a lot of trouble. Do you really think Logan Woodside is doing anything? I think the trade was a mistake. Julio is a great talent, but missed a lot of games last year, and has missed a lot of practice over the last few years. He hasn't been the red zone threat you would think he should be. He is a high priced risk. The Titans front office has taken a lot of risks over the last two years. Clowney, and Isaiah Wilson last year. I also think that lett
  5. Impossible to know right now, but for the people acting like the loss of Smith is negligible or that Smith does not deserve the credit he gets.... you don't get one of the 32 head coaching jobs without impressing the owner/gm/team president of that team. We have seen great coordinators over the years never get their shot. The mere fact that Smith had the opportunity to be a head coach should confirm that he has coaching chops. So, if the offensive play doesn't drop off, then it will be a testament to Downing's capability, not Smith's irrelevance. Whether Smith is successful in
  6. I guess the Ravens could have forced Brown's hand. He would have played out this year. He would have signed elsewhere. They would have gotten a third round compensatory pick. The Chiefs may not have been able to woo him at that point. The Chiefs struck out on a few free agents this year. From that angle, I feel like the Ravens may have made a mistake. That said, I think Brown may not have played out this year. He may have decided to sit out. Not sure. Seems like a good dude, so maybe not. The Ravens were able to leave on good terms with him, which I think helps teams rec
  7. I don't think anyone wants to commit to his current contract and pick him up on waivers. But, a two or three year league minimum deal? I could see a team jumping on that. Not saying he will ever get right, but he will get chances to do so.
  8. Whelp. Gonna claim a big "L" here. I thought the pandemic was the biggest issue with this kid and that he would be able to pull it together. I expect he will be picked up by a team. I don't know if he will be claimed on waivers. It will be interesting to see if he gets his stuff together at the next stop. He will probably clear waivers and be able to pick his next team. Dude has talent and talent always gets chances.
  9. Begrudge? no. Do I think he made the right decision? Also no. There is more to life than money. And, I think that this can also reveal whether a player truly cares about winning. It is hard for me to believe that Davis cares about winning. It clearly appears that his only concern is getting paid. Maybe that is a limited view.
  10. I understand this is frustrating. I think that the GM is trying to make sure 'good' talent doesn't get in the way of great talent. This was a flawed team last year. Great offense, bad defense. If we can get to good offense/good defense, especially with Henry at an MVP level, it should push the Titans farther in the playoffs. It is also a really deep WR draft. I am surprised by the amount that Davis got. I assume he was relegated to the Jets because this is a deep WR draft and FA market. The bigger concern for me is how to replace Jonnu Smith. The T
  11. Damn. I know that every year is different and that teams turn it around all the time, but the Jets do not look like they are primed to do that. Unless he couldn't get a decent deal anywhere else, I struggle to understand him signing on there. I guess if you are professional athlete, you have the utmost confidence in yourself, so perhaps he thinks he is the catalyst they need, or they have already told him about bigger moves they are making. Surprised that is where he chose to go.
  12. Any word on weather Adoree is full healthy. Often those are protected for injury. If I recall correctly, he had a hard time getting on the field last year. Forgive my ignorance of the situation.
  13. You are definitely closer to it than me, but that's what it seemed like to me. I'll take your word for it. I expect he will be on a roster somewhere in 2021. Hopefully the Titans can get something in return for him.
  14. Obviously, there is no way to prove this, but I expect in a normal year, free of the pandemic, he would have likely been okay. His biggest issues were Covid protocols. The kid is 21/22 years old and just got paid. He doesn't want to stay at home like a hermit. Who would? He was probably over drafted, and a bit of a reach where selected, but if a team gave up anything as high as a third, I think they would be getting fair value. I think his tweet about being done with football as a Titan was directly related to the fact that he was told they were trying to trade him.
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