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  1. The Broncos should at least have their QB's back.
  2. Nelson doesn't seem to be playing as well as when he was blocking for Luck. It's amazing what a good QB can do.
  3. Just trying to keep up with the board. Does Vrabel still suck and are you guys still going to miss the playoffs? Oh, and should they quit running Henry so much? Great win today guys. Titans are certainly in the driver seat for the division. I think the toughest remaining game is the Packers and they are weak stopping the run.
  4. The league missed it's opportunity to hand down harsh punishment by letting the Titans slide.
  5. Justin Houston once had a knee injury and the ACL was not torn. The doctors told him rest and rehab. He rested. He rehabbed. He played in a playoff game or two. He was a shell of his normal self. And, the doctor he went to was Dr. James Andrews, so a renowned expert in the field. During the next offseason, he had surgery to repair it. I say all that to say, sometimes doctors just get it wrong. Teams depend on doctors. If the doctors are wrong, then the team looks like they have no idea what they are doing.
  6. This week will be interesting for sure. Hopefully Watkins and Hardman are back. But, the offensive line is still patchwork. The only starter we have right now is the LT, he appeared to tweak his knee against the Raiders, though he didn't miss a snap. More concerned with the defense versus those offensive weapons. I hope that they can get pressure on Tom. I figure it will be a shootout. I'm thinking 38-35, hopefully Chiefs.
  7. They were still second in their division. They had the Broncos instead of the Chiefs, so clearly that was favorable, but the flipside is that they got the Bills instead of the Patriots. Most believe the Bills are the superior team this year. I think the bigger factor is that they got the NFC East which is four games against bad teams. The AFC South also has two horrible teams in the Texans and the Jags. All in all, they have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL. And, your overall point stands about them whining. I understood earlier this year. I really did. I even understand this one to a degree, but I doubt they would be complaining if their team was the one that had the issue.
  8. Agreed. The Raiders are built in the perfect way to give the Chiefs a problem. They have a great offensive line, a good running back and a good TE. The WR's are all pretty good as well, but the offensive line is the biggest issue. Chiefs this year show just how important the supporting cast around the QB is. Chiefs have only one of their starters on the offensive line playing. And, they are missing about six guys on the offensive line overall. In addition to that, they were missing their #2 and #3 WR, and had to play Robinson and Pringle. They eventually let Hardman in the game. He is their #3 guy but had missed all of the practices due to the Covid list. Robinson was supposed to run a hitch, and decided to cut across the face of the defender. The problem was he made the decision late and Mahomes was throwing to where Robinson was supposed to be. If not for that, the Chiefs are up going into half time. Then, the Chiefs are taking a two score lead on the first series of the half and the game probably goes a little different. I just hope the Chiefs get their guys healthy by the playoffs. Last year the Chiefs had injuries in the middle of the year that led to some losses, but they were able to get everyone healthy enough for the playoffs. Hopefully, their injuries this year go the same way. Time will tell.
  9. On a week to week basis, I tend to find more intrigue in the Titans games that I do the Chiefs' games. It seems like every week, the Titans have an intriguing matchup. This is no different. The Colts game turned on three plays. Two of them were special teams and one was the dropped pass that would have went for a TD. I felt like the Titans had to beat the Ravens for their own psyche. If they had failed to do so, I think this game would be much more in doubt. Since they were able to beat the Ravens, I feel like they should have their confidence back. I am very much looking forward to this.
  10. He had a below average Wonderlic score. But, so did Dan Marino. I think the bloom is coming off the rose. Next year will be telling. If he doesn't get back to form, I expect he could be benched.
  11. While I don't disagree with overall point about Jackson. Watching that game, the defense got soft as the game went on. Anyone who has seen my posts know that I specifically think Marcus Peters is a big part of that.
  12. Of course Brady sucks in primetime. Dude is old. He is looking to grab his blue plate special by 4:30pm and be in bed by 7pm. Not to mention it gets dark at like 5:30pm. They better hope the playoff games they are in kick off at noon.
  13. Even at this age, how many QB's are truly better. Not more talented, but actually better?
  14. That first year was incredible. That was a combination of Mahomes catching some teams by surprise and the lack of a defense at all that led to incredible numbers. Last year, he was hurt early. He got healthier as the season went on, but only tossed 26 Td's. He came on late and looked invincible again in the playoffs. He threw for 901 yards and 10 TD's. He also had 135 yards with 2 rushing TD's during the playoffs. This year, the Chiefs are doing okay, but the offensive line is missing at least three starters. Two opted out. One is on IR, and the one that is on IR is discussed as the best RT in football. Mahomes is also missing Sammy Watkins and when Watkins, Hill, and Kelce are healthy, it is nearly impossible to stop the offense. Watching him, he does look more human. I think that is partly because he reads the defense better and he doesn't have to do the incredible as often. I think the last play of the Raiders game shows that he can still break it out when needed. When you look at his numbers, he has 27 TD's. He leads the league in passing yardage with 3035. He is third on Passing TD's. If you include all TD's, Wilson is at 31, Rodgers is 30, Mahomes is 29. The interesting thing is that he has only 2 interceptions. The only point is that I see what you see, and the numbers just don't seem to be proving that out.
  15. Situational football is the key now. Hold to three's instead of seven's. Get a couple of stops. Keep scoring. Win. It is more like basketball now.

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