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  1. Yeah okay I hear you guys. I know when I am being told "no" lol I do think elite pass rush cures a lot of ill's. Just hope we get lucky with a breakout edge rusher and maybe find a diamond in the rough, like we did we KVB years ago.
  2. I believe Keith Carter will be promoted from OL coach to OC. The bigger concern is DC. We are either looking at someone who is still alive in the playoffs or Vrabel did not get his first choice and is scrambling.
  3. How the Chiefs worked the salary cap to keep their best players (msn.com). Aside from Mahomes the Chiefs were in cap trouble, sorry the link did not work. I would restructure Lewan, Butler, and Saffold, let Brown walk, and maybe try and restructure Henry. I don't know admittedly. Not one single rookie last year had more than 3 sacks. I just know we need pass rush help asap to take advantage of the team we have. If not we will lose in the playoffs again next year with Landry and another rookie on the other side, unless we get lucky., like we did
  4. However proven talent is not. The Chiefs somehow found cap space to sign help.
  5. Thanks for that. I do remember that. Anytime we beat the rat infested city I take note. However I seem to recall it costing us a game back a while ago.....maybe I am misremembering.
  6. A premium pick like last year? Seriously? No, the last thing JRob should be considering is a crack addiction. A first round pick for a franchise altering player is something to consider. No worries I get the salary cap difficulties. Again this team is an effective pass rush away from the Super Bowl. You cannot gamble on the 22nd pick.
  7. The Colts fixed their defense with one trade for Buckner The Jags trade for Campbell took them from pretender to contender 2018. At pick 22 are you confident we get an impact player? Or is there someone out there on another roster we could snipe with that pick? I mean I truly believe we have about a two year window before something will have to totally change. But last year we threw away a pick, what would we have gotten for that pick if we had not? Could we trade and get an impact pass rusher? We drafted Kearse at 16, Haynesworth at 15. I thi
  8. I'm am not too worried about the lack of information, The Titans are just so much more tight lipped an organization, than most other teams.
  9. It's happened to the Titans on a couple of different occasions. One time it cost us a game from what I recall. However I tend to only care when it happens to us. On the whole, I like the rule. It gives the defense a big play opportunity in a game bent towards the offense. Every team plays by the same rules. Just don't be careless with the ball near the goal. On the other hand I understand why people don't like the rule. If they changed it, I would prefer teams having to get the ball at the 35. I just prefer some more significant penalty. Maybe the down co
  10. I actually agree. The Ratbirds will be fired up but so will we.
  11. Bills making the sub title of this thread irrelevant.
  12. Gonna add one, My wife actually got a hold of Jason Fisk in 99 through his fan website. She asked him if he would meet me for my birthday. My wife who has always struggled on giving gifts knew that Fisk was my favorite player. Those of you who don't remember Jason Fisk, well he was probably our best DT in 99-01 It was weird but he agreed. It was the night before the Ravens playoff loss in 2000. She told me Jason Fisk would meet me for my birthday and sign whatever I had,. We went to the team hotel in Nashville. The security was brutal, I told them I was meet
  13. This lack of pass rush is going to kill us this year i honestly don't understand why we would not bring in Clay Matthews if he took a veteran minimum. The guy even on limited sacks had twice the number of sacks any our pass rushers have had this season. Heck bring him in just to give Laundry a play off, it's mind boggling why we don't try.
  14. I have pretty much the autograph of every starter from 99-06 on a mini helmet. Used to go to training camp every day. Before I realized my marriage was more important lol.
  15. I want the Browns....revenge. After watching Baker do the high step when they beat us.....
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