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  1. Theyll lose to new england by a lil more now this postseason.
  2. See this is what bothers me. Everytime i come on here guys are saying we need a speedy deep threat guy but i disagree. What we need are guys who can just catch the football good not more guys who get open and just bobble catches left and right.
  3. Yea he was on turron davenports show and i was not feeling him at all. Seems like he is gonna be a very high risk high reward guy. I feel like if he struggles to acclimate to the league he might be a guy who will be quick to move on as he has alot of other interests aside from football. Combined with what your saying scouts are talking about him i really hope we dont take him.
  4. In the miami game he had his right arm grabbed for a second before he dived something else to consider. The philly play was blatantly obvious pi and dont forget the ravens game with the ref getting in his way.
  5. https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/taywan-taylor/
  6. When you see him run it doesnt look like hes even exerting himself to go by dbs. I dont understand how a guy who can get as wide open as he does downfield doesnt have speed defenses fear. I mean look at this shit
  7. I just saw a 7 round mock draft with us only having 5 picks. These analysts are fucking morons. https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2019/04/08/2019-nfl-mock-draft-7-rounds-kyler-murray-dwayne-haskins-drew-lock-daniel-jones-nick-bosa-quinnen-williams/
  8. Agreed. People compare him to Gronk and Kelce. I think at best hes Kyle Rudolph. Solid Te all around but not a nightmare mismatch weapon that defenses are gonna really worry about.
  9. Great thread. Ive argued with some people on here saying that taywan gets open downfield with ease. Problem is him dropping it or Mariota overthrowing him.
  10. Sounds good but who is this jenkins guy. I feel like i havent heard that name at all thru this whole predraft process.
  11. Never said anything about taking a receiver in the first. Just said taking one high. Ive heard people saying we could take a guy mid rounds im just saying i think we are gonna get somebody higher than that.
  12. I think receiver is gonna be a higher pick than alot think. Jrob was willing to give up a first if the rumors about us and amari cooper were true plus we were down to the wire with the AB sweepstakes. If he doesnt take a receiver high you never know if he goes after an aj green or julio if possible during the season.
  13. Really anyone with common sense knew for the way he plays he should have been added weight.
  14. I thought DGBs issues were maturity/lack of work ethic. He didnt give a fuck about football. It was just something he was good at but he had no desire for it. I dont think any of these are problems with Metcalf.
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