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  1. I called gostkowski fucking us. Get him the fuck outta here
  2. Rashaan Evans had a zoom meeting with media the other day where it sounds like hes implying its the team adjusting to their new coordinator and bowens playcalls. He said its a process that takes time just like when you put players in a new offense.
  3. Hey scine kinda sounds like Cian. You never know lol
  4. Brady running that place like Lebron in Cleveland lol.
  5. One thing for us that has to be good that I dont think anyone has mentioned is once again Gostkowski and the kicking game. We cant afford to have him shanking fgs in this one. He has to be on his "A" game when its his time.
  6. The interception was just a great play by Roby. He Moss'd Raymonds midget ass.
  7. Dont know if its been mentioned but Kuharsky posted it yesterday. Pittsburgh allows 5.6 ypc on runs up the middle which is fifth worst in the nfl. Last year when we played Tampa they were the top run d in the league. If anyone remembers that game Henry almost broke another long run but bobbled the ball in his hands after jumping over a tampa defender. If he doesnt lose the ball its a 60-70 yd td. He still finished that game with 16 carries for 75yds. I cant imagine the Steelers run d is that much better and fully expect Henry to have a good game.
  8. Remember in the Vikings game how Cook was running all over us then there was that one play late in the game where he took the handoff and met simmons at the line of scrimmage. Hit him so hard I thought the guy was gonna explode.
  9. PFF has him ranked as the top wr in the league right now at least when I last checked. Its possible and likely Jefferson is just a damn good wr.
  10. Pretty sure the Steelers missed the playoffs last year. Shit we knocked them out.
  11. All they talk about Is Henry vs The Steelers D. Media is fucking retarded.
  12. Im gonna have to back and rewatch now but I wouldnt be surprised. He gave up one sack to a future hall of famer and people were acting like he was just getting his ass kicked relentlessly.

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