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  1. Lawrence is going nowhere. Hes getting franchise tagged or extended. The article is a dream scenario. Dont worry too much.
  2. Yeah im liking the idea of trading back if guys like hockenson and the elite edge and interior dlinemen are gone. Shit maybe if theyre even still there. Free agency will mold alot of what we do n i cant wait for it.
  3. That article is from july 2018 though. I think people expected him to have a better season than the one he had plus the ped thing. For the record im not for or against picking him. Im not in love with him but if we take him i trust pees to get the most out of him.
  4. https://thedraftnetwork.com/2019/02/11/5-overrated-prospects-for-the-2019-nfl-draft/
  5. If hes bad with 2 sb trips and a win all our gms must be fucking jokes.
  6. I dont like the shit i hear about him not caring about football and being lazy. Ironically his teammate Simmons is the one who they say is the relentless worker and takes on a leadership role in the lockerroom but hes gonna get blackballed a bit for hitting a bitch.
  7. Whats the 5th te for though? If we get hockenson I understand but if he goes before we pick i dont think we go after any other te in the draft. Maybe his teammate fant but outside of them no thnx.
  8. We need more weapons but two receivers another te and rb is a little ridiculous.
  9. Yeah hes a poor mans edelman. People really underrate how quick and agile edelman is humphries short shuttle and 3 cone times were pretty average for a guy his size but edelmans were elite. I think id rather them just get isabella late if possible.
  10. All the evals i see of him say his only negative is his weight but even then they say he holds his own in run defense. Important to remember reports are hes bulking up for the combine so we dont know how that will affect him. At 6'5 he definitely has the frame for it though
  11. I think i also read somewhere that its gonna have a lot less commercials than regular nfl games
  12. A first is valuable as hell to me. Im not against your idea i just wouldnt give a first for aj. For Julio I would though. Hes a year younger, more durable with less injuries over the years and right now just a flat better receiver. Ill ease up and say i might give a 2nd for aj but thats it.
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