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  1. No reason we couldnt be 7-0. We only need 21 points a game all season to beat every team so far.
  2. Jonnu keeps looking better. With tannehill actually producing and Firkser another good receiving te who needs more snaps Id let him go for the best offer i get.
  3. Wow. I was wrong never sleeping on this d again. We got a real qb now. Lets fucking go!
  4. I thought we would lose like this offense shows life and defense fails us against the best qb we have faced all season.
  5. Actually looking forward to us having the ball on offense now
  6. I hear you but back then our dbs were so bad in coverage that a chance at taking an elite cover guy a true shutdown corner out the gate seemed more worth it imo. At the end of the day our defense is playing well so cant complain too much.
  7. Exactly what I dont get. You guys act like we're ragging on one of your family members or something. You dont know Marcus from a can of paint and he doesnt know you and probably wouldnt give a fuck about knowing any of you. Why do you care about babying a grown man so much? I really cant understand this shit.
  8. Should have taken tredavious white. Still cant believe they chose adoree over him.
  9. The thing I wonder about Burrow is if he is the change in LSUs offense or is it Brady's effect that's causing the improved play. He also has a lot of good receiving talent around him that makes me wonder how good he would be with less than optimal talent around him. This is the reason I am slowly coming more into Love if we take a qb but like aussie said he would need a year to sit and we gotta get a real qb guru/ offensive mastermind to guide him thru the transition. How crazy would it be if we pick up Joe Brady as OC but draft Love instead of Burrow?
  10. From what ive read teams have stopped targeting adoree and have started going after logan ryan which isnt working well for them either as logans having one of the best years in his career. Crazy to think if we could just average something reasonable like 24 ppg very possible in this offense oriented era in the nfl we would be 5-0 right now.
  11. Nobody on this defense deserves flak espeially in the secondary. Some people will do anything to deflect off the garbage ass qb they praised.
  12. Yeah that davis catch was so close. Idk how you get mad at him for that.