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  1. I like the fact that the dline has been showing out so far. Adding Bud in the mix just gonna make it better. Hopefully Landry comes back soon to make it complete.
  2. There was no successful run game or pa attack here that helped Tannehill. He created it.
  3. Yeah you guys gonna have to learn to just ignore espn and the rest of these media jackasses takes on us.
  4. I still wouldnt say Mahomes is way better than everybody else. He is the best but that sb game he played could be actually used for and against him tbh. He definitely made some throws that were out of this world but he still stunk it up overall. Russ has played with dogshit olines his whole career and hes rarely looked that bad. The thing ill say Mahomes is far and away the best at is his arm talent. Theres nobody else who has his combo of power and accuracy throwing while stationary or on the move.
  5. Some funny arguments in here. One of the ones I always find hilarious is this "well they know they have to keep elite talent around him for him to keep playing at this level". No shit you can say this dumb shit for every qb in the league. Brady looked like he was declining his last year in NE with no weapons but comes to Tampa and now has basically an all pro team of skill players and defensive players around him and what do you know hes right back on top of the league. The guy literally had two future hall of famers that were waiting for him to pick his team so they could follow along with hi
  6. He had a feud with Russell? Never heard about it. I remember the story of Percy Harvin beating his ass and him and Ramseys situation but thats it
  7. His play in OTAs combined with what Ive heard from Saints fans has me excited for this guy. Alot of them said he straight outplayed Lattimore last season and were eager and hopeful to get him back.
  8. Hes only played one game without Henry since hes been here and it was one of his best games as a titan. 2019 Week 15 against the saints. 227 3 tds no picks 133 qb rating with dion lewis and dalyn dawkins as his rbs. This notion he sucks when Henry plays bad is bs. He plays bad when the offense is called predictably and they run henry into stacked boxes over and over again 1st and 2nd down for no or small gains then put tannehill in repeat 3rd and longs over and over throughout the course of the game. That saints game showed if the pass is utilized more and the offense is steered aw
  9. AJ was hurt all season too with the 2 knee issues. Hes likely to be alot better next season fully healthy and motivated with his mentor and idol along side of him.
  10. Fucking guy looks like me out there trying to do that shit lol
  11. Health is the key. Look at Tampa in the SB last year. Brady gets his cock sucked by casuals and morons for the win but they had pretty much their entire roster healthy on both sides of the ball against KCs entire oline which was in shambles. We need a year of good health and if that comes thru sky is the limit with the talent we have.
  12. Doug Farrar is another one of these pieces of shit. Hes the guy who wrote a piece saying the nfl should have suspended our season last year when we went thru our covid outbreak but strangely had nothing negative to say about Baltimores even worse outbreak when it happened. PK and some others on twitter called out his bullshit and he started blocking titans fans in mass. These two are jokes and have clear bias against the team for what reasons i dont know.
  13. Steven Ruiz was one of the main guys saying Tannehills 2019 was a fluke and he was gonna regress in 2020. He is another undercover anti titan useless piece of shit reporter who should be ignored.
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