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  1. Is this guy really trying to say Russell Wilson is an average qb? LMAO
  2. Yea I believe if you add up the penalty yds he drew on pis with his stats he surpassed 1000 yds. Combine that with the shit qb play and no other reliable receivers to take attention off of him and you realize how good he could have looked in a better situation.
  3. Which rookie you think delanie was talking about looking like a 35 yr old?
  4. If we drafted right and signed the right fa's we shouldnt need him to contribute that much.
  5. https://www.bussinwtb.com/podcast/episode-001-delanie-walker
  6. People base this off of highlights of ajb dominating college dbs. Nfl dbs are faster and smarter with better technique. Corey already has 2 yrs dealing with them. Nfl is always gonna be a jump for a rook ajb will acclimate but he'll need time.
  7. Had a real chance to give a thanos the titan inspired one and they just threw a hammer in the logo. Lazy weak shit.
  8. Must be something Brady put him onto. That TB12 Method/Training
  9. Was that when Beddingfield was there? If so LOL
  10. This. Taywan not going anywhere as hes the only guy with real deep speed. Tajae is the guy who most likely gonna be in trouble. AJ is better version of everything he is as a receiver.
  11. Bills have like 4 running backs wtf they planning to do?
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