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  1. I think that article was written by Zach Lyons, Herndon's partner on the Football & Other F Words podcast. Judging from his twitter Mike seemed ok with the Austin move.
  2. Mariota had 0 1000 yd receivers while he was here. Tannehill had 2 and easily 3 if cd doesnt meltdown at end of the season. Shut up with this Mariota shit. We were a top 5 offense this season mariota couldnt get us anywhere close to that.
  3. They should bring khalif in. Even just as a decoy as soon bmore sees him their secondary is gonna back up. Give aj and corey some room
  4. Its the effect of the nfl media. The same nfl media thats all in on the ravens beating us tomorrow. That said this game isnt close to over but the ease of which indy has been moving the ball is surprising.
  5. I hope we win for entertainment sake at least. The Ravens have 0 chance of beating Mahomes in KC. We at least can maybe go score for score with them with our offense. That high school offense the ravens run aint keeping up with Mahomes.
  6. No Jeff Simmons either. That was our covid week we had like 6 or 7 guys out.
  7. When you add in the injuries on our line n the isiah wilson fiasco it just makes it more impressive.
  8. Our defense is gonna make every offense look good. Id rather face an offense that relies on running which we could possibly handle somewhat than one that does so by passing which we would have no answers for whatsoever.
  9. Ravens are overrated. They always dominate the bad teams on their schedule and lose to anyone thats good.
  10. Bout to be the biggest tj watt fan in the world tomorrow. Hope he murders phillip rivers on the field tomorrow.
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