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  1. We lost 3 receivers but we now have replaced all 3 of them. Im more interested in what they are doing at TE. We lost two guys and havent really done anything significant to replace either of them.
  2. Browns aint letting him go now with all this recent success. You could argue they beat KC in the playoff game if OBJ was there.
  3. The thing ive noticed more about this class than previous ones is alot of these guys seem really excited on social media about being Titans moreso than any draft class Ive seen recently. Alot of high character/ class guys in this group which makes me optimistic.
  4. AJ getting triple teamed all season at this rate. Wtf are they doing?
  5. Yeah 155 is way too small. Dude liable to explode from any kind of hard hit
  6. I feel like because of his back and the Isiah Wilson shit from last year even if hes available we gonna pass on him. Could you imagine drafting him and hes always hurt or on IR. Two years in a row two wasted 1st round picks JRob would look pretty shitty.
  7. Hes exaggerating that Oakland roster a lot. Other than Cooper most rest of the guys were bad average or washed up.
  8. Yeah what was he thinking drafting that AJ Brown guy? What a moron
  9. Sorry forgot their are two Moores. I meant Rondale.
  10. How you feel about Moore? You think he would last till our 2nd rd pick?
  11. We just stole Jullian Taylor from them. Their front 7 is in shambles now without him.
  12. I would still draft a receiver high. Im not trusting him to last all season or be the full time #2 but in a rotation with Reynolds and a early pick rookie i think that would be best way to go forward. Id also agree with taking Westbrook instead of him there too.
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