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  1. The nba one got taken down right before the finals i believe.
  2. The key is to just go straight to the source sites reddit links you too. Buffstreams, topstreams, rippledotis etc.
  3. So our first team struggled against their backups. Sad
  4. Maybe im incorrect but early in the game I thought I heard the announcers say ne sat all their starters. Is this true?
  5. Lol. I think someone stuck their go pro on their infant and had them record it.
  6. Not the best quality but here you go.
  7. Dont worry im sure hell be ready to slaughter us in week 2.
  8. Tre White was a no brainer. We take adoree instead simply for some return ability that hasnt trsnslated at all in the nfl. Smh.
  9. He had to ask his mom for permission if hroniss could spend the night first.
  10. Should have taken Tre White if we wanted a corner. I dont wanna hear no hindsight shit either he was the better corner period.
  11. Reading thru this thread is pure comedy. Some of you are delusional as hell.
  12. I swear to god that guy is MM or a family member.
  13. The ratings seem all over the place. Delanie was one of the best tes in the league and maybe still is but hes 35 and coming off injury in a season last year where he did nothing but gets a 92. Jayon explodes last season making plays left and right and gets a 75. Sounds like some typical casual morons rating the squad.
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