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  1. I do not disagree, I loved him in the same era. But, for me,I wanted him gone years before he left.
  2. So then he would be the Jeff Fisher of the NFC?
  3. Technically, USA is not a democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic.
  4. OK that explains it. I figured I was the only Portugee Titans fan.
  5. OK this is the second time recently that I have noticed Portuguese being associated with CMJ. Just wondering why.
  6. Can only imagine Chris Berman if Mingo becomes a success. .....and Mingo was his name-o
  7. I am going... Only Titans game I will see in person this year. Living in Phoenix travelling to TN is cumbersome.
  8. Hey all, Long Time Lurker. I used to lurk at Titanscentral as well. Being in Phoenix I do not get to see Titans as much as I would like. I actually grew up an Oilers fan. I just bought tickets for me and the wife to go to San Diego to see Titans in person again. Last time saw them in person was the Halloween game a couple years ago (Also in San Diego)
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