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  1. Technically, USA is not a democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic.
  2. OK that explains it. I figured I was the only Portugee Titans fan.
  3. OK this is the second time recently that I have noticed Portuguese being associated with CMJ. Just wondering why.
  4. Can only imagine Chris Berman if Mingo becomes a success. .....and Mingo was his name-o
  5. I am going... Only Titans game I will see in person this year. Living in Phoenix travelling to TN is cumbersome.
  6. Hey all, Long Time Lurker. I used to lurk at Titanscentral as well. Being in Phoenix I do not get to see Titans as much as I would like. I actually grew up an Oilers fan. I just bought tickets for me and the wife to go to San Diego to see Titans in person again. Last time saw them in person was the Halloween game a couple years ago (Also in San Diego)