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  1. Even republicans didn't fund Trumps wall for the past two years. They knew it was a bad idea.
  2. It isn't that complicated. High tech cameras on towers to spot people crossing the border. Drones to assist in tracking illegals once into US territory. Border patrol agents with equipment in their vehicles to follow and tracking in real time. Upgraded radio communication equipment between the border patrol and local sherrifs so they can speak to each other. 25M a mile for a wall vs. 500k per mile for the above. 1-2 years to implement the above. A decade to design, acquire property and build a wall. This isn't my plan. It's a plan by a republican congressman whose district has 800 miles of Mexican border. Furthermore, the pictures that we are seeing of illegals in a caravan massed at the border are at the San Diego port of entry. A wall doesn't solve that problem unless you are totally closing the border. Pelosi proposed today another 500M to upgrade this port of entry facilites and another one in Arizona and that specifically includes more money to detect drugs coming into the country via vehicles.
  3. If the Pats win today, I want both teams to lose in the SB.
  4. ctm

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints

    I can't think of a more impactful non-call ever.
  5. ctm

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints

    they deserve it and more
  6. ctm

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints

    they should have called PI on the int
  7. ctm

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints

    It's amazing how much better they got when they got rid of Fisher.
  8. ctm

    NFC Championship: Rams @ Saints

    He's also a free agent next year. Check for update in @Kyle021 next mock off season.
  9. ctm

    Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0

    Our backups aren't better than Mariota despite what a 5 game sample size says. I don't which is more ridiculous the argument or the people pushing it.
  10. Democrats aren't negotiating anything until the government is open. The bill to open the government, already approved once by the senate, is on McConnell's desk. Listen to what Pelosi says. She's tired of the shutdowns and hostage taking to achieve legislation when the votes aren't there. Open the government first. Period.
  11. Trump's exact plan was proposed by the Chamber of Commerce 12 days ago and quickly shot down by Breitbart. The response yesterday by the hard right was already on the record and quite predictable. This also shows how senate republicans will increasingly be boxed in by their Chamber donors on the one hand and the hard right on the other. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/01/08/chamber-of-commerce-end-shutdown-by-giving-amnesty-to-illegal-aliens/ And if anything happens in the polls in the next week, it will be another decline for Trump because he's being blasted by the hard right for amnesty.
  12. Of course it is. That's because he is a narcissist who's only concern is himself. He has no concern or empathy for the people he hurts.
  13. Trump proposed a plan yesterday without even consulting democrats and went public with it. Now he and his plan are under fire from both sides, democrats and hard right republicans. Yet we have a poster trying to claim that it's democrats who are boxed in. That's a perfect exhibit for living in an alternative reality. The scary thing is that Trump has proven himself perfectly capable of burning the entire thing down if he thinks it will increase his leverage. When it was obvious that his casinos were going to have to file bankruptcy, he loaded them up with personal debt in order to increase his leverage with their stock and bond holders. He's boxed in, desperate and capable of anything. And that doesn't even count your point above @OILERMAN that he's essentially too stupid to negotiate his way out. As he becomes more and more desperate, what's next? Vetoing a debt ceiling bill?