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  1. Infrastructure is next and West Virginia could use a lot of help. If republicans want to filibuster then make the change and cut red state/district projects out of the bill.
  2. ctm

    2022 Elections

    Changing the filibuster rules rather than eliminating it has been discussed on this board in depth. The whole thing now rests with Sienma.
  3. Manchin is on Meet the Press and was asked about the filibuster. He said that he was will to look at reforming it where the minority is required to stay and talk in order to keep it going. This is exactly the reform that Bernie has been talking about.
  4. Extra doses is exactly how a friend of mine got vaccinated even though he didn't qualify under the regulations. He visited several locations, asked about their extra dose policy and was aggressive in pursuing it. He knew that Wal-Mart stopped administering at 3:00 and just showed up at that time for several days and got his shot. Then they reserved his second shot. Different locations have different extra dose policies. Some have a call list and others do first come, first serve.
  5. It used to be that Republicans were all in favor of returning taxpayers money to them via tax cuts. But now that democrats want to do the same thing via direct payment, they vote 100% No.
  6. ctm

    Virus in US

    Deja Vu. It's 2009 all over again. Republicans fuck it up and democrats have to clean it up. Not 1 republican senator voted for the bill to deal with the virus Trump ignored or aid for small businesses.
  7. I think the Titans intent is clear. They want to keep both Davis and Smith if possible. Whether JRob can pull it off remains to be seen.
  8. 6-8 weeks from now, the biggest problem is going to be persuading the republican dumbasses who don't want a shot to take one. Look at the public opinion polls and see who are the biggest group that are resistant.
  9. It's not only the fastest way to improve but also the cheapest way. Pass rushers on a rookie deal are similar to a QB on a rookie deal.....they are gold. Free agent pass rushers that are worth a damn are expensive and risky. See Clowney and Beasley.
  10. Or better yet, play one off against the other. Tell Butler: We're trying to decide who to keep. We'd like to keep you but cap space is needed and Adoree is cheaper. Are you willing to help us out with that? In essence, make him make the choice.
  11. But if you keep him then you aren't getting a comp pick until 2023. In addition, if you cut Butler then you also don't get a comp pick. I don't see comp picks playing into the final decision. The difference in the cap space created by cutting Butler or Jackson is minimal. It really comes down to who you think will be the best player in 2021 and what the team thinks about Fulton.
  12. All true, but this is an entirely different situation than the norm.
  13. Given a choice, Tanneyhill stays and Downing goes. Easy decision.
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