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  1. It was only a few weeks ago that some media experts were predicting that the Titans defense would be worse in the league, the Titans would regress and miss the playoffs and that the colts would win the division.
  2. Count me as skeptical on the ceiling for the Colts defense until I see more sacks and pressure on the QB.
  3. A healthy Wentz is close to being an oxymoron. He's injury prone. That has to be factored into the overall evaluation of the Colts.
  4. A healthy Titans teams is better than a healthy colts team. Both teams have injuries.
  5. Or there is a personal issue of some type between JJ and Vrabel. MV has already called him out once for the personal foul penalty.
  6. I doubt it. We'll always have posters reminding us of what they did 5+ years ago.
  7. The game wasn't as close as the score. The colts are overrated around here. They aren't at the same level as the Titans, Bills, Browns and Chiefs. And btw, Josh Allen returned to form yesterday.
  8. The Titans are going to need Farley on the field in January to compete with teams like the Rams.
  9. Chiefs now 1-2, Broncos and Raiders both have a shot at 3-0. Chiefs will be last in the division.
  10. Titans have distanced themselves in the division.
  11. It takes a lot of work to be this consistently wrong.
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