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  1. Difficult choices in 2021 as well with Jackson, Davis, Smith, Brown and D. Jones all free agents.
  2. I see it only slightly different. You can't exactly replace what Henry does, but...….if the team was forced to draft either a QB or a RB @#29, would the drop off be greater at replacing RT or Henry? It's a no-brainer answer. The drop off would be much, much greater replacing RT.
  3. I don't see them getting RT for 60M guaranteed. Cousins got 84M and that was two years ago.
  4. CB depth chart: starters: Jackson, Butler Kalu (probably more of a safety), Durden (practice squad), Tye Smith (RFA who will cost 2M to tender)
  5. The Titans lack quality depth at almost every position group other than safety, maybe ILB where they have 3 guys and OLB where they have depth but lack a starter. It's especially lacking at CB and the OL where they have only 5 guys and could lose 2 OTs.
  6. Titans traded away their original 7th for Reggie Gilbert. Titans got an undisclosed 2020 pick for T. Taylor from the Browns. So perhaps you are right....to be determined what exactly we got.
  7. The 4th as well as the 7th have already been traded.
  8. My vote says keep it up. I think I'm in the majority.
  9. Regarding the backup to Henry. Are they looking for a better version of Lewis? Or are they looking for someone with a similar skill set as Henry who can run the outside zone? TBD
  10. They also have probably the shortest shelf life of any position.
  11. RT is a lock to get a new deal. He will be the #1 priority bar none.
  12. Run the damn ball. They appeared locked in by the game plan rather than taking what the defense was giving them.
  13. ctm


    They have 57M. They can get to 75M if they cut Walker, Succop, Lewis and Wake. Kirk Cousins got 83M guaranteed and his first year hit was 24M. Let's assume RT's cap hit is 22M, Henry 8M and JRob wants to rollover 20M. That's 50M right there. You still don't have a full roster, paid the draft class (5M), the practice squad (2M) and held money for IR (3M). Regarding a full roster above. The numbers: 18 free agents and 4 cuts is 22 leaving. Add back signing RT, Henry and 5 draftees and you still have to find a way to pay 15 more guys. It's tighter than it looks.
  14. ctm


    Roster turnover % is not the same thing as the # of unrestricted free agents. It's likely that some combination of Wake, Walker, Lewis and Succop leave as well and they are under contract. We'll see what happens. JRob could postpone this a year and go all in for 2020. After looking at the entire roster and the cap, it really boils down to how much cap space does he feel he needs to roll over into 2021? It was 20M this year, who knows what will do next year?

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