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  1. Subsidies to the farmer's is Trump's version of socialism/bribery to them for their votes. Both sides, not just the US, have supply chains that are disrupted the more Trump's tariff war goes on. China is already buying soybeans from Russia and Brazil and there is no assurance they will return to US sellers if/when this ends.
  2. I don't agree that everyone has their mind made up about the next election. I would guess its around 85-90% with the rest potentially holding the deciding votes.
  3. Tariffs are a tax on Americans. We are paying for them, directly by the importer and indirectly by the consumer if they are passed on. Trump is lying when he says they are paid by the Chinese.
  4. Just like Barr's spin on the Mueller report concluded.
  5. One person's opinion. Bottom line....she recanted her story. Then you have her who you are choosing to believe and then stating she is more credible than the 17 who accused Trump. 1 who recanted vs. 17 accusations. Tough call for you.
  6. If you start down that road, there is no turning back. We already know he cooperated with the Russians and obstructed justice.
  7. You have switched arguments. First you said J. Boarddrick was credible. When I pointed out that was false by her own statements, then you said that the 17 women (names and stories you can find with a google search) who accused Trump are all not credible. Two different arguments. Keep trying.
  8. Rumors had circulated about Broaddrick's allegation for years and it had been recorded in a letter prepared by a Republican rival of Clinton's around 1991, but she refused to speak to news media until 1999. In a sworn statement in 1997 with the placeholder name "Jane Doe #5",[1] Broaddrick filed an affidavit with Paula Jones' lawyers stating there were unfounded rumors and stories circulating "that Mr. Clinton had made unwelcome sexual advances toward me in the late seventies. ... These allegations are untrue".[2] She then recanted that statement to investigators of potential misconduct by Clinton led by Kenneth Starr, while insisting at the time that Clinton had not pressured or bribed her in any way. Starr declined to further investigate the issue, and mentioned it only in a footnote of his final report. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juanita_Broaddrick J. Broaddrick: It's not true......I changed my mind, yes it is. Little Earl: she's more credible than 17 women who accuse Trump.
  9. Impeachment is 100% certain to fail in the senate. It will also cause a rally-around-the-leader effect and boost his standing among wavering republicans and some independents.
  10. You can't borrow when the debt ceiling is expired, which happened in March.
  11. Bottom line.....there is no way to pay for infrastructure improvements because Trump and the GOP gave away the treasury to the 1% and ran up the annual deficit. It's going to hit the fan this fall. The debt ceiling technically expired in March and the treasury is already using extraordinary measures and juggling funds to pay the country's bills. Another round of sequestration also hits this fall. So as it currently stands, the country can't borrow and must cut the budget.
  12. Vrabel provided no info on Conklin or any other missing players status citing that OTAs are voluntary.
  13. PK is trying to promote a QB controversy to use as click bait for his site. The story yesterday should have been issues for Conklin and Jackson that weren't previously disclosed.
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