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  1. Mendez should have taken as lesson from Trump, gotten the bribery to overpay for a piece of property and the money would have been clean. Having said that, lock both their asses up. Both have been obvious crooks for a while.
  2. A lot of football left to be played and how it works out. I'm not ready to draw any suppositions yet.
  3. The secondary isn't that strong, especially the depth. They've got 4 CB/S that are UDFAs on the roster. The only experienced depth guys are Molden and Avery.
  4. It's going to be a good weekend to watch the top QBs. For the Titans, it all boils down to what do they do with RT? If he isn't signed, then does RC fall into the sunk cost trap and pass on a Qb because they have drafted one in each of the past two years?
  5. I said in Feb that the Titans should be scouting the #3 and #4 QBs in the 2024 draft. Even mentioned Bo Nix as an example. He looks to be in that mix along with M Phenix and a few others.
  6. ctm

    GOP thread

    The House has adjourned for the week and will meet again on Tuesday, This is essentially throwing in the towel by McCarthy to prevent more embarrassing votes.
  7. ctm

    GOP thread

    Republicans failed again to pass a procedural motion to bring the annual defense bill to the floor of the House for a vote. Second time this week it's happened. This will eventually end with a clean continuing resolution supported by both sides and the senate, imo.
  8. The difference in the change of direction ability between the two players is dramatically different.
  9. ctm

    GOP thread

    House republicans can't agree on or pass a spending bill that has no chance in the Senate to pass. Complete republican disarray and internal civil war with 2 weeks to go till a shutdown.
  10. The next game isn't irrelevant. It's the immediate objective. You can bitch about RT in the off-season when his contract is up. For now, play the best guy and try to beat the Browns.
  11. The next game. That's always the objective. Which QB gives you the best chance to win the next game?
  12. Jack Smith won't forget. He can play the video in court. If Trump wants to dispute or clarify it, then he will have to take the stand.
  13. It's hard to distract from Trump when he's confessing to his crimes on a Sunday talk show.
  14. 2 games: Henry: 40/143 yds. 3.57 YPC Spears: 11/76 yds. 6.91 YPC Henry has been more productive in the passing game.
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