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  1. That's his fantasy scenario. And then he wants to use the cap space to sign another Qb that he refuses to name and maybe another player. All the while openly admitting it will be a step back at QB.
  2. Can the Titans get an immediate starter in the 3rd?
  3. I can see a scenario where Levin starts.
  4. It takes a special kind of ignorance to openly advocate going backwards at QB so that you can sign a better OG, #2 WR, etc in free agency who may or may not work out.
  5. I see another advantage to an extension for RT, assuming it reworks 2023 and they can get out of it after 2024. The advantage....if they drafted a rookie QB in 2024, then you would essentially have a year overlap between the two guys where the rookie could sit for all or part of 2024 and not be forced into immediate action. That would also give the team 3 complete off seasons (2023, 2024, 2025) to improve the offensive supporting cast before the rookie potentially starts full time in 2025.
  6. I don't want to debate it because it's uninteresting. LOL We know the reason.
  7. You don't want to debate it because you know your plan to moving on without a successor is a bad idea and will get exposed as such.
  8. Good news. Ben Jones says he plans to be back. My (plan) this offseason is getting back and healthy, and be able to play at a high level again."
  9. I want you to name a name otherwise your plan of moving on from RT to an unknown has no credibility. I get it that you're scared to do so....and for good reason.
  10. There is a reason that the posters never give a name to replace RT. It quickly shows how bad an idea it is.
  11. And you don't have an opinion on who we should start this year? Saying defer to RC is evading the biggest question for the season.
  12. Willis was a bone headed mistake and is irrelevant going forward. I feel confident that RC won't follow your opinion and cut RT so that his cap space can be used on less important positions and at the same time take a step back at the most important position on the field.
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