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    Tied to the number of congressional district which are tied to population.
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    That's probably a bad idea to go that route because it's done by congressional district and they are gerrymandered. I'm surprised republicans haven't tried this in states that are blue in the presidential race but they control the state legislature.
  3. JRob signed Beasley. Bottom line....it was his decision. Whether Vrabel influenced him, pro or con, we don't know. JRob also drafted Wilson. What we know about him at this point is that the team barely trusts him to put on his game day uniform when absolutely necessary.
  4. The Titans currently have 3.5M in available cap space. They'll be lucky to make it through the season with that, much less sign someone of any quality. The Beasley and Wilson moves are biting JRob in the ass right now.
  5. Byard already restructured. The additional bad news is that the Colts will lead the league in available cap space at 76M although they don't have a QB under contract.
  6. Henry's 2022 cap hit is already 15M. Tanneyhill's 2022 number is 34M. Pushing money forward for those guys is really going to balloon those numbers. Looking at next years contracts, I just don't see a lot of good restructure options. As you said, releasing players seems like the best option. A lot depends on Wilson's status. Can he start in 2021? And what is the NFL's cap number? If it's 175M, the Titans will have issues. It's a damn shame the team wasted 10M on Beasley, because that rollover into 2021 would sure help.
  7. Humphries and Saffold both have only 2 tears left on their contracts. It's going to be hard to push a lot of cap space forward with a straight base salary restructure without doing an extension.
  8. ctm

    Biden Transition

    The Trump campaign is disavowing its association with attorney Sidney Powell after the far-fetched Trump campaign Thursday press conference when she claimed without evidence that the deceased Hugo Chávez, among others, was responsible for rigging the election. The campaign claimed that she "is not a member of the Trump legal team," even though the president and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani had previously identified her as being on the team. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-legal-team-disavows-association-with-lawyer-sidney-powell/ar-BB1bga85?ocid=UE12DHP&li=BBnb7Kz Sidney Powell is such a great lawyer according to @Little Earl (parroting Mark Levin) that Trump wants nothing to do with her and is dropping her.

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