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  1. Obama and liberals in congress cut a deal (sequestration) with republicans to lower the annual deficit. Trump had republican control of congress for his first two years and increased the annual deficit by giving tax breaks primary to big corporations and the 1%.
  2. A space force won't be worth a damn if the planet burns in the meantime. Spend the money on alternative energy and climate change.
  3. Don't forget Nick Williams that the Titans cut last year. In addition, Batson and Jennings are little more than replacement level players.
  4. Trump wouldn't be backing off his send her home chant and lying about it in the process if the strategy was working for him. It's a political loser and he knows it.
  5. There is another factor here that isn't being discussed.....developmental time for a new QB. If the rest of the roster is ready to compete in the playoffs, does the FO really want to start over at QB? It's a question that can't be answered now, but could be a factor in the year end decision making on MM, if it is a close decision.
  6. She has always done better as people got to know her. She started out way behind when she ran for senate the first time against Scott Brown. She still has room to grow because a lot of people still don't know her.
  7. Or they concluded the probe because Trump can't be indicted while in office.
  8. After Trump finished with his chant for ethnic cleansing, what did he have to say about his healthcare plan, prescription drug plan, better deal with Iran and new trade deals that he promised? Did he mention any of that?
  9. There is a reason he doesn't mention this. This is what the Trump/republican tax bill did: https://home.kpmg/us/en/home/insights/2019/01/tnf-coal-excise-tax-lower-tax-rates-2019.html January 9, 2019 Effective January 1, 2019, the excise tax rates imposed under section 4121 on a producer’s sale of coal mined from coal mines in the United States have been lowered. The funds generated under section 4121 are dedicated to the “Black Lung Disability Trust Fund.” The rate of tax before 2019 was $1.10 for coal from underground mines, and $0.55 for coal from surface mines. The excise tax was limited to 4.4% per ton, and did not apply to lignite. Beginning after December 31, 2018, the excise tax is reduced as follows: $0.50 for coal from underground mines $0.25 for coal from surface mines The excise tax applicable percentage limitation is 2% per ton.
  10. He's desperate to prove to the board and himself that he's not racist. That's obvious by the fact that he's always bringing race up as a subject. It's a tell that he's preoccupied with the subject. His defense mechanism is......it's not me, it's you.
  11. You either support, vote for, and enable Trump....or you don't. You either support his long, long history of racism and being a sexual predator....or you don't. Trump divides and forces you to chose. There is no hiding, waffling or middle ground to stand on.
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