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  1. ctm

    Path to the Playoffs

    Houston is on track for the #2 seed and a first round bye.
  2. ctm

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    California and Texas have moved their 2020 primaries up to March 3rd. California voters can even mail their ballots in before New Hampshire votes. Candidates are going to have to raise money very early to compete in these states.
  3. ctm

    Democratic Nomination for 2020

    Republicans aren't nominating a woman.
  4. ctm

    Marquise Brown = Tyreek Hill?

    Titans need another WR who can play in the red zone. Brown isn't that guy.
  5. ctm

    Path to the Playoffs

    Yup, and Jackson has to play much, much better.
  6. And it's only going to get worse. The weaker he gets politically, the more he needs a deal to help the economy.
  7. How does he get out of this tariff war with China and save face? I think that's the key. This tit-for-tat retaliation is a recipe for disaster, imo Probably some kind of weak deal and then declare a massive victory. But crunch time is coming.
  8. ctm

    Path to the Playoffs

    1st round bye vs. #5 seed and wildcard game
  9. …..or steelers lose to either Pats or Saints
  10. Ravens still ahead of titans for wildcard....correct?
  11. OL is much much better