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  1. Gladney is confident, but humble and has a good head on his shoulders. He served on the TCU football program's leadership council and was a candidate for national Senior CLASS award, which is awarded to an NCAA Division I senior student-athlete with notable achievements in the classroom, community, character and competition. https://www.colts.com/news/jeff-gladney-2020-nfl-draft-profile-tcu-horned-frogs
  2. "I'll be shocked if we have NFL football this fall," Herbstreit said, via TMZ Sports. "If we have college football, I'll be so surprised if that happens." https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/kirk-herbstreit-will-be-shocked-if-nfl-college-football-happen-in-2020/ar-BB11Nygh?ocid=spartandhp
  3. ctm

    Virus in US

    House members are scrambling back to the Capitol on Friday morning as one member’s opposition to a $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package is set to delay its passage. With few representatives in Washington this week as the outbreak tears across the country, House leaders hoped to approve the legislation quickly Friday by voice vote — which simply decides whether shouted yeas or nays from members present are louder. But Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., said he plans to force a typical recorded vote, which could hold up passage for hours as the House needs a quorum of 216 representatives present. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/27/coronavirus-stimulus-package-updates-house-to-vote-on-relief-bill.html Seems like I remember a few posters whining about what AOC might do to delay passage. Where are they now?
  4. Yea, go ahead and raise the white flag and admit you can't dispute my numbers. Most posters probably have forgotten a couple of days ago when we debated the cap and you couldn't read your own post about the practice squad costs and were literally laughing at you. Still waiting on you to show your numbers.
  5. Glad you're figuring that out now. So why did you ask me the question about IR reserve?
  6. Players get hurt during the season and go on IR. The team has to pay the player on IR and put another player on the roster and pay him. Last year the Titans put 10 players on IR. There has to be money for that. JRob won't spend down to 0 cap space before the season starts. He's going to hold some cap space in reserve to account for this. It's not that complicated. And I'm not factoring in every possible contingency know to mankind. I showed known future expenses and how I got to 15M. At this point, you haven't shown anything.
  7. Spotrac shows 18.7M for 51 guys and the rookie pool. They also use 24.5M for 51 guys, which is what I use and subtract the following known expenses: 2.9M for top 2 draft picks making 53 guys 1.6M for practice squad 3.0M to reserve for IR players 1.0M for Dzubar (net cost minus vet min. for another player rolling out of top 53) 1.0 for Sambrailo (net cost) total future expense 9.5M 24.5M - 9.5M = 15M You said they have 22M with rookie pool factored in. Spotrac puts that number at 18.7
  8. Gibson has a career 34 rushing attempts.
  9. The paradox here is that the earlier the Titans draft a RB, the more leverage they have over Henry. The later they draft a RB, the more leverage Henry has. Personally, I'd draft 2 RBs, one probably in the 2nd (maybe even the 1st, depending on how things fall) and another in the 7th with one of the three picks. Titans can't afford to give Henry contract leverage with a weak #2 RB where he can hold out to start the season but come in on time to get an accrued season.
  10. The Titans are salary cap constrained, as I've been pointing out for a few months. After all know future expenses are accounted for they are down to about 15M in cap space. They really have only about 2 options for more space. Pull Henry's tender or convert Lewan's base salary to a roster bonus. Each produces about 10M in cap space.
  11. ctm

    Virus in US

    The right wing media is attacking Fauci. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/as-trump-signals-readiness-to-break-with-experts-his-online-base-assails-fauci/ar-BB11LjWL?ocid=spartandhp
  12. ctm

    Virus in US

    It's 180 degrees the wrong message. Instead of talking about back to normal by Easter and opening up certain low risk counties, Trump should be telling people how important it is for them to stay home. He's a big part of the problem.
  13. ctm

    Virus in China

    Trump has been peddling false hope from the very beginning. And that is part of the problem because he encouraged irresponsible behavior.
  14. The #3 CB is going to play 70% of snaps. That % will be higher than any other position the team drafts. So that's a pretty good argument for making it the #1 draft priority. There are other considerations, including BPA.
  15. Yea, I haven't been this excited since Bush and a republican congress fucked up the housing market and economy. I remember those good 'ole days when we actually though he was the stupid one.
  16. He could very well have no, or very limited, guaranteed money. We don't know yet.
  17. ctm

    Virus in US

    McConnell was smart enough to know this. He basically jammed the House by leaving town. Even an amendment that everyone would agree to can't be passed because it would delay everything until April 20th.
  18. 🤣🤣🤣 Only Charlie complains about a trade that gives up a 4th rounder to acquired Tannehill. You can't make this stuff up folks.
  19. ctm

    Virus in US

    McConnell has adjourned the Senate until April 20th. Gosh Mitch, what could possibly go wrong between now and then?
  20. Can't have that until after we get the annual draft a QB in the middle rounds post, or the don't trade up and waste picks post. All of us look forward to those debates.....again.
  21. The Titans have Simmons and Jones on the DL. They keep 4 guys up on game day. So that's 2 scrubs playing in the rotation. What does the DL rotation look like if either Simmons or Jones get dinged up for even a short period of time?
  22. Dobbins isn't falling to the Titans in round 3 either.
  23. And then you can look at the contact list where the Titans have met with literally all of the RBs who are rated 3rd round or higher.
  24. ….because they are paying attention to the words of the GM.
  25. 1st 3 picks are CB, DL, RB. Order to be determined. OT and OLB will wait.

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