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  1. The people that I know, and I know a few, who use the N word don't do it just once in anger, they do it repeatedly.
  2. Keep in mind that the debate structure is going to narrow the field quickly. The 3rd debate which is in Sept. requires a 2% national polling average. Currently only about 8 candidates would qualify.
  3. Once voting starts, if he's winning people will jump on board. But if he loses early and the veil of electability is pierced then he's in big trouble.
  4. It's .02 on your net worth over $50,000,000. What's under 50,000,000 isn't taxed.
  5. Everyone paying their fair share aka progressive taxation is very popular. Trump/McConnell and the republicans need to be called out explicitly for their giveaway to the 1%. There is a reason they didn't run on their tax plan in 2018. People know it was BS. And that is the same reason Trump lied again two weeks before the midterms and said that he was going to introduce a middle class tax cut in a couple of weeks, which is a plan he is yet to submit to congress.
  6. The tax on net worth that she proposes doesn't even start until you have $50,000,000. And then its only .02 cents on the 50,000,001 dollar.
  7. She identifies herself as a capitalist but it needs to be a more central part of her message. She needs to get some space between herself and Bernie and more clearly identify herself as a capitalist who believes in everyone paying their fair share aka progressive taxation.
  8. When republicans are giving huge tax breaks to the 1%, there is no way around this fight if you're going to oppose the policy. Maybe the rhetoric can be adjusted, but there is no way to avoid the issue.
  9. I'm fine with waiting until court for it to play out. But none of this has anything to do with Rachael Maddow. That was my point.
  10. This is the fundamental problem coupled with the fact climate experts give the planet another 10 years or so until we pass the point of no return.
  11. Keep the day job. The comedy routine isn't working.
  12. Round two (they argued in congressional hearings at the time) of the fight between Biden and Warren over the bankruptcy bill is inevitable. It's unlikely to happen in the first debate because they don't appear together, but it's coming. She'll use it to show he isn't progressive, doesn't support working people and is in the pocket of the credit card companies. Bernie is slipping and he could easily attack Joe over this on night two of the first debate, especially if he attacked as being socialist, which will also happen. Hickenlooper and Bennett will be gunning for him. The media is saying that Warren suffers because she isn't on the stage with the other top candidates. I think it's the opposite. Let them fight and drag each other down. She sits back and promotes herself and her plans. Plenty of time to join the fight later after someone else brings up Joe's background.
  13. Trump said these polls didn't exist. His campaign manager, Brad Pascale, said they were real, but dated (March). Who should we believe?
  14. It's not a coincidence that of the 50+ democrats to publicly announce for impeachment, that none of them are from the group of the newly elected from swing districts. Furthermore, it the current trend continues, democrats both in the House and Senate are going to be able to run against McConnell and the do-nothing senate. There will be a long list of bills passed by the House that they can point to that McConnell refused to bring to a vote. If a failed impeachment dominates the news, which it will, republicans will claim this is the only thing democrats were interested in and the legislative bills will be greatly overshadowed.
  15. Trump will spin the stain of impeachment into....I was declared innocent and the victim of democrats overreach. Give me another chance where I'm not facing this hoax for 4 years I'm not a fan of losing strategies and that is what impeachment is. It won't get him out of office. Bring out the facts in the Mueller report so everyone knows....11 examples of obstruction and over 100 contacts with the Russians. Drip, drip, drip......
  16. Pelosi's strategy is working. Democrats are winning court cases, witnesses are being forced to show up for hearings and Trump's poll number are falling. Furthermore, there are a fair number of House democrats who just got elected last year in red leaning districts. It's not in their interest to cast a vote that is doomed to lose in the senate.
  17. Notice how the conservatives on the board react.. There are no alternative facts presented to deny climate change. As above, just a weak attempt to laugh it off.
  18. I would also add that there is video of Warren facing off with Biden over the bankruptcy bill when it was before the senate. So as you mention, her opposition from years ago is well know. However, she isn't on the stage with Joe in the first debate. Other candidates will do the attack on Joe, not her. That's to her advantage, because any attack on another candidate risks driving up the attackers negatives.
  19. Both will draw fire, imo. But, if Bernie is painted at one extreme and Joe as the other, that leaves a natural opening for an alternative in the middle.
  20. Bernie is good at defining the problem. He's not so good at defining what democratic socialism actually consists of and why it is the best solution. How does democratic socialism differ from capitalism with more progressive taxation?
  21. I only heard part of Bernie's speech on Wed. defending socialism, but from what I heard I wasn't impressed. Bernie went thru a list of problems in the status quo (that most democrats will agree with) and then pretty much said therefore we must move to socialism, which he didn't define. The flaw in this argument is that there may be other solutions. There are some smart and accomplished politicians on the stage and eventually I think it will come out......why can't we solve these issue with capitalism and more progressive taxation, consumer protection and regulation of wall st.? Regardless, I think this is a natural tension point and Hickenlooper already attacked socialism this week and Bernie responded with a speech. I think this continues into at least the first debate, if not beyond.
  22. I think the real sparks will fly on the 2nd night when Hickenlooper attacks Bernie and makes him defend socialism.
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