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  1. I think our own greed consumed us to the point we started consuming each other. Dog eat Dog. Rat eat Rat.
  2. Imo that would be stupid and pointless and one of the worse things for this nation financially. I honestly wonder why people don't look at the long run. First of all some of these smaller companies wouldn't be able to afford and mandated minimum wage increase. Then people think prices will stay the same? There will be an increase in price on goods and cost of living. And while I commend anybody who works an honest 9-5 no matter the capacity...A Job at a fast food joint or convenient store should be mostly for High school kids and young adults imo. If you wanna make more money then take the pro
  3. The kids were scrolling through old photos on my wife's phone. They were sitting together and interacting so sweetly that we started taking photos.A And then, uh, this happened. Be careful what downloads you retain...
  4. They always make stuff about race and use blacks as their pawns. Even the leader of the American Nazi party acknowledged how these people use blacks viciously. Back then they called them Communists. They use blacks to promote taking vaccines (When it's latinos dying at higher rates). They always make stuff about race, like the capital incident...Had nothing to do with race. It was politically motivated. One reason I hate Libs/Devilcrats. Communism I.E today's Liberal Democrat.
  5. Trump said just the other day that the voter fraud evidence keeps pouring in every hour. It looks like the tide will be turning for you all real soon!! I sincerely share in your excitement. I can't wait to see this new voter fraud evidence, either!!
  6. https://www.facebook.com/RussellBrand/videos/381406266644691/
  7. People on the Right and others hated Clinton's pardons. Not many on the left like Bush's pardons either. Obama, I am sure, pardoned people that drove conservatives crazy. And, Trump has already and will again pardon people that looks suspicious as hell. Is it not time to do away with the presidential pardon? I say we dump three things in the next few years. 1. Pardons 2. Electoral College 3. Filibusters What say you?
  8. I think they should make the inauguration virtual this year. Would cost a lot less, not use as many resources and most importantly be safe. With all this uncertainty it seems pretty silly to try to do the inauguration in person this year. Between corona spreading and the violence possibilities they should just understand this year is not like others in the past and adapt to the situation.
  9. For years, maybe even decades, the haters and liars had the upper hand. Loud mouthed shills on Fox, Talk Radio and websites like TownHall spewing nonsensical garbage drowned out reasonable conversation by filling the air with hate filled noise. Today, I see something different. The sounds of reason are beginning to overwhelm the squawkers. We'll see if it lasts, but for now at least, the gaslighters are being ignored. The liars are mocked. The haters are being rounded up and sent to jail. It's a new day.
  10. We owe our freedom to our black friends. Imagine that. After all, the whites went for the fascist authoritarians. Black people knew better--for obvious reasons. Let this sink in. America owes it's freedom to the American black men and women who said, "Not so fast." Kudos to the brothers and sisters.
  11. Pack your bags and prepare to work as a farmer in our new Great Leap Forward. You need to show more respect to Chairman Biden or they will send you to our reeducation camp--Harvard University.
  12. The United States has been the world's largest national economy in terms of GDP since at least the 1920s. The U.S. is, by any measure, the wealthiest, most powerful and most influential country in the history of the world. ... The Roman and Egyptian empires each survived for more than 500 years; will the United States have the same staying power? It seems that the answer to that question is "NO". https://www.dw.com/en/china-to-overtake-us-as-largest-global-economy-by-2028-report/a-56061395 The coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout will help China rise past the US
  13. We can't do anything unlawful (nor should we) so we're stuck with those people (mainly aged 45-90yo). BUT, they came damn close to costing us the democracy that our founders created. What happens if we just let them continue their un-American ways? Do we face the same attack on our democracy again in 2022 or 2024 or 2028? Lincoln just let the traitors go home (and THAT was an actual war) and we've paid for it ever since (Civil Rights not enacted for a century and white supremacy still woven into their fabric. I think there is no answer other than educating the voters and then voting.
  14. The plan for over 50 years was to make life so miserable for the Cuban people that they would overthrow the Cuban government. It hasn't worked. It's insanity to continue. Obama restored relations with Cuba but then Trump reversed that. I'm looking forward to Biden restoring relations with Cuba. What conservatives don't seem to understand is the people in those nations know that it's America that is causing them economic pain. They are not going to overthrow their government because they know that's what America wants them to do. It's a stupid policy that only makes Cubans even more depen
  15. 300k+ Americans are dead due to our depraved indifference to each other. Trump’s desire to spread the disease created the permission, but that Americans of *all* stripes shared different levels of indifference is horrifying to me. CA is a viral shithole right now, and their supposed to be progressive libtard soyboygirlfluds that care about everything and everyone. Where we at? A terrorist strikes a mall or crowded spot (god forbid, hopefully this stays hypothetical). Multiples are killed. And? “Hey, we need to find out who did this in order to prevent it from ever happening again!” Why do w
  16. Its that TIME again where some old magazine says something everyone talks about for 5 mins, but isnt really relevant. So its TIME to suggest your own person of the year. What PERSON do you think had the greatest influence on US politics in 2020? Let assume Trump is already mentioned. Pick someone original.
  17. Most right wingers I have talked to, think that Bush should have bombed Iran into the stone age, iffen he had balls. They chide me and call me stupid, for thinking that bombing Iran would be more trouble than a simple visit. They tell me, Hillary is a warlord, and Trump is totally antiwar. They say if Hillary was elected, we would already be in WW3.
  18. I saw the above on FB, and I have to wonder how such laws are still in effect given RvW. The ruling in RvW did not limit itself to abortion, but stated that all medical decisions were between a person and their doctor. Now I understand that there have been several federal level rulings that make such laws unconstitutional, but they are not universal such as abortion laws being unconstitutional are. Where is the fight for this, ladies? Why is there such a big fuss if someone tries to limit abortion, but nowhere near a riot for these types of laws?
  19. Wow, I never knew what a maga turd Adams was. He has truly lost it. the twitter feed was as frightening as it was hysterical.
  20. The post-Biden era looks downright scary from a Presidential candidate standpoint. Harris will likely be the front runner, but considering the "big tent" and how Dems have to be motivated and inspired to the polls, I have concerns about the viability...barring a late entrant like a Mark Cuban (who I really think is gearing up for a run). Democrats also have a major problem in the heartland. We seriously need to start competing in the south again, and in particular we need more backroom southern goons like James Carville. Dems also have a major problem in the state legislatures. GO
  21. A little bit of comedy and hyperbole but still a pretty accurate description of some of the problems with the police http://www.ruthlessreviews.com/13647/the-curse-of-the-micropenised-cop/ humanity makes all kinds of silly mistakes, but one of our best and most prominent jokes is that of the American Policeman. Let’s just start with their title, Policeman. ?Police? is actually Latin for “small dick.” So when you put it all together, these are just small dicked men. All cop costumes come equipped with a cool utility belt with lots of bells and wh
  22. Watching the fool, he said that all this election fraud that Trump is attempting, is to get libs back, for impeachment and not liking Trump this whole time. He KNOWS it is no chance, and yet, likes the hobbling it will result in. He wants Biden as hobbled as Trump was. OR at least as watched. Trump got away with murder by acting ignorant. While there might have been a time when Carlson thought that the election fraud scheme might have a chance, it is now all about petulance. Cry moar lib, is the Republican platform. Sticking it to the libs, has replaced all the Reagan jazz. Sticking it t
  23. I've heard that term many times. Who are they? Is there a list of them that I can look into and learn more about these white, wealthy landowners and how they came about passing the laws of our nation where all men are created equal?
  24. https://greenwald.substack.com/p/the-new-ruling-coalition-opposition One of the few true journalist left. This guy doesnt seem to answer to anybody. He is right that the left has seemingly embraced institutions that in the past were anathema to them. Interesting opinion and would like some commentary...
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