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  1. It’s about mentality IN COLLEGE. Professional’s bring an assortment of complication and motivation that simply doesn’t exist unless you’re being paid to play.
  2. Dudes saying irrelevant shit makes me hard! Nothing more PRO than equating the college and pro game.
  3. Regardless of the OP and my previous post, this is again a SUPER BOWL contender. Gotta love this shit!
  4. Defensive backs my ass. Draft pass rush all day long for the next 3 years.
  5. Same here. Give me Hooker and Vaccaro all day as our safeties. Byard is fine but vastly overpriced and simply doesn’t produce at their level.
  6. I’d drop Byard for a bag of Cheetos. If Hooker doesn’t take his spot next season I’d be shocked.
  7. Always has, and outside the numbers throws all look bad.
  8. Lol 25 year fan here man, we are all lucky to have these monsters on offense!
  9. Our line is fine. Run blocking is the easy part, just pure strength and aggression. It’s the pass blocking part that keeps most of these second teamers on the bench and in back up roles. Henry is fine, Tannehill is the guy who is in trouble.
  10. This is where I’m siding. I’m amazed that everyone who’s been infected has immediately bounced back to play as quickly as they have. I’ve had this shit and it’s been hard to shake, but they’re all much younger and in better shape than I am. As always I trust the Titans here, and whatever they do/decide I assume will be the correct answer to the situation. The organization has earned this much from me, at the very least.
  11. Tannehill is playing masterfully. But I don’t think it takes away from how well he is playing to point out that NFL players are terrified of being posterized by Henry. Josh Norman is just the latest of Henry’s victims. And in a game of inches, having not just coaches but the actual players themselves key on our running back has opened the entire offense up.
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