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  1. Here I disagree. Nationally the pundits are jumping on the Colts bandwagon and instead of recognizing us they’re rolling out the what’s wrong with the Patriots narrative. This is a PROVE IT game. 0-9 vs. Luck is a disgrace. We perform in this game or everything previous is totally dismissed. Personally, I consider it a hell of a ride so far after 9 games. But, I believe this teams ceiling is much, much higher.
  2. I kept thinking back to Vrabel, wondering wtf is a coach who's already broken out the boxing gloves in practice to combat fumbling supposed to do about this? Then things got better.
  3. Raiders are tanking. Yet another reason to reconsider how we spend our Sundays...
  4. Coordinators and players will come and go, the centerpiece of all franchises are the GM, Head Coach, and QB. Everyone else are just interchangeable parts.
  5. I seen numerous articles about this but just watched the video for the first time this morning. It’s just fucking amazing, and yes he’s doped up, probably for nerves. We are living in interesting times.
  6. 1-2 under Mularkey. I say he’d get this win versus the Jags. This new staff is what I’ve always hoped for. I’ve simply lost count of all the ways I’ve been impressed by them.
  7. Like fucking clockwork. The left distances itself from men that behave poorly, ie Clinton, Franken, Conyers... The right confirms such men to lifetime Supreme Court positions or just brushes it off as locker room talk. Watching anyone on the right take the moral high ground in the last two years is comparable to finding an investment book by Bernie Madoff in the bargain bin and actually reading it. Total waste of time, just like this reply.
  8. He’s fine. 3rd coach and 3rd new offense, not exactly a clinic in quarterback development. By the end of year five we will know for certain whether he’s the franchise QB or not. I fully expect he will be. Would like to see him bulk back up to year two playing weight though.
  9. I’ll take the naked aggression of Butler and all the highs and lows it entails every time over the 8 yard cushion Mccourty shit I had to endure for years.
  10. As a Democrat it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when the GOP continues to line up behind sexual harrassers and rapists. Forty percent of our nation are just flat bonkers.
  11. Yeah but there was that performance versus the Bills in the first round...
  12. The Miami game was the worst game I've ever experienced. Refs fucked us, the Dolphins fucked us, and the weather fucked us. Considering all that the staff kept it together and the team didn't quit. So this week I pity the Texans. Assuming Mariota plays all game, we're gonna pummel them.