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  1. All well said and well thought out. My prediction is simply that greed wins out over pragmatism nine times out of ten. The league will lawyer up and cover their liabilities with testing, waivers, and additional legal kung-fu. No vaccine will be available until the summer of 2021, and that’s a best case scenario. We’ve been waiting on an HIV vaccination for over 30 years, so there are no guarantees. And at present there are several conflicting reports about whether having covid-19 even produces enough antibodies to render one immune to a second bout, as well as other reports about whether antibodies from this stuff at any level prevent reinfection. The science is all well behind the realities we’re currently facing. The infection and death rates will continue to decline throughout the summer, making it all the easier to justify “getting back to normal.” Mass vaccination and herd immunity are both the end results we all desire, but the only road that takes us to herd immunity lies down a path of “best intentions,” which with the reopening of 7 states today we are already starting the journey towards.
  2. The Players association will free the league from liability in the form of a union vote. Fans in attendance will either sign a waiver upon admittance or more like likely do so in mass while teams consistently announce the dangers to attendees in mass broadcasting messages. The NFL will implement a pregame and postgame testing regimen that sounds good and will undoubtedly hold up in court but that in truth will prevent nothing. Neither the teams or the players would readily forfeit a year’s revenue or salary. The hard to predict part is wtf happens when cases spike again in mid October. That’s when shit will get interesting!
  3. I do the first draft podcast, watch for Kyle’s posts, consider following the NBA then decide against it, and end up cashing in audible credits for audiobooks until August.
  4. Not hall of fame, not a single qb in that draft class is.
  5. We aren’t in cap trouble, not even close. We can do whatever we want across the board and still have cap room. I’d bring Ryan back for certain, with a raise because he’s earned it. Conklin can walk though.
  6. That’s largely because he’s just like the rest of us, and said everything he had to say the first couple of years. He’ll keep repeating himself and cashing checks for the next 25 years. That’s why mute is useful.
  7. Yes they’ve been overlooked but there was plenty of evidence pointing towards this teams potential. We’ve been 9-7 four years in a row, an nfl record. Two years ago we made the final 8, so far this year it’s the final 4. The first 9-7 team was scary as shit and everyone was relieved it didn’t make the playoffs. Last years team missed the post season because Gabbert, so our window of opportunity has been open 3-4 years now. Its just this year we all realized that Mariota has actually been holding us back. And some guys here suspected as much for a while, but the important part of all this is that the team suspected it as well and made a move to improve.
  8. Simmons is quickly moving to the top of the roster as my favorite player.
  9. A simple fix for this is what the Broncos did a few years ago. Season ticket holders there who scalped their ticket to someone else were simply not given an opportunity to renew at the end of the year. I’m not sure how this was determined, nor do I recall the exact guidelines, but they did it and got lots of bad publicity for it but their home games are all orange again. Im pretty sure we will end up doing the same thing. As has been pointed out, you can’t expect 20 year season ticket holders to be rabid, regardless of what product you field.
  10. That play was the culmination of all the NFL’s “you can’t tackle the quarterback bullshit” that’s been going on for a decade now. Ten years ago Watson would be in the hospital after that play, as the guy going low would have gone in on his knees, and the high guy would have knocked him senseless. Instead what you get is both guys going in soft to avoid a penalty and it’s a Houston highlight where everyone says Watson is ‘Jordanesque’ or Superman; which is absolute dogshit to anyone who’s been watching this sport for more than a week.
  11. The pats were mugging our WRs on every pass attempt. I’ve never seen such blatant uncalled interference before, and the only reason Sharpe got a call was because they tackled him before the ball arrived. If he’d not gone down, they wouldn’t have flagged it either.

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