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  1. Isaiah Wilson better get himself prepped to play, our oline needs some ooomph
  2. Gordon on goal line... obviously they didn’t watch the chargers game last season.
  3. Objections over punches is sissy. They are wearing helmets after all.
  4. Seems like not having to double Hopkins on every single fucking play allows the free safety to roam deep, negating all that WR speed. Good job BOB!
  5. This shouldn’t be ignored. Kelly’s probably the happiest fella in football going into the start of the season. Those first 3 games had looked like a murderers row for him.
  6. 14-2 A week 11 or 12 loss coupled with a week 18 throw away. And it’s amazing how many people are choking on Philip Rivers dick. Our team is solid as hell, and we’ve drastically upgraded the pass rush to deal with KC in the play offs.
  7. We’re going for it all this year and I’m excited as hell. Denver by 1 is fine, I expect a competitive game.
  8. Fucking Tards. The world is gonna find out very quickly that it was Hopkins that made Watson, and not the other way around. I can’t think of a single reason for this extension, neither the price or the timing. BOB must be a covert Titan’s fan.
  9. I’d certainly offer up a late round pick for him. I’m always in favor of taking talented guys off the scrap heap for cheap. I mean that’s what we did with Tannehill and Vacarro. And let’s say he truly is a toxic jerk, it’s not like we’re some wobbly organization anymore that lets shit like that affect them. Rosen would be fortunate to end up here, and guys like that always need a little Vrabel in their lives.
  10. In the absence of actual sports SPECULATION is all we have...

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