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  1. Yeah he’s no Ogden....guys fuckin worthless.....
  2. I honestly wonder if he's even concerned that he's on the verge of losing his job.
  3. Did you read what I posted? I was pretty clear about not wanting him. I'm just being logical about the possibilities.
  4. I don't think it will happen. If I had to put money on it right now I'd say it's Tanny & a pick. It's way too early though, we obviously have to see how, and frankly IF, Tannehill plays. I think he will & the guy has had some pretty good seasons for some pretty bad Miami teams. He's put some numbers on paper. I also agree with @cenj in that Tannehill has a skill set that fits pretty well with what we're trying to do schematically. That said, let's do the math. There's only going to be a few spots that need a QB & some of them will be drafting one. We have a good roster & if the team isn't enthused with Tanny, Eli will be the biggest FA name. Once again, I think it would suck. But just looking at it objectively,we may be looking for a vet guy next year.
  5. I’m going to say this....I think there’s a half decent chance Eli is our starter next year. I don’t want it, but just lookin at the situation, we probably won’t be picking high enough to take a star & things don’t look great outside of Tua. Assuming MM flames out they’ll probably have to look at vets, or a trade for a younger QB. Dont underestimate the juice that 2 rings carries, with that last name. He’s also been on a terrible team the last few years & a team like the Titans, with a good roster, could see a change of venues giving him new life for a year or two. Once again, not what I want. But I can see a scenario.
  6. I think that's a pretty big part of it, yeah. Remember how great he was in camp as a rookie? Outside media sources, not hometown guys, were marveling. He seemed a lot more sure of himself. He was playing with an offense that basically isn't in the NFL anymore & looked more confident then he does now. I know now all the ratings & anylytics say he was better the last few years then as a rookie but I disagree. His supporting cast was historically bad in 2015, one of the worst I've ever seen. Our offensive talent now is so far better then that team. I have no doubt rookie Marcus wins that game Sunday with ease. But it is becoming obvious there's just something missing, he does not appear to have the innate instincts needed to play at a high level consistently.
  7. Code obviously 95% of the material on here is going to be Mariota but you were absolutely spot on about how it seems like all the losing to the Colts has really seemed to have a serious effect on us. I mean, this has been going on for almost 20 years now. It's insane. I was an Oiler fan & then obviously stayed with the team after the move & the first few years were great. But since '04 we have been so dominated by them it's ridiculous. For me this has basically gone on since I was in college to now, where all I'll reveal is I'm closer to 80 then being born. So much of my life has changed, as everybody does in 20 years,except this remains. We're still getting owned by the Colts. Theres so many terrible losses it would take forever to list them. I really think this is one of the reasons the fan support just isn't there. I mean, I'm close to worn out. I thought we were going to go out & beat them up on Sunday. They still have a lot of roster talent, I wasn't cocky, but I really thought, and still think, we have a really good team. I thought we were going to make a statement test this was our division this year. And yeah Nariota sucked, but we totally shit the bed. It seriously felt like the ghosts of the prior 20 years beat us. Until we man up against them we'll continue to have a 8-9 game ceiling.
  8. I just see Mariota's problems differently than most. I don't know why everyone insists that his arm strength is his problem, it isn't & that's been obvious for years. He has more then enough arm. That bomb to Davis last year in Philly was a monster throw. The 2 deep outs to him against Houston on MNF last year are throws most QB's wouldn't even attempt. FO rated him the highest DVOA in the league on deep outs. He has plenty of arm. His problem is, despite obvious intelligence, the game just does not come easily to him. You just don't see the natural instincts & pocket confidence. I remember watching McNair & it was like he had a perfect alarm clock for when to take off, and eyes in the back of his head to avoid the rush. Even VY, who certainly isn't as good as Marcus, don't get me wrong, had a much more natural feel for the game. Marcus is a guy who I'm sure knows the offense inside & out, knows exactly what the opposing defense is trying yo accomplish, but, like General Wesley Clark said, less than half of the military operations run are seemless. Being able to adjust quickly, while stayng in control, is so crucial for a QB. I think Maholmes actually said, similar to the above military comparison, that more then half of his big plays last year were off script. Marcus just freezes in these situations. He actually seems to be regressing in fact. More & more we see him deep in the pocket, late into the snap, just not pulling the trigger on a throw, run, throwing OB, whatever. And then the dam finally breaks & multiple defenders just burst thru. At the end of the day though it doesn't matter why it's not working, it's just not working. I still think he played much better then given credit for last year but I don't want to have that argument again. I'm disappointed, I really thought he'd improve on the above aspects but I've seen nothing to even tell me he hasn't regressed, much less improved.
  9. I know this is very Maddenish but the NFL is getting more unpredictable every year with trades & such. But I would do a deal for Ramsey in a heartbeat, no question. He’s one of the few guys in the league that actually want to play here. I know trades within the division are rare but they happen. If we beat the Jags next week they may just go rebuild & not care about doing it in division. Ramsey is a true outside corner, the prototype. Size, speed, insane athleticism, confidence, the whole 9 yards. He’s a defense changer. @OILERMAN has mentioned a few times that he thinks our corners are a bit overrated, I agree. They’re certainly solid, but they’re not a top tier group by any stretch. I think this defense has a chance to be special. If we added Ramsey I think wed have a defense that could really be a wrecking crew, especially if Simmons comes back healthy. I’d have no problem doing an Adoree & #1 pick next year for him. I think he’s that good ‘& would make that huge an impact.
  10. I actually agree with Blake in this case & you as well. That’s of course if I think my team is in position to make some postseason waves. He doesnt have big sack numbers but he gets a lot of pressures & the big thing is he’s a better pass rusher as an interior player. So on 3rd downs he’d be next to Casey with Wake & Landry outside. That would be awesome. Plus he’d rest Wake on run downs & he’s great against the run. A GM wouldn’t but I would give up a 2. I think we’d have a dominant defense & could make a run. Here’s a good one...what would you give up for Peyton Manning 2012-14, his 3 dominant Denver years. I’d give up Multi 1st’s. Easy.
  11. This is exactly why this team is so much better off if Mariota has a good year & is extended. We finally have, what I think at least, is a very good roster. I have zero interest in trading away very good players for another run at a rookie QB. I just hate the thought honestly. I can’t do it anymore. If he really doesn’t work out, and Tanny doesn’t look either, I’d much rather see what vets are available.
  12. I was just gonna say, I love this. Why is everybody freaking out? Tunsil is an average at best LT & Stills is a poor man’s William Fuller. If the Dolphins are actually getting a 1st rounder plus a package of picks, it’s a hue steal for Miami. The best part is they have to do this because they fell asleep & let Philly jump them for Andre Dillard, who looked great in the preseason & is already a polished pass blocker. They then in turn panicked & picked Tytus Howard, whose a pure LT but not a very good one, over some guards & RT’s who were much better prospects. This is has been a nightmare offseason for Houston. The only positive I’ll give them is they at least have a functional LT now. He’s a far cry from what he was supposed to be, Tunsil, but he’s not a turnstile.
  13. What was the story in Houston, regarding the GM spot? Did OBrien push hard for control & force Gaine out? Or did firing Gaine come straight from ownership & BoB is reluctantly handling the GM duties for now? Id have to assume it was some sort of power play, why else would OBrien take over? Every team has a viable asst or two who you would assume would handle interim duties, like Ryan Cowden for us. Or actually it might even be Vin Marino, being that there isn’t much talent acquisition going on during the season. But if OBrien pushed for GM duties its a disaster so far.
  14. That’s the big misconception. Players are returning quicker then ever, but it still takes roughly the same amount of time for them to get back to their old selves. You have some freaks like Todd Gurley & AP, who knows, Simmons is a rare athlete at a young age. But I would think at best he can maybe be a late season spark as a 3rd down interior rusher.
  15. This is true. The problem is in probably 85-90% of the cases the player still isn’t the same until the following. Season. If we play Simmons early in the season, especially being a rookie, the odds are he’ll be a total stiff. But he is a physical freak & is only 21 so he may recover super fast. Odds aren’t great though.