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  1. Lamar Jackson LOL. Jesus Shaun Alexander? You might be almost as old as me.
  2. I want a good amount more designed runs this year. Tannehill is very fast & instinctual running. He knows when to get down or out of bounds. He ranked 3rd in running in FO & QBR. Plus, designed runs are a huge value play, they have very high EPA. Most importantly, they open up passing lanes so well, and slow down the pass rush. It makes passing a lot easier. I certainly don’t want a Tebow or VY offense. But a few designed QB runs a game offer a huge ROI in multiple ways.
  3. Man this is a great draft class for us. Unlike last year where there just never seemed like there was a fit for us, which is part of the reason we took the worst 1st rounder in NFL history, this class is LOADED with big body, grown men edge players. Sucks that Basham didn’t weigh in. Right now it’s btwn him & Weaver for me. I’m over the 240 lb edge rushers that we see year after year. Everybody gets excited about their 40’s & their “twitch” & that’s all well & good until an NFL tackle gets their hands on them. You look at the early impact edge rushers in
  4. TE just isn’t a high enough priority position. Remember a few years ago was supposed to be the explosion of TE’s? Never materialized. Now a guy like Kyle Pitts is different. A true freak of nature. He’s basically a huge X WR playing TE. We’re not drafting a corner high. We have 2 very expensive ones next year, Fukton, and probably King. It’s going to be pass rusher & WR. If Davis leaves our depth is awful there. And God OL? Lewan, Saffold, Ben Jones, Nate Davis, and a promising Brewer. Why does this forum always feel they that they can’t have one OL just be average? Great QB’s can mitigat
  5. That’s fine. There’s a lot to be said about the advantage of an offensive HC. Especially with keeping the play caller/QB relationship together for years. RT is already on his 3rd OC in 3 years here. But I still have a feeling that Vrabel will have the better career. I still think he has a lot of Parcells in him. His personality, cockiness, wanting to play power football, East Coast guy. I like what he does to manage players health & time management & the rule book. But he has to turn over more of the offense to Tannehill. He’s too good & Henry can’t maintain this worklo
  6. I’m so tired of these Monday Morning QB takes after every playoff game. Whoever wins, we should’ve gotten them, or they’re way better, or they don’t choke like our guy. What happened to the keen “we should’ve named Matt LaFleur coach” thread after he shit the bad today. Now Righteous is back to his old schtick. Tannehill was 5th in DVOA & 4th in QBR this year. He was 1st or 2nd in everything last year. Theres one thing that is indisputable.....RT is the best thing to happen to this franchise since Steve McNair. He came in after 5 games last year & led the league i
  7. The 49ers & Ravens are hiring DC’s when they already have one.
  8. This is pretty much what pisses me off. Now, we’re a very paranoid organization. When we promoted Smith we also apparently interviewed other outside candidates but kept it secret. No other team does this. Ever. Even Belichick. But whatever, maybe that means we are interviewing guys or, even better, really like a guy or two in the final 4 teams. But Vrabel absolutely has a bizarre staff filling process. It really comes off like he doesn’t give a shit. Even when he was first hired it took over a week to hear anything on the coordinator front. And now right off the bat he interviews A
  9. Paye is a beast. I also like in general how many big, strong edge guys there are in this draft. Guys like Paye, Rousseau, Weaver (might be an interior on pass rush downs), and Basham among others. I think a lot of edges struggle early because they’re just too small & weak. They’re explosive but the second the tackle gets his hands on them it’s over. I also hope Robinson doesn’t just automatically take an edge here because it happens to be our biggest our biggest need.
  10. I would just like the guy to interview someone on either side of the ball that he isn’t forced to (Rooney Rule/Austin) & show that he might be open to some fresh ideas. It’s kind of ridiculous. O think Vrabel’s great. He’s the guy I wanted 3 years ago. his team plays their asses off for him & he’s very good with time management, the rule book, and modern applications of keeping guys healthy. But he just seems to have zero interest at all in any kind of X’s & O’s & maybe progressing in that area. If we just get a carte Blanche Rooney interview on both sides & the
  11. I’m totally fine with Downing but I can’t believe this guy would just bring Bowm back & not even consider somebody else. If he does that he better have a VERY good team next year.
  12. I almost think it’s at the point that Wilson has no intention of playing & theres just zero communication with him & the team. I don’t think he or team have any expectations of him showing up for any team functions at all. This is the worst draft pick ever.
  13. If we promoted from within Downing would be my clear choice because hes had a year as an OC & was considered to be very smart. Unfortunately when he took over Carr came off injury & a few other things happened & they had a bad year & was canned. Also, I think OL is the most important assistant coach, at least on offense. I want to keep Keith Carter where he is. Downing has also said Scott Linehan is by far his biggest influence. He followed him around his whole career. I actually think that’s good, Linehan is a great OC though he got ripped in Dallas for the same re
  14. It’s kind of weird that nobody mentions O’Hara when technically Tannehill has made more improvement then any pro athlete in the history of the world. Obviosuly we know that’s not really coaching & he’s insanely talented & was in a bad situation in Miami but still, that’s usually how it works in the pros. It’s about what your guys do.
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