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  1. Pittsburgh could be real tough this year, depending of course on Ben’s health
  2. JFC WTF is wrong with Corey now? This is getting so old with this fucking guy. How is he hurt, WTF did he do all offseason. Jon Robison must hate this guy. He took a risk on him when he of course couldn't work out pre draft cause he was hurt of course, and he's rewarded him with one goddamn injury after the other. Now I understand why there was such internal friction over this pick, it was nuts taking him over Adams. I love JR but this was a huge swing & miss.
  3. Fulton is the opposite of bust material. The dude went against the best WR's college had to offer on a weekly basis, excelled in press as well as zone, he was especially good breaking on the ball in zone. Excellent technique & all the traits you look for physically. Why exactly do you think he'll bust, especially as a 2nd rounder?
  4. I doubt this factors in at all, though it appears JC is a bit delusional about his current value. In a way I get it, it is baffling how little interest the league has in him. He's not Joey Bosa but he was never considered THAT far off from him. But the market dictates value & he was only traded for a 3rd rounder last year & isn't being offered big contracts now. The quicker he comes to terms with the fact that he isn't seen as a star, the better for him.
  5. You know I think I may revisit my prior stance towards some of the posters who are "over Clowney". Originally I thought it was just shortsighted frustration. But now reading this it's obvious that teams are tiring of his schtick as well. He isn't Walter Jones. He isn't a good enough player to get the unwritten privelage of missing camp. I still really want to sign him though.
  6. Henry Ford was one of the most underrated players on the Oilers/Titans. He was terrible as a rookie & then because he was never a huge numbers guy he was unappreciated. But he was 6'3 290 ish & played the edge on early downs & moved inside on passing downs. He not only stuffed the run on the edge on early downs but also got much better pressure then most bigger types who play similar roles. The 2000 defense was kindve odd because in some ways they were actually better then the Ravens, in a bunch of meaningful stats. And they really didn't have many stars, Bulluck barely played as a rookie (though he should have), and Evans was suspended the entire year. But they were so deep, especially in the secondary, and smart. They really were able to handle a lot of complex stuff. And Samari was just dominant in '00, disappeared every WR he covered. Totally owned Jimmy Smith.
  7. One other thing about Clowney, and the main reason I want him, is that I don't think he's closed to a finished product. He's missed a good amount of time in his 6 years, a lot of development was left on the table. Right now his floor is still very high, a great run player & good pass rusher. And that's really the consensus of what he is, but I don't think the time for him to become a truly elite, game changer has come & gone. The league is full of defensive lineman who became stars during their 2nd contract....Linval Joseph (little past his prime but exploded in 2015, his 6th year), Akiem Nicks, Brandon Graham, Calais Campbell, Jerry Hughes, KVB back in the day, Babin, even Sen'Derrick Marks when he went to Jax. This is just a quick list off the top of my head & not all are stars but they all took their games to much higher levels after 5-6 years. Clowney is one of a literal handful of players with the physical traits go be a generational player. His combo of length, strength, and explosion is so rare. A perfect example was his game against SF last year, my God was he dominant. He should be doing that weekly, or close to it. If he does explode I want it to be with us.
  8. I want Clowney & I'm really not saying this to be negative, but I just get the feeling he's not at all interested in coming here. I feel like I've read a bunch of rumors about him specifically wanting to play for certain teams.....the generic few everybody wants to play for. And of course there could be nothing to that. But the only stuff I've read about about him coming here are media types connecting the dots with Vrabel. Now, I haven't followed as closely as I used to & I could be wrong, maybe I missed some good info. But I guess I'll leave it at this:I don't have anywhere near the confidence that most posters here have that he signs with us. I also hope my intuition is totally off.
  9. Its pretty clear what's going on here. Players support each other & get pissed off if they feel guys were mistreated by their teams. Casey & especially Ryan very vocally whined about being traded & not resigned. Ryan clearly was furious & insulted that we ignored him this offseason. Plus a lot of players, a surprising amount, were ticked that we paid Tanny & tagged Henry. Of course all 3 courses of action, except maybe Casey depending on your viewpoint, were exactly what we should have done. I think it's pretty obvious here that at a minimum the players subconsciously wanted to boost these guys a bit & ding the Titans at the same time. There's no other explanation. Casey ahead of Cam Jordan!? Actually it may have been Cam Heyward but either is laughable. If it makes you feel any better PFF listed Cam & Joe Burrow over Tannehill going in their QB rankings.
  10. Oh I thought it was the guys like Bucky Brooks, who write for NFL.com, that did the list. I remember @OILERMANsaid a few years back that nobody knows less about building a team then most players, they're clueless. It was spot on.
  11. It's obvious that some, certainly not all, but a good amount of Titans fans root against Adams because he went the pick after Davis & most were expecting us to pick him when we were up. Very similar to the MM/Winston situation for us & Tampa fans.
  12. Dude WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Have you actually seen the guy play? He's already one of the best QB's of all time. He's off the charts great.
  13. Dude I don't think it can be appreciated until watched on replay a few times. It was a 60+ yard laser. I don't know if he hit the weights last offseason or what but his arm was very strong. There always indications, granted not consistently, of excellent accuracy. But I didn't know he had that howitzer. Raymond intrigues me. He has legit burner speed. A guy like him is huge for a play action deep passing offense like ours.
  14. LOL. Tannehill was just along for the ride!!!!! WTF were some of you guys watching!?!?
  15. He was a absolute monster. And he very well may come back to Earth this year. I almost feel like people suit on his performance because of prior so so play. That's a different argument. But last year he played as good as a QB can play.

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