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  1. I had a feeling that was going to be the case for awhile now but I figured Haskins was safe there because he was the FO's guy, and Gruden was canned. That said if they get the 1st pick I think Burrow is too good to pass up. Looking back Haskins & Gruden were a bad mix from the start. Haskins is a big, strong, vertical thrower that would be better off in a Mularkey type offense, where he can play action & throw downfield. And you know Gruden isn't adjusting his offense for anybody.
  2. Nate Sudfeld would be a pretty good option for sone teams. He's looked good in preseasons & has obviously been coached well.
  3. I knew there was zero chance they were going to use him after reading LaFleur's comments about him needing a few weeks to learn the offense & his assignments. LOL, he's a FB, he needs to learn a small package of plays where he's the lead blocker. Kenyon Drake was traded to the Cards & ran for a buck twenty 4 days later, but Fowler needed a month to learn some blocking assignments. I still dont know why they bothered. Did they not run it by their OC who obviously wanted nothing to do with the guy?
  4. I think it was you who suggested it but I love the idea of hiring Callahan as OC & maybe giving him an asst HC title, assuming we stick to a zone scheme. After Alex Gibbs he's probably the best teacher of those concepts in the last 25 years. He's also a very good OC as well, the '02 Raiders ran perhaps the best, purest version of the WC offense that I've ever seen. Id also like to promote Todd Downing. He's the perfect example of how easy it is to get lost in the weeds as an NFL coach. JDR let Bill Musgrave in '17 walk after having the 6th rated offense & promted Downing because it was obvious how good he was & numerous other teams were going to offer him OC. But Carr was coming off the leg injury & the team had numerous injuries, unerperformed, and Gruden was brought in. Now the guys our TE coach. Frankly Id prefer to make him the OC right now but I agree we should stick with what is working. Also, Downing isn't a WC guy, even though he was with Oakland who was. I looked at his prior stops & he literally followed Scott Linehan around for like 8 years. Then sure enough I read an article where he said Linehan is his biggest influence. That's a completely different offense them ours & is really similar to Mularkey.
  5. Then again does he have to be paid his 5th year option next year? That could be it.
  6. Teams are so weird. I know the guy has been pretty bad but he’s a top 10 pick from only 3 years ago. He was excellent in college. What are teams do afriad of, my God.
  7. The Butler injury, along with the alarming play of the secondary the last few weeks, and the upcoming bye was what I was looking at. It never hurts to bring in former 1st rounders, especially at a position as important as corner. I’m really surprised he wasn’t better, he checked all the boxes. If this team tbinks they can make some noise, it makes sense to try to catch some lightning.
  8. Yeah I didn’t realize how much space Seattle had. They’re starting to see the fruits of cutting all the old guard now. Also, I’ve read a few times that people thought Clowney was moved around as a “chess piece” too often in Houston, rather then just developing as a pure edge rusher. I can see him preferring the 4-3, a lot of edge rushers do. Brandon Graham is another. I haven’t noticed it as much here under Vrabel but I personally felt that DLB got a little too exotic as well. I always used to see Orakpo & Morgan rushing from odd spots, stunting alll the time, etc. It’s one of the things I don’t like about the 3-4, at least the really exotic ones used today.
  9. Thats where he’s done the bulk of his pass rush damage from in Houston. They actually used Watt off the edge in the nickel. But no doubt he was absolutely destructive last night @Jonboy. And even though he was used inside mostly in Houston to pressure the QB I think he could be a dominant strong side edge rusher ala Calais Campbell & Cam Jordan, not to mention how great a run player he is.
  10. The last thing this team needs right now is another 1sr rd QB. I get it, I understand the whole “if you think so & so is a franchise QB you take him” bit. I agree with it to. But not for this team right now. This organization has been utterly paralyzed for the last decade & a half “developing QB’s”. It basically took precedence over wins & losses. We basically would be happy if we lost as long as VY/Locker/MM played well. If we won & they didn’t everybody would be miserable. This team hasn’t been able to just approach the offseason in a proper way. Everything was focused on the “developing the QB” rather then winning games. I can’t take this merry go round of rookie QB’s anymore. Tannehill is a veteran who can go out & run an offense the way it’s supposed to be run. That’s all I want. I’m tired of training wheel offenses I just want a team that I can watch & not worry about the QB “taking the next step”. Plus the odds are any QB we take in the 1st rd will not be as good as Tannehill. Its the worst thing we can do. The second we draft a 1st rd QB all the focus does to “developing” him. This organization & fans need a break from this.
  11. Davis is by far the biggest negative on the offense right now. They have to replace him, I really don’t know WTF they are waiting for. He just isn’t ready right yet. Play Kelly is even Douglas at this point. His PFF rating is 29, I’ve never seen anything like it.
  12. Hes a whine baby but he’s still taking flak for his bad start. He’s been fine the last 6 weeks or so.
  13. Until this week, and week 1 I guess with the huge screen. he hasn’t jumped off the box score. But he’s been pretty steady & the guy ranks very high every year in the running analytics, he outperforms his run blocking by a good amount. Id resign him unless he gets monster money. He’s not the most well rounded but his blocking has definitely improved & guys with his insane size/speed ratio don’t grow on trees. Theres some very nice backs coming out this year but I don’t think we’re in the best position to use a 1st rounder on one. I just don’t see replacing Henry with a drafted back doing much to improve the team. What I’m afraid of is he does completely bonkers again like last year & gets PAID.
  14. Yeah yeah. Well I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to go to the bar in Hoboken & get drunk for the game today. What do you think, that or drink on my couch while we get our teeth kicked in?
  15. PFF has a pretty interesting take on the center position. They feel it’s the one spot where run blocking is more important then oass pro. Unless the guy is so historically awful in the pass, which in fairness Douglas has been, the damage is largely mitigated because he’s usually involved in. a double team. But a center whose a big time run blocker can often transform a running game. So center is probably the best spot to hide Douglas pass pro, cause he can run block.