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  1. This is my main thing. While I think he's underrated as a pass rusher where he really helps the 3rd down defense is in opening things up for Evans & Brown.
  2. Too many people have pigeonholed Lawrence as strictly a 2 down tackle because of his size. I think part of this is because the interior position has become so specialized now. It's almost like you can either be a 3 tech or a 2 gap block occupier, you can't be both. That & because most of the dominant guys recently have been the 285-300 lb guys like Watt & Donald, who are twitched up monsters. But before that you had guys like AH, Shaun Rogers, Chef McGlockton, Big Daddy Wilkinson, Sean Gilbert, Sam Adams, etc. Guys who you'd never consider taking off the field on 3rd down & all weighed north of 330. Dex was very productive against the pass. He didn't have many sacks but he had a lot of pressures per pass rush. On top of that, he can also occupy blockers on passing downs in a way that others can't. Our scheme & talent is set up for the LBers to make a lot of plays, we have a great blitzing duo at ILB.
  3. Conklin is an underrated athlete. His combine was very impressive. Now, maybe that athleticism doesn't show up on tape, but he was pretty elite in all the drills. Another thing, it was a while ago but in reading Smith's presser in what he had in mind schematically for the offense, he didn't seem overly committed to the ZBS as much as he was the West Coast offense in general. He actually went as far as to discuss the different variants over the years & mentioned Heimerdinger (granted he also came from Shanahan) as much as he mentioned LaFleur. And I specifically remember a sort of blow off answer when asked if he planned to keep the running game as is. So he may not be as all in with the zone game as we were last year. Who knows. I do know I love the outside zone specifically because of how it sets up the boot game & downfield throws from there, which I think Marcus does very well.
  4. If that report about us being interested in Simmons is true, it really blows that he tore his ACL. He probably would've dropped to us with the incident & being disinvited to the combine. There's a good chance he's a beast from day 1 & he can easily play the 3 or 5.
  5. I'm kind of surprised Conklin's rep has fallen that much. Yeah he was bad but the guy tore his ACL in the playoff game, 2 weeks after the regular season ended. Despite common opinion about ACL's not being a big deal anymore, they are. It's not the grave diagnosis it used to be, but it's not good either. He had a terrific first 2 years, there's no reason he shouldn't bounce back & be fine this year. The only thing that troubles me is he played well his first few games back & then was a disaster. I read he didn't give up a pressure in his first 100 pass snaps. After that he was a turnstile. So that makes you question how much of it was the injury.
  6. This wasn't it, it was about 2-3 years ago, but just skimming over this they came to the exact same conclusion. Wilkins turns 24 during the season. Think about the amount of threads devoted to dissecting the shit out of Marcus Mariota, for example. He just turned 25 last season. Wilkins is a fully grown adult man. Dex Lawrence turns 22 in November, he's a full 2 years younger then Wilkins so he probably still has some physical maturing to do, some baby fat to lose, etc. And his size/athletic profile is off he charts.
  7. What I love about Saunders is the power he plays with for a 3 tech. He's a legit 320 at 6'1 & isn't sloppy at all. He rocks people with his hands.
  8. I forget where I read this but a few years ago there as an article on draft age & how much youth correlates with success for 1st Rd picks. The 21 year olds were much more successful then the 23 year olds. It makes perfect sense. Im much higher on Wilkins then I was. He had a great senior year & his combine was impressive, he was bigger then I thought. But I see him more as a very good, core player rather then a dominant game changer. I agree on Saunders, when playing well he can dominate in a way Wilkins can't. I prefer Dex Lawrence over everybody though.
  9. I'm pretty sure I remember us being the final 2 with Miami. Man him & Babin off he edge in 2010 would've been awesome, especially with how good Jason Jones was his first 3 years.
  10. Well they filled in some major holes so it'll be interesting how they approach the draft. I think at this point the heavy favorite would have to be interior DL. I think we're in a good spot to go BPA but Robinson really puts an emphasis on need in the 1st Rd. Edge is probably still an option as Wake was a short term investment. You think they look at center or that's overkill for the IOL? I was a little surprised they didn't entertain Matt Paradis considering his price tag. I wonder if maybe they love Bradbury?
  11. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-age-not-an-issue-for-cameron-wake-as-he-enters-free-agency This is a great write up on him. PFF isn't the end all be all but they do a good job evaluating the front 7. 54 pressures in 284 rushes is just insane. I do think they should watch his snaps though, whether that's Finch getting snaps or maybe finding a big edge in the draft that can kick inside on 3rd down, like the Allen kid from BC.
  12. Edge rushers for some reason are able to maintain close to their level of play well into their 30's. Look at Julius Peppers, dude retired at 39 & was still a very good player. Granted he's a freak of nature but look at Dwight Freeney & James Harrison, they were still very productive rushing the QB in their late 30's. I still wouldve preferred Justin Houston because of the 7 year age difference but maybe he priced himself out. BtW Wake is also a great run player. Trust me, the fans are going to see how great this guy is.
  13. Well I've always felt that older vets have a huge upside for a year or two. I think age is overrated. Don't get me wrong, Id obviously prefer 27 to 37, but IMO you look to the draft more for your long term investments & FA to plug holes or a big ROI for a year or two. In this case though I don't think some here realize just how great of a player Wake is. He is absolutely dominant when healthy & finished last season unblockable. And has been for a decade. He's also a pro's pro. He takes his trade seriously, he's in great shape, studies film, eats well. I admit 37 is awfully old but even if we get just 1 more prime Wake year it's worth it. Did you see the deals the Smith's got? They're not even in Wake's stratosphere. This also allows the team another year or two to see what they have in Finch and/or take advantage of an incredible edge class. The Packers are obviously out of drafting an edge & they looked like a no doubter for one in the 1st. If a stud drops to 19 we can still go that route now.
  14. For some reason I remember us being the last team & losing out to Miami. Maybe I'm wrong. But man how dominant would he be in Schwartz's scheme?
  15. I dont think the board realizes how dominant a player Wake is. He's also great against the run. He probably can't play as many snaps as he used to but he's a pro bowl level player when healthy.
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