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  1. I think Clowney & this scheme fit each other like a glove. We want our edge guys to stop the run & rush the passer in a non reckless manner & get pressures/sacks within the framework of the system. We know this & it has been said a billion times here but there’s obviously always going to be fans who complain about his lack of sacks. But it’s a perfect fit & I really think a deal needs to be worked out. If def let Vaccaro go & one of the IOL go. I’m hoping Hooker replaces Vaccaro but it’s also a great safety class. Even better, draft Creed Humphrey in the 1st rd. to play center.
  2. Lewan will be more than fine for next year. ACL is 9 months max & players seem to be recovering better every year or two. The ACL is not the monster it used to be, only for the current year. Lewan will be more than ready to start preseason game 1 next year if they wanted him to.
  3. Sacks aren’t everything but it would be nice to pick up a few more. I’d bet we play more contain & rush the passer in a “safer” manner then just about any team in the league. Some teams prioritize sacks & are willing to live with over rushing the QB or losing contain, where some big plays happen. We don’t. But there’s enough talent on this DL to get a good amount more pressure & if we do, we could be real tough when Adoree comes back. Were also probably the perfect system for Clowney, it’s a great match. He could be a great edge player for us for years averaging only 3-5 sacks with the way he pressures the QB without using a wide rush, and t he way he sets the edge.
  4. I think Pees really rubbed off on Vrabel. In his one year in Houston as DC Vrabel apparently blitzed like a lunatic, using all kinds of exotic looks, and got torched. Granted they had major injuries but still. Pees is one of the more conservative DC’s but was so good with different zone looks, he just really makes offenses work for everything. Fans love blitzing, and some teams do it very well, but over the years the majority of the best defenses rush 4. It becomes even more important in the playoffs, you just can’t blitz the shit out of the best QB’s in multiple games. Especially with QB’s who can move & already have more defined reads.
  5. I assume Fulton is going to start getting a lot more snaps. He was just activated the day off so I didn’t expect to see him against Buffalo. Even though O don’t think the slot is ideal for him he’s a 1000x better then Chris Jackson.
  6. The Irishman was supposed to be great but I haven’t seen it yet. Honestly the old Scorcese gang getting together for another mob movie just didn’t do it for me, they’re so old. But apparently it worked very well. I’ll probably watch it, I’m a sucker for mob movies. But to your original point, you’re spot on, DeNiro’s stuff has been cringe worthy. You figure it would be the younger guys doing anything for a paycheck but then you see Leo & especially Daniel Day Lewis & they only do the best stuff, once every couple of years. The worst thing a celebrity can do is overexpose themselves. The Rock is doing a great job of it currently.
  7. Yeah he was a weirdo, robbing houses for Meth or heroin or something.
  8. The only other part that kid got after Bronc Tale was as that screwup that got whacked on The Sopranos.
  9. You’ve never seen Bronx Tale? You need to. Stat. Classic movie.
  10. Why would he want to force his way out? What is wrong with these fucking guys.
  11. PFF has an interesting take. They think a top OC is one of the most valuable commodities you can have & if you have one you don’t let them go. Example being Falcons should’ve kept Shanny Jr but of course that wasn’t happening in a year they went to the Bowl. But they consider Smith, Bienemy, and Joe Brady as 3 OC’s who are exceptional. We obviously wouldn’t let Vrabel go to keep him but I do have the downside in the back of my mind if he does leave. This offense is so efficient you wonder how it would look if a generic OC, like one of the dozen or so guys you read about every year, were running it. It would most likely be a significant drop off.
  12. Evans has a hammy after 1 carry. He’s totally useless. This draft class is a nightmare.
  13. That’s the longest punt I’ve ever seen
  14. He looked so explosive didn’t he?

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