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  1. Makes zero sense. Saffold was dominant at the end of the year & postseason. Even if we lose Jack, the draft is just loaded at tackle. Plus there's some good stopgap options like Jason Peters. Id just start Kelly at RT before moving Saffold over.
  2. Jason Peters for a one year deal would be nice. He was still very good at LT last year.
  3. If we let Jack walk & JJ/Wirfs isn’t there, which they won’t be, I love Becton. There’s just not many 6’8 370 pounders that can move. He’s pretty polished to, though he’ll never be a great pass blocker, he has some of the most dominant run blocks you’ll ever see. Doesn’t move great in a zone scheme though I think we’ll be a little more balanced in terms of blocking scheme next year.
  4. JRob has leaned towards going with the positions that were deepest the last few years, from ‘17-‘19 he took guys at positions that were probably the strongest in the draft. Tackle this year might be the best position group we’ve seen in years. I’d hate to lose Conklin but reality is reality, it makes the most sense to replace him with how strong this draft is. Jones was amazing this year & a prototype athletically for our system. That said, I’d resign Conklin & make the tough decision to let Henry walk. That isn’t happening though. Conklin was dominant from md season on & everything we expected him to be.
  5. Jim Leonard from Wisconsin. Ravens safety, young, doing some creative & aggressive things at the college level. Other then him I definitely like Bettcher the most. Runs a ton of multiple, "position less" packages, creative blitzes, etc. Thats just based on what I know Vrabel prefers, which is more of a 2 gap, 3-4 look. I would've hired Marinelli to run his 4-3 cover 2. Dude gets do much out of his talent.
  6. Not a good draft for edge rushers either. I think our best bet may be Simmons 2nd year eruption combined with Correa continued improvement & Landry maybe taking off. I think the secondary offers more chance for improvement.
  7. On the other hand, straight no homer here, but this Titans team very well may be the most explosive offense with the ball in hand, possibly ever. I’m not talking about most explosive O ever, strictly with the ball in hand. The stats won’t be there because of the poor start but since RT took over it got to the point where I wasn’t even surprised to see 60,70,90 yard scores. Since week 7 Henry has more yards AFTER COMTACT then any back period. AJ Brown has been otherworldly with the rock in his hands, Jonnu Dmith in limited catches is only behind Noah Fant in yards ager contact for a TE. And they both have made awesome runs. Jonnu Smith flat out looks like a dominant RB, he’s an absolute monster. Henry & AJB are tied for the league lead in 50+ yard scores. Even Davis has been great when he has the ball & Tanny has run very well. The Numbers & highlight reel were just insane. When you have a team with a QB who played like RT & is as explosive as we were, its just hard to win with a passing game like the ‘08 team had. They’d have to play close to mistake free to beat his team.
  8. Post week 7 this team. But that ‘08 team was an interesting squad. The defense was built almost perfectly, with the great front 4, 2 excellent coverage LBers & a talented secondary. The OL was off the charts in pass pro & the running game was heavily assisted by the TE’s. Also, he caught a lot of flak around here but Justin Gage really came on late season & was making a lot of plays. Explosive plays. The Ra ens couldn’t cover him. That gave the team the element they badly missed all year. What hurt was the KVB hernia week 4 or 5. He was an absolute monster in ‘07 & started off ‘08 just as good. If we had a healthy KVB all year that D would’ve been something special. The ‘08 team was a gem to watch for real football fans.
  9. Tramaine Brock has been awesome since picking him up anyway. PFF listed a bunch of stats that he’s in the top 10 in since we picked him up, all the pertinent ones. They also ranked him the 22nd corner this year. Watching him it does back these stats up., he doesn’t give up much. Arizona cutting him was huge. Butler is great when on, but Brock has been very steady.
  10. His body type is more suited to tackle for sure but he mostly played guard with the Eagles when Chip Kelly was there. RG is a critical spot & you can make a case it’s as important than RT. The RG basically never gets double team help because of the nature of most formations. Teams often line up their best interior rusher there & the RG basically has to go 1 on 1 all game. Frankly I have no idea how well Davis is playing individually m, you’d have to watch film for that. But I know I’ve seen him getting beat badly on a few big plays because of Tanny’s mobility. That said he’s also made some big time blocks on some of Henry’s runs & hey, that’s what great QB’s do, bail out s lineman now & then. Its a moot point anyway but I’d just feel more comfortable with Kelly playing RG, as I’m sure he’s much better in pass pro. You could also make a case, a good one, that unless a guard is so terrible in pass pro that you’d be willing to give up some of that for more run blocking, as a subpar game by a guard is rarely a big deal, unless it’s a Jamil Douglas TNF type game. I also think Davis is going to be a stud next year. I see a lot of Ritchie Incognito in him, assuming he has a good offseason with the weights. But right now I’m a bit concerned about him. But he was nowhere near my biggest concern, LeShaun Sims. Thank God he was benched.
  11. In fairness there’s times a guard can be destroyed & have nothing to do with he play, more then any position. Look at the 51 yard TD to AJ Brown last week. Davis was utterly nailed back into Tanny, who rolled out & threw a laser beam to AJB who made an awesome run after catch. Davis being destroyed led to 2 great players making a great play. If Davis actually blocked well RT doesn’t roll out & we probably wind up with a 7 yard pass or something. An offense playing as awesome as we are can easily mitigate a bad guard. . Frankly I’d still prefer, as I did weeks ago. Kelly playing RG. I just think we have a real shot to do some things here & Id feel better with Kelly, whose really played well the last 2 years. I can’t help but to think that BB is going to throw a ton of blitzes, stunts, etc, at Davis.
  12. I would kill to have Cam Wake right now. The numbers didn’t come close to the story with him, he had games where he didn’t even show up on the box score. But he also had 31 pressures in only a 195 snaps. That’s effin ridiculous. Sure, I would’ve liked a few more sacks after week 1 & there definitely is something to actually converting the sack & not just getting pressures. But he was an absolute terror on 3rd down & had stretches where he would dominate like nobody on our D can approach. When I was young I remember how devastating Charles Haley was in the postseason. Having a pretty fresh. edge rusher coming in on passing downs, especially in the 4th qtr, is a huge piece to have.
  13. I didn’t read it yet either but for the longest time it seemed like the team loved 5’10-6 186 lb quick guys at WR. I remember reading once that the scouting staff for years put a ton of emphasis on the 3 cone & 20 yard shuttle, the agility drills. They valued quick guys who can separate quickly, and that’s great. But it’s hard to do in the NFL. PFF had a article on WR evaluation before the last draft, and why there’s so many misses at the position. They said by far the most important trait is being able to make catches with defenders all over you. You just have to make tough, contested catches. Only a handful of guys are gifted enough to consistently get open. That’s a must. The other thing is they want a guy with a discernible trait that will translate to the pros, and they’ll always have, like jump balls downfield, being a stud runner with ball in hand, a red zone threat, etc. Brown is unlike anyone we’ve ever drafted. It’s incredible how many big plays he’s made after the catch, week after week. Of course it all starts with having a great QB. The 51 yarder against Houston last week in the 1st qtr was a perfect example, on the move Tanny put a laser right in his guy, that was a huge throw. With Marcus the odds are he runs for 3 yards & or throws it away.

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