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  1. No question. He was awesome. He was making big time throws as well, tough, down the field, into tight windows passes. I’d have to see the sacks again a few times to see how many were on him, because we know that’s his one weakness, not having the greatest feel in the pocket. But off the cuff they looked more on the OL. From just a pure throwing perspective though, you’ll rarely see a better performance. Hes taking some absolutely devastating hits though, this has to stop. No QB can last taking these types of hits on a weekly basis.
  2. Guess he has vet experience? I certainly don’t want to get on Vrabel after a great win but I’m convinced Chris Jackson was “his guy”. Nobody even heard of him, literally. It was the last pick in the draft, I’m almost certain he was a bone for Vrabel, that he liked him. Which is fine. But I don’t know how Borders sits after his play last year & great cano while Jackson just keeps getting playing time like last year. I think with the way Fulton is playing we could have a very good secondary with a good slot corner. It’s a very important spot.
  3. What were you watching? Tannehill threw the ball awesome yesterday. He was under huge pressure the entire game & threw nothing but dimes. 6 drops, one of which should’ve been a 70 yard TD to AJB, the other about a 50 yarder that could’ve been a score, though that may have been a tad long. The Julio overturn. He was insanely accurate the whole game. What were you watching?
  4. I guess Chris Jackson played OK but for the life of me I don’t get how he’s earned playing time over Borders, who had 2 elite & one very solid game in 3 starts last year. He should absolutely be the slot right now.
  5. There’s 30 & there’s THIRTY. We basically gave up 3 bombs & a score after a fumble deep in our territory. 2 of the bombs were total breakdowns & one was a throw maybe 3-4 QB’s can make. There’s stuff to clean up but it wasn’t nearly the hideous shit we saw last year. We got into the backfield all game, sacked the QB, stuffed the run. If we play defense like that every week, we’re going to see a lot more games where the result is 10-20 points instead of 30.
  6. The 2nd & 3rd million yard bombs were annoying, broken plays. But the 1st you just have to give it to Russ, that was an absolute bomb from the heavens. He must’ve thrown that at least 60 yards when you consider it was close to the sideline. Right over Lockett’s back shoulder.
  7. This sums it up perfectly. It’s been obvious for years & I’ve accepted that refs will not call a QB sack for a safety unless there is ZERO doubt. The whole body has to be in the end zone with literally zero forward momentum. They just do not call it unless it is plain as day to everybody watching the game. It was plain as day to everybody watching the game. Wilson wasn’t originally hit on the 1 yard line & dragged in, he was on the run & clearly tackles in the end zone before desperately throwing a pass near nobody. A textbook safety & a BRUTAL call. Fr
  8. I know one thing he wasn’t even close to doing was lobbying for his job LOL.
  9. It would help if Jayon Brown could consistently play well. He was so good in 2018 & he’s just completely fallen off since. He’s certainly not bad, but he just hasn’t played nearly as well as he did in 2018, where he was basically a stud every week.
  10. You obviously didn’t watch the 2019 playoffs.
  11. I meant to mention this to you the other day & I know it wouldn’t be popular but since you mentioned best players on the field, if we’re being totally fair, Breon Borders is the only corner on the team now that had a big time stretch of play last year. The guy flat out had 2 elite games last year & was on PFF’s team of the week twice in 4 starts. Then he got injured during the Browns game & burnt on a bomb in the worst display of team defense I’ve ever seen in a half of football, and everybody just wrote him off. From what I read he looked great in camp. He has a perfect frame for
  12. Bud is already questionable with a knee. AJB is questionable with a knee but he’s obviously playing. At what point does Brown’s injuries become a bit of a worry though. He got both knees scoped, said he felt better then ever, and then can’t make it thru 3 practices in camp without reinjuring his knee. I’m not talking as much about this season as I am his longevity. These constant minor injuries & procedures wear guys down. And I do think this is going to be an issue all year probably. I wanted to see how dominant he could be a 100%.
  13. I feel like Jake at least had some creativity. He knew how to get under people’s skin a bit. He’d at least use a bit of nuance at times. This guy is just a high strung 12 year old. “Derrick Henry’s a pussy……he gets weaker when he lifts weights”. He actually wrote something to this effect. The funny part is he’s not trying to troll, he’s legit enraged. I’m picturing this guy posting while literally losing his mind, just breathing fire, pacing his room & punching his wall & throwing shit. It might almost be worth another blowout to see the Razor totally lose his shit again. I’m digging
  14. I also wonder if AJB/JJ still have minor injuries that we don’t know about. Brown is constantly injured & even after he said he felt better then ever he couldn’t make it thru a week of camp before being injured. Julio practiced for about 5 mins on day 1 of camp & that was it. Literally.
  15. Id be curious how often they blitzed him, pro football reference should have those stats by today or tomorrow. In a way that’s almost been my biggest problem with him besides, you know, looking like an actual LBer. There were games last year he was sent after the QB 8-10 times, albeit not many. And he did NOTHING. He was such a good blitzer in college that I figured at minimum that would translate. It seems like young LBers are having a lot of trouble around the league lately though. It used to be a position where the good ones stood out from Day 1 but not anymore. Then again it feel
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