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  1. I’m all about copying the Pats approach but this is where it gets frustrating, the paranoia over injury reports. This is a huge injury we heard nothing about, it sucks not having a clue what the issue is. Also, maybe I’m wrong but 6 months for Jonnu’s MCL seems a bit long....
  2. I thought he’d be better off in the “Shanahan” offense because they use a lot more move blocking then the prior scheme. He wasn’t great blocking last year but to be honest I wasn’t focusing much on him in that area. Dudes built like a brick shithouse, you’d like to see him move some people in the running game.
  3. I love Simmons long term here but it’s kindve frustrating that we’re going to have another year with no pass rusher next to Casey. The edge rush looks better though.
  4. JRob’s has a good offseason but I really tbink if he was going to draft Simmons he needed to find another interior DL who can get to the QB, or even a big guy that can draw some doubles. We basically have Casey & a few half decent run stoppers.
  5. PK said we didn’t have any interest & said we actually weren’t interested last year, despite reports it came down to us & the Rams. Said we didn’t feel he was a fit in our defense, which is incredible bullshit. If you don’t want him, fine. But don’t say he’s not a fit in our defense. He’s a perfect fit in any scheme.
  6. I kind of get that. I don’t know how the business works but I assume most players, especially a guy of his caliber whose been with the same team for a decade, have certain media guys that they’re close with, ie feed info to & get favorable coverage in return. They don’t want to risk any info getting out. He at least seems like a friendly guy. I also think we really need a guy like him, the lack of pass rush from the other DE spot is holding the D back.
  7. They said he had an inordinate number of screens or dump off type stuff where the receivers had a ton of YAC.
  8. There’s no phrase TR loves more then Camp Fodder. Every time some slap dick is signed there’s a race to post “Camp fodder” first. Besides “Marcus Mariota”, “Jake Locker”, and “VY”, camp fodder might be the most used term the last decade.
  9. Im sure he’ll be spelled a bit due to his age but I expect him to play 75-80% of the snaps.
  10. I picked 2 rookies to start but technically I don’t think any will be in the actual starting lineup. But I think Brown for sure & Hooker will play a significant role in sub packages, which is really more important than the actual starting lineup. Humphries for example will be the starting #2 WR all year because of his contract but Brown will most likely play close to the same snaps.
  11. It’s probably the closest comparison I can think of but we might be underrating Brown’s explosiveness. A 4.49 40 & 36.5 inch vertical isn’t bad for a 229 pounder.
  12. He didn’t do the agility drills, 3 cone or shuttle, but he did everything else, which is always a bit suspicious. But agility really isn’t as important for him IMO. I don’t think he’s a guy that you’re going to rely on getting quick separation as much as making contested catches & throwing off initial tackles to make plays after the catch. But I havent watched enough film on him to really know his game. To be honest I thought we’d be looking at guys with clear outside traits.....height, jump ball ability, etc. But it’s obvious with the Humphries signing & this pick that they wanted some more options to extend drives on 3rd down.
  13. Boldin is the closest comparison I can think of for him. About 6 foot, very thick & strong, great at coming down with the ball in traffic, etc. I think the key with Brown will be if he makes big plays down the field. He did in college in the slot. I think he should be able to out physical most corners down the field.
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