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  1. You realize this is against league rules right? 2 months ago I said he probably tore his ACL & they lied about it. I said it in total jest because no team would he retarded enough to do that. Now I’m starting to think that we very well are that retarded.
  2. LOL. I know. The odds are about 98% this guy isn’t even close to Mariota.
  3. We faced Luck twice, and that was end of the year dominant Luck, not start of the year still feeling out his arm Luck. One of the games without Casey & Ryan. Brady, Rivers, Watson twice, Wentz, Prescott. Yeah we faced some awful QB’s but let’s not act like they were all slapdicks. Cam Wake is such a monster upgrade to. Our 4some at LBer could be special. Tez you said we only upgraded at guard & slot? Wake is a monumental upgrade over Morgan.
  4. They also started Tyrod Taylor for the first 4-5 games. Mayfield probably needed 3-4 games to get used to the speed of the game. That right there is by far the biggest reason for the improvement in the 2nd half....
  5. Not really aside from Mariota checking out of the QB sneak into the 99 yard Henry run, which I’m sure he entire board will ignore. This is the other side of playing the position that we have no clue about, various adjustments pre-snap, aligning blockers up correctly, etc.
  6. I’ll watch it tomorrow. There’s no doubt he has a pass or two a game that’s almost indescribable. A perfect example was the 2017 MNF game where he just airmailed a wide open Rishard Matthews on what should’ve been an easy 7-8 yard completion. Instead it’s a pick. It’s almost like he has the “yips”for a throw or two a game. And usually there harmless but some wind up likely the a I ev p
  7. It’s refreshing to hear an objective viewpoint here. Not just on Marcus but the realities of the position. We went 9-7 each of the last 3 years, with a roster that was decent but far from elite. And as we’ve seen before in the Locker years, it’s not easy to win games. You can do much worse than Mariota. While I agree with some of the criticisms of him, the idea that you can just draft any rookie & we’ll just cruise along is just wrong. Sam Darnold went #3 last year & there’s no way we win 9 games with him. Allen or Rosen? Forget it. And I actually like Allen, he’s exciting. But let’s get real here. Same thing this year. Kyler could be a generational talent. But after him? Does anybody really think Daniel Jones is better then Mariota? I actually like Haskins & who knows in a year or two but the odds are he’s nowhere close to Marcus this year.
  8. Bakers a stud. That was obvious to anybody who looked at anything besides his height. The other 3 drafted last year were absolutely terrible. I like Allen because he’s so physically gifted & can make huge plays but the above 3 weren’t even close to Mariota as a rookie & most likely won’t be a pro. I don’t know why so many people think Darnold is good other then he looks the part.
  9. They also had one of the 3 or 4 best defenses in the league & shut the Vikings out. And Nick Willians has the worst drop in the history of drops.
  10. Jesus Stephen LOL. “I don’t think very highly of you right now”. I don’t know why but I’m just cracking up right now. Such a random, matter of fact way to say something kind of brutal.
  11. These are legit points but there’s a pretty major factor that isn’t discussed nearly enough.......we’re winning games. No, we’re not winning big but 9-7 is a helluva lot more enjoyable then what we suffered through for years before Mariota. Sure, eventually, we’ll really right now, 9-7 isn’t good enough. But this has also been a fairly flawed roster. 2016 was probably the best team & the defense was horrible. 2017 had a pretty bad defense & running game. I’ll also be fair & put an asterisk there with Luck & Watson being hurt. And last year we had a good defense, a terrible running game for 11 games & great one for 5, and Marcus dealt with a lot of injuries. So the guys winning games & winning them in sub optimal conditions. It’s not like this team was the Harbaugh Niners or something. So that alone tells me that despite the numbers, he’s doing some good things on the field. I think this is why his analalytical numbers tend to be much better. But more importantly, I think it should make some aware that there’s a much bigger downside to moving on from him then some think. This isn’t even close to a Jake Locker situation. At worst I think we have a QB that can win big with a good defense & running game, and we could be close to having both of them be special. Throw in the fact that we almost definitely won’t be picking top 3 next year and the FA market won’t offer much, there’s a good chance that he’s clearly our best option next year.
  12. The play actions are definitely just a big chunk of their offense because they call them a lot for Foles as well. I didn’t hear what Cosell said exactly but I’d doubt very, very much that Wentz is running some complex offense that he’s in complete control of. The Philly offense is the most college system in the league. Now, maybe that’s just the scheme the staff runs, but I have to think Wentz’s style of play is a big part of it. It’s not a huge criticism, he does things well. He’s a great athlete with a huge arm, it makes sense to put him in a heavy PA, movement type system. I’m certainly not saying the guys bad by any stretch, I just don’t think he’s worth anywhere near that contract. I don’t think he’s in the same stratosphere as Russell Wilson. I think he’s closer to Dak Prescott. And BTW this is a god example of what I was talking about: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/alex/2019/2018-alex-season-review This measures the air yards in comparison with the distance needed to convert 3rd downs. Wentz is 27th, which means he’s one of the least aggressive in making throws to the sticks. Mariota is 11th & regularly finishes pretty high in this. This is why I think his numbers are better then the actual play, he’s not taking many risks throwing into tight windows to convert 3rd downs. Dumping a 6 yard pass to a back on 3rd & 12 does nothing positive but doesn’t hurt the stats at all.
  13. In regards to you saying the “evolution of things” I forget where I read it but I read it twice, maybe Football Outsiders, that a lot of teams, especially the ones with West Coast background, are basically calling a “short & long” offense, whereas a good bulk of the throws are screens, dump offs to backs, and bombs. These are the plays where you really don’t have to read much defense & it’s basically a no decision play, there’s one guy you’re going to. You don’t have to read the D or go thru progressions, or throw with much anticipation. If a QB throws a good ball he can operate well pretty quickly without going thru the typical struggles of a young QB. He’ll they’re doing it with vets, this is what Andy Reid’s offense is & he did it with Alex Smith. The trouble is when you play playoff football & teams like the Ravens. Suddenly you have a bunch of 3rd & longs & that’s when you have to make a throw, fit balls into tight windows. That’s what separates the great & good QB’s. Went a little off topic there but it’s a pretty big trend now. I noticed we definitely called more screens & dumpoffs last year then we did under Mularkey.
  14. I’ve said it for years. As amazing a talent as Rodgers is, and as many off scheme plays that he makes, he hurts the team a lot with his insistence on leaving the pocket & trying to make big plays. It’s one thing if a guy does that because he doesn’t have a great feel for the pass rush or he doesn’t see the field that well or both. But this obviously isn’t the deal with Rodgers, who continually passes up open receivers to roll out of the pocket & make scramble drill out of it. In contrast Manning & Brady will relentlessly complete 4 yarder after 4 yarder if it’s there.
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