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  1. If they just announce Smith like they did Mularkey, in the middle of a playoff game from what I remember, they're really doing Smith a disservice. While it probably is stupid, fans always enjoy coordinator searches. Like it or not, this will have a feel of a team that really didn't have a plan. They're obviously not going to announce anybody else that they interviewed, so optics wise it looks like they did nothing & then promoted the TE coach. And then announced it in the middle of a game so it didn't get much attention. Im not saying that's what they did, they may have had an extremely extensive process but just kept it under wraps. I'm just saying what it will appear to be. And it just seemed very unnecessary.
  2. If they really aren't waiting for anyone that's currently in the playoffs then there's really no other way to say it, this has been handled......differently.
  3. I just saw an interesting stat, I don't know if you recall but I said Evans made sense for us because the Pats scheme, which we use a very similar one, blitzes the SILB a ton, it's a major part of their pass rush package. I know I spoke about this with @IsntLifeFunnyas well. Anyway, I just read that Berndarick McKinney, the Texans SILB, blitzed 40% of all passing downs last year, with Vrabel & Crennel as their DC. I'd expect even more from Evans this year. This system tends to spread the rush around a bit, to some non traditional rushing spots as well.
  4. No I'd only want him kicking out to the outside on clear passing downs. I dont even know about that though. He's one of the best blitzers to come out in years, and this system sets the ILB's up to make plays. He & Brown could be such a unique pair of ILB's, with how good they each blitz.
  5. Didn't somebody say Smith moved inside on passing downs? That's a factor. I know Flowers does as well, though not every 3rd down. I'm not sure if we're going to want that, I think we want to keep a big guy next to Casey to occupy blockers. Im talking about ZaDarius BTW, not Preston. Preston Smith is a guy I like to. What I like about Trey Flowers is how much he does. At a bare minimum he's going to dominate the edge in the running game & push the pocket. He's so strong to that even on downs he moves inside he can still push the pocket like a big DT. Other guys who move inside have to win with their 1st step or shoot a gap. His speed is worrisome, he only ran a 4.9 at the combine. But he had great jumps, like a 38 inch vertical, 3 cone, and bench. So while he's slow he's definitely very explosive & fast twitch in a confiined area.
  6. That's the other thing. Are we bringing back WW? Cause if so I'd seriously consider kicking Evans out to LOLB. He is absolutely electric off the edge. On one hand I salivate at the blitzing potential of Evans & Brown at ILB. On the other hand Evans is so good going after the QB I wonder if we're doing a disservice by by sending him off the edge almost every passing down. He came off the right edge once at the end of the 2nd Houston game & he honestly looked like Von Miller. I'm telling you, I didn't like the pick much but now I know why he was such a huge recruit. I don't know or care what his combine numbers were....he looks like he's shot out of a cannon.
  7. Well that's my next post. I prefer a 1 or 2 year older vet.
  8. I also think we're going to want to some size to the edge of we do anything. This system, similar to the Pats, does not value outside, speed rushers. They want physical guys who play the run & rush with power. Ideally the Chiefs cut Justin Houston who is 270-275 & is very good against the run. He's the type of vet who may give you 1 or 2 more big years. Another one is Terrell Suggs. It sounds like he's going to shop himself around. Yeah he's old as shit & he's not what he was but he can still play. He had 7 sacks & is a beast in the running game. If we really like Finch I can't think of a better vet to grab for a year or two. He has great football IQ & is a winner. He plays hard & nasty. Vets like this often pay huge dividends on young teams. The guy has a friggin journal with his notes on every QB...their tells, strengths, weaknesses, etc. He's exactly what we need.
  9. I'm about to look at this list but I think some of you guys may be disappointed.....I just don't see us spending big money on an edge player. Landry obviously has one spot locked down but I really think Sharif Finch opened some eyes, I think he earned himself the other starting spot. From day 1 of camp he looked nothing at all like an UDFA & he just kept getting better & better. By mid season he was one of our best defensive players. He has all the measurables plus very nice size. The most impressive thing about him is how polished a pass rusher he is. His hand usage is excellent for a rookie & he knows how to set lineman up. He beat tackles inside & out, while staying in control & maintaning the edge. He also showed instincts & a nose for the ball. The way he sniffed out that screen to Saquan Barkley & blasted him is a perfect example. The kid can play, so you have to ask yourself if it's worth writing out a huge contact for a guy that may not wind up being much better.
  10. What exactly did PK say aside from Smith being on the short list? I don't subscribe to his site.
  11. Face

    Alabama T/G Jonah Williams

    I've noticed he's being mocked in this area. How is this possible? He's as good & safe a tackle as there's been in awhile. Whats your thoughts on Risner? He's apparently a completely lock down pass blocker.
  12. Face

    Jonathan Martin to stand trial

    Incognito, while he obviously has issues, deserves a public apology & frankly millions in damages & lost earnings. This whole thing was bullshit from the start. Incognito was the perfect victim, he looked like he was cut out of Hitler Central Casting while Martin was the shy, quiet, deep thinking, black liberal from Stanford who just wanted to play football & fit in amongst this group of ignorant Alpha males who just wouldn't accept him. It was a total crock from the start & it also had a big racial component that was completely overlooked.
  13. The Colts just fired their OL coach. LOL. They had the most dominant OL in the history of the universe last year but the coach was "McDaniels guy". Can we hire him?