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  1. I'm pretty sure I remember us being the final 2 with Miami. Man him & Babin off he edge in 2010 would've been awesome, especially with how good Jason Jones was his first 3 years.
  2. Well they filled in some major holes so it'll be interesting how they approach the draft. I think at this point the heavy favorite would have to be interior DL. I think we're in a good spot to go BPA but Robinson really puts an emphasis on need in the 1st Rd. Edge is probably still an option as Wake was a short term investment. You think they look at center or that's overkill for the IOL? I was a little surprised they didn't entertain Matt Paradis considering his price tag. I wonder if maybe they love Bradbury?
  3. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-age-not-an-issue-for-cameron-wake-as-he-enters-free-agency This is a great write up on him. PFF isn't the end all be all but they do a good job evaluating the front 7. 54 pressures in 284 rushes is just insane. I do think they should watch his snaps though, whether that's Finch getting snaps or maybe finding a big edge in the draft that can kick inside on 3rd down, like the Allen kid from BC.
  4. Edge rushers for some reason are able to maintain close to their level of play well into their 30's. Look at Julius Peppers, dude retired at 39 & was still a very good player. Granted he's a freak of nature but look at Dwight Freeney & James Harrison, they were still very productive rushing the QB in their late 30's. I still wouldve preferred Justin Houston because of the 7 year age difference but maybe he priced himself out. BtW Wake is also a great run player. Trust me, the fans are going to see how great this guy is.
  5. Well I've always felt that older vets have a huge upside for a year or two. I think age is overrated. Don't get me wrong, Id obviously prefer 27 to 37, but IMO you look to the draft more for your long term investments & FA to plug holes or a big ROI for a year or two. In this case though I don't think some here realize just how great of a player Wake is. He is absolutely dominant when healthy & finished last season unblockable. And has been for a decade. He's also a pro's pro. He takes his trade seriously, he's in great shape, studies film, eats well. I admit 37 is awfully old but even if we get just 1 more prime Wake year it's worth it. Did you see the deals the Smith's got? They're not even in Wake's stratosphere. This also allows the team another year or two to see what they have in Finch and/or take advantage of an incredible edge class. The Packers are obviously out of drafting an edge & they looked like a no doubter for one in the 1st. If a stud drops to 19 we can still go that route now.
  6. For some reason I remember us being the last team & losing out to Miami. Maybe I'm wrong. But man how dominant would he be in Schwartz's scheme?
  7. I dont think the board realizes how dominant a player Wake is. He's also great against the run. He probably can't play as many snaps as he used to but he's a pro bowl level player when healthy.
  8. He actually had the best pass rating against the 2'd half of the year, it was like 32. He was a huge reason the D improved so much last year. While the LBers & other guys deservedly for credit, Butler was totally overlooked.
  9. I don't get how so many are dying for Z'Darius Smith & are upset with this. Wake is an absolute monster & didn't slow down a bit last year. This is a great signing.
  10. If we did this Huston would be screaming from the hilltops of Robinson's brilliance....
  11. I'm happy we didn't sign Smith. I understand why some were so high on him but he just has all the makings of a guy who gets overpaid a ton because he's a half decent pass rusher. I can name a billion of these guys. This is also the first year he's done anything. Houston, when healthy, is so much better. Not even a comp.
  12. Tillery has been overlooked a bit because of all these freak combines but he had a damn good combine himself. He was very impressive in all the drills. It seems like we really like Christian Wilkins but I actually think Tillery is a better fit. He's a great pass rusher & he has tremendous length, something's that's really missing on our DL. He's the prototype 5 tech, 6-6 305, very long arms, great hand usage. I also feel like I'm not giving Wilkins enough credit. He was absolutely dominant last year & came in 10-12 lbs heavier then I thought. Hes really twitched up for a 315 pounder. Theres just so many great prospects in this draft.
  13. Face

    Eric Weddle

    Byard & Weddle def have a bromance going. We also can't forget that this was the first good year Vaccaro has had since his rookie year, when he looked like he was going to be a star. He's had a lot of injuries.
  14. Face

    Eric Weddle

    The best teams almost always have a good mix of players. You obviously want plenty of youth, but fans tend to undervalue vets that have played in plenty of big games & have been through all kinds of situations. Weddle is a leader & winner, and most importantly still a very good player. He'd be a huge upgrade at safety.
  15. I agree. We already have good players there, especially with how Pruitt & Firkser came on. Plus we have needs at edge, DL, IOLand WR. Major positions. I mean, what's the value of a big time edge? Flowers is going to get $17 mil. If we hit on one in the 1st Rd we have one for 20% of that.
  16. Face

    Eric Weddle

    Man remember Collins 2nd year? What a monster, one of the best safety years I've ever seen. You see FS who are good filling in the run but Collins was the rare SS who dominated the run & on blitzes but was still very good in the passing game. He was borderline Polamalu esque. He's dealt with some injuries the last 2 years & I know we won't sign him with Byards deal coming up but imagine having 2016 Collins on this defense?
  17. Face

    Eric Weddle

    I said it would be half assing it without looking at other options. I like Vaccaro & he did a nice job for us but I don't think some here realize how good a player Weddle is, He was a superstar safety for years & while he's dropped off a bit it's not that much. There's of course the threat he falls off the edge at his age but based on recent years he's a significant upgrade over Vaccaro.
  18. Antbony Barr really could explode as an edge rusher. That's what he played in college & I think the plan when drafted was for him to play the SAM in base & move up to DE in nickel, that's what alot 4-3 teams do with guys like him. But they drafted Danielle Hunter as well that year so he stayed at OLB all 3 downs. He has great length at 6'5. He could probably add 10-12 lbs but 255 isn't bad. This guy was considered a dynamic edge rusher coming out, he could be a steal. He'd also be very effective in actual LBer duties, unlike most other 3-4 edge players.
  19. I'd have to assume it's a money issue. They're understandably nervous paying a guy who only produced one year. This draft is so good they may feel better off keeping Houston for a year & getting a good pick.
  20. Landon Collins is most definitely going elsewhere. Obviously that's not happening with a Byard extension coming up but I'm happy that we're actually looking at the position. I think SS is a pretty big need, you need cover people & plenty of them. I really want Weddle. We can get him at a very reasonable value & he could give us a top 3 safety duo next year. I'm surprised the board is so down on him, he's still much better then Vaccaro even at his age.
  21. It's going to be interesting seeing how we approach the interior line. For all the focus on the edge I think the team feels the interior is just as big a need. I agree. Either way they seem very interested in Christian Wilkins & Khalen Saunders, as well as the Simmons report. We're also clearly interested in Mack at NT, who I love as well. But why draft a 3 tech type & a nose? I'd much rather get a 340 pounder who can also rush the passer. I also just want the guy because of the measurables. For all everybody says not to put much stock in the combine, basically every all time dominant front 7 player had a freakish combine. Just look recently at Watt, Donald, Mack; Clowney, Garrett. All off the chart combines. The only one who didn't was Joey Bosa & he still put up a 6.8 3 cone at 270, and was very rare in how advanced jos hand usage was. If you want a true game changer up front, you need to draft a guy with special physical ability.
  22. Face

    Eric Weddle

    I would have Weddle's agent on the phone ASAP, this is exactly the type of player we need. Nobody ever is interested in the older vet but countless times guys are cut a year or two earlier then they should be & the team that signs them is rewarded with an excellent year or two. Weddle is smart, tough, a leader & winner. He's played in a bunch of big games. And the FS/SS thing makes zero difference. Weddle played SS his 1st year in Baltimore & moved when they signed Tony Jefferson the next year. I was glad we cut Cyprien but I was hoping the Titans would actually treat SS like the need area it is & not just half ass it & sign Vaccaro without looking at other options. This secondary has a chance to be excellent. Malcolm Butler was shut down the 2nd half of the year. If he continues that play next year & Adoree improves a bit we're a big time SS away from being special in the back end. Cover people are so important in the modern NFL. The best defenses aren't doing the "box safety" thing, they're getting 2 safeties who can cover.
  23. This was an absolute no brainer. I liked Cyprien, he was a good, tough, team guy & I liked he signing at the time. He was coming off a year where he was incredible in the running game & I thought if he improved his coverage a bit he could be an awesome SS in our scheme, especially if we blitzed him often. But the guy just couldn't cover & you can't pay pure box safeties who are coverage liabilities $5 mil a year. This was always going to happen.
  24. Well they brought in Spags but the more interesting question is why the hell would that matter? An edge player is an edge player. Maybe in a 4-3 you'd ideally like a guy whose a little bigger but he had 90 pressures for crissakes. Perhaos theyre nervous paying him huge money, he's done nothing until this year. But if they're really thinking of trading him just because they're switching to a 4-3 somebody needs to step in & be a responsible adult. If you're installing a defensive system where a 6-2 255 lb all pro edge rusher isn't a fit, you need to maybe take a look at said system.
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