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  1. Ownership needs to insist to Vrabel that Downing needs to be fired. And if there is any refusal, fire Vrabel too. Fuck this meathead shit.
  2. Watching Mariota on his 3rd team as a sub-replacement-level QB is something I certainly didn’t see coming in 2016.
  3. Robinson drafting OL like the Titans drafted WRs from 2005-2018
  4. I hope not lol The team needs to go hard addressing the trenches and other areas for a year or two before trying to get a new QB
  5. Willis is one of the least NFL ready highly-drafted rookie QBs in recent memory. He needs to sit the year out.
  6. Willis gets a pass for being a dumb rookie, but lmao this team is such a fucking joke. Release or trade almost everyone this off-season.
  7. Wild that Buffalo has sat most of the starters on D halfway through the period
  8. Vrabel gonna let the rookie get murdered to save his butt buddy Tannehill
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