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  1. The more time he spends talking about celebrities/opponents/pop-culture and tweeting about his feels, the less time he can devote to being president. That isn't a bad thing.
  2. Sacking Mularkey was a good decision. Replacing him with Vrabel was not. Vrabel probably gets another season, but Robinson might go down with him if next year is a disaster as well. If I am the Titans ownership, I start advocating for a tank. Get a good young QB on a small contract, and then use FA/draft to try again to shore up the OL.
  3. It will fall apart. It was a solid, though not spectacular run.
  4. Barr is unofficially Trumps lawyer and has been for some time. His job isn’t to look out for America’s interests - it’s to look out for Trump’s. Execute them both.
  5. ^ At this point, I doubt he gets impeached, but with the way this story keeps unfolding, who knows.
  6. Nice attempt as usual from you to point the finger back at the other party while avoiding any real attempt at negating my point. Be more creative, simple jake.