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  1. Dumb fucks. Especially the cheap shot artist in the teal. Apparently they are looking at child child endangerment charges as well, among other charges. Each one of those involved in the fight and/or throwing punches should be in jail for the next few weeks at a minimum and publicly identified so they can be shamed further.
  2. Wonder if Korver or Crowder even suit up for a single game. Grayson should be a solid bench player IMO, and the pick in this draft may be pretty decent depending on who falls tomorrow night. Maybe they move up somehow with it and get someone? Either way, the Grizzlies year down is just about complete. With Chandler Parsons coming off after next season (if I recall), and no longer having Conley or Gasol under contract, they really have a near clean slate. Theyll be god awful for the next year or two, but I think things may start to look up as these young guns come online in JJJ and Morant. They have a bright future. Hopefully fans will understand and attend games.
  3. Haven't followed much basketball this off-season, but here is my stab at the Lake-show: They should focus on building depth with 3-D players that can space the court instead of getting another all-star. Getting guys who can space the floor is gonna be huge for them, and if you can get 2-3 guys for the price of one more all-star, then I think you gotta go for it. That extra depth will help come next April through June. Plus, they could get a couple of old guys desiring a ring at the veteran minimum who can give a few good minutes per night. Get some guys like: JJ Reddick Danny Green Terrence Ross Justin Holiday Vince Carter Rodney Hood Jeff Green Derek Rose Brook Lopez Put some of these guys as role players around the Lakers big 3 of LeBron, Davis, and Kuzma, and they probably go into the playoffs as the #1 overall seed. Outside of FA, Davis must be used effectively by the team. LeBron has turned all-star big men in the past into perimeter players such as Love and Bosh. That cannot happen here for them to succeed. I would experiment with only keeping 2 of their big 3 on the court at a time after the first timeout of the game. It would allow for sustained scoring.
  4. Pretty sure any NBA team could beat the warriors once it was down to just Curry and Draymond. That team was cursed these playoffs with all the injuries to Boogie (first round), Durant (you know), Klay (game 2, tonight). Just too much to overcome.
  5. I don't think anyone has ever classified ikea as having the best furniture money can buy, unless your budget to do your whole house is under $2k. However, if you are a college student, or recent graduate, or really just trying to save money, then yes, their stuff is solid. Its not spectacularly built, but it is attractive, and can last a decent amount of time. They do a great job of showcasing their stuff in the stores through apartment set ups of 700sq.ft., which showcase how you could fill an apartment with a bed/mattress, TV stand, 2 couches, kitchen utensils and everything else, and then give you a breakdown of how filling up this whole unit only cost $900 or whatever. They also have good storage selections and options, which is important for me, someone who downsized from 1300 to 780 square feet and lost 2 closets, while now sharing one with a girl. I personally like ikea, for the simple fact I switch apartments and move fairly frequently. Word of warning, do not pay to ship your stuff from their online store. Its very expensive.
  6. Titans and hamstring issues...name a more iconic duo
  7. Would him picking an O'Rourke help flip a state like Texas, where in 2016 Trump held an ~800k advantage over Clinton? (In 2012, Romney had a ~1.2 million advantage) Or do you think its too insurmountable at this point? Obviously, somehow swinging Texas would be a massive undertaking, but if it was done, then damn
  8. Since I am looking into a Camry/Corolla/Prius/Civic myself right now as I prepare to move to the gas hell that is Southern California, this thread has perfect timing. I am currently leasing a 2017 Lexus IS, with a few months left on the lease. Hate buying premium gas, but at least its cheap in Texas.
  9. Worth 700 billion dollars (Anything less than this is fake news according to him), but can't get tailored clothing. Someone tell him to go to Nordstrom Rack. They do tailoring for $50.
  10. Moral of the story: Don't put your disease ridden, radioactive husband's hand on your pregnant belly for hours and hours. Who woulda thunk? At this point, it appears the actual Chernobyl disaster and fallout are over after episode 4. The final episode appears to be more of a court case/tribunal situation.
  11. Finished episode 4. Welp, that was depressing.
  12. There are more floppy dongs in one scene of Chernobyl than the entire run of GOT combined.
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