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  1. TitansFan777

    Virus in US

    At this point it’s hard not to actively root for the anti-vaxxers and maskless people to just drop like flies.
  2. TitansFan777

    Virus in US

  3. This guy’s videos breaking down various court cases and disputes on always sunny in Philadelphia are wild.
  4. She was 17, but she had the body of an 18 year old
  5. TitansFan777

    Virus in US

    Another one bites the dust...
  6. A not guilty verdict would be Rodney King riots on a national scale. Though, I think the Chauvin will be found guilty as he should be.
  7. TitansFan777

    Virus in US

    Saw a bunch of Karen’s and their husbands kicked out of REI yesterday for not wearing masks. Total public freak out.
  8. Most cops are shit. This isn’t surprising. The whole fucking thing needs to be rebuilt.
  9. TitansFan777

    Virus in US

    Prodigy was the shittttt. We had that until 2005. And don’t get me started on the complimentary frisbees AOL sent everyone once per month.
  10. Of course the typical idiots are against this. God damn there are some fucking morons that post here.
  11. Certified Creep Seven Days A Week Underage Pussy
  12. Sounds like somebody got their faux outrage marching orders from Fox and co.
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