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  1. Perfect game - guys I like put up numbers, and the team didn’t win during a lost season to hurt draft picks.
  2. It felt like that INT was just coming that whole drive.
  3. At what point does Amy put Vrabel on the hot seat? His meathead regression as a coach is pathetic.
  4. Just remember - the titans drafted Isiah Wilson, Caleb Farley, and Treylon Burks as back to back to back first rounders. Holy fuck that’s an all-time trifecta of worthlessness.
  5. At least the offense will look decent with McDaniels as OC next year
  6. Only Burks would get horrifically injured like that.
  7. Vrabel has to be trying to lose this. That was the worst playcalling I’ve seen in years.
  8. Painful move but understandable. That said, the team is clearly needing to go all in on the tear down. At least this won’t be as bad as the post-2004 tear down of epic proportions - if only because I can’t remember an NFL team having to lose that much talent that fast since then. Its gonna be a lean few years unless Levis is that dude. Excited to see what happens though.
  9. Always hoped he’d be a lifelong Titan. This one hurts to see.
  10. Tannehill is broken at this point. Just take him out.
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