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  1. Not really. They are the scum of the earth already, and praise him regardless.
  2. Does the non-MAGA portion of the country have the energy for sustained protests is my question. Even after this summer I wonder it.
  3. The rallies are insane and full of dumbasses looking to go back to a time that never really existed in this country to begin with. I went to a rally a while back (pre-Covid) in central Pennsyltucky just to see the shitshow for myself. The crowd he attracts is worse than him from what I saw.
  4. Lol but honestly at this point, I view him pulling out of any state as a co formation that they have either decided it’s a list state OR that they already somehow have the vote in the bag (legal or not)
  5. Who’s going to wanna listen to stupid science bitches?
  6. If only there was a recent first round pick tackle who could step up and play
  7. This one announcer needs to put a dick in his mouth and shit up
  8. Just gonna remember this post lol tHiNk BeFoRe YoU sPeAK
  9. This is extremely important to him and must be argued to death...how dare you!!!!

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