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  1. I actually don’t remember the last kickoff/punt return TD.
  2. Man this went from potentially being a 21-7 game to maybe a 17-14 game if they score. Shit
  3. That might actually break Wentz. So they should do it
  4. They might be mortal for the regular season, but I’d still pray for my team to avoid them in January. That’s still a very scary team.
  5. So what other games are you people watching during half
  6. Wentz just needs to retire. He sounds like McNair toward the end of his career and he is barely in his 6th(?) year
  7. hE iS oNlY tHe SeCoNd BeSt Rb. mCcAfFrY iS bEtTeR bEcAuSe He CaTcHeS pASsEs
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