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  1. Sorry, there is only one Phil Collins that matters.
  2. I see someone got their hands on Trump’s sharpie.
  3. ~2-3 hours. Started the day of the Christmas Party which was to be held that afternoon. I was in the lobby waiting to meet the owner. He came out to the lobby to speak with the secretary and demanded alcohol be served on the bus to the event. His secretary kept telling him that is not allowed by the transportation company he wanted to use to take us to the site of the party - which was barely 20 minutes away. He called her a cunt, bitch, and every other word you can’t think of, making her cry. Then he came to take me into the office. I just sorta let what happened slide, though I was shocked. A couple hours later, we were getting on the bus, where the owner was trying to get on with 2 bottles of liquor. When the driver told him that it must stay closed, he lost his mind and threw a toddler tantrum in the parking lot in front of 80-90 employees. Being in the back of the scene and right by my car, I slowly Homer Simpson’d backwards into my car and left.
  4. If you need a stand-in for them, I’m pretty sure I could pull off a great RollTide impression for the next few months leading into the election.
  5. Disclaimer: I’m not in non-profits, but for a couple of years I did digital marketing projects (mostly google ads, e-comm) for small companies and needed a digital presence. Like you, I was looking for a quick and easy site to set up. My personal site used Wordpress with the elementor page builder and was hosted on hostgator. Elementor is pretty good and gets the job done if you’re looking to build a responsive site quickly and for free. They have a paid service that offers more forms and stuff, but the free one works for most people. I threw on some basic tracking via google tag manager (analytics, AdWords integration, CallRail). Took me a weekend to toss together a 4 page site (homepage, about, services, contact) - of which, 80% of that time was writing content and searching images to use to make the site pop. YouTube is a great resource for WordPress how to’s. If you’re still overwhelmed, you can get someone on Fiverr to build something for you for a couple hundred bucks depending on how small your site is.
  6. Oh man, the thought of either of them vs Mike Pence in a debate gives me a semi.
  7. Boston is basically Philly 2.0. Both have incredibly racist recent pasts and are dominated still by a lower middle class white trash demographic despite also being home to incredibly wealthy neighborhoods and world class universities. Traveling between the two of them often, it feels like I’m in the same city.
  8. Yup terrible president. He certainly was no William Henry Harrison. One of the greatest presidents this nation has ever seen. His presidential library & museum in Pawnee is great.
  9. just thinking about it is giving them a major clue.
  10. I have a friend who attended this. His videos from it are a pretty sad reflection of police in America.
  11. It’s been like this since mid April at least. Good to see it still going on after last weekend when this area moved into the “green phase” as I thought it may drop
  12. Was out and about in the Philly suburbs in both Jersey and around the KOP mall. Masks as far as the eye could see. Only time people didn’t have masks on was in the parking lot and usually they were in the process of putting them on or removing them at their car.
  13. Ted Lieu is very wrong. American people are that stupid.
  14. Sounds bad but at this point I’m rooting for the virus to wipe the floor with those that can’t handle wearing a mask and practicing even some tiny semblance of social distancing, regardless of age. The sooner they die off, the better. Not just for this virus, but for other issues in the future. Unfortunately, these selfish people would just clog the healthcare system and take away space from the people that get it even though they have practiced wearing masks and social distancing.

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