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  1. Are you saying the party of boot licking, blue lives matter, thin blue line toting Patriots don’t actually give a fuck about dead police and that it’s all been a ploy?
  2. Silly sheep, Kellyanne posted the picture to get the pedophiles to save it to their devices. What you don’t know is that the pictures all have tracking information in their data which gives the location of each device used to download the picture. This information is being analyzed by the police as we speak and the arrests are just around the corner. #WWG1WGA
  3. Honestly, I’m just gonna keep horsing money in GTA on the Cato Peruvian heist until this game is playable. Until then, it can keep collecting dust.
  4. The government controlling medicine? Obviously another step to death panels and full-on socialism.
  5. Just going to assume it was because he was black, used drones, Benghazi, bathrooms, or some other asinine reason.
  6. They switch parties and then get primaried by a real democrat. If they win the primary, they then have to go against a far-right candidate who will have much of the switcher’s base of votes on their side.
  7. As usual, the GOP and anyone who supports it at this point, is an apologist to domestic terrorism and arguably an enemy to this country.
  8. You didn’t get the memo? All of us libtards are also members of the Cult of Claudia. One of us. One of us.
  9. I still maintain that SNL fucked up by not getting Dee Reynolds to play Kellyanne Conway over the past 4 years.
  10. As a Michigan fan, Pep Hamilton was widely hated for what seemed to be very average, super conservative playcalling at best. How much of this was Harbaugh influencing him is left to be determined, but I’d hate to see any semblance of the Michigan offense of 2017-2018 get run at the pro level.
  11. Cmon, it’s the latest hashtag! It’s like the free Britney movement in November.
  12. It has to be overturned but it’s never gonna happen I feel. And for those that think “if the filibuster is overturned, it’s gonna suck when the GOP regains control,” if needed McConnell would have abolished it for his own party’s gain. He may be an obstructionist, but the guy will put his views aside to do something when needed. Plus, McConnell will probably not be the leader of the senate GOP much longer (relatively speaking). The next GOP leader will prob be someone who actually wants to see a GOP senate pass some stuff - no matter how awful it is.
  13. Whole family has issues. Kellyanne is certainly a pretty shitty parent based off some of the “hidden” recordings her daughter posted. The dad seems a bit better but that’s not saying much. The daughter comes off as an attention-seeker who uses her victim status to get clout on social media. Even the stuff she posts that’s not about her weird family is very “look at me” which is expected for a 16 year old, but still. Either way, Kellyanne or her daughter are in deep shit if anything comes from this, as posting a pic of a child can be punished, as well as post
  14. One of the most gerrymandered districts you’ll find too. Unfortunately, his district reaches the Columbus/Cleveland outer suburbs, so in theory, Jordan could have some solid voting blocs in his favor. However, I don’t know much about Ohio politics.
  15. Not just that, however, they were better at running a modern digital campaign. They leveraged FB and other emerging platforms. They built and tested tons of stuff. The last two cycles have relied upon legacy technologies and methodologies. Meanwhile, the GOP saw what worked then and went all in on it. Even if this meant breaking ethical boundaries of cookies and targeting, they (Parscale and Co.) still found great success in building a machine that was super effective in getting people out to vote.
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