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  1. For someone hyper-focused on explaining how argument and evidence work, you seem to know little of the concepts. The burden of proof falls on the contrarian claim, not the widely accepted and previously argued (using evidence) position. Just because you haven't been around for the evidence doesn't mean it hasn't been discussed ad-nauseum, real-time and with post game highlights. If you have an opposing viewpoint from the generally accepted stance, then you have to provide the evidence. You do the work. You don't walk into a room of scientists and claim the world is flat, and then yell at everyone to provide evidence. That's your job.
  2. cenj

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    Fremdschämen {n} --> the feeling of shame on someone else's behalf; vicarious embarrassment; second-hand embarrassment
  3. cenj

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    ILF...this thread is hard to read. I know you don't think it, but it's going horribly for you and every post makes you look worse. And as another poster mentioned earlier, you could totally be basking in glory, but you are ruining it. Oman has the upper hand at the moment. He's not going to throw away the $250 and he's not dumb enough to be baited into it. Meanwhile, you're so frothing-at-the mouth-angry at Oman and the upcoming check that you're going overboard with criticism to compensate, which is only making you lose more credibility. On behalf of the board, please get your shit together. It's frustrating watching you blow a golden opportunity.
  4. I don't think the OL solved all of its problems, but it's definitely improved the last couple of weeks. One thing I've noticed more and more as I've paid attention to the OL is how the opposing D tries to overwhelm and bull rush the right inside of the OL on pass plays. Teams are definitely trying to attack Mariota's right arm and force him to sidestep. The D isn't necessarily trying to get by the OL on a pass rush either, they just want to push our OL as far back into Mariota as possible. I haven't tracked it, but it's possible that this has made Kline look much worse. I don't know if teams found a problem with the scheme or bad individual matchups, but teams know Mariota struggles sliding to the side and our OL hasn't been creating a clean pocket to step into. Whatever we're doing, we don't have the protection needed. A better run game would sure help keep teams guessing.
  5. Lewis looks slower to me than he did earlier in the year. Might be my imagination, I don't know, but it's possible he's been overused and is wearing down slightly.
  6. Also, people keep saying that the Jags just quit this game. What is seemingly ignored is that Henry made them quit. They don't avoid contact if Lewis is running the ball. Keep in mind that the Titans had just made two terrible mistakes, and were in danger of having the game turn on them. Mariota throws a terrible INT, and we had the safety. The Jags drove down to the 1-yard-line and were just unable to punch it in. Emotionally, the Jags were very much in it. The week before they defensively destroyed the Colts. Henry brutalized them. When he has space, defenders don't want to face him 1-on-1. You could even see DBs (Ramsey) pull up on some runs. Players have talked before about how much it hurts to tackle him, and how going low can give players a concussion. There's something to be said for a player turning tough defenses into scared "not-worth-my-paycheck" guys in December.
  7. This is true, and I don't have any fantasies about Henry being about to dance out of traffic like a shifty scatback. However, it's not like there weren't defenders in front and around him. This might have been a 10 yard gain with Lewis unless he juked the DB, and even then Lewis would have been tackled 5 yards later. Henry turned it into a 70 yard TD. So as far as being a threat in the screen game, if Henry is allowed to at least catch and turn upfield, he can potentially score from anywhere on the field. Granted, he's way more likely to get cut down behind the LOS on a bad screen, but he also adds a lot more big play potential. He's also a much more effective pure runner right now than Lewis and he offers big play potential in the running game. If the DEs/LBs play contain more to keep Henry from bouncing outside, that theoretically should: make playaction more dangerous, open the TE seam, and slow down the pass rush. If given the choice, I'd take Kamara. But we don't have Kamara We don't have Gurley. We have Henry and Lewis and chance at the playoffs this year.
  8. I've been a Henry critic, but yea -- I'm a big fan of watching Henry run. Or catch the ball and run. Making a cut upfield and being able to turn a good hole into a 70/80/99 yard TD is pretty valuable. And no, not just any RB can do that. That's a major threat that teams have to account for. If Henry keeps running the way he has the last few weeks, then defenses will adjust. But then the playaction game with Davis and Taylor should be even more dangerous.
  9. cenj

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    With the Gruden hire, I assume this was known pretty much from day 1. No way Gruden comes to Oakland for that deal and is not given total control. They are obviously trying to rebuild in Chuckie's image, so I don't know what McKenzie was even doing this year.
  10. We have a better chance of making the playoffs at 9-6 than we do winning the AFC South. Colts, Broncos, Ravens, Steelers all could lose multiple games the next few weeks. Broncos have the easiest schedule, but they are also the worst overall team. Hoping to win out while the Texans lose out (despite the longest win streak in the NFL) is a bad bet.
  11. cenj

    Firkser playing over Jonnu

    Btw, Pruitt destroyed a defender on Henry's 99 yard run. Go back and watch.
  12. cenj

    Week 14 so crucial for our slim playoff hopes

    Someone told me yesterday that if the Titans and Denver both end 10-6, the Titans would get the nod. That's not what I thought -- anyone have any confirmation?
  13. cenj

    OILERMAN vs IsntLifeFunny RB bet

    This. Watch the run at 2:33. His outside runs from earlier force Myles Jack to cheat wide. Henry gives a quick decisive stutter outside, then plants his foot and bursts up the A gap. He then continues slicing between defenders while keeping his balance. This is what we've wanted from Henry but didn't see as much. And to be fair, it wasn't just this game. This is 3 games in a row that I think Henry has been running more decisively and more violently. I wasn't a fan of Henry and thought Lewis looked much better earlier this year, but Lewis has totally slowed down. He's less explosive and has terrible vision between the tackles. Last night, Lewis continued running straight into blockers and miss open holes. Henry has value. I'm still not convinced he's a 20+ carry a game back, but the staff has to find a way to use him. He creates problems for a defense and is a missed assignment away from a huge TD. In today's NFL, you need players who can create chunk plays.
  14. cenj

    Firkser playing over Jonnu

    Firkser abused a rangy CB on that drive. He definitely is useful in the slot -- sure, he's not an inline blocker, but if the defense struggles to keep him from winning 1-on-1 in the middle of the field with CBs and S, that becomes a matchup problem. He's 245lbs -- you may not want him on the DE, but he'd look a lot stronger on those outside run plays with Henry if he's on a 200lb DB. And apparently we really, really needed Taywan Taylor back to stretch the field. Batson and Jennings have some value, but neither fill that deep speed role. If the light bulb goes on and Taylor he becomes that #2 outside WR to stretch the field (which is where they've been wanting him since day 1), and C. Davis is our #1, then suddenly this offense looks a lot closer. Now guys like Sharpe and Batson as the #3 & #4 are more useful. You can run 3TE sets with Firkser as the slot. The offense and the coaches need more time -- let's let everyone get healthy and get reps.
  15. cenj

    Titans have faced the 2nd hardest schedule so far

    So do you think the Titans would have a worse record right now, or same record, if Mularkey and staff were still here?