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  1. Pretty obvious that JRob didn't value Conklin all that much and that Kelly is not seen as a major downgrade. It didn't sound like the FO seriously considered keeping Conklin. They quickly paid Kelly starting RT money and said "the job is yours." I'm sure they'll draft another tackle fairly high, both because the draft is full of talent and this offense is built on our OL and running game and thus needs a good swing OT. Keep replenishing the roster. Replace Kelly when the youngling is ready. But Kelly has been given a bad rap, while Conklin forgiven too much. Kelly didn't start at RT when the offense was clicking under Tannehill -- better QBs make OLs look much better. And if anyone forgot, Conklin looked terrible in pass protection with Mariota. People just excuse the injury for it, but Conklin has always needed help in the passing game. I don't think the offense will miss a beat without Conklin, and if that money allows us to grab a better CB or Clowney, then well done JRob.
  2. Because Conklin isn't that good and certainly isn't worth the money other teams might pay out to desperation for an OT. It was an open secret last year that the team wasn't planning on a 2nd contract for Conklin. Everyone in the media and close to the team was confident Conklin would be gone. He got a ton of help his first (and most successful) year. When recieving less help, he looked terrible at times. He's a very good run blocker and flat out bad pass protector. So do you trust JRob? He traded up for Conklin and has had no problem paying OL. Letting him walk actually makes that pick look worse for JRob. Yet, the coaches seem totally fine moving on. Forget the stats: this staff doesn't value Conklin that much.
  3. Now now, let's not get our panties in a wad. It's a small mistake and not a personal indictment, but this error happens too frequently and it does cause legitimate confusion every year.
  4. Since this happens quite frequently... https://www.grammar.com/resign_vs._re-sign
  5. I really don't care to have Brady. Not only do I think it would be an asinine decision, I don't want our first ever Superbowl to be another Patriot superbowl, which is what it will feel like.
  6. If the NFL really wanted more parity, they could dramatically change the way QBs are drafted and handled. For instance, they could host a 2nd and separate draft just for the QB position. Positioning in that draft could be separate from final record and related to new criteria such as previous season QB statistics, age, and previous QB signings/drafting. They could also weigh the overall salary devoted only to the QB position. The closer to the max you pay in QB salaries for the upcoming year = lower future draft ranking in the QB draft. And they could (and probably should) cap rookie QB contracts so that a busted pick doesn't screw a franchise over for another 4-5 years. I personally hate the race to the bottom that happens from the NFL's current drafting system. It makes more sense to drop team drafting slots into tiers, with a random draw to see who gets which spot. So the worst 10 teams would get a top 10 pick, but the 10th worst team has a legit shot to get the #1 overall pick. Make tanking pointless.
  7. There is zero chance Conklin can be a LT. He's terrible in pass protection and consistently needs a lot of help -- when he doesn't get it, he's burned badly. Conklin is a road grading RT, and not even a dominant one at that. I think he's a worse version of David Stewart. He does fit the system with Henry as lead back, and Conklin works well in unison with the rest of the line.
  8. I'm flabbergasted that some posters think our lack of pass rush didn't affect the KC game. It was a huge factor. The reason we didn't keep contain is because our edge players were getting stonewalled and were getting more desperate to try and create pressure. Otherwise, Mahommes would just sit and wait until a reciever got open -- no amount of coverage defenders can withstand 5+ seconds while the QB just sits comfortably in the pocket. Clowney is a risk and might not be worth it, but he's a perfect fit and a physical freak. We still need more at that position -- one guy isn't enough unless we want a gassed unit at the end of every game. So JRob will need to continue drafting OLB even with a FA addition.
  9. It won't match up exactly, but for argument sake, imagine signing Clowney and letting Ryan and Conklin walk. 1st round pick on a RT, 2nd round pick on a smart but not super athletic nickel CB. Or... Sign Conklin and try and draft a guy like Clowney in the 1st. Which sounds like a more realistic option?
  10. I don't know that the Bucs will let him go, but Jason Pierre-Paul would be another guy to target.
  11. I personally think he is overrated and not worth signing long-term, but there is another option that goes with the franchise tag. We could franchise him and then draft another RT in the mid rounds. We are going to need a swing tackle either way, so you could start Conklin for 1 more year while developing his replacement (who ideally becomes the new swing tackle and won't be starting day 1 as a rookie). Conklin is pretty terrible in straight up pass protection, and I think he's grossly overrated in run blocking considering he was the #10 overall pick. Good, but not top 5 RT money good. If we draft a replacement tackle early (1st/2nd), I really hope we get someone who is better at pass blocking.
  12. And this is where we differ philosophically. You've always been more hawkish with investing in the run game, especially at RB. I don't believe it's smart to make a RB the foundation of the team because I think a team successful running the ball with one RB is likely to find success with other RBs. It's not that Henry isn't good, it's that he isn't worth the cost relative to more afforable options. A bad OL or bad QB make the RB useless. There are just other positions that are worth more investment.
  13. Which is another example of why you put that 15M aside for an edge rusher instead of a RB.

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