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  1. And this is where we differ philosophically. You've always been more hawkish with investing in the run game, especially at RB. I don't believe it's smart to make a RB the foundation of the team because I think a team successful running the ball with one RB is likely to find success with other RBs. It's not that Henry isn't good, it's that he isn't worth the cost relative to more afforable options. A bad OL or bad QB make the RB useless. There are just other positions that are worth more investment.
  2. Which is another example of why you put that 15M aside for an edge rusher instead of a RB.
  3. Ravens fans are ready to move on from Judon. They don't seem to think much of him.
  4. Also, I've argued against signing Conklin for a long time now, and I still hold to it. He's overrated around here. You don't pay a RT 15M if he's below average at pass protection.
  5. I disagree about the edge rushers. We need a dynamic player who can pressure the QB without losing edge contain. We also need more pressure from the interior. Situational downs or not, it's a huge hole and it limits what we can do on defense. KC could have scored even more. Andy Reid learned from the past and played smart. He moved the chains and kept the clock moving. He wore out the D and was patient. Our D did the best they could, but they were outmatched. The coverage actually held up pretty well, but we too often allowed Mahomes to break contain, and he had entirely too much time.
  6. There is no coach in this league that doesn't want Edge players who can win 1-on-1. We rushed only 3 players a ton: you can't do that and accept that no one will ever get to the QB. I personally think both Vrabel and Pees would love to have Clowney.
  7. It's incredibly unlikely we will keep winning with this formula. Teams will look at what we did, and in the offseason they will adjust. Just like we provided the blueprint for the Ravens, here is the blueprint for us. Set the edge, congest the middle, force the OL into obvious pass situations. We have to adapt. I like Smith and hope he truly matches scheme to talent. We need a legit pass rush. We need a deep threat to replace Corey Davis and back the defense up. We need a better #2 RB -- actually we need a 3rd down back AND a legit backup. We caught lightning in a bottle and that isn't easy to duplicate. To compete next year, we have to grow.
  8. Look, we just got beat. Defense put them in a lot of 3rd downs, but we struggled to hold them. Coverage kept on some 3rd downs, but then Mahomes ran for the first. We played bend but don't break, and KC was patient and drove down the field. 2nd half, they ran the ball when they needed and drained the clock (which Reid has abandoned in the past), then hit us over the top. Reid called a great game. We had no true pass rushers on D that could win 1-on-1, and it killed us. We couldn't scheme pressure because their offense was too good and we couldn't leave guys alone. On offense, our OL is terrible in known passing situations. They are excellent run blockers, but our conservative playcalling didn't take advantage of KC keying on the run. Once we became one dimensional, KC overwhelmed the OL. I've said before, Henry is great but he's just a RB. Henry can be shut down. We need to be honest about some players this off-season (Conklin, Henry, Ryan) and we need to invest in more important positions.
  9. Chiefs outplaying us, Vrabel got outcoached. Well done KC.
  10. Weaknesses finally rearing their heads. Our OL simply isn't good at pass blocking, and we can't rusher the passer from the edge.
  11. D is gassed. Offense has to stop playing scared. It's what we've been worried about with Vrabel. He's gotten away with it, but you can't win consistently by being scared to throw.
  12. We're up 10-7, so as I've asked every week, some of you need to stop pissing your pants.
  13. This was an awesome series. It's also proof that some writers know how to end a series without pissing their pants.
  14. Tannehill is no idiot. He knows his value and he'll make sure to get paid, if not here then somewhere else. His stats in the last two playoffs games won't matter because both he and the Titans brass know his value to the offense.

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