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  1. Actually, the show creators originally pitched a remake of King's IT. When Warner Brothers didn't go for it, they instead created Stranger Things. Ironically, WB decided to remake IT only after the success of Stranger Things.
  2. They have to end it after this season. It's an ode to all childhood things of the 80s, wrapped in an 80s monster movie. It's been fun, but a show like this was never meant to last several seasons. The only way I could see them continuing it is if they told an entirely different story, with a new cast. Even then it would be impossible to recreate the fun of season 1.
  3. Yea, I could see the argument for Henry. RBs don't put up the numbers they used to. If the stars aligned, I could imagine a scenario where Henry puts up anomalous numbers compared to the rest of the league. If he did that, we're a playoff team. Add in the fact he'd have some wow highlights, he's an Alabama Heisman winner with a lot of fans already, and he's a freak of a specimen, and it's a slim possibility. But I think it's a hell of a lot more possible than Saquon Barkley -- the Giants aren't doing jack shit next year. Forget MVP, the odds are heavily against Mariota finishing the season without missing multiple games due to injury. Has a QB in the last 15-20 years won the MVP after missing multiple games? I imagine it's damn near impossible given the crazy passing stats being put up every week.
  4. Anyone here into VR or getting the Quest? I know there are some gamers in here. Videos don't do good VR justice, it's definitely something you have to experience to understand.
  5. Somebody pulled a 180 degree Danny in this thread! Honestly ILF, you're finally just coming around to what everyone else noticed awhile ago. This shit hasn't made sense for a few seasons. I knew when you posted the "greatest show ever" line this wouldn't end well for you.
  6. It's hard to imagine a scenario in which he's extended. If he doesn't look like a top 10 QB, or gets hurt, he'll walk. If he stays healthy and puts up fantastic numbers, he will price himself price himself into one of the most expensive QB contracts. The problem is it will only be based off 1 year of production, and we'll still be worried about injury risk -- so you franchise him. I don't see a scenario where Mariota looks mediocre and both Webster and Mariota's agent accept a mid-range long term deal.
  7. Then again, I'm quite sure we're all thinking way more deeply about this than the producers are.
  8. I could see Jon dying in the end, once he puts Danny down. He was already brought back from the dead, and everyone else blessed with magic by the Lord of Light has died once their purpose was served. Plus, it may be that all Taergaryens must die out. The White Walkers are gone (Ice). Maybe Fire needs to be gone too.
  9. Based on what I've seen out of D&D, I now assume this end is likely. They might do that just to end on a positive note after an episode of pessimism. I've generally felt that there would be no iron throne at the end. I also assume that dragons and magic will disappear. I have a hard time seeing them end the entire series with every loved character (who have been protected by valerian plot armor) now either dead or depressingly miserable.
  10. Dude...this is one of the dumbest arguments you've posted here. I know you're a career apologizer, but come on...there's no way you honestly believe this makes sense.
  11. To those arguing Daenerys was rushed into being a villain...I submit the above.
  12. Daenerys is vengeful and would make a terrible leader, but God knows what these hack writers have planned.
  13. That's true, but only the last scene (I thought it was awesome). The final season itself was great.
  14. And please stop with the BS about the series being impossible to end well. People are acting like big shows always become terrible -- they don't. That's part of what seperates good writers from hacks -- some people start off throwing crazy ideas to get fans speculating, but it's clear they don't have any plan (looking at you Lost). The emperor has no clothes. Others are meticulous with their storytelling. Breaking Bad got better after season 1, and ended STRONG. Sopranos too. The Americans. The Wire.
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