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  1. Moving away from the question of whether or not they should have known about the incident (they should have), there is another issue with JRob's evaluation. They just drafted a guy who told a cop straight up that he thinks you need to smack a woman sometimes. Rationalize to me how JRob shouldn't have known about this guy's character? What an idiot. You're coming off a terrible year of miscalculations, you draft a major injury risk in the 1st, and you also take the one guy in the draft with a female assault incident. At some point it's not bad luck; it's a pattern.
  2. I mean...there's not valuing the WR position that high, and then there's whatever JRob is doing. I think that bastard is just screwing with us now.
  3. I get that, and it's a fair criticism. He doesn't have the size to be a fulltime edge rusher, but it's not like he's too small to be a specialist on passing downs. Haason Reddick is a similar size and was miscast in AZ as they tried to make him an ILB; they switched his positions and made him an EDGE, and he blew up for 12.5 sacks. Kearse admitted to being down to about 235lbs during his rookie season when he was terrorizing people (though he was much longer at 6-6"). I do agree that Evans best shot in the NFL is in a 4-3 at ILB, but he isn't getting that shot here. An
  4. To play devil's advocate here, Vrabel might be a moron when it comes to his defensive coaching. JRob paid a boatload to Beasley who busted gloriously (and lots of people questioned the move as soon as he was signed, noting how much Atlanta hated him). Vrabel refuses to bench Landry and works him more than Henry. They trotted out the worst defensive pass rush we've ever seen; historically bad. They have prototypes for their OLBs and they don't value pure pass rushers; they want big guys who can set the edge. I'm not arguing Evans is some elite pass rusher, but I'm not su
  5. If the Titans didn't know about this (or we find out they misjudged the situation and Weaver is guilty), it's time to really question the JRob's ability to vet prospects.
  6. Having Evans rush the passer more isn't some crazy idea. It was a primary strength at Bama and one of the things he brought at ILB. People thought he gave us the versatility to rush from ILB, adding to Pees penchant for mixing up ways of generating pressure. He's clearly failed as a read and react ILB and needs to attack. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he's utilized more in pass rush packages.
  7. Totally agree. He's what they wanted in Clowney; he's not a pass rush specialist that other teams often covet. I also am with @oldschool on the scheme "changes." I don't forsee any changes. They've always wanted to run a a lot of man, evidenced by the Adoree pick and Butler signing. They've just never had the personnel to run it because they've missed on so many player signings and picks (and devalued defensive positions). Vrabel kept the defensive coaching staff in place and cut damn near the entire defensive roster. They still have the same plan.
  8. Vrabel is why we're conservative; we've had multiple OCs and yet the same overall strategy. I'd argue it's that overly predictable, conservative, and arrogant approach that screwed the Titans over, not the talent. Tannehill can be more effective if he's allowed to pass more. For all Vrabel's talk of being multiple on defense and the talk when he was hired of him being like Belicheck and devising gameplans specific to the weekly opponent, Vrabel has ended up being the opposite. We do what we do; if you sell out to stop it, then we'll just continue doing it even more until we impose
  9. Eh, not well worded. Vrabel influenced the playcalling and is the reason we go into a scared shell and become uber predictable, running Henry over and over on 1st and 2nd down, then putting Tannehill in tough situations. We beat up on bad defenses late (Jax, Hou, Lions) and got shut down by Green Bay and Baltimore. The Browns also stuffed our offense, but we had two garbage time TDs at the very end to make a misleading stat line. So yes, in 3 of the last 6 games our offense staggered.
  10. For those saying that the offense dramatically suffered because our T injuries, and how that justifies the investment both in starters and backups, might I remind you how the season ended: with Khalif Raymond falling on the ground and leading to an interception. That was because CDavis was hurt and couldn't play the last drive. CDavis isn't even on the roster now. Hell, Raymond isn't even on the roster. Do you guys honestly think that it matters who we have at RT if Henry is asked to rush 40 times a game and Tannehill's best option is Reynolds? Or Batson? Lol. This offe
  11. Engram is basically a big slot WR. He'd be a good piece for us honestly.
  12. This guy looks like a typical WR for this offense. No idea anything about him, but I wouldn't expect much this year from him. We're still looking for WR.
  13. I agree with this. But no one knows anything about the player, so people are looking about scouting reports. That's fair to do at this stage. You took the "JRob knows more than you" defense, which I don't agree with. JRob isn't the only talent evaluator and he's been wrong a lot. This is a message board with debate and mixed opinion.
  14. Who drafted Wilson in the 1st round? But JRob knows more about football, so nobody can criticize him!
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