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  1. Oh, I don't think it was a bad episode. I was just bored with it at this stage because they already had one slow episode of exposition, and they crammed everyone's last moment in another single episode of bye byes. If this episode was in another season, I would have been totally fine with it. I'm just kinda emotionally indifferent to many of the characters at this stage. I used to care, when the show was unpredictable and decisions had weight, but we all know at this point that a bunch of characters are going to die next episode. I'm ready to see more of the game part of Game of Thrones. And death. For whatever reasons, I am not emotionally invested in Theon, or Greyworm, or any of those God of light followers. Probably because they dropped the ball on storylines and character development in recent seasons. Now the forced sentiments just fall flat.
  2. Pretty bored this episode, and not just for the lack of action. It was just too heavy handed with the "I'm not the same person" routine. The knighting was a good moment. This episode seemed taken straight out of LOTR: The Return of the King. They're trying to force emotion on us so the deaths next episode will be more meaningful, but I'm just not feeling it. All the potential to do something cool, but no, it looks like it will be just a straight up final battle that they're purposely delaying with two filler episodes.
  3. If anything, this show has highlighted how comically underappreciated good writing is. The entire show was based around a phenomenal story created by GRRM. The budget and visuals helped push it to that next level, but no amount of money can replace GRRM's storybuilding. We all like the show because we want to see how it ends. It's 100% riding on the early seasons and character development. Why the hell would anyone blame GRRM? He's what made this thing worth a damn. I absolutely blame the producers D&D; I've seen reddit threads that have mapped out infinitely more compelling storylines than anything the last couple seasons. Hell, at this point they should have 50 awesome possible outcomes to choose from just based on all the work done by obsessed fans. The reality is, D&D aren't good storytellers. If they had written the show from the ground up, it would have flopped. Great writing drives everything else.
  4. Actually, it would tie back to the first scene and the Ned's first lesson. Ned explained to him that some people must be killed. There are rules. Jon has avoided this reality most of the series -- it would make sense for him to finally take that lesson and become the rightful king, a symbolic act to show he's finally ready to rule.
  5. I think it's more than likely the human armies get decimated by white walkers.
  6. Yea, I've thought for awhile now that she's a villain. The show has at times tried to present her as someone to cheer for, but if you just think about her character's actions and motivations, she's a pretty fucked up bad guy. She demands obedience. No once can be queen but her, and it's her "right." She kills anyone who resists her and seems to care nothing about human life. She only protected slaves because she was bitter about what happened to her. Daenerys won't be on the throne. She's shown herself to be a terrible ruler; she's only a bloodthirsty conqueror.
  7. "The might of consequences in this world is such that...they create a grounded story with coherent world-building and consistent rules across people and actions." That article does good job explaining what much of the criticism around here has been for both GOT and Last Jedi. Some people argue that because a story is fantasy, that makes illogical world building and sloppy writing ok. It doesn't. Magic and dragons are fine; you can define whatever world you want. But your rules better be consistent and character actions need to make sense.
  8. 🤨 Uhhhh...yea dude. That's exactly what happened. How did you miss that? He didn't have full feeling in his throwing hand, so he couldn't grip the ball completely, nor could he totally control his release.
  9. Of course Mariota was more injured than they let on, anyone with basic common sense could see that. He has to stay healthy or be able to play at a high level with injuries. It doesn't matter at this point. But it absolutely affected his play, which is why some of the comments around here were asinine.
  10. If Google can really do this, then it will kill not only consoles, but casual PC gaming. Those wanting the highest graphic fidelity will be in the minority and they'll pay a premium. But the masses won't think about systems, only games. Nintendo is all about their games, and they really killed it by focusing on a family friendly console with games made for coop and multiplayer. They are their own thing. Sony will make their big next gen push with VR. In general, VR is going to disrupt the market in the next 3 years. Go look into Oculus Quest: Facebook is trying to bring VR to the masses before the tech is ready to launch next generation hardware for VR.
  11. Wow...that's a lot of draft capital. They just spent a 1st on Peppers didn't they?
  12. If we don't plan to sign an OLB in free agency (which I thought was priority #1), then it makes more sense why they were willing to pay Humphries and are pursuing Saffold.
  13. We need pass rush help, and we need more than 1 guy. We could fill the OLB in the draft, but we also really could use help on the DL. Maybe they are convinced Landry is the premier edge rusher they need. Ok, great...but you need more guys. Maybe they want a versatile guy to start opposite and feel they can draft one outside the 1st? And maybe they plan to use Evan's more in an edge rusher role on obvious pass downs and think Correa is more than capable of being a starter? Who knows, but I don't like the idea of going into next year without a single proven starting OLB. It's the WR situation all over again.
  14. It's not an either or thing. Oliver is an interior pass rusher at DT, Z. Smith is an OLB. We better grab a starting caliber OLB somewhere AND we should draft help at DT.
  15. Ok, first off... you're an idiot. Second...I didn't say anything about Taywan not deserving a roster spot. You entirely missed my point and are creating a strawman. Currently, we only have two legitimate outside starters: Tawyan and Davis. Humphries should really be primarily a slot WR, and Tajae is a slot WR too. All our other special teams trash heap WRs are too small to win outside too (and should really not be viable options in any 3 WR sets). So regardless of Taywan's potential, this team desperately needs another WR that can play outside and threaten deep.
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