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  1. At the beginning of the year, @OILERMAN asked if I really didn't think Tannehill was a better QB, and I answered that I honestly had no idea. I said he could very well be worse; I didn't follow him much at Miami and I didn't watch much preseason. How could I know for certain if a QB I'd never really seen before is better? So anyone thinking that my criticism of Mariota is related to some 1-game lovefest over Tannehill being our savior, you're sadly mistaken. Mariota is a terrible QB because his play on the field has been terrible for two years now, and he had a lot of lows earlier. Tannehill played way better than I expected. I also mentioned in another thread how I assume the Chargers D is really bad and that he'll struggle against better D. I've been assuming we're drafting a new QB either way (which is what most critics of Mariota are saying).
  2. The Kelly hate is overblown. He got trashed by Bosa 1-on-1. No, he's not good enough to consistently block Bosa without help. Newsflash guys...neither is Conklin. He would have gotten his ass whipped too.
  3. That's not remotely what people are saying. Everyone wanted Mariota to succeed. Everyone still wishes he was a franchise QB. But he's not. He's fucking terrible. You're taking the Mariota criticism way too personally.
  4. I don't buy that JRob was pushing to start Mariota. First, I don't think he gets that say on gameday. Even if JRob is yelling at Vrabel behind the scenes to keep starting Mariota, Vrabel doesn't strike me as a bend-over-and-take-it coach who will bow to the GM dictating coaching decisions. If Vrabel knows Tannehill can potentially lead him to the playoffs and that Mariota is a bum who will ruin the season, you honestly think Vrabel allows the team to tank? Second, JRob is the one who did NOT extend Mariota and instead went with the 5th year option (which as @oldschool mentioned might have been forced due to the ulnar nerve injury). He then goes and trades for Tannehill (a 4th and 7th for Tannehill and a 6th). If you are all in on Mariota, I don't see how you trade a 4th for his backup (also on a 1-year deal expiring the same time as Mariota. Coincidence?).
  5. Mariota has been horrible. I honestly assumed the injury had to be the reason he was so atrocious last year -- it didn't make sense that in year 4 he was legitimately that bad. But it wasn't the injury. He really was awful. Or the injury did play a factory and he's never regained full strength, which I guess is possible. Regardless, his arm looks weak and his confidence is shot, and he can't consistently make basic passes that most college QBs can make.
  6. Someone tweeted the other week how Mariota was the #4 starting QB in a division that had two backups starting. I think that was too kind. He might be the #3 QB on this team. I'd wager there are 7 other QBs in the division that are better than him. I assume he'll be out of the league pretty soon.
  7. In retrospect, Mariota's numbers look almost bad compared to every other QB that faced the Falcons. Oh right, that's because he sucks.
  8. He consistently threw interior OL several yards back. One weakness of this D has been they can get knocked around by the OL (we are undersized and rely on speed). Simmons will be a huge help there.
  9. Jonnu looked like a playmaker today in the passing game, but he's still a liability in pass protection. I also think Firkser becomes far more valuable with Tannehill. Firkser has glue on his hands and is good in traffic, and Tannehill showed he can and will throw in tight windows.
  10. We have plenty of time this season to find out. Mariota isn't getting anymore time unless there's an injury.
  11. This franchise has always been at the forefront of racial progress. We managed to find three racially different, but equally stupid, injury prone, shitty ass running QBs who somehow couldn't buy time in the pocket. Actually, VY could avoid pressure at least his rookie year before he got hit a bunch and went into pansy mode. Ah, that reminds me: we also draft fucking pansies. VY and his daddy issues, Mariota and his closet issues, Locker and his...well Locker just couldn't throw 10 yards and he knew it (and wanted to quit football).
  12. I also think Mariota's arm strength is a bigger issue than many realized. He could never make those tight throws, especially off platform. When everything was perfect and he stepped up with all he had, he could make a solid strength throw (still never a wow throw). But that was the equivalent of a kicker on kickoff with a running start vs. a kicker taking two steps for a FG attempt. I think it affected his confidence and willingness to throw into windows. He couldn't get it there most of the time unless his technique and pocket were perfect (and they rarely were).
  13. Simmons is key because Casey doesn't have much longer. We aren't done with the DL -- we need to keep adding talent. Casey is slowing down and could fall completely off next year, and Wake is nearly 40 years old. Keep drafting playmakers on D and let Pees tear QBs up.
  14. Tannehill wasn't just adequate, he was key to our offensive success. He made ridiculously tight throws, threw covered guys open, and converted 3rd downs. This was with one week of reps and the entire right OL out. He was clearly out of sync with Ben Jones. I imagine the Chargers D is pretty bad (they were decimated at the end) and that he'll look worse against a better D, but his accuracy doesn't seem to be a fluke. His arm strength is fantastic too. We'll see how his decision making and field awareness is as the year goes on and teams start scheming for him. But regardless, this D is good enough to limit what we put on the QB, which makes Tannehill even more intriguing. He doesn't have to be Mahomes. We might be better served developing a QB under him for a couple years.