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  1. I don't think it's necessary to invest much in the OL. I'd look to improve one interior position, but I wouldn't spend a 1-3 round pick there. Coaching was a bigger issue it seems. I think we need help at WR, but again, it doesn't mean we need another 1st or 2nd rounder. Corey Davis is the #1. We need a #2 and better depth. Go out and sign a consistent handed veteran in FA who isn't 35 and runs a 4.8 40. Bam, you got the top two set and everyone else slides into a more appropriate role. Sign another FA depth player to be a #4 type and ensure we can withstand at least some injury. I would draft another RB who is more rounded, somewhere in the 3-5 range. TE may be a need if Walker falls of a cliff. I think the bigger issue for Mariota is health -- both his own and that of everyone else. If he's healthy and we don't have 1/3 of our key offensive players go down, there's enough to gauge where he is as a QB. More weapons would be better, but I'd invest everything in defense.
  2. The interview has other interesting takes. I thought his comment that the NFL has the worst coaches (and some of the very best) was interesting, arguing that coaches often care more about selling themselves for the next job and that this selfish mindset is a reason coaches don't adapt to their personnel as much as they should. He said we have a good coach in Vrabel and that we should feel lucky. He also is super high on Tua. He made a case that it isn't just his physical ability (Dilfer claims his pure throwing is as good as it gets), but he's also shown the ability to quickly change bad habits and develop. Apparently he was totally undisciplined coming out of HS.
  3. Good lord you're obnoxious. I'm literally posting what Dilfer said because I listened to the interview. Nothing I said was my opinion. Nothing. I'm merely relaying information Trent Dilfer said. If you want to criticize him for saying he'll be misinterpreted, go ahead, but those are his words not mine. I've defended Mariota and I'm the one who posted the goddamn criticism.
  4. It's funny, before he started talking he said he knew that people in Nashville would take his statements out of context and misunderstand. He said he absolutely loves Mariota and would take him as his QB in a heartbeat. Said if he was in the right system and supported, he'll go to 5 pro bowls and "earn every one." His criticism was very technical and basically explained that his mechanics cause rushed throws to be more inaccurate, so coaches should stop trying to make those rushed reads a key part of the offense. His point is that he can count on 1 hand the QBs that can read "perimeter to perimeter." So no, he's not a HOF type like Brees, Brady, or Rodgers. But he said when Mariota isn't rushed, he's as accurate as anyone. Now...he may be totally wrong and may have no idea what he's saying. But it's an interesting take from an outsider who focuses on QBs.
  5. Trent Dilfer is apparently taking over as head coach for Lipscomb Academy in Nashville, so 180 had him on for an interview. It was a really interesting interview, I highly recommend listening. He had takes on Mariota's mechanics and limitations, Vrabel, NFL coaches being too ambitious, Arthur Smith's hire, Tua, etc.
  6. Also, @OILERMAN, in the last 24 hours you've caused me to watch a skin crawling doc about mormons pimping out their underage daughter to a pedophile, and to laugh at a man with ALS who burned alive. So...thanks?
  7. He certainly didn't make a case for two- gap clogging behemoths. But I don't think you can really read anything into these general offseason comments.
  8. I'm not proud to say it...but I legitimately laughed when I read that line. I think it's due to absurd cosmic irony. I mean...sure. I guess. That's certainly one way to look at the situation.
  9. So true, that's a great point. He was emphatic at how that was unquestionably the worst day, and he was being sincere and breaking down on camera. That's a big slip up considering his "awww shucks, we didn't know" routine about his PRE-TEEN DAUGHTER BEING REPEATEDLY DRUGGED AND RAPED. And remember, the daughter totally avoided the dad and didn't want any affection. The documentary never really got clear explanations why she was so particularly angry and disengaged from her father, and the victim never clarified. We're left to assume it was just a symptom of her psychological abuse. Come to think of it, she was with her mother later in person and in pics, but did they show anything of her with her father? This whole thing makes me so goddamn mad. B got away with raping more girls, and these assholes are acting like the victims. I'm shocked one of the other kids didn't lose it and take out the parents.
  10. Smith sounds like a nice fit for Mularkey in that he preaches being versatile over anything else. Vrabel wants to be multiple in what they do, with a gameplan that depends on the matchup. People always talk about having an identity, but it sounds like our only consistent identity might be "nasty." The Pat's ran through the playoffs with an old school approach featuring a ton of traditional run game.
  11. Agreed with you @OILERMAN. Dad is obviously gay, which explains a lot. B figured that out fast and knew he could exploit the parents. The mom never had a truly romantic relationship with the dad, and you can tell they all know and did know he was secretly gay, so she probably felt that her relationship with B wasn't all that bad. They both felt bad about the religious aspect of their marriage, the "fidelity," but they knew they weren't romantically in love. The mom describing the affair was the most sickening part to watch. She was getting aroused just re-living it. That woman is fucked up. The dad is a little bitch and was entirely passive, but the mom absolutely knew what was going on. She was holding out hope that B would still want her. Even the lawyer told her specifically to cut him out of her life, so it sounds like during the divorce filings, the mom still wanted to keep B around. She looks like she misses him even now and would sleep with him again. And she started writing the goddamn book in the 90s? She's not the predator that B is, but she's a horrible, horrible human who pimped her daughter out so her lover would stay around, then realized she could make more money telling the world. Both parents absolutely knew he was molesting her, and they tried to rationalize it by hoping he was just touching her and not actually having sex (remember the mother asking the doctor about the daughter's hymen and saying she was relieved? She totally fucking knew). When the sister recounted the victim spilling the alien story, she mentioned how both parents didn't probe and didn't want to hear details. They fucking knew and wanted to keep it quiet. He slept in her bed 4 times a week for 6 months? What the fucking fuck? It could have been In the 1500s, nobody is oblivious to that. This documentary hitting Netflix will not be good for that family. More people are gonna realize the family knew, and it's gonna cause more problems with their already weird relationships
  12. What the fucking fuck did I just watch? All of you...god-damn all of you who recommended this. Now everytime someone even looks at a kid weird, I'm gonna lose it and go all Ramsey skin-flaying. I have conflicting feelings of horrible pity for the family, and wanting to just bomb the whole bloodline out of existence.
  13. Perhaps they should have held off on this article until after the lowest scoring Superbowl ever.
  14. Clearly. Which is why this conversation is completely pointless.
  15. Big -- you have a tendency to change arguments and create strawmen whenever someone counters your main point. I was ignoring this tendency in some of your earlier replies, but this is a major reason why posters earlier said it wasn't even worth arguing with you. I didn't say anything about VY and that wasn't remotely the point. But of course, you know that already. I also didn't say a word this entire thread about QBs needing star receivers to he successful. Stop putting words in my mouth.
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