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  1. I think on passing downs, we're more likely to see an extra safety replace Brown. Probably have a group of Vaccaro, Hooker, Byard, and King all working together. Vrabel likes being multiple and disguising coverage, so maybe he'll rotate responsibilities. On things like 2nd and 5, it will be more interesting.
  2. Lol, it's not hard to watch multiple games. NFL games, once you shrink down dead time between plays and commercials breaks, average out to about 13 minutes. I'm serious. As far as actual playtime, we spend over 3 hours waiting to watch less than 15 minutes of actual football. I grew up a NOLA fan and watch every game, just like the Titans. It's usually even easier because with primetime and afternoon timeslots, they rarely play at the same time. But if they aren't on simultaneously, my 2nd TV is on the red zone channel.
  3. I have two TVs side by side. I don't fuck around on Sundays.
  4. I watched the whole game. We're gonna need to see more. He only threw 23 times, ran another 10 times (both of his TDs were runs). Some good passes, some pretty bad ones too. His longest pass was so underthrown, the DBs kept running into the end zone because they were so confused. I personally didn't see a guy who's arm I trust, but it was his first start. He's not a pure passer obviously, but lots of offenses have been successful with dual threat guys. The Saints D is very good and their running game is awesome. Payton is a wizard, so we'll see if he can design a modern offense around Hill. But I wouldn't read much into the Atlanta game, lots of questions still.
  5. Hey, who was that blue team that came on for the Titans in the 4th quarter? They're pretty good. And fun to watch. And way less predictable. And they even blitzed! We should keep that version of the team.
  6. Even that first drive...run Henry up the middle, run again up the middle, then on 3rd down and long expect Tannehill to make a perfect throw in tight coverage to Firkser (who everyone knows we're going to on 3rd down). It's laughable how ASmith has not adapted
  7. This team is awful to watch. We're boring. Predictable. It looks like a talented team that constantly makes mistakes, plays sloppily, and puts itself in difficult situations. Even when we win this year (outside of the Bills game), it feels like the team is trying to lose and just barely surviving with a win. We make everything so hard.
  8. Also, maybe blitzing a QB every once in a while isn't the worst idea?
  9. Screw pride, if the defense continues its current "one of the worst in NFL history" trajectory, Vrabel won't have a job. JRob surely will communicate this to him, as JRob also may not have a job. Fix it. If you can't, be a leader and hire somebody better than you that can.
  10. As it stands now, Evans and Davis were bad picks (Davis was a terrible move considering we wasted a top 5 pick). Wilson is yet to be determined. I'd argue that Conklin at #10 wasn't a good pick either, though he wasn't a bust. It would have been difficult for any GM to not at least get something decent in trade value that year, and JRob did a marginal job. Adoree was a good pick, of course passing on Lattimore for Davis at #5 was a massive mistake. Simmons was a huge hit. For 2nd rounders, it's been mixed. Dodd, Austin Johnson, both terrible. Landry ok. Brown, Henry both huge. And guys like Byard, Nate Davis, and Jonnu Smith were killer 3rd round picks. FA signings have been extremely mixed too, though his coup of Tannehill cannot be understated. JRob has a mediocre draft pedigree so far. He's flat out blown multiple big picks, and you won't keep winning if you do that. He's also done well grabbing mid round players and getting solid FAs. But he had a lot of draft capital to work with when he started, and this class and next year's draft class will go a long way towards seeing if JRob can truly manage a roster.
  11. So...either Joseph single handedly destroyed the entire defense, or it was a coaching/scheme issue.
  12. Crawford getting inside pressure too.
  13. Borders putting Joseph to shame. Butler back playing tight man coverage and excelling. Roberson getting some pressure. The defensive adjustments seem to be working.

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