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  1. Check out @mattneely_’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/mattneely_/status/995747130441682944?s=09
  2. titanzfn2dn

    Chiefs trade Alex Smith to Redskins

    http://nfltraderumors.co/breaking-chiefs-trading-alex-smith-redskins/ Take it for what it"s worth.
  3. Looks like the Titans get the Chargers in London.
  4. titanzfn2dn

    2017 NFL Draft Rumors & Buzz OT

    Aaron Wilson reports that the Titans worked out Connecticut’s Obi Melifonwu as a cornerback on Sunday. Wilson notes that Tennessee likes Melifonwu’s size (6-4, 224) and cover skills
  5. All jokes aside, what if Jordan Matthews for the Eagles became available. They just signed Jeffreys and Smith, I wouldn't be surprised if they truly started listening to offers court him our Agahor(sp). Would you giddy give a third or fourth rounder for Matthews?
  6. titanzfn2dn

    Schefter Titans will move the pick

    I actually read on some site (rumors of course) where the Eagles would offer 1st, 3rd, Cox and 2017 1st.
  7. titanzfn2dn

    Eagles want Wentz

    Thinking way outside of the box here, but I've had in the back of my mind that the Titans already had some sort of deal in place with Philly. I'm looking at the Murray trade, they damn near gave him to us for nothing and a future trade was part of the deal, not unless another team offered the Titans a "Kings Ransom". Maybe Mr. Robinson has had Philly show their hand and is now waiting on another team to beat it.
  8. titanzfn2dn

    Cleveland trying to trade for Kaepernick

    Kap probably wants to play for the Browns because they are down and can go nowhere but up, so he gets some credit if they get better if he's the QB. On the other hand if he goes to the SB champ Broncos or a middle of the pack Jets and the team doesn't perform as well as the year before, the new QB is going to take a majority of the blame, wether it's his fault or not. Kap: I'll take the Browns, I can't do any worse than the guys before me.
  9. titanzfn2dn

    2016 Combine Thread

    Watts is a freak of nature. But if Henry runs a 4.45 forty like is being said could happen, he will be a first rounder.
  10. titanzfn2dn

    2016 Combine Thread

    Rich Eisen ‏@richeisen 11m11 minutes ago Derrick Henry just launched a vertical of 37 inches. At 247 pounds. Dayum.
  11. titanzfn2dn

    Bob Bratkowski is "new" to Titans WR coach

    At least we know all of the coaches will be on the same page, because of their familiarity with each other. Lets just hope it is the same book.
  12. titanzfn2dn

    Bob Bratkowski is "new" to Titans WR coach

    I guess the gangs all here...coached with Mularkey in Jacksonville as OC in 2012, QB coach in Atlanta (Robiskie) 2011, coached WR in Pittsburgh 1999-2000
  13. Paul Kuharsky ESPN Staff Writer Bob Bratkowski is Titans WR coach.
  14. titanzfn2dn

    Jon Gruden --RUMOR

    And this is just a rumor, was listening to NFL talk on Sirius radio and there is talk in Philly that Gruden may have interest as the Eagles coach. I don't know if this has any legs or not, but has anyone seen or heard anything regarding this?
  15. If he did want Mariota last year and was maybe overruled, here is his chance to have to have him again.