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  1. chiefs are looking vicious. But this dont look like the same Colts D as last week
  2. How am I mad? All i know is Japan at least is somewhat a titans fan. Ill side with that any day over someone here gassing up the Pats on our message boards. I dont think im alone in that. Let him be strange lol its his life, but being a Pats fan? Thats like a terminal illness
  3. Didnt have to stalk. This got put to the top of the feed because it got posted on a month and a half later thus making it relevant again. This clown literally made an account to post that garbage pointless patriot dick riding comment, and yo'ure lightweight defending him. Kick rocks.
  4. lmao Japan gave me the bird for stating mariota facts
  5. MM on the sides looking just as terrified as he does in the huddle. not motivating the team, not involved at all after not being out on the field. No leadership
  6. Now the long wait until Sept. 2019, Fuck everything
  7. almsot at the point they should just let them in
  8. Steelers fans are waiting idly by, licking their chops that this is a tie
  9. omg, i just cant, Adoree is an absolute landfill inferno
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