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  1. Right on que, Cramer says to sell some BTC and it rises off the lows 10% right after that.
  2. With one red crypto eye, this can only mean that he's halfway down the crypto wabbit hole! Stay calm and #HODL dem sats! * The guy on the cup looks like he might just be the lead singer from the old band Toto! 😉
  3. Not a bad price for 1 year really. I tried out a gaming buddy's iptv recently, that he sells a subscription to people for. Was only about 4 bucks a month, or $50 a year, but I told him I don't watch enough TV to really even pay that.
  4. Their streams were plenty good. Just have to find the right one. I'll watch them again this year for sure.
  5. Trending on Twitter. National Bitcoin day! Weee... #BitcoinDay Bitcoin is now legal tender... Many are celebrating Bitcoin Day on September 7 as El Salvador becomes the first nation to adopt BTC as legal tender https://twitter.com/search?q=%23BitcoinDay&src=trend_click&vertical=trends
  6. In before Bongo says Cam was cut for eating a vegan diet!
  7. If it does pause here around 50k, wouldn't be surprised to see it retrace to 40k or so near term, then back up...
  8. BTC hit 50k again! Up $15k! Celebrate!
  9. Saw a PF Classic Album episode on PBS a week or so ago. Was decent. Preview... https://www.pbs.org/video/pink-floyd-dark-side-moon-preview-laucnn/ Episode... https://www.pbs.org/video/pink-floyd-the-dark-side-of-the-moon-esbhso/ Aired: 10/08/20 Expires: 09/03/21 Rating: NR
  10. lol Drunk traders... 32% of U.S. investors say they have made trades while drunk. Gen Zers fell into the trap most of any generation with 59% confessing to drunk-trading -- just 9% of baby boomers admitted to drunk trading. This can be combined with the rise in "emotionally charged" investing that traders say they would later regret. Per the survey, 66% of Americans admit to making these impulsive investing decisions. The survey gathered data from 1,116 U.S. consumers in June 2021, and broke down their habits by generation. Kamaron McNair, the author o
  11. That damn Kuharsky got so horny, that he tried to fuck an alligator!?
  12. And last, but not least, the 'if I had only invested years ago' gif... An oldie, but a goodie...
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