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  1. Exclusive footage from last Friday night of the Panda leaving the bar. Dude was fucking smashed man! Had a hell of a time trying to navigate the stairs. He tried to hang onto the hand railing at first, but couldn't do it. Ended up having to slide down the bitches and then crawl outta there. I don't know how the Panda could have driven a vehicle after that though. Amazing...
  2. Man, if Cincy can build around Burrow the next couple/few years, that division will be back to being a madhouse of competition. Cincy/Balt/Pitt/Clev
  3. I bet LenDale the whale is over there drinking that Patron with ya!
  4. Is high school football on Fridays going on this year? I haven't even noticed.
  5. This would have been a great year to have Friday or Saturday night games for the NFL, since college ones are so limited.
  6. Could a mod merge these two threads before AJ has to pull a Bongo and get that leg amputated!? Dayum... Thx bros!
  7. Wish they would just pack it up and leave town! Would rather see Russini by herself cover the shit. Well, Teresa ain't too bad I guess.
  8. Not sure, but I tried listening to the first week's podcast and couldn't get all the way through it, because it sounded like he was inside a tin can or something lol, compared to Jamal's mic. Probably putting that mic money into the market though I guess! Can't blame him!
  9. I used to work for a married couple many years ago and she admitted that she was always trying to read a book when she drove on the highway, outside of town. This was way before texting while driving was a big thing, but it was actually the same thing almost back then. Dangerous as hell. I never rode with her while she was reading, of course. Crazy ass woman.
  10. Are pineapples being thrown around in this game? No danger then. 'Nuff said!
  11. How is Sox banned though, if he can still log in and even give people emoji reactions to their posts? Not seen that type of banning before. Almost like a muting instead. Discuss!

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