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  1. You bout have to use it before free agency starts so he wont go anywhere
  2. How? He had the best rating in all of football. Only threw 6 ints tied for best in the league. 6th overall in offensive rating. #2 in explosive plays and were one of the best redzone scoring offenses
  3. Did you see the one about Jeff Fisher as defensive coordinator
  4. I guess theres no need for defensive coordinators then if its all the same. What seperates the best from the rest is having the players look for keys, alignments, make sure the given responsibilties are actually for thr plays they are expecting on key downs vs certain personnel. Why is Belicheck, Parcells, Pees and Lebeau so good but some coordinators so bad if its all the same stuff as you say?
  5. Are you saying fishers defense would be just good as those two legends? Pees and Lebeau's defense lasted so long because it was innovative and they were smart. Fisher is neither of those
  6. Pass rusher and corner is 1a and 1b. Backup Rb is #2. But all that changes depending on Conklin.
  7. I think Brady is going to the Raiders in my opinion then Carr will go to the Redskins.
  8. They would still suck even with a run game. They are not smart or accurate enough.
  9. Thank you He might wouldve been good 20 years ago. Not today. Fisher coaching style, scheme and overall philosophy is pretty outdated and it was even 15 years ago.
  10. Wait till they see what Prescott is gonna get and Tannehill is better than him
  11. Titans were 6 in offensive rating Tannehill was #1 in passer rating Tannehill was #2 in TD% Titans were #2 in explosive pass rate Tannehill tied for throwing the least amount of INTs of starters with 6 total Some sources https://www.sharpfootballstats.com/explosive-play-rankings--off-.html https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/team-offense/2019 Yeah that screams mediocre and average.

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