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  1. Nobody was high on Wright. He was small and slow but had some wiggle.
  2. I stopped caring about getting Clowney awhile ago
  3. Its possible some regular carp got mixed in with the hybrid batch. Or somebody has put those in there after the hybrid batch.
  4. Thats a good question. How many small carp are in there?
  5. My carp in my pond has really helped out with the grass. The grass would take over and ypu couldnt fish but now the carp are over 20 years old and weigh 45lbs a piece. No doubt the state record is in there. Theyre hybid is why they are so big, they cant reproduce.
  6. Oiler fanatic doesnt know much about football it seems
  7. Trout have really good vision, they probably saw your line. Id start out fishing for bluegill with kids.

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