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  1. I never knew Texas fans called the program UT.
  2. We've literally came up with 4 Titan teams that are more talented than this one lol
  3. No. There were some that were better playmakers with INTs but they still gave up yards and TDs. Rolle gave up hardly anything. In pure coverage skills he was one of the best during that time.
  4. I dont think he does. Lacks consistency, dicipline in his mechanics and makes more poor reads some times.
  5. We historically dont win many early games and I hate it being in Cleveland. They are more talented than us where it counts. I wont be surprised if we get blown out to honest, Im kinda expecting it.
  6. Completely disagree. I knew heading into the 08 season we would make the playoffs and have a dominant defense. This team will have a worse record than the 08 team and probably wont make the playoffs.
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