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  1. Cancel culture, social media, racists, people just thinking they're better than others is root of all our problems right now. We have categorized every demographic, race , gender etc in everything now.
  2. I didn't at all. I don't want to take right tackles in the first round.
  3. The top teams are getting better while we will get worse
  4. It's Rass, he's black. This is like his 3 or 4th account on this forum because he's a shitty poster.
  5. Pretty cool. There's probably mod of it on steam
  6. I have a family member that just got his second shot. He's experiencing body aches and a fever. He's late 50s or 60 years old.
  7. Yeah it'sgood. For some reason I lost interest in it and forgot to start it back.
  8. Wonderful books. I've read the first two so far. Way better than the show
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