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  1. We really make sense. Theres not a team I can think of right off that bat that has talent everywhere and no QB under contract under 2020.
  2. Only way I'm watching this is if it shows her titties
  3. Its not because of the defense he played against. Look at how strong his arm was, how accurate he was conpared to Mariota's. The DBs played not bad coverage from what I saw, he just trusted his WRs to make a play so he actually threw it.
  4. We are lucky he got his 5th year exercised instead of getting a $30 million a year contract. Dodged a huge franchise killing contract.
  5. After watcing some highlights he was definitely pushing the pocket.
  6. I think we need to resign Conklin.
  7. Like Ive said multiple times, Marcus just doesnt have the zip of an NFL starter anymore.
  8. Ive read somewhere this dude is freakish strong.
  9. This has to happen every single game. They are too good not get the ball thrown their way.
  10. Love to see his highlights. I did see the sack he had