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  1. The qbs we face are way better than last year. I wouldnt be surprised if we had a losing record.
  2. Im not paying 20 million for complicated. I think hes too frail to be a starter in this league.
  3. Because its not complicated. He's either good or not after year 4. What is he?
  4. Im not as biased as you think I am. I love the Titans alot so I call it like I see it with our players. Im not a homer and am very down to Earth with my reasoning when it comes to my judgement of players. I have zero confidence in Mariota. Its not his health that bothers me its his confidence, he's lost it. He holds the ball too long and plays dont happen, its that simple.
  5. Ive asked you twice why you are so confident in Mariota, why you defend him so much and I get no response. Just answer
  6. It should be an easy decision. Is he worth 20 million a year? no Im not paying him 2 million dollars for every touchdown
  7. Has he done enough to earn an extension? Thats what I thought
  8. I just dont know what Marcus has done to earn this much blind homerism.
  9. Defending him with that production is stupidity. Its being a huge homer. Some dont have the balls to be critical of Marcus.
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