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  1. There's so many guns that are more powerful and accurate than a semi automatic Uzi.
  2. Could you imagine Jonnu with this offense now? That wouldve been unfair, nobody would want to tackle us
  3. So pretty much 35 is the cutoff point of production from elite WRs
  4. They're ready to pull their dicks out now. @woolfolksunclesuncle
  5. That's warren moons number. But I'd rather see him in #1 than 8 and it has nothing to do with Mariota. Its just an ugly number
  6. I hate the number 8, it looks terrible, he needs to change it
  7. Masks definitely work with an airborne virus. Why do people lake common sense.
  8. Yeah I've been coming here since 2003. I know what a forum is.
  9. How about we stop posting in here until there's actual news
  10. I honestly dont care if we get Julio or not at this point. I wouldn't want him to eat up our cap room plus give up a high pick.
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