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  1. I’m just going by what everybody else is saying. I also read that he was “laboring” on the 1st day.
  2. If MyCole Pruitt really showed up that out of shape he’s an asshole. He played well the last 6 games last year & basically had the 3rd TE spot locked down. Now he gets fat & we sign this guy, who definitely will not play as good as Pruitt did last year.
  3. We were discussing this the other day. There was an article that in error called it an ACL. But the Titans are so paranoid with their injuries that I almost wouldn’t be surprised if they got caught by the league lying about an injury. It’s a bit weird.
  4. Those Oiler teams, the ‘95-‘98 ones, before the stadium, were pretty good. They had some nice talent. It was just too hard to win without a real homefield. I also think it was a mistake to fire Jerry Rhôme as OC, it seemed liked McNair dumped the ball off a lot more starting in ‘97 when Steckel took over. Then again there was rumors that Rhome never wanted McNair & wanted them to draft Boselli (who obviously wasn’t there) or Westbrook, and that he & Chandler froze McNair out.
  5. I was going to post this, with how Henry looked to end last year & all the talk about him being the centerpiece of the offense, are they willing to pay the price of the guy explodes this year? We’re going to have a RB & FS, two positions where most teams don’t allot much money, looking at FA & getting PAID. It would kill me but I wouldn’t be shocked if they let Byard walk. I understand he’s one of the rare single high FS but based on the deals the safeties got this year I don’t know if they’ll make that commitment. And this past FA just blew up the franchise tag.
  6. He caught 2 long balls from Gabbert, we’ll not long balls but about 30-35 yards, pretty vintage Shanahan type playaction roll out type plays.
  7. I think Cam Wake is going to be a monster upgrade. I know the board wanted Houston or some of the other big money edge rushers but Wake is a beast. I think at minimum we’ll get one big year out of him. I also fully expect Landry to play like the prototype blindside rusher. It’s hard not to be psyched about this LBer 4some. The upside is huge & it’s not even forecasting much, these guys should be that good. WW would be the best ILB on most teams, he’s depth here. The depth in the back 7 & at WR is exciting. I’m a little worried about the OL though.
  8. From what I remember didn’t Marcus & Firkser click really well last season but Gabbert seemed to connect well with Pruitt.
  9. I guess this explains the weight gain? Im not sure why we’d want a FB with all the TE’s we have. But I personally think the outside zone/Shanahan offense (assuming that’s what we’ll be running) tends to be better with a FB. I don’t feel the same way with other systems.
  10. We have no idea who he’s talking about. It very well could just be stories he’s heard or guys in college we’ve never heard of. But one thing he’s definitely correct about is guys trying to “brand” themselves. It’s funny, every coach that gets hired comes in & says he has no set system, it’ll be based around the players, etc. But yet everytime you read about them it’s mentioned how they’re connected to the Shanahan offense, or the Cornell offense, or Carroll’s defense or LeBeau’s defense. These guys definitely use their connects in the media to mention them running a certain big names “scheme”.
  11. I’m dead serious when I say this. I’d be interested to hear somebody whose been around since Mariota’s rookie year’s take on his practices now & his rookie year. Because all you heard in 2015 was how legendary his training camp sessions were, there was the whole “no interception” steak but that was really bullshit. But from everything we read back then he was a surgeon in practice. And apparently he was bad last year. What happened? Were those rookie year workouts overrated? Or has he completely fallen off to the point it shows in practice? Cause despite reports last year he was mostly pretty friggin accurate during he season. He definitely has the ball sail on him too often though, there’s no question about that. And it seems to almost always happen very early in the game. Perfect example was the MNF game against the Steelers in ‘17. He had Matthews wide open for an 8 yard catch & just airmailed him for a pick. He then made about 8 straight great throws. But the sailing has to stop, even if it’s just once a game. There’s no better way to throw a pick then airmailing a receiver.
  12. This is why it absolutely sucks if we try to find another QB this year. We won’t be picking high enough & the odds are slim to none we’ll get a decent FA. I realize I’m basically the only one but based on the brutal defensive schedule & the injuries he dealt with last year I thought he played fairly well. He also played excellent in a few games against tough teams. And overall I think he’s been let down much more then propped up by his pass catchers the last 2 years. He also won us a road playoff game & for a pretty lowly franchise that means something. Once again, I know I’m the rarity here but I think some forget about the dark days too quickly. I hope & actually expect Marcus to play his way to an extension this year. We’ll see.....
  13. I’m also pretty sure the type of blocking scheme had more of an impact on the interior lineman rather then the tackles.
  14. Have you guys seen Conklin’s combine? He’s ridiculously athletic. I read somewhere that when you took into account all his drills he was the 3rd most athletic tackle that year. The narrative that he’s a big ox of a power player simply isn’t true. He’s 6’6 306 with 35” arms & runs a 5 flat 40, with very good agility drills. The only reason he played RT was because of Lewan, the Giants were planning on making him their LT the next pick had we drafted someone else. He was a LT every year in college & he went into the draft considered a LT. He’s probably one of the 3-4 most athletic RT’s in the league, there’s no way the system impacted him that much. The bulk of Conklin’s trouble came on passing downs which has nothing to do with zone blocking. If Rob Havenstein, an ogre of a human being, can excel as a RT in a zone scheme Conklin will be fine. Jack ran his 40 at 5 flat as compared to Havenstein’s 5.46 & his 3 cone was 7.63 as opposed to 8.26. He’s more then athletic enough to play any spot on the line in any scheme.
  15. Jesus Christ I had no idea about any of this stuff. WTF is wrong with this guy? Was his arrest all over the media? I don’t recall any of this.
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