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  1. The Titans were still +11 in takeaways which led the NFL. If they could keep that component at or near the tops of the league, but bring up the floor along with it and it should make a huge difference as to how far they can go in the postseason.
  2. Sounds like she spit into the trash can 🗑 in front of the player and then spit into the condom she brought privately when he wasn’t looking. That would be my guess but I haven’t watched it. My brother says it great, though. He highly recommends it, though.
  3. Having him would only add a plus-modifier to either Julio or AJ’s performance, and hopefully both. Josh Reynolds should eat well.
  4. I mean, it seemed pretty clear that drafting Rice was all about Evans insurance one way or the other. Long is already the insurance for Jayon. I hope not, but either starter could be out or benched. I thought without looking to see if it makes sense they could send Evans to ATL because of Pees, but I always kind of saw him as being seduced by the Ravens as a free agent. Or the Patriots. But I’m afraid trading him is not an affordable luxury right now.
  5. A 2nd rounder is probably worth the gamble if they could make the contract work.
  6. A 2nd rounder is probably worth the gamble if they could make the contract work.
  7. This is, seriously, a better fit than had we gotten Amik Robertson last year who was an inch shorter, but more productive college career. You can tell they like Molden much more as a prospect. Looks great on fresh paper, at least.
  8. Then put him in your pocket already! I couldn’t help but overhear you two talking. Hey he goes anywhere, he does anything. It’s incredible! Where’d he go? I don’t know. He’s slippery. Check your pocket? Anyway, whaddya say? You wanna take him home with you? I’ll let you talk about it in private:
  9. I have to wonder if the reason JR traded up was more about missing Josh Palmer instead of Tommy Tremble.
  10. Seems like they were trying extra hard to sell this TE position group on TV. I mean I know, the moment of lives, etc. I relegated that position as, not unneeded, just really ain’t worth happening here. It’s really a position the Titans (sounds kind of like tight ends) are comfortable finding and improving TE talent from anywhere. Not that they don’t want a fully balanced and developed TE1. But they have Darrynton Evans, Firkser, whoever wins WR3, and if Swain takes another step, an inline blocker who can present more looks in the passing game. Jared Pinkney ha
  11. It’s like we went from DayQuil to NyQuil. Now I don’t know but NyQuil’s’posed to fuck you up pretty good I hear!
  12. Molden was worth skipping a year targeting a primary NB IMO
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