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  1. According to Pro Football Focus, Brown averaged 2.66 yards per route run through 2019 and 2020, the best mark by a receiver in their firs two seasons in league history. Brown is in pretty great company, too, as he’s followed by Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideout Antonio Brown (2.65) and Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. (2.57) on the list of the top three. https://titanswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/22/tennessee-titans-a-j-brown-nfl-record/ Brown was the only NFL rookie since 1970 with 1,000-plus receiving yards and an average of 20-plus yards per reception, and he led the NFL with 605 receiving yards over his final six games of the regular season. https://www.tennesseetitans.com/news/receiver-a-j-brown-didn-t-win-offensive-rookie-of-the-year-but-brown-and-the-tit
  2. Stop making excuses for this weak ass hate filled coup attempt. What a bunch of apologists when, had it worked, all you minority Trump supporters wanting to be right a go with this public Q Anon crap - Trump lies before the election and before the second, trying like mad to conspire aka break laws both domestic and internationally in order to win, and you lemmings would just hee haw like “Yay. These idiots don’t know we cheated our way to win. White majority power rules.” Democrats cheated if I don’t get what I want was Trumps only message for years. You can tell from the video footage without sound exactly what is happening. A network banner changes nothing. There was no “liberal media” before Fox and alt-right news created those labels. All news outlets are politically aligned and yet still have to report news fairly and accurately. Editorials are where political opinions can freely manifest. Why does Fox run so many corrections? To not get sued for libel. Why hasn’t Trump won a single libel suit? Ok. And supporting Russia? What’s wrong with Republicans today? Reagan is rolling in his grave. And keep your propaganda in the political forum. Sorry all
  3. While possible it could be a legitimate concern, what Vrabel actually said was that we the Titans want to give their players the physical and mental support they deserve and need. And mental doesn’t always mean licensed therapy or counseling. I haven’t heard anyone mention how Vrabel said he and Brown have spoken since the trade and that they are fine and he wishes him well. Specifically said how important it was to not burn bridges in the league because you never know when you will work with someone again down the road. He said he didn’t like it but it was a business. Yeah, I’m sure Vrabel was pissed both professionally AND personally when it happened, but he sounded genuinely big boy about it. Now, maybe the FO o-fishy’all presence feels more o-fishy’ally butthurt over how it went down, but I feel like this whole thing is more to the side of slightly dirty pool rather than diva wideout has fractured psyche issues. Brown behaves like someone who cheated on a good partner for someone who will let him dirty sanchez or something. He guilty. I’m personally just happy the Titans got the value for him they did. We’re better without a player who doesn’t want to be here who wasn’t very available anyway. I love AJ. I’m one of the main people who said we gotta draft him. But potentially Burks, McCreary and Petit-Frere are a good or better hedge down the road and Willis is a free play in all this.
  4. You can see that he’s patient and trusts his reads. That’s a big deal. Probably speaks to his film study and work ethic as well. Cool.
  5. Anyway, I opt to think what will help Burks right away are his size, length and body control. He may be limited on the route tree and nuance within routes, but I think he brings enough starting out, plus with mismatches, it’ll be ok. What that means is Better than Woods and NWI alone. We’ll see. From the size comparison, you notice immediately that Burks and Okwonko are similar height, weight and speed. I doubt that’s accidental for as long as their names were on the Titans’ radar leading up to the draft. I’m excited to see what they do with each player long term.
  6. Ahaaahaha, thank you, my man. I appreciate that. My inner monologue sometimes, lol 😂.
  7. I said in the Philips thread they will probably be able to interchange Burks, Philips and Okwonko from the slot and run different plays to each one’s strengths. This also means these same guys will have to play outside sometimes. Okonkwo and Philips will still be able to block if they are playing out wide but I expect there to be overlap in how these guys are used and where they will line up in certain formations. If I’m reading this right, the Titans are going to make the slot a bitch to cover.
  8. It’s clear that from the amount Rodgers played last year, the priority to sign Humphries — Philips has a clear pathway to a lot of reps this season. I think it’s interesting that between Burks, Philips and Okwonko, the Titans will be running similar plays - out of the slot, the H, out wide, screens, flare outs, up & outs, etc., with the same guys. Since they all ran 4.52-4.58, all willing blockers, athletic guys who will bring different traits and skills to the slot, I can see this being a strategic focal point to stress defenses and tip them off-balance. As we’ve all noted, there’s almost too many guys to play the slot. Undoubtedly, Burks moves outside more than he did in college, but they’ll probably have situations where Philips has to play outside as well. I expect this will be for blocking assignments as much as matchup reasons.
  9. Oh, that’s right. It’s the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. It’s upstate. X-Men shit. ‘Splains a lot. That’s why you can’t find it. They got…dooo dooo dooo…forcefields and active camouflage.
  10. Elijah Molden, odd dammit. Thanks. I obviously went to the darkest place in all of the timeline.
  11. This pick will help the defense disguise coverage even more if they can have Farley play meaningful snaps. I got the sense that McCreary played the number of snaps he did from the slot mostly from following a single receiver around. A lot of people seem to expect him to play there, but I’m hoping and thinking he can be at least as good as Fulton. This will solidify us having two starting caliber CBs and then Farley is a luxury who hopefully still pans out. Then look at Mouton, Skrine, Maybin, Chris Jackson. CB will be a real strength. I feel about McCreary on defense like I feel about Kyle Philips on offense. It’s our chance to have 3 great starting CBs, essentially.
  12. Good interview. “Kyle Phillips is your next favorite player.” Good stuff about his route concepts, Chip Kelly’s WR philosophy and what it means to block as a WR.
  13. It’s such a good thing we basically got three targets in the draft at two positions. I was afraid they’d only get one receiver. In our situation, they probably got a near-term starter in round five.
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