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  1. Heavier RT but consistently ranked in top 50 boards. Always interesting to see what type player the Titans want. Whatever they do at the OT position it won’t be by accident.
  2. I don’t care where they take the right receiver, but under no circumstances should they consider a RB at 29, and ideally not at 61 either.
  3. Getting Blacklock and Johnson would be wins, lol, on paper at least.
  4. Yeah, thanks. Starkiller was. 2005 is when Hill was drafted. The Pacman Savior.
  5. Reagor CAN run a 4.35. TCU said he’s clocked a 4.32 before. I really think he had a “bad” day. He was supposed to be 2nd after Ruggs. He’s perceived to be “falling” because of an above average 40 time. This article below says he would be a good fit but says his drops are due to lack of concentration and weak hand strength at the catch point that enables DBs to knock away the ball. Good read. The article later points out that Robinson typically drafts receivers who have had back to back 1,000 yard seasons. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.musiccitymiracles.com/platform/amp/2020/1/24/21020148/2020-nfl-draft-scouting-report-profile-jalen-reagor
  6. I’m wanting Diggs partially because of how well Evans has worked out, I won’t lie. I’m afraid Terrell Lewis is going to tumble without the medical. Much of his playing time in college is ruined by it. I’d rather have Anfernee Jennings since they are graded about a round apart if they go Alabama for EDGE.
  7. Aiyuk has drawn comparisons to Brown as far as YAC ability. Higgins’ 40 hurt him badly. I’m sure some team will still take him in the 2nd rd.
  8. It was Walter Football that put the thought in my head, but I’ve noticed they are getting steadily worse as far as the website goes, but they’re doing more YouTube content. But some entries on players contain conflicting information, even contradictory, as they don’t edit old information when presented with new. They’re also not updating old player rankings either, it seems.
  9. Yeah, the school. I haven’t wanted a Florida player since we drafted Ben Troupe in 2004. i’m trying to remember the last time we actually drafted a player from Florida.
  10. It’s weird to like a Florida player, but I like both Greenard and Zuniga. I think the Ravens like Greenard too. I also like Darrell Taylor from UT, which is also weird. No Ben Troupe jinx.
  11. I found this on walterfootball.com a while ago. This is where I first got the idea @kyle021, @AussieTitanFan08. https://walterfootball.com/draft2020CB.php 3/14/20: Sources say Gladney has real cover skills to run with receivers and prevent separation. If he were a little bigger and didn't have off-the-field concerns, he might be a higher pick. Gladney has the speed and athleticism to run the route, but big wideouts give him problems, making catches over him or walling him off on routine possessional routes. Thus, Gladney could be a better fit as a nickel corner in the NFL.
  12. Who is? It’s always about finding the right one for your system. You can’t expect “any one will do” unless you’re just forced into a position to grab a body because you missed a mark. It doesn’t really matter if the position is deep or shallow. The top talent is shallow compared to the whole. It might not spread around enough to last to where a team ideally wants it to. And what’s more, 4 5 6 etc is going to look different across a lot of boards. So in the end it just comes down to fear of missing out on whomever.
  13. Dunno. He’s been rising. Saw him mocked in the 3rd recently. Doubt he lasts til the 5th for us.
  14. I can also see it for wideouts. Teams are going to try to duplicate what the Titans did and find the next AJ Brown. So any team with a new QB or need for receiver could be a possible trade partner.

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