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  1. My big takeaway from the presser is that MARIOTA HAS A GIRLFRIEND!
  2. I’m going Homer Hate ‘em Hate ‘em Jags Is that bias enough?
  3. I came here just to give NN props on the title alone.
  4. I stated some months back that there was once a stat that said if the Titans feed Henry 20+ times a game, they win. I think it was around the ‘17 season. It does seem simple, but....
  5. Mike Daniels is awesome. Underrated like I imagine Casey is for larger markets. Perennial Top 100 Player.
  6. This will be the Val Kilmer Batman of this generation. More like, “sparklenips.”
  7. As well as, “has all the weapons he needs.” Gets another scrub. “All the weapons” phrase comes out. Screw weapons. He needs body armor and a clear head at this point.
  8. A little aikido street tutelage from the UK. The instructor has probably 20 years of bouncer experience.The only part of the video that could be a little stronger is the enemy headlock.
  9. Cool trailer my friend sent me. I just want a couple of these bladed umbrellas.
  10. Cody “Fletch” Hollister 6’4,” with afro, 6’9.”
  11. https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2019/5/13/18617814/titans-sign-receiver-cody-hollister-nfl-patriots
  12. This look from Brown tells you all you need to know for now. Str8up Dire Wolf 🐺. Everyone else has a little mug or a little cheese in their look. Simmons is a freak for sure, but Brown has the pack leader look if you ask me. You didn’t, but there it is. A.J. Brown, The Professional
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