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  1. Charlie on had us taking Love in the first. I was not a fan of that at this stage. Drafttek lists him as a 5th rounder.
  2. Kickers about to go on strike. How hilarious that would be.
  3. What an unmitigated disaster that would have been. He’s been taking lots of plays off since his final season in college. Vernon Hargreaves has zero long speed, no recovery speed and peeks too much into the backfield. The only reason he went as high as he did is because teams were CB-desperate, and of course Jalen Ramsey went #5.
  4. I don’t totally disagree, just pointing out that all of those skill players, save maybe Henry, have to be disappointed a bit. Humphries got 1 catch, and it was the TD, his first of the season. In fact, all WRs only had 1 catch, and all had only one target, except for Brown, who had 4. TEs accounted for over half of the 19 targets. No, not all games are as extreme as the Chiefs, but Hump is the only skill player on pace for more than 50 catches, barely. It’s not changing even with RT at QB. I personally don’t care as long as the wins continue to pour in, but even for a typical Titans offense, this season is an outlier.
  5. Well, the players themselves care. Nobody wants to be brought in for an important role only to be underutilized and marginalized. Few players want to collect a paycheck and do little to nothing. Certainly not starters. For example, I’m sure Davis is already thinking about his next team. I’m sure Humphries expected more as well. Jonnu Smith thinks he deserves more attention. Basically, most players, no, people, want fulfillment from performance in whatever job they perform. Except guys like FA Haynesworth.
  6. McCaffrey was my choice for the Davis pick in that draft, and IIRC it was Oilerman’s choice as well. I did want Howard for the Adoree pick, but Jonnu Smith plus Jackson have been much better choices. I didn’t realize or forgot 5th year options had to come about at end of year 3, but it makes sense. If Davis was building on last season, okay, give him the option. I think at this point the Titans have to hope he explodes next year and deserves an extension. I wouldn’t want to trade him since right now the value is probably too low, and will be going into next season as well. It sucks, because he’s the WR who draws the most attention. Davis is an underutilized threat, but we understand why.
  7. It looks as though the force of Garrett’s hit didn’t take Rudolph down, so at that point he relies on his own body weight and the twist in order to take him down. I guess it’s “soft” in that he didn’t try to lift Rudolph up in order to take him down. Truly, Garrett should have just let him go. I laugh looking at the ref who is watching it and just pretends nothing is happening. He’s practically like, “Eight more seconds and I am outta here.” Little did he know. Earlier in the game, it’s probably unnecessary roughness for a late hit.
  8. I don’t think Adoree and Corey have to be dealt with so quickly. It’s only their third year. I can see Davis being traded if he’s not utilized more. Last year was very promising for him (65/891/4). This year is a damn shame so far.
  9. I agree completely. Pretty sure it was the culmination of a shitty performance with a troll move as the rotten tomato on top.
  10. I think people were speculating he used the N word or the B word. I so far just think it was the takedown itself.
  11. I think you’re thinking of biōtch, or some derivative. Just kidding.
  12. He says one word. Once his mouth opens, it does not close again like it would have to in order to say come on, which would be 3 consonants. I don’t understand how grown English speakers can’t get the “itch” part if nothing else. It’s very specific what you have to do in order to say that word. He’s not using ventriloquism or anything tricky, I promise.
  13. Maybe his lens prescription is out of date? 🤩
  14. That tackle was unquestionably unnecessary and Garrett was being a douche with the late hit, twist and drag down of Rudolph. The bulk of this rightfully rests on his head, but Rudolph played his part in escalating the situation.