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  1. Kind of hard to predict which way JR and crew will pick in the first couple of rounds. I noticed there are a lot of camp body Buffalo Butts they brought in as offseason competition for the tranches, looking at the offseason roster. Anybody know if we even have a passing interest in re-signing Morgan. Bring him back on the cheap later? This is why I’m a little split between EDGE and DT. Just hoping for a legitimate first round guy either way.
  2. #I’magonnapickTEinthefirsteveryyearuntilI’marightGahdangit!
  3. I’ve circled back on Hockenson from this standpoint: Luke Stocker went to ATL. Walker and Smith return from injury. Say, Hockenson is the more balanced TE, like Delanie, as compared against Jonnu Smith. Great if Smith’s blocking continues to improve. Gravy, baby. MyCole Pruitt and Firkser were shockingly good depth, and truly emerged as the season went on. I would like to keep them both around for a bit more. Now picture a scenario where Walker and Smith are gone in 2020. It could easily happen. Hockenson is rated by many a top 10 talent. If he lands at 19, that’s a hell of an arguably good value. Helps the protection scheme, Arthur Smith, yada yada yada.... Not the worst thing that could happen.
  4. I agree. We have never gone all-in on that kind of player. Dexter Lawrence is tempting. He’s an end of round 1 prospect by some big boards, but....needs and all.
  5. Well, I always thought the deal with Tye Smith’s value was being able to play CB or even FS in a pinch, as well as special teams. I’m glad we re-signed him. It’s really good depth at different spots at once, and lends to the multiplicity of the back 7. This is kind of a comfort signing for me, but call me crazy-full-of-crazies, I would not say no Robinson absolutely will not take a CB for any reason in this draft and account for some possible near future scewithout Butler or Ryan. And don’t get me wrong, I would definitely love for Logan Ryan to retire a Titan. As well, I would not mock a CB to us in pretty much any scenario of need. BUT: Load that barrel full of cornerbacks if you want to, JR, I say. If that’s the BPA by a mile and you’ve filled all....now let me slow this part down right here....and I mean ALL OF... the major holes, which then thusly have been pleasurably filled, via free agency and the draft, to wit.... Well, I figure that Big ‘Ol JRob JRobinson (sic) can please himself any damn way he want to at that point. And at which point that the organizational body, as a whole, is nurtured and fulfilled, then it is written that a General Manager may, at his sole discretion, may then focus himself on becoming a Specific Manager, with that specificity being fulfilling his own damn pleasure, at whichever time it makes sense to him and him alone to do so. Wouldn’t all men agree? And then so it was ratified.
  6. I’d love to see him come onboard as a coach working under Pees and Coombs once he hangs it up.
  7. I’m not expecting Walker to return to elite status, but I hope he would immediately return to being the best blocking TE on the team.
  8. I would hate being on a team with Roethlisberger, especially someone who has to work closely with him. He’s like Will Ferrell (Chad) at the funeral scene in Wedding Crashers, without the comedy but with a couple sides of alleged rape. Definitely one of my least favorite players in any sport, ever.
  9. We have enough defensive and offensive capability left to win this game. Gabbert has practiced with all of these guys at some point.
  10. What I’m hearing is that you’re going to do that, win or lose.
  11. Not too bad. Could be far worse. We can still win this game.
  12. I think face mask wasn’t called because that wasn’t Henry’s intention. His fingers just poked through by accident and he did a good job of extracting them without abusing Bouye further. Good no call.
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