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  1. Well, first off, he did choose a stripper’s name for whatever reason….
  2. A second 2k season is pretty much a walk-off Hall of Fame career with a 3rd rushing titles tow. He could say, “ Barry Sanders,” and people would say, “True,” and Henry would be in. Leaving at the top with with not just those in-season, but the playoff numbers especially? But please, let’s get a ring, two or three along the way before it’s a career for Derrick. But yeah, that dude’s on the cusp of becoming a made man.
  3. In real time you can see the black pop up from the turf, and this is because when his left foot lands down, he consciously gets the ball of his foot down first. What’s more remarkable is the right foot is already flat while also being completely inbounds. It’s an extremely conscientious football move. So when you add after all of that, he might be out of bounds, it’s like No, that’s why it’s still a TD.
  4. And don’t get me wrong, the call to overturn wasn’t all that out of the realm of course. I thought we weren’t in the worst place down 9-24 at the half. That is always manageable Titans rope-a-dope distance. The big thing was not getting hooked and buried too deep like against Pittsburgh and Cleveland last year, making adjustments and not being as predictable on offense. Plus Brown and Jones were not their best versions by a lot, and Julio still had 1 monster half with room to spare for more. That’s crazy.
  5. I thought it was a call they wanted to make so they could use it in a training library to make more horrible calls. It felt like a very league involved…order, to overturn it. I hope I’m wrong and transparent dialogue comes of it. It feels like you should be able to slide out forward or backward once you have the ball and two body parts down and have maintained possession throughout and demonstrated a football move or effort to show complete ownership of the football. It comes off as purposeful bullshit given the call on the field.
  6. Those two adjustments were dramatically unexpected angle changes for the defense who underestimated him at every level, lol. It was why Diggs was so pissed! I laughed so much. But him too. They underestimated him and the blocking. AJ Brown’s block was so sweet, and probably his best play of the game. Henry slung shot around him so fast, and that’s when you know something good is opening here. The Titans were telling everyone: “Oh, you thought we were dead? The reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.” Now er’body like today, “Oh shit,
  7. “Since 2019, Number 14 Randy Bullock is the 14th kicker for the Tennessee Titans.” The second of the seventh sons. Gasp 😱! Houston. Bud Adams. The second of the middle fingers! It’s been there, in plain sight, this whole time. This proves that Bud Adams knew all along! And Vrabel was naught but the name of his sword 🗡.
  8. I get forward progress, but Wilson kept making moves that resulted in him being spun down in the end zone, releasing the ball to avoid an obvious sack. The call is triple stacked against the defense. Forward progress, escape for more yardage even though a defender is holding you FOR SOME TIME NOW while you oscillate like a fan in the end zone, or complete a pass, We refs promise to get you the best outcome we possibly can, Mr. Wilson! Ah, but those things made it so sweetly satisfying to overcome it all. And sorry to you, Mr. Al Woods. Once we r
  9. I have to say I loved Pruitt’s series. For whatever reason, he got under their skin and out of their disciplines. That was a key momentum swinger IMO. Fulton got one helluva game under his big boy belt today. I’m really glad for him. Lots to cringe at and still be psyched up for. A.J. Plus Julio Mode feels like it was firing at maybe 30% of capacity. It was good to see the guys up front on defense getting pressure.
  10. Need as much help blocking as possible.
  11. My man, “EZ Work,” lol. Like he called JRob on the burner and said, “I’m clear of the building. They suspect nothing. Is the money in the Caymans?”
  12. Casey is one of my all-time favorite Titans. I think he was especially important to the psyche of the team post Haynesworth. He was a breath of fresh air, really, a leader by example, and let’s face it, more often than not by way of suspect drafting, but still, he stuck and rose, and he’ll always be remembered for being a bright spot while the organization dog paddled it’s way through being bad to decent to good to better. There’s a pretty long stretch where Casey exemplified the best of the Titans organization. Salute brother.
  13. Haha, before I clicked on it, I said to myself, “I bet it’s like, ‘Why, it’s Bishop Sankey,’ .” And lookie here atta what we got.
  14. Honestly getting into shootouts will make this offense bust their asses to score and wear the opponents down by attrition. I mean, the truth is, a great Titans defense era starts in an embarassing, hard to watch crucible of fire 🔥. Just like our O-lines. But they do end up very well-made. I think it’s just an opportunity to become “better-forged and always best-tempered.” Again, copyright me. (Dang, I’m gonna pitch that to them.) Bit if the Titans are a sword ⚔️, the goal is be the one with the #1 offensive power and the # 1 defensive power. Or the very best ra
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