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  1. I believe the only TE better than Jonnu in the NFL right now is Kittle. And a year removed from the injury and having a real QB for a full year, Jonnu may make up the difference this season.
  2. It’s clear that the early indications of him wanting more money than his previous deal was likely true. It cost him in a big way.
  3. When did they start letting RB’s compete in the QB portion?
  4. Wilson is the 2nd best QB in the NFL
  5. This is very interesting and shows where his head may be at. No judgment, but he clearly was awful last year. Has his next move locked up. Couldn’t imagine he plays beyond this year.
  6. Amidst all the non-Clowney talk in this thread, I did not notice this posted yet:
  7. 4-2 in the divisional games is the goal. Doesn’t matter the combo, but that likely leads to us winning the division and being in a good spot in matchups outside our division. Ravens don’t scare me at all, we’ve exposed Lamar Jackson. Toughest game Or games I see are Vikings and Packers.
  8. Evans is going to be a monster in this offense
  9. Absolutely changes us as a team if we sign him, we will be a better D.
  10. If Shaun Wade were in the supplemental draft, he would make a ton of sense for us to get even with Fulton.
  11. I guess the more accurate statement is I prefer to keep my politics out of it and not be swayed one way or another. The extremists are the issue on both sides.
  12. Again, I prefer to leave politics out of this so let me say that at the start. I think there is So much misinformation out there and agendas that it is impossible to know what is true and what is not. You have on one side the doom and gloom party that insists that things will Get bad in “two weeks, just wait” and then you have the other side which is the deniers who don’t believe this is real. There are idiots out there who refused to social distance from the start to help impact the curve. Fuck them. You have the media now that loves the fear porn part of this to go with the ratings and want this to go on indefinitely. Fuck them. There are people creating models talking about what this virus can do on a second wave. Sure, they certainly nailed the first projections so why not allow them to do it again. Fuck them. No one knows what will happen and anyone talking about absolutes is an idiot....no matter what you believe.
  13. Chase will go Top 5 easily. He would have likely gone Top 5-10 this year. We won’t be in the ballpark for him.
  14. Absolute must resign. He and Jonnu will get done
  15. Vrabel's biggest test begins this year. The conservative offense has got to go. I'm not talking about not being a running team, I'm talking about the fact that when he has a 7+ point lead he goes conservative as if that will last even when it was the 1st half. Many will remember I kept posting in the game threads "go conservative and get your ass kicked." It almost cost us a playoff spot (I highly recommend you watch the Bucs game on GamePass) and it eventually led to our demise against the Chiefs. We got a 10 point lead on KC and Vrabel went completely away from Tannehill. Being an optimist, I have a feeling Vrabel will adapt. I'm hopeful the loss against KC and how close we got has festered his incredibly competitive personality.
  16. Yes. And I prefer to leave politics out of my reasoning, but going to sporting events is a personal choice someone makes. Will I go to a bunch of games? No, but I will likely go to 1 or 2. It’s not like someone is forced to be a fan in the stands and some will stay home and that’s fine. At some point herd immunity will kick in simply considering science and we can’t as a society keep ourselves quarantined for a year. Stats are showing so many have or have had this already and never even knew it.
  17. The first bad game Carr has will have Raider fans begging for Mariota. Poor suckers, they have no idea how bad he is.
  18. Jonnu, Jayon, and then Adoree based on time to get deals done and slightly on priority. They will all get done.
  19. Just my opinion: Clowney wants security and a multi year deal for decent money. That’s the holdup. And we are likely waiting on medical before we go down that road.
  20. Smart decision. If he proves himself, extend him. If not, let him walk
  21. He’s just not that good of a QB anymore and the asshole demeanor is going to wear thin really quick. In fact it probably already has with a new coach and GM. Gutekunst is a smart GM and is going to build the roster to win a championship, not to help the fragile ego of a 36 year old QB.
  22. Vince McMahon would call that....Ruthless Aggression
  23. Personal opinion: Love will be a better pro than both Herbert and Tua.
  24. This is a strong addition to the team and will be a very good mentor for Fulton. I’m a fan of giving Joseph a contract over committing more to Ryan.
  25. Yeah, I'm good rolling with Woodside. I like him better than Bortles.

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