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  1. Just being a friend and reminding you that this resulted in a sack of Mariota:
  2. I hit them up on Twitter and email asking for a vote. If more do it, they may.
  3. Because of its proximity to GA, it’s long been more Falcons territory, but it is starting to change. It’s really annoying, especially when they are a train wreck and we have a good team.
  4. Chattanooga area folks, we get the experience of watching the 1-6 Falcons instead of the Titans. Yay!
  5. Mariota’s agent sending his highlight tape to other teams. It’s one play. And he’s under pressure as you can see.
  6. It’s amazing seeing Davis do more than block down field.
  7. Walker playing his last few games as a Titan. Can still be useful, but Smith and Firkser are ahead of him on the depth chart.
  8. There are a few teams that picked Top 16 that are wondering why the hell they passed on him. Yeah it’s early, but he looks legit
  9. Best QB performance in quite some time. Consistent drives where we moved the ball and involved all of our skill players. We will only improve the more Tannehill receives 1st team reps.
  10. This is correct. But I still contend he played too loose. No way should they have driven that quickly. We can agree to disagree on this while agreeing that we have a great D overall.
  11. 5-2 or 6-1. We would have beat the Colts with a functional offense, same with the Jags as we kept it close and just couldn’t score. I also think we beat the Bills and maybe Broncos. At least 5-2
  12. I agree and that’s part of the issue and if I’m not mistaken, he struggled late in games with leads in Baltimore. He’s a great DC. I’m a fan. We have a great D. But Rivers cannot be allowed to pick you apart with no pressure or innovation otherwise the Ekeler TD happens
  13. The defense is excellent. But Pees went way too conservative leading to the long TD. You never cover a RB like Ekeler on a route with Woodyard. Saying the defense had a bad/not great day doesn’t mean they are bad. My point was we went prevent and Whisenhunt torched us.
  14. The absolutely went prevent. Why else are we rushing two players on multiple plays?
  15. Horrific game for the Titans D, Pees, and Vrabel
  16. Can we talk about how much of a saint Corey Davis is for not demanding a trade with Mariota at QB?
  17. No silly, it’s so he is ready in case he gets sacked on the sideline