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  1. Get it done, and start working on Long and Fulton too. Absolutely no reason not to keep the defense intact for years saving all the money from #11 being traded.
  2. Yep. He sounds like a guy who knows he’s about to get paid and is focused on the right things
  3. I’ve wondered the same thing. After I had it, the one thing I couldn’t kick for the longest time was a brain fog. It felt like for months I couldn’t focus on things and just felt very absent-minded which is not my norm. For a QB, if he experienced that it could have had a major impact.
  4. If Farley can stay healthy, he’s going to have a breakout year
  5. Mason was a better player given the years played and the mindset he had. Brown has the higher ceiling but will likely never reach it because he’s a head case.
  6. Tim Kelly is the biggest addition of the offseason
  7. Wouldn’t shock me if we had a deal essentially done with one of those guys and are just waiting until tomorrow
  8. Yeah, I was livid when we made the deal on Draft Night considering we’ve waited decades for a true #1 and we could have made the money work. Now, I’m glad we didn’t spend the money on him and got what we got for him.
  9. If they do anything to alter his cap number it is to get another player under contract, likely a WR and given how affordable his contract is and his skill set, JRob should be calling Seattle about Tyler Lockett every single day until they break
  10. I am more curious to see the shit he pulls when Hurts gets benched
  11. I don’t know that I have ever seen a player destroy all their good will with a franchise as quickly as AJ Brown. Maybe Antonio Brown, but even that build in Pittsburgh was slower. This is just strange. When the news of the trade happened, I was mad and devastated that we traded him away. But damn, he has made me glad we did because he has acted nuts since that money.
  12. For those of us in the Chattanooga/NW Georgia Area…schedule turned out great. It looks like any time we are on Fox, the Falcons are either on CBS or play at a different time so we won’t be stuck watching them
  13. Acting like a 10 point lead was enough to beat KC cost us the AFC Championship Game in 2019. The offensively inept gameplan cost us the 2020 game against the Ravens. The 3 INT’a by Tannehill cost us 2021. Tannehill only cost us the 1 game and recency bias makes it the bigger deal
  14. I’d be curious to know what it was. Personally, I love the McCreary pick
  15. I cannot believe anyone doesn’t understand why the Titans drafted Willis in the 3rd round. The Titans bought a lottery ticket that could go boom or go bust. The beauty is they didn’t use a premium pick in the 1st round and define their regime by Willis. Robinson will look like a genius if Willis develops into a franchise QB. If he doesn’t, he can always draft another.
  16. If you worry about who your favorite athlete, celebrity, or actor/actress votes for you have too much time on your hands. I could give two shits about who Vrabel voted for, go win the fucking Super Bowl
  17. If the Titans could have made the money work, they likely make a change for a QB upgrade. It didn’t, so they didn’t. They are committed to Tannehill for 2022, but I don’t see any way they extend him without a major bounce back this season
  18. The Titans have an OC, Passing Coordinator, and a QB Coach responsible for mentoring and coaching Willis. It is not Tannehill’s job. The only thing he needs to do is lead the QB room and be an example, not have him over for pizza on Friday Nights
  19. I thought the presser was fine and he took the loss hard. Not sure what I missed that some others here saw.
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