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  1. I thought Trump supporters didn't trust Mueller to be impartial? How can we trust him that the Buzz Feed article isn't accurate? If anything, this only goes to show that Trump is guilty as fuck because Mueller hasn't made a public rebuke of any of the other reports regarding Trump's illegal activities.
  2. As I said before, it would inspire confidence if it were Smith if they announced him soon after LaFleur left. That would show they were confident in him. Waiting this long and promoting him during a playoff game just reeks of weakness and incompetence. I don't believe JRob and Co. are that out of touch and they know the fans wouldn't accept his promotion as anything more than a last resort after this much time has passed. I'm firmly on the 'It's a playoff coach' and they're keeping it hush hush and PK is full of shit bandwagon now.
  3. We should've heard something by now if it were Smith. PK is either full of shit or was fed false info. There's no reason for the Titans to keep dragging their feet if Smith is being promoted. It's got to be a coach on one of the remaining playoff teams.
  4. Probably doesn't matter what his supporters think anymore. We're getting into the territory now where he'll either resign in exchange for a pardon or he'll face charges once his term is over. There's no reasonable plausible deniability left.
  5. I feel like it would inspire more confidence in the fan base if Smith was announced closer to the LaFleur hire in Green Bay than later. If they take too long to make it official then it really only feels like they weren't really sold on Smith and we're turned down by other candidates and then they had to settle for Smith. I like Smith and will support his promotion, but I feel like the Titans are handling this pretty poorly.
  6. Stranger

    It may be fixing to go down

    It's bonkers. Either he's woefully incompetent and ignorant by allowing himself to be surrounded by staff working on behalf of Russia and he's not the very stable genius he claims to be, or he's guilty as hell. I honestly can't wait to see his supporters try to explain this away.
  7. Stranger

    It may be fixing to go down

    That's not a denial of Trump being involved, just saying there's no proof of it. Lmao. Rudy is making this too easy.
  8. I'm sure this article has been posted on here already, but it's actually got me even more interested in Smith getting the job. https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2019/1/10/18176529/a-closer-look-at-arthur-smith-candidacy-for-titans-offensive-coordinator
  9. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/16/jonathan-martin-to-stand-trial-for-threatening-richie-incognito/ A judge ruled today that Jonathan Martin must stand trial for three felony charges for threatening Incognito and two former high school classmates, the New York Daily News reports. Police say Martin’s web search history showed he clicked on a story about Incognito just hours before he ordered a pump-action shotgun online.
  10. If we had a more capable back up besides Gabbert, we might have beaten the Colts and it's possible Mariota is healthy enough to start in the playoffs.
  11. He's better than Gabbert, for sure.
  12. Smith doesn't have the resume that a lot of candidates have, but that doesn't mean he won't have some new creative play designs that Mariota lights up defenses with. Or he could crash and burn. It's possible that no serious OC is willing to come here since their future potentially rests on whether or not Mariota has success while he's going into the last year of his rookie deal.
  13. If you want Mariota to have the easiest transition possible so that he might be here after next season, this is probably the right decision. Has he called plays or been more than a position coach at any level though? That is a potential concern.
  14. He's better than Bortles, so don't just write him off because he's going to a rival.
  15. I've enjoyed having posters like 8MM, Duck and Jdot around, but I wish they'd become fans of the team, rather than just a certain player. As was the case with BergerKing, once the fans start to become frustrated with a players performance or availability, those kinds of fans really start to show that they've no interest in the team at all and just want their favorite player to go somewhere else they'll be appreciated.