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  1. I don't think VR will have the lasting appeal most were hoping for. I think it will always have its place, but will never be what becomes the norm. I believe if one of the gaming companies devote a next gen console with VR as the focus, they'll fall behind the sales race like Xbox did this gen with a focus on Kinect and the always online console. Xbox has done a great job at turning their image around though imo.
  2. If I could use the controller of my choice and assuming it's reasonably priced, I'd try it.
  3. Does Brady 'start' to show his age next season? Brady is still the GOAT, but Gronk is a huge loss.
  4. That's a lot for a 37 year old DE. He's still got some gas in the tank, but will he fall off a cliff mid season??
  5. Mayfield is going to have a huge year!
  6. Not a bad deal for the Titans. About on par for what he'd got on the market, I'd imagine. This keeps our secondary in good shape for the next couple of seasons, at least until it's time to replace Ryan and Butler.
  7. I didn't realize he was only 25. If we resign him at a reasonable price, he and Byard will really grow into an excellent safety tandem in the next few seasons.
  8. Unless it's to unseat Mariota or become his eventual successor, then anything more than a 3rd would be too much. A 1st or 2nd is way too high for a back up QB. And there's no way they give him up for a 3rd.
  9. This has to mean that KV is pretty much locked up right? Or did I miss the news he already was? Edit : Oh and good luck to Cyp on his journey. He had some exciting plays, but it's the right move.
  10. I'm not sure Nashville is big enough to fit his personality, but I think this move would make sense. You give Mariota the best WR in the NFL along with Davis and Walker and you allow him to sink or swim. If Mariota doesn't impress, then your rookie QB will have 2 really good WRs to throw to, and maybe Walker still if he doesn't retire.
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