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  1. Considering it's the perfect environment for him to preform, he can't honestly be any worse than most of the back ups in the league.
  2. Tannehill is our best option for the short term future. You still draft a QB though.
  3. Wear a rubber next time Jake and you won't have to pay child support to that skank you drunkenly hooked up with 9 months ago.
  4. You ain't going no where Kyle. Have a shot and sit back down and enjoy the misery with the rest of us.
  5. This was a rather uneventful deadline despite how much hype I saw online.
  6. The down time made me realize just how much I visit this site per day. Felt like forever with the trade deadline and Twitter talking about Mariota possibly being traded to the Bears or Broncos.
  7. They're quite proud of themselves actually. The people that voted for him that have an IQ above 70 stopped supporting him a long time ago. Anyone that still supports him at this point are beyond ignorant and brainwashed.
  8. Sometimes you think that his supporters just have to be trolling and there's just no way they're really this dense. And then they try to rebuttal common sense with total and complete stupidity. Just keep derping along! TV and juice time is soon!!
  9. Davis isn’t even hiding his contempt and rightfully so. Just because Mariota is a nice guy, doesn’t mean his teammates can’t call out his weak play.