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  1. You should make a shtick to politics where you explain things to Trump supporters in terms they'll understand and you'll get to wear the eye patch! So much winning!
  2. All mail in votes not for Trump go straight to the furnace.
  3. He's going to get fucking desperate soon. We ain't seen nothing yet.
  4. Ah! Must be campaign season!! Time to fire up the ole fabricated bullshit promises machine and MAGA slogans again!!
  5. He's a malignant narcissist and those with that disorder can easily become addicts. His parents didn't give him the attention he should've received as a child. NPD along with symptoms of dementia and being born with a silver spoon up his ass brings us to where we are now. Shame avoidance is all he's concerned about. It's why he refuses to release his taxes or college transcripts. Everyone learning the truth about his intelligence and wealth would embarrass him. It's why he can't stand up to Putin. Putin has some sort of info that would embarrass Trump beyond belief and that's not counting how in debt he is to him. It's why he's constantly making excuses for his future failures. He's quite literally like a toddler who just happens to be the President.
  6. This is his support base as well. People who can't admit their wrong to hide their shame. In a few years, they'll claim they never supported him to save themselves the embarrassment.
  7. "The last few questions were really hard!" "He passed it easily!"
  8. This is more likely than sending her a message. I'm certain she hasn't been waiting around the TV for this statement or she'd spill the beans on Trump. He's making it publicly known he doesn't wish ill of her so if she gets murdered he won't look like he had an interest in her death.
  9. It won't matter even with evidence. The GOP is full steam ahead on the Trump train and despite his entire administration covering for him, he'll admit to doing it and we'll be on to his next scandal.
  10. That video of his walk of shame is so brutal. His ego is crushed. Lol He's really gonna get desperate now!!
  11. Most definitely. If he loses, he'll go ape shit and if he wins, he'll be so emboldened that the church photo op will be the norm.
  12. He does wear adult diapers, so it's a strong possibility. I bet there's even a tweet by Trump accusing someone of shitting their pants.
  13. He's going to slip further into madness the closer election time gets. We're going to see a 73 year old narcissistic man baby completely lose his shit frequently and it'll be great for the ratings for every news organization in the world!!

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