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  1. When this is all said and done, the last line of defense from his supporters will be how cruel and evil we are for mocking a disabled man.
  2. This was very elegant by Vrabel. Basically giving Mariota a heap of praise, but saying that he expects a performance worthy of a large extension this season.
  3. I guess you can call his career a success from most players point of view. He was a solid player for most of his career. Never outstanding, but he wasn't a complete slouch either. And at the very least he had the integrity to not ask the Titans if he could come back as a back up.
  4. Yep. It's all out there in the open now. No more pretending that our President isn't racist. This is normal now.
  5. S3 was an amazing season. Whether you like it or not, it's heavily implied that Hopper is still alive and he's almost definitely in the upside down. S4 is going to be about getting him out of there and Eleven trying to get her powers back, probably by finding more of the doctors that were involved in her training. The girl and those like her on S2 will come back into play at some point in assisting with closing the gate and killing the mind flayer once and for all. End of the series.
  6. I thought for a minute that @Jamalisms brought back Schtick to Football.
  7. We're living in a cheap spy novel. In a few days, Epstein will have put 2 rounds into the back of his own head in an "obvious" suicide. Trump will point out the clear connection to Hillary and an investigation will launch into the Clinton's With the heat off him, he'll contact his handler in Mother Russia to confirm that Jailbait Jeffrey has been dealt with by his own two very large hands and for immediate extraction. Once the Clinton investigation reveals it was actually Trump who was the evil spy, it'll be too late! Trump will already be on his way to the Kremlin in his solid gold private jet with a dirty martini in one hand and the Declaration of Independence in the other!
  8. Do you think Obama could've remembered that the Continental Army took air ports too? Or Hillary?
  9. He doesn't even believe the bullshit coming out of his mouth. His ego is bruised and it shows.
  10. This is the greatest troll account on TR. Tux is definitely someone that is having a good laugh at anyone that argues with him regarding anything Trump related. I bet he's not really even a Trump supporter.
  11. If Trump supporters children were being kept in this condition in Mexico, I bet his supporters would be totally reasonable about it! Libtards!
  12. I could see them MAYBE going the IT route. Wrap up the kids story this season and then S4 meets them again 10 years later.
  13. I'm committed to the story of Stranger Things, but honestly, I wouldn't be upset if the series ended after this season. S1 was amazing. But S3 feels like it's going to be more like S2, which was just decent. I don't know how long you can tell this story and it remain interesting though. Hopefully I'm surprised.
  14. He's the best tackler I've seen since Joe Montana.
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