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  1. Jesus, just take the knee. Get this shit over with.
  2. Davis will end up going somewhere else with a good QB and he'll be the best WR in the NFL. He's being wasted here.
  3. Well to be fair, they're getting HOF QB play in comparison to what we're getting.
  4. He's fucking terrified once the pocket starts to collapse. He stepped up in the pocket and had a guy coming open and still got happy feet right into a sack.
  5. I don't blame Vrabel for going for it. He's watching the same shit show on offense as we are. We probably aren't going to get that close again. Might as well go for broke.
  6. Honestly if Tannehill has any fucking nuts whatsoever, he's already telling Vrabel he's ready to go in.
  7. This lady and Thomas are the only two tolerable commentators up there.
  8. This is rookie Blaine Gabbert bad right now.
  9. He must've not fully healed from the nerve damage. He's having a Manning-like decline.
  10. Foles might be on the trading block again soon.