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  1. Along with big time money! Any hopes for his HC hire?
  2. I can see why it would be overwhelming. The game doesn't really have an identity of its own. When I finally got the reinforced tendons, it felt like I was playing Dying Light again. It's the kind of game that makes you want to play the game it's mimicking. Hopefully the free DLCs will flesh out the game a little more and give it it's own identity.
  3. 9 Nines is the only member of this forum. The rest of the accounts are just his alts.
  4. Played the hell out of it until I was getting burned out and went back to Valhalla. About to go back to Night City soon though. I read in a review that the game feels like the best parts of every open world game and I agree, minus the driving which is ass.
  5. Yes. I fully expect the Vols to be going through another search in a few seasons.
  6. Trump was a total ass hat. It would be fucking hilarious if he weren't president. It was like the universe took the biggest fucktard it could find and gave him a free Make A Wish with no limitations. America got had by the dumbest fucking conman in the world. He deserves to burn in hell.
  7. I wish him the best until he plays the Titans. I don't know if he's the long term answer for them, but I think he's smart and will at least have an interesting offense to watch assuming he doesn't reset everything.
  8. I'm convinced he knew at this moment he didn't want to be President. His narcissistic ego bit off more than his fat lazy ass could chew. I take solace in knowing he's going to be miserable for the remainder of his sorry life.
  9. That's what makes it so delicious! He's so fucked! He deserves everything that's about to happen to him.
  10. The last diseased ridden rats are finally deserting the Trump Train!! Does his Presidency end with shooting someone on 5th Avenue? He absolutely will not go out quietly
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