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  1. This will be abused so hard. What's to stop a team in rebuild mode to hire a minority and then replace them when they get the rewards? There's got to be a better solution than this.
  2. Just my homerism. I really wanted Davis. I still think he's got a long career ahead of him, even if it isn't with the Titans.
  3. I understand and agree with this move. I hope he proves himself and we give him a long contract though.
  4. Has it been discussed yet how fucking hilarious it was watching Wilson's mom pull his GF off of him?? And the look on his face afterwards??
  5. Why would they put that info about how a friend of his died? Lol
  6. Stranger

    Bernie Sanders Out

    Let's hope this is a new chapter and not just a rerun of 2016 though. Hopefully he picks a running mate that creates enthusiasm for democratic voters.
  7. Stranger

    Bernie Sanders Out

    Well time to begrudgingly vote for the Democratic candidate again.....
  8. Davis is going to be next isn't he?
  9. Late round pick?? Damn that sucks!! Time for the Simmons show!!
  10. I feel for Raiders fans. They've got no idea the misery their about to go through, but at least we don't have to deal with his Homer's any longer!! Best of luck to Mariota.
  11. Gotta try to stop TanneGOAT somehow!!
  12. Great news!! Now to prepare for the salt from the Never Tannehill gang!!

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