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  1. Enjoy the highest paid crown for a while. Simmons is coming for it!
  2. If Jamal had stuck with his youtube series, he might've been a big leaguer like Jonboy is now! Instead he's on here arguing with us instead of getting invited out to some big Hollywood party.
  3. After we traded away AJB last season, I'm not so confident they won't trade him. Yeah, yeah, JRob is gone... But he's the only real game changer on the team. We've still got some great players, but Big Jeff is the only real appealing trade bait we've got. I don't think they'll trade him and I hope they don't, but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Unrestrained Number9 is pretty damn funny! 😂 I don't disagree with you though. I still lurk often and post sparingly, but I'd be lying if I said the experience here isn't as you suggest. I've never really been the focus of much attention, and have only been involved in a few minor spats. I just don't try to rock the boat. But the underlying issue for me personally is that there is no real discourse here anymore. The conversation is almost always dominated by the same few and any deviation from that narrative is met swiftly with ridicule. Thing is, that's what makes TR so great. But what used to be gifs of the Macho Man dropping the elbow from the top rope by CMJ to ridicule a fool, has turned into stonewalling any attempt at talking about anything interesting or wild and unbelievable. *cough Kyle 😜* In other words, TR has become a good ol' fashion boys club of circle jerkers. Everyone trying to reach the God like status of OMan, but there's only one OMan and no body does it better than him. (Last I checked he was the karma king). So that inspires generic OMen, when really you're all just a bunch of Goddamn Jerry's!!
  5. The suspense is going to be wonderful. I expect rational TR dialog in the coming days and weeks!
  6. JRob did a solid job during his time here. Definitely better than his predecessor. He still made a huge mistake in trading away AJB. I don't care who is responsible between the two of them during the 25th hour. It was JRobs job to make sure it never got to that point.
  7. Thanks for looking out for me. I was really getting ahead of myself there.
  8. We gave him away. He's an elite player. A bit of a drama queen, but he's a game changer.
  9. Really depends on Mahomes ankle. Gotta expect if he ends up in a pile, it'll get tested a lot. 31-27 AJB with the game winning TD
  10. We're going to trade for him aren't we? If he's a Titan next season, he's definitely spent.
  11. Well that's the ball game. I hope Willis wore his lucky socks today.
  12. Amy should rehire JRob just to fire him again after that pitiful performance.
  13. Bold move! I'm not sure I would've fired him if I were in her shoes, but the team, while better than pre Robinson, has grown stagnant. Something needed to change. I look forward to catching up on this thread later.
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