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  1. Hell of a KO. Watching Weidman KO Silva and Holmes KO Rousey were the most satisfying! Hopefully someone gets Bones before he retires or dies from his own stupidity.
  2. I love that a mega corporation like Microsoft just brushes Trump off. He needs them more than they need him. If Covid doesn't get him, I hope he lives long enough to see Harris voted into office.
  3. It's so funny watching him twist himself into knots when he knows he's fucked!!
  4. Doesn't he have some blank sheets of paper to sign his name to??
  5. He's having a total meltdown on Twitter. He must be high as a kite.
  6. He's really gonna get her this time!! He can play pretend all he wants but inside he knows he's an utter failure. Just grasping at whatever bullshit red meat he has left from 2016.
  7. We're witnessing the collapse of a very unwell person!! May he burn in hell!!
  8. Trump is fucking terrified right now. He's so concerned with his image of toughness that he's willing to wince in pain while gasping for air just for a photo op. At least he finally drained the swamp.
  9. The Trump administration's hubris has finally caught up to them!! Fucking hilarious!!
  10. Stranger

    The Proud Boys

    Trumps only plan is voter intimidation. Only the truly depraved continue to support him at this point and he knows this. Trump is an ignorant fuck but he's not brain dead stupid. He's about to go to a federal pound me in the ass prison!! Losing fairly isn't an option for him.
  11. I love TES & Fallout and there's a new Fable on the way. I'll pick up a PS5 some time later.
  12. Glad we won and the game was enjoyable win or lose! The Vikings have a good team and bad coaching cost them this game.
  13. It doesn't matter if Trump loses in a land slide in both the popular and electoral votes, he will not go peacefully and will have to be dragged out of the White House. I hope he cries like a bitch when it happens.
  14. I think it's an awesome service. Looking forward to the Series X in a few weeks.

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