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  1. This definitely fits Trump and more than a few of his supporters around here!!
  2. Makes complete sense!! Mariota is injury prone so we tried to protect him from getting injured, but in doing so we eliminated his ability to use his legs and take big hits that cause him to get hurt! It's all so clear now. Hopefully it's not too late for us to resign him!!
  3. The only reason Tannehill wouldn't be back is if Brady became our QB. That's unlikely to happen, so it's safe to assume Tannehill will be our QB for the next couple of seasons at least. I'm sure they're working out contract details and we'll see a press release soon confirming he's been resigned.
  4. No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!
  5. There is no line with his cult. Trump is their God King. Thor is OK with having a criminal as president because his crimes happened before he was president. And wouldn't you know it now that he's president, nothing Trump does can be considered illegal because he's the president!!! Duh!!! It's circular logic at its finest!! Any future 'mishaps' by Trump will always be hand waved.
  6. A big issue here is a lot of members don't realize just how many fallacious responses they make. But some of it has to do with it being the off-season and there's nothing else to talk about but bait each other into arguments using Strawman tactics.
  7. It's the sole reason we all talk so much shit to each other and why you should have thick skin to post here. You earn likes by destroying the fools around here that are clearly inferior in their football knowledge by pointing out typos or honest mistakes!! Then when you've really obliterated your opponent with extra smug rhetoric, you reap the reward of validation from other smug assholes like yourself!! If your final post is a real dagger into the heart of your enemy, you may even get one of these rare special tokens of TR approval:
  8. Seems really talented. I suspect JRob will sign someone rather than draft a back up position so early though if he's 2nd round material. If he's there later we should definitely take him though.
  9. A Trump Kingdom is exactly what they want. Some of his resident supporters don't seem ready to admit that to themselves though.
  10. At least he was standing, libtard! I'm sure they have some twisted up explanation for it that makes sense to them.
  11. This should end any discussion of us signing Brady with most posters here. Personally I hope he signs with the Raiders. Fuck the Pats!! They've been on top for long enough. It's time they rejoin the grind with the rest of us!

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